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A Tail of Two Cats – Uncover Bob’s Identity and Complete Chores Full Guide of 2024

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A Tail Of Two CatsEmbark on a captivating quest in A Tail of Two Cats as you uncover the mysterious identity of Bob, the enigmatic feline. With active curiosity and a keen eye for clues, journey through thrilling encounters with Robert the Strong and unravel hidden memories that hold key insights.

Alongside completing chores for Unferth, navigate through love-cats and resolve Unferth’s sickness to unlock rewarding benefits.

Key Takeaways

  • A Tale Of Two Cats is a quest that involves uncovering the identity of Bob, a mysterious character.
  • The quest requires players to research Robert the Strong, hypnotize Bob, and explore his memories to reveal his true identity.
  • Players will be rewarded with achievements, benefits, and the opportunity to rediscover lost history as they assist Bob and complete various tasks.
  • The quest also involves completing chores for Unferth, addressing his sickness, and solving the mysteries surrounding love-cats.

Quest Overview

Quest Overview
Let us now embark on a journey to explore the quest overview of ‘A Tail of Two Cats’.

  • An official description
  • An insightful overview
  • A glimpse into the achievements that await you in this feline adventure.

Prepare yourself for a tale filled with mystery, identity exploration, and fulfilling tasks.

Official Description

In the quest A Tail of Two Cats, you’ll embark on a feline adventure to uncover Bob’s identity and face the challenge of completing various chores. This whimsical quest offers historical references and engaging gameplay as you delve into Bob’s past as Robert the Strong.

Along the way, you’ll earn exciting rewards and unravel a tale that combines humor, belonging, and understanding in an enchanting world of quests.


To get a better understanding of the quest A Tail of Two Cats and its objectives, you’ll need to delve into its overview.

This quest involves starting the quest by talking to Unferth in Burthorpe and helping him find his missing cat, Bob. Along the way, you’ll uncover Bob’s true identity as Robert the Strong and assist him in recovering his lost memories.

Completing chores for Unferth and resolving his sickness are also part of this intriguing adventure.

The rewards and benefits await those who successfully complete this quest.


Continue discussing the quest overview by exploring the achievements you can earn in A Tail of Two Cats.

  • Unlock various achievements throughout the quest
  • Dive into the rich lore of this cat love story
  • Obtain and use an enchanted amulet to communicate with cats
  • Discover the important role of Sphinx in unraveling Bob’s past
  • Embark on a fast walkthrough to complete all tasks efficiently

Starting the Quest

Starting the Quest
To embark on the quest ‘A Tail of Two Cats’, you must meet certain requirements and begin your journey in Burthorpe.

This includes:

  • Wearing a catspeak amulet
  • Having a pet cat with you
  • Speaking to Unferth for assistance

With these preparations, you can delve into the adventure that awaits as you uncover Bob’s true identity and complete various tasks along the way.


To start the quest, you’ll need a catspeak amulet and have your pet cat with you.

The catspeak amulet is essential for communicating with Bob the cat throughout the quest.

Additionally, having your pet cat by your side ensures that Bob feels comfortable and willing to interact with you.

Requirement Details
Catspeak Amulet Allows communication with Bob during the quest
Pet Cat Provides comfort to Bob and facilitates interaction

Getting Started

To start the quest ‘A Tail of Two Cats’, speak to Unferth in his house in Burthorpe.

He’s desperately looking for his missing cat, Bob.

Equipped with your catspeak amulet and a feline companion, you agree to help him find Bob and uncover the mysteries surrounding this enigmatic feline.

Prepare yourself for an intermediate-level adventure filled with quests, chores, and even an encounter with a sphinx!

Get ready to embark on this intriguing journey of discovery!

Finding Bob

Finding Bob
After starting the quest, you’ll need to locate Bob, Unferth’s missing cat.

Begin by using the enchanted catspeak amulet and consult Hild for guidance in locating him.

Once you find Bob, take a moment to talk with him and discover his infatuation with Neite.

To uncover more about his lineage and Robert the Strong, seek out Gertrude in Varrock for information. She’ll direct you to Reldo at the Varrock Palace library who can provide further insights into Robert’s history.

However, finding Bob is just one step on this feline adventure! Stay tuned as we delve deeper into A Tail of Two Cats – exploring strong lineages, hidden memories revealed by Sphinx’s help,and completing chores for Unferth while he awaits news of his beloved pet cat.

Uncovering Bob’s Identity

Uncovering Bob
As you continue your quest to uncover Bob’s true identity, the topic of his strong lineage and the legendary figure known as Robert the Strong comes into focus.

Through conversations with Gertrude in Varrock and a visit to Reldo at the library, you gather information about this Fourth Age hero who may hold key clues to Bob’s past.

The path forward lies in unraveling these connections between Bob and Robert the Strong, shedding light on who he truly is.

Strong Lineage

To uncover Bob’s identity in the quest A Tail of Two Cats, you’ll need to delve into his strong lineage.

  1. Researching Robert the Strong: Visit Varrock Palace library to learn about Bob’s ancestor and his heroic exploits.
  2. Hypnotizing Bob: Use the Sphinx’s help to trigger Bob’s hidden memories and reveal his past as Robert the Strong.
  3. Cultural References: Discover cultural references within Bob’s memories that shed light on RuneScape history and lore.
  4. Rewards and Benefits: Uncovering Bob’s true identity not only brings a sense of fulfillment but also grants access to valuable rewards such as antique lamps for skill experience.

By exploring these elements, you can unlock a rich story while completing your chores along the way!

Robert the Strong

You uncover Bob’s identity as Robert the Strong by visiting Varrock Palace library and delving into his storied past.

Robert, known for his legendary exploits and feline adventures, had a significant legacy in RuneScape.

With the help of the Sphinx, you unlock Bob’s hidden memories to reveal his true self.

As you complete chores for Unferth and witness Bob’s transformation, it becomes clear that this tale is a delightful blend of fantasy akin to Charles Dickens’ works or even A Midsummer Night’s Dream with its whimsical charm.

Recovering Bob’s Memories

Recovering Bob
As you continue your journey in the quest ‘A Tail of Two Cats’, it becomes crucial to focus on recovering Bob’s lost memories. These hidden memories hold the key to unlocking Bob’s true identity as Robert the Strong and understanding his past adventures with Neite.

By delving into his past through interactions with the Sphinx in Sophanem, you can piece together fragments of Bob’s memory and help him regain a sense of self.

Hidden Memories

As you delve further into the quest, you’ll uncover Bob’s hidden memories and learn more about his past as Robert the Strong.

The Sphinx plays a crucial role in revealing Bob’s forgotten memories through hypnotism. These recovered memories provide insights into his heroic battles with Dragonkin and the tragic death of Odysseus.

As you assist Bob in recovering these important memories, remember to also complete chores for Unferth to keep him occupied during this journey of self-discovery.

  1. Revealing Bob: With the help of the Sphinx, unlock Bob’s hidden memories.
  2. The Role of Sphinx: Utilize hypnotism techniques by tapping into ancient knowledge.


In the quest ‘A Tail of Two Cats – Uncover Bob’s Identity and Complete Chores’, you’ll help Bob recover his lost memories.

With the Sphinx’s help, you delve into Bob’s past as Robert the Strong, witnessing battles with Dragonkin and even Odysseus’ demise.

But don’t forget about your responsibilities! Completing chores for Unferth is essential before claiming your well-deserved quest rewards.

Completing Chores for Unferth

Completing Chores for Unferth
Now it’s time to tackle the task of completing chores for Unferth, in order to keep him occupied while Bob is away.

You’ll need to:

  • Tidy his house by cleaning the bed and weeding the garden.
  • Warm him up by lighting a fire and feeding him with chocolate cake and milk.
  • Even give him a new look by using shears on his hair.

These tasks may seem mundane, but they’re essential in maintaining Unferth’s well-being during this crucial time.

Bob’s List

To complete the quest A Tail of Two Cats and help Unferth, you’ll need to fulfill Bob’s list of chores. These tasks are essential for keeping Unferth occupied while Bob is away on his adventures. By completing these chores, you ensure that Unferth’s recovery goes smoothly and that he remains unaware of Bob’s true identity as Robert the Strong.


Now, let’s dive into completing the chores for Unferth so you can help him while Bob is away.

By ensuring that Unferth’s house is tidy, warming him by lighting a fire, feeding him well, tidying his appearance, and tending to his garden needs, you’ll be providing valuable assistance during this time of need.

Remembering your love for cats as cat lovers will guide you through these chores completion with ease.

Resolving Unferth’s Sickness

Resolving Unferth
Now, let’s delve into the intriguing matter of resolving Unferth’s mysterious sickness. It’s evident that his ailment has left him weak and in need of assistance. By carefully examining the clues presented within the quest, we can uncover a solution to this enigma and restore Unferth to full health once more.


After completing the chores for Unferth, it’s time to address his sickness and resolve the love-cats situation.

In this feline romance, you embark on a cat quest filled with pet adventures and relationship development.

As an English scholar of linguistics, you delve into the intricacies of their unique communication styles and behaviors. By understanding their needs and desires, you can help heal Unferth’s heart while unraveling the mysteries of love among these enchanting creatures.

Unferth’s Sickness

Once you have completed the love-cats section, it’s time to focus on resolving Unferth’s sickness.

Now that Bob’s identity has been uncovered as Robert the Strong with the help of the Sphinx, it’s crucial to tend to Unferth and his ailment.

To complete this task successfully, make sure all chores assigned by Bob are finished promptly.

The rewards for completing this quest are well worth your efforts!

Rewards and Benefits

Rewards and Benefits
Let us now explore the rewards and benefits that await you upon completing the quest, A Tail of Two Cats.

With this achievement, you’ll be granted 2 Quest points as a testament to your prowess and dedication.

Furthermore, a delightful present adorned with antique lamps shall grace your inventory, alongside either a Doctor’s hat or Nurse’s hat for those who appreciate sartorial elegance.


Upon completing the quest, you’ll receive several rewards and benefits for your efforts.

These include:

  • 2 quest points
  • Unique items such as a Doctor’s hat or Nurse hat
  • A present containing antique lamps

Additionally, you’ll unlock achievements for completing the various chores assigned by Unferth.

The Sphinx’s involvement in helping Bob recover his memories adds an intriguing twist to this cat-filled adventure.

Fast Quest Walkthrough

To quickly complete the A Tail of Two Cats quest and reap its rewards, start by completing the fast quest walkthrough. This will guide you through all the necessary steps to uncover Bob’s identity and complete chore challenges.

By following this efficient path, you’ll discover Sphinx’s secrets, witness feline adventures unfold, and ultimately claim your well-deserved quest rewards.

So get ready for a thrilling journey filled with mystery, charm, and plenty of whiskers!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does it take to complete the ‘A Tail of Two Cats’ quest?

Completing the quest A Tail of Two Cats typically takes around 1-2 hours, depending on your familiarity with the game and ability to solve puzzles. It’s an enjoyable journey that combines feline antics with historical discoveries.

To engage in the quest A Tail of Two Cats, it’s recommended that you possess at least an intermediate level of competence.

Skills in cat care, communication, and problem-solving will prove advantageous on this feline-filled journey.

Are there any combat requirements for this quest?

No, there are no combat requirements for the quest A Tail of Two Cats.

However, it is recommended to have completed Icthlarin’s Little Helper and Gertrude’s Cat quests beforehand.

Happy feline adventures!

Can I complete the quest without a pet cat?

Certainly! Completing the A Tail of Two Cats quest without a pet cat is possible. However, having a pet cat is recommended as it enhances the overall experience and allows for smoother progression throughout the quest.

Are there any additional rewards or benefits besides the ones mentioned in the article?

Indeed, completing the quest A Tail of Two Cats not only awards 2 quest points and various items but also grants you 5 Kudos claimable from Historian Minas in Varrock Museum.


Embark on a captivating quest in A Tail of Two Cats and unlock the mysterious identity of Bob, the enigmatic feline. Through thrilling encounters with Robert the Strong and uncovering hidden memories, you’ll piece together the story behind Bob’s lineage.

Complete chores for Unferth and resolve his sickness to unlock rewarding benefits.

With cats ruling the world and secrets waiting to be discovered, get ready to dive into this adventurous tale. A Tail of Two Cats offers an exciting journey filled with intrigue and excitement.

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