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Verdell From as Good as It Gets: Brussels Griffon (2023)

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What breed of dog is verdell in the movie As Good As It GetsAre you a fan of the 1997 hit film As Good As It Gets? If so, you may remember Verdell – the beloved Brussels Griffon who stole our hearts.

Let’s take a deep dive into discovering more about Verdell and his breed: Brussels Griffons.

To kick off our exploration let’s get up close and personal with some key characteristics that make them unique. You could say they are quite an eclectic bunch – just like Jack Nicholson in the movie! The Brussels Griffon is a toy dog breed known for its big personality in a small package.

They are lively, intelligent, and sensitive dogs that bond strongly with their families.

Some key traits of the Brussels Griffon:

  • Small in stature, typically weighing 8-10 lbs as adults. They have a sturdy, thickset body and stand about 7-10 inches tall.
  • Expressive, human-like face with a short black nose and prominent chin. Their large eyes and flat face give them an almost monkey-like expression.
  • Wiry, dense coat that comes in several colors like red, black, or black and tan. It’s rough to the touch and doesn’t shed much.
  • Confident, bold, and alert temperament. They are watchful of their surroundings and make great watchdogs.
  • Playful and energetic. They enjoy brisk walks and playing games with their families.
  • Intelligent and eager to please. The Brussels Griffon aims to make their owner happy.
  • Prone to separation anxiety when left alone for long periods. They thrive on companionship.

So in summary, Verdell and his canine co-stars highlight the endearing qualities of this unique toy breed.

Key Takeaways

  • Verdell is a Brussels Griffon, a small breed known for their big personalities.
  • They have a confident, alert temperament and make good watchdogs.
  • Brussels Griffons are intelligent and eager to please their owners, but training requires patience and positive reinforcement.
  • These dogs are affectionate and attached to their families, but can also tolerate some loneliness.

What Breed is Verdell in as Good as It Gets?

What Breed is Verdell in as Good as It Gets
You’ll adore Verdell, the mischievous Brussels Griffon who steals the show as Jack Nicholson’s dog in As Good as It Gets. This pint-sized pooch with the big personality is portrayed by six different canine actors, but his breed’s trademark playfulness shines through.

The Brussels Griffon has long been a favorite in Hollywood, with appearances in diverse films like The First Wives Club and Gosford Park. Beyond their celebrity status, they make wonderful family companions with their affectionate and lively temperament.

So if you’re charmed by Verdell’s antics with Nicholson, consider rescuing your own Brussels Griffon co-star – you won’t regret it! Verdell proves the old adage true – it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.

How Many Dogs Played Verdell in the Film?

How Many Dogs Played Verdell in the Film
Verdell’s Dogs: The six canine actors captured the Brussels Griffon breed’s charm and quirkiness.

Dog Actors: Each brought unique personality to Verdell’s scenes with OCD Melvin.

Verdell’s Performers: Their combined performances made Verdell a memorable movie dog.

Though multiple dogs played Verdell, together they created an authentic on-screen friendship with Jack Nicholson’s Melvin that touched audiences’ hearts. The Brussels Griffon stars deserve credit for charming moviegoers as Verdell in As Good as It Gets.

What Are the Key Characteristics of Brussels Griffons?

What Are the Key Characteristics of Brussels Griffons
You gotta love their charming naughtiness! They’re intelligent but need patience when training. The Brussels Griffon temperament and characteristics make them a great family dog.

Trait Description
Affection Extremely loving and attached to their people.
Training Smart but sometimes stubborn or willful. Positive reinforcement works best.
Energy Playful and energetic but don’t need excessive exercise. Good for apartments.
Sociability Get along well with kids, strangers and other pets. Don’t like to be alone.

With their lively, comical nature and Ewok-like appearance, it’s no wonder Brussels Griffons have found fame on the big screen. If you can handle their mischievous side, they make for a delightful, devoted pet.

Are Brussels Griffons a Good Pet?

Are Brussels Griffons a Good Pet
Looking for a pet that’s suited for apartment living? The Brussels Griffon could be the perfect companion for you. Although they require patience in training, their affectionate temperaments make them well-adjusted for family life in small spaces.

Apartment Living

Living in a small space fits a Brussels Griffon to a T. Compact and cuddly, Verdell types thrive in digs scaled to suit. Alert and lively, this spunky toy breed will bark at sounds, but a short daily walk tempers restlessness.

Though stubborn, reward-based training taps into their people-pleasing nature. Minimal shedding makes sharing quarters hypoallergenic-friendly.

Training Needs

Patience pays off, so don’t get frustrated when training your Brussels Griffon. These intelligent dogs need commitment and consistency during training. Use positive reinforcement like treats and praise. Set clearly defined boundaries.

Keep sessions short and fun. Avoid harsh corrections that could damage their confidence. Reward good behavior immediately. Account for their energetic, playful side during training.


The gregarious Brussels Griffon’s pleasing temperament endears it as a loyal family companion.

  1. Lovable
  2. Outgoing
  3. Eager to please
  4. Attached to family
  5. Prone to separation anxiety

Beyond the big screen, this intelligent toy breed’s temperament makes the Brussels Griffon a delightful companion. Their energetic, comical nature thrives when showered with ample attention. Adopters should provide consistent training and companionship to nurture the sociable Griffon’s best behaviors.

Like Jack Nicholson’s character, even the most particular owners will find their hearts won by the charming Brussels Griffon.

Where Do Brussels Griffons Come From?

Where Do Brussels Griffons Come From
Where do Brussels Griffons come from? You’re right to wonder about the origin of these charming, mischievous Brussels Griffons. As you dive into history books, you’ll discover Brussels Griffons hail from Belgium in the 1800s.

Their unique appearance – prominent chin, large expressive eyes, and monkey-like face – is a nod to their ancestor, the Affenpinscher. Through careful breeding, their signature rough coat was developed, setting them apart from other toy breeds.

Though few and far between a century ago, famous Brussels Griffons like Verdell brought popularity in modern times. Their big personalities landed them coveted roles on the silver screen and in sitcoms alike.

Trace their steps back to Belgium’s streets and you’ll uncover the origin story of the entertaining, devoted companions we cherish today.

How Friendly Are Brussels Griffons?

How Friendly Are Brussels Griffons
You’d think these gregarious little ginger nuts are your own personal gigglemug with the delightful way they belly up for tickles ‘n tussles.

  • Eager to please
  • Dislike being alone
  • Love children
  • Friendly with strangers
  • Excel at tricks

Despite their small size, Brussels Griffons boast outsized personalities. They thrive on human interaction and generally get along swimmingly with other pets. Provided you supply ample together time, this Velcro breed will happily stick to your side.

Adopters, take care not to leave your Griff alone for long stretches. With proper socialization and training, these clever clowns make devoted companions.

Are Brussels Griffons Hypoallergenic?

Are Brussels Griffons Hypoallergenic
You ain’t sneezin’ with a Brussels Griff by your side. These adorable toy dogs are considered relatively hypoallergenic for allergy sufferers. Their minimal shedding and dander make Brussels Griffons a more allergy-friendly breed.

But no dog breed is 100% hypoallergenic. Brussels Griffons have favorable traits, like hair instead of fur. Their small size produces less dander. For many, Brussels Griffons don’t activate allergies as severely.

Talk to your doctor to see if adopting one of these allergy-friendly Brussels dogs is right for you.

Is a Brussels Griffon the Right Dog for You?

Is a Brussels Griffon the Right Dog for You
Looking for an entertaining sidekick? A Brussels Griffon may be just the dog for you. With their high energy levels, sociable natures, and low tolerance for loneliness, these adorable pups demand ample playtime and attention.

Energy Level

Don’t worry about having a lively little puppy to keep up with – Brussels Griffons are playful and sociable but have low exercise needs. With moderate energy levels, they engage in fun without hyperactivity. Affectionate Brussels Griffons stay mentally stimulated with adequate walks and games.

Though lively, their tolerance for loneliness steers them towards companionship rather than exhaustive romps.


You’re grabbing a Brussels Griffon for an embrace and experiencing their fun-loving temperament firsthand. Verdell’s breed is known for being sociable, playful, energetic – perfect for families with children or seniors wanting a companion.

Socialization is key; expose them young to various people, pets and places. Frequent playdates prevent loneliness in this highly affectionate breed made famous in the movie As Good As It Gets.

Loneliness Tolerance

Some days require more affection than others, so seek comfort from a companion who will stick close. As seen with Verdell in the classically entertaining As Good as It Gets, Brussels Griffons score high on loneliness tolerance.

Their need for company fits a homebody lifestyle, yet the breed’s spirited mischief promises delightful hijinks. Like the characters in the film, adopting a Griffon can lead to an enduring, heartwarming bond.

How to Adopt a Brussels Griffon

How to Adopt a Brussels Griffon
Since getting that captivating creature brings real rewards, make sure you first check local shelters before considering a breeder.

  1. Research the breed’s unique temperament and needs. This loyal, sensitive companion thrives on togetherness.
  2. Prepare your home for an energetic, mischievous pup. Secure belongings and puppy-proof potential hazards.
  3. Make time for daily walks, play, training and affection. Boredom and isolation distress this highly social breed.
  4. Confirm shelter Griffons are child-friendly if kids are involved. Meet prospective dogs on neutral ground first.
  5. Schedule a vet visit to ensure your new buddy’s health. Adopting saves a life!

This charming, rough-and-tumble clown will shower you with devotion. Let your heart lead you to the right furry match.

What Other Films and Shows Have Featured Brussels Griffons
You’ve learned all about adopting a Brussels Griffon. Now let’s dig into their pop culture status.

Who could forget Verdell stealing scenes alongside Jack Nicholson in As Good as It Gets? That lovable scamp mimicked OCD symptoms and helped a curmudgeon find his heart. Brussels Griffons also brought laughs in The First Wives Club and Gosford Park. Spin City featured one too in the snarky mayor’s office.

These famous costars show Brussels Griffons light up the big and small screen. With their mischievous charm and photogenic faces, they make for beloved characters.


In the end, As Good as It Gets is a timeless classic, with a beloved canine character that has captured the hearts of moviegoers everywhere. Verdell, the Brussels Griffon, is a perfect example of why this breed is so popular, embodying the playful, intelligent, and affectionate nature that they are known for.

If you’re considering adopting a Brussels Griffon, they can make a great pet, but you should be aware of their needs for companionship and training. Whether you already own a Brussels Griffon or are considering adding one to your family, you can be sure that this breed will bring plenty of love and entertainment into your life.

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