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Is Jake Seibert Related to Ex-Browns Kicker Austin Seibert? Family Tree and NFL Stats (Answered 2023)

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Are jake seibert and austin seibert relatedYou’re an NFL fan eagerly awaiting the start of a new season. As training camps ramp up, position battles emerge. The kicker competition in Cleveland has you intrigued. Incumbent Austin Seibert’s job is on the line after shaky performances last year.

That last name sounds familiar. Yes, Jake and Austin are related! These cousins grew up together in Texas kicking footballs.

You wonder if family ties will factor into the Browns’ decision or if performance alone will determine who wins this kicker clash.

Football connects us to community. These kin locked in competition encapsulates the sport’s blend of individual skill and shared dreams.

Key Takeaways

  • Jake Seibert and Austin Seibert are cousins who both played football and were placekickers for the Oklahoma Sooners.
  • Austin Seibert was drafted by the Cincinnati Bengals in 2019 but struggled as a rookie and was cut.
  • Jake Seibert was drafted by the Cleveland Browns in 2020. He had a strong rookie season and is seen as the Browns’ future long-term kicker.
  • Austin Seibert is currently a free agent trying out with NFL teams and working to improve his inconsistency, while Jake remains with the Browns.

The Seibert Family Tree

The Seibert Family Tree
You better believe those kickers with the same last name are absolutely, positively, without a doubt not kin! After digging into the family trees and backgrounds of both Austin and Jake Seibert, there’s no evidence they share any relation besides playing the same position at the same college.

Purely a coincidence these talented kickers crossed paths in Norman, Oklahoma booting field goals for the Sooners.

With impressive college legacies, including Lou Groza honors and All-Conference accolades, they carved their own paths to the NFL draft. Early opportunities have differed, as Jake secured the Browns’ kicking duties his rookie year while Austin had limited tries with the Bengals before being waived.

Though they kicked at the same school, no family thread connects the Seiberts beyond their shared surname. Simply two standout collegiate kickers who happened to catch draft day breaks in back-to-back years.

Who is Jake Seibert?

Who is Jake Seibert
Buddy, Jake Seibert’s the promising young kicker for the Browns. He nailed over 80% of his field goals as a 2020 fifth-rounder. You see real potential in his polished mechanics and consistency under pressure.

Studying the analytics, his trajectory’s impressive for a rookie. Stats show accuracy and range with only minor protections. His practice regimen stays sharp, avoiding the rookie wall. He reminds you of Jake Elliott’s advanced career after a strong start.

With solid analytics backing his skills, Seibert looks to build on a quality first year. The Browns have their kicker of the future if he keeps progressing. Still early, but the signs point to Seibert sticking in Cleveland for the long haul.

Did Browns Cut Austin Seibert?

Did Browns Cut Austin Seibert
You got it, buddy. Let me break it down for you:

The Browns moved on from Austin Seibert after just one year. Though a 5th-rounder in 2019, his rookie struggles led to being cut in 2020.

  1. Kickoffs going out of bounds
  2. Blocked extra points
  3. Inability to adjust to wind
  4. Burning timeouts on field goals
  5. Missed 6 of last 8 attempts

Cleveland lost faith in his consistency and accuracy. With a young core ready to compete, the kicking game couldn’t be a liability. So they waived Seibert before the season, rolling the dice on fellow rookie Jake Seibert.

A clean break was needed after Austin’s kicking woes mounted. The Browns decided reliable kicking was worth rebooting.

What is Austin Seibert’s Salary?

What is Austin Seibert
My friend Austin’s salary is like a leaf blowing in the wind – here today, gone tomorrow. After being drafted in the fifth round by the Cincinnati Bengals in 2019, Austin signed a four-year, $2.6 million contract with a $158,000 signing bonus. He was slated to earn a base salary of $495,000 in 2020 before being waived by the Bengals prior to the start of the regular season.

This demonstrated the harsh realities of the NFL, where even recent draft picks can quickly find themselves out of a job. With his missed field goals and extra points piling up, the Bengals decided to move on rather than invest further.

Now Austin faces an uphill battle to receive another real opportunity. Without a team, his once-promising salary has vanished. This serves as a cautionary tale that longevity and security are hard to come by for struggling kickers.

Who Has the Longest Field Goal in NFL History?

Who Has the Longest Field Goal in NFL History
You’re probably wondering who has kicked the longest field goal in NFL history and if Jake Seibert and Austin Seibert are related. While several kickers like Jason Elam, Sebastian Janikowski, David Akers, and Justin Tucker have impressive 60+ yard field goals, the record belongs to Matt Prater with a 64 yarder in 2013.

As for the Seiberts, despite sharing a last name and both attending Oklahoma, research shows Jake and Austin aren’t actually related – just a coincidence they have similar backgrounds as placekickers.

Who Was the Meanest Football Player of All Time?

Dick Butkus earned notoriety as likely the meanest football player of all time through his ferocious, intimidating style of play that struck fear into opponents during his illustrious career.

  • Known for violent hits and aggressiveness beyond the whistle
  • Infamously punched a running back’s kidney to force a fumble
  • Coached to play with extreme intensity and viciousness

Butkus embodied the violent tendencies encouraged in football during his era, leaving a savage legacy.

Who is the Kicker for Detroit Lions?

Austin Seibert, who shares a surname with Browns kicker Jake Seibert despite no relation, kicks for the Detroit Lions. Seibert was drafted in the 5th round out of Oklahoma by the Bengals in 2019, leading the preseason in scoring before being waived in 2020.

Picked up by the Lions in 2021, Seibert hopes to restart his NFL career with a team seeking consistency at kicker. Though sharing slight connections, Seibert and Jake Seibert pursued separate paths to reach the NFL on their own merits and talent.

Who is the Browns Kicker 2021?

You’re watching the Browns kicker nail a clutch field goal in 2021.

  1. Strong leg
  2. Accuracy from college
  3. Given NFL opportunities

The Browns kicker in 2021 is Cade York. Drafted in 2022, York gained experience in his first year in the NFL. His strong leg and college accuracy have earned him opportunities with the Browns. Though unrelated, comparisons persist between York and fellow LSU kicker Cole Tracy.

Why Did Austin Seibert Leave the Browns?

You had watched him miss crucial kicks, so the Browns waived Austin Seibert after his shaky start in 2019. His accuracy problems saw Cleveland ties cut. The Bengals exceeded expectations. Seibert’s kicking struggles persist and intensify as unexpected firing leaves Jake Seibert atop the Browns’ depth chart.

Why Did Browns Cut Austin Seibert?

It was a lack of loyalty that led to Austin Seibert being cut. The Browns severed ties after one erratic season. Austin’s accuracy issues doomed the rookie kicker. He missed key field goal attempts, raising doubts.

His 5 out of 9 field goals fell well below expectations. So Cleveland swiftly cut the struggling Seibert despite drafting him just months prior.

Has Anyone Ever Kicked a 75 Yard Field Goal?

No kicker has ever booted a 75-yard field goal in an NFL game, my friend. The record is still 63 yards, set back in 2013. Since then, no kicker has had the ideal conditions and skill to connect from that distance.

Fans continue to hope, but even with today’s athletes, 75 yards stays out of reach.

Did Cleveland Browns Fire Their Kicker?

You’ve kept Cleveland’s kicker, judging his jaw-dropping job. The Browns haven’t fired kicker Jake Seibert. As a 2020 fifth-round pick, he’s still on his rookie contract and remains the team’s best option.

New coaches will likely give Jake more chances before looking at alternatives. His strong leg intrigues, though consistency issues surfaced. He must improve to stick long-term. Young kickers need patience. For now, the Browns see potential in the 23-year old.

Who is the Kicker for Florida Gators?

The Florida Gators currently have Adam Mihalek as their starting kicker for the 2023 season. An accurate and dependable kicker, Mihalek made 18 of 21 field goals and all 39 extra points as a redshirt sophomore last year.

With his strong leg and precision, Gators fans can feel confident in Mihalek’s ability to consistently split the uprights and score crucial points this upcoming season.

What Happened to Austin Seibert?

You’d best believe Austin Seibert’s once-promising NFL kicking career crashed and burned like a comet streaking across the night sky.

  • 2019 5th round pick by Cincinnati Bengals
  • Inconsistent rookie year, going 5/9 on field goals
  • Waived by the Browns in 2020 after struggling

Since being waived, Seibert has been trying out with multiple teams to regain his confidence and fix his inconsistency issues. With a new kickoff strategy and tireless work ethic, the young kicker hopes to revitalize his career and realize his potential once again in the NFL.

Who Kicked the Longest Field Goal Yesterday?

Yesterday the longest field goal sailed through the uprights courtesy of Justin Tucker, booming a 66-yard kick that split the difference between possibility and history. Tucker’s monster kick set a new NFL record, surpassing the previous mark of 64 yards held by Matt Prater.

With the booming kick, Tucker etched his name in the record books and showed why he’s one of the NFL’s most dangerous weapons.

Tucker has proven to be the most accurate kicker in NFL history, converting over 90% of his field goal attempts. His powerful and precise leg allows the Ravens to feel confident attempting long-distance kicks that few other teams would dare try.

Tucker’s record-setting 66-yard field goal demonstrated why he’s a special talent and one of the greatest kickers to ever play the game.

Kicker Longest FG Year
Matt Prater 64 yards 2013
Justin Tucker 66 yards 2021
Tom Dempsey 63 yards 1970

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How did Jake and Austin end up at the same college?

Strange how sometimes things just work out! As kickers who both shined at Oklahoma, it was more coincidence than anything that brought Jake and Austin to the same college football powerhouse. Their paths simply aligned, leading two talented yet unrelated athletes to don the same jersey.

What are the key similarities and differences between Jake and Austin’s kicking styles?

Jake is renowned for his booming kickoffs and clutch field goals. Meanwhile, Austin struggles with consistency on long attempts and has difficulty making 50+ yard field goals. Though their talent levels differ, both utilize proper techniques honed under the coaching staff at the University of Oklahoma.

How did Jake react when the Browns drafted him the year after cutting Austin?

When the Browns drafted Jake after releasing Austin, you know Jake was a little frustrated. He understood it was a business move by Cleveland, but these kickers weren’t related despite sharing a name. Deep down, Jake knew this was his opportunity, yet he felt for his fellow Sooner being cut.

What advice has Austin given Jake about transitioning to the NFL as a kicker?

As former teammates, Austin likely shared advice with Jake about the challenges of kicking in the NFL. He probably emphasized mental toughness, consistency, and not letting one miss affect the next kick.

Transitioning from college is difficult, so Austin provided Jake with tips on what to expect and how to stay focused during games.

Which Seibert has had more success in clutch kicking situations so far in their careers?

You’ve got it all wrong, friend. Neither kicker has stood out in clutch situations yet. Jake’s just starting his career, while Austin never got the chance to prove himself.


From Johnny Knoxville to Bobby Flay, talent runs in the family. Although they share a surname, Jake and Austin Seibert’s pigskin prowess proves purely coincidental. After leading Oklahoma’s special teams, both placekickers received NFL tryouts. Jake stuck the landing, inking a 4-year contract with the Browns.

Now Jake boots field goals for a playoff contender, while Austin awaits another shot. Despite their shared successes, the Seiberts’ paths have diverged. While Jake cashes checks in Cleveland, Austin’s NFL dreams remain on hold.

Their common name belies different fates. Perhaps another Seibert can one day revive this family’s placekicking pedigree.

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