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Unlock Akimbo Perk: Best Warzone Guide (2023)

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Can akimbo be unlocked in warzoneDo you want to unlock the Akimbo perk in Warzone? Unleashing dual pistols could be your key to victory, so it’s worth doing!

The Akimbo perk lets you fire two handguns at once for maximum damage output. But how do you get it?

Here’s our guide on unlocking and using the best akimbo setup in Warzone. We’ll explain what level requirements are needed for specific pistols, as well as provide comparison data of different akimbos and recommended setups for optimal performance.

Plus, we’ll tell you which pistol is considered to be the best overall Warzone weapon when used with an akimbo setup – plus strategies that will give your hip-fire accuracy a major boost!

Get ready to dominate with this exclusive guide specifically tailored towards arming yourself with one of Call Of Duty: Warzones most powerful perks – let’s go!

Key Takeaways

  • The Akimbo perk in Warzone allows dual wielding pistols for increased damage output.
  • To unlock Akimbo for a pistol, players must max out the pistol’s level and get 3 kills in 5 different matches with the Mo’Money perk equipped.
  • The Renetti pistol with Mk3 Burst Mod is considered the best Akimbo pistol in Warzone by many players.
  • Recommended attachments like the 5mW Laser, 27 Round Mags, and Lightweight Trigger can enhance the performance of Akimbo pistols.

How to Unlock Akimbo Perk in Warzone

How to Unlock Akimbo Perk in Warzone
Looking to dual wield pistols and wreak havoc in Warzone? Here’s how to unlock the powerful Akimbo perk in Warzone for each pistol. The perk requires completing unique challenges and leveling up specific weapons – knowing the requirements will help you unleash a hail of bullets with the awesome Akimbo setup as quickly as possible.

To unlock Akimbo for a pistol, you first need to max out that pistol’s level. This will unlock various attachments and camos for that handgun. Once it’s max level, you then need to get 3 kills in 5 different matches using that pistol with the Mo’Money perk equipped.

This perk is unlocked at weapon level 4, so you’ll need to get the pistol at least to level 5 before working on the camo challenges.

Once you complete that challenge, the Akimbo perk will be unlocked for that pistol! You can then equip it to dual wield that handgun for some incredibly powerful and fun loadouts. Make sure to pack fully loaded on your loadout as well, since akimbo pistols chew through ammo.

Using Akimbo with burst fire pistols like the Renetti is extremely powerful, allowing you to drop enemies quickly at close range. The.357 akimbo revolvers are also devastating. Experiment with akimbo on different sidearms to find your favorite pairing! Just be prepared to grind weapon levels and complete challenges if you want to unlock akimbo for multiple handguns.

Perk Requirements for Each Sidearm

  • 1911: Mo’ Money, 3 kills in 5 matches
  • X16: Sleight of Hand, 3 kills in 5 matches
  • .357: Recon, 3 kills in 5 matches
  • M19: Frangible-Wounding, 3 kills in 5 matches
  • .50 GS: FMJ, 3 kills in 5 matches

Each sidearm in Warzone has specific perk requirements and challenges to complete before unlocking the powerful Akimbo perk. Pick your favorite pistol and aim to unlock its Akimbo version through skillful play.

Leveling Up Weapons and Tips

Having World War 3 break out makes leveling up weapons in imaginary video games seem trivial. To quickly gain weapon XP in Warzone, take advantage of Double XP tokens, Happy Hour events, and playlists like Shoot the Ship or Ground War.

Leveling up guns for Akimbo doesn’t require wins or headshots – just get kills. Pair new Akimbo pistols with versatile guns like the M4A1 or HDR to handle all engagement ranges. Experiment with attachments that boost hipfire accuracy to maximize Akimbo damage up close.

Getting three kills per match with the right perks enabled unlocks the game-changing Akimbo perk for pistols like the.357, Renetti, and.50 GS. But global conflict makes worrying about video game progression seem petty.

How to Unlock Akimbo Pistols in Warzone 2

How to Unlock Akimbo Pistols in Warzone 2
As an experienced Warzone player, you know dual-wielding pistols (also known as akimbo pistols) can be a powerful option once unlocked. To get dual-wield perks in Warzone 2, you’ll need to level up specific pistols to certain weapon levels.

The benefits of dual-wield pistols include doubled bullet damage and insane close-range firepower when hip-fired, making them perfect complements for long-range primary weapons.

Level Requirements for Specific Pistols

The.50 GS needs to reach Level 37 for FMJ before unlocking its Akimbo perk. Each pistol in Warzone has a specific level and perk required to unlock Akimbo. The X16 needs Sleight of Hand at Level 20. The 1911 requires reaching Level 27 for Mo’ Money.

For the.357, get to Level 34 and equip Recon. Frangible – Healing unlocks M19 Akimbo at Level 6.

Knowing these level and perk prerequisites helps you strategize leveling up pistols efficiently. Prioritizing challenges like Shoot the Ship playlist accelerates progression. Equip the right perks as soon as available.

With their high damage and fast fire rate, the.50 GS and Renetti stand out. Pair Akimbo pistols with assault rifles or snipers for versatile loadouts.

Benefits of Using Akimbo Pistols

Rocking dual pistols amplifies your firepower up close. Wielding Akimbo pistols doubles your rate of fire compared to using a single pistol, giving you a decisive advantage in close quarters combat. With two rapid-firing hand cannons, you can quickly drop multiple enemies rushing your position.

Mix an Akimbo pistol loadout with an assault rifle or sniper rifle to dominate short and long ranges. The ability to quickly swap weapons and unleash a barrage of bullets makes Akimbo pistols a top choice for competitive Warzone players wanting to maximize their CQB lethality.

What is the Best Akimbo Pistol?

What is the Best Akimbo Pistol
Looking for the best Akimbo pistol in Warzone? The Renetti pistol with the Mk3 Burst Mod attachment is widely considered the top Akimbo option for its damage output and controllability. An optimal Akimbo Renetti loadout prioritizes hip fire accuracy with the 5mW Laser, 27 Round Mags, and Lightweight Trigger.

Comparison of Different Akimbo Pistols

When rocking Akimbos, the Renetti reigns supreme for its blistering fire rate and tight hipfire spread. Pairing the Renetti with Mk3 Burst Mod transforms it into a 800 RPM machine pistol with a faster TTK than most SMGs up close.

For raw damage per bullet, the.50 GS and.357 pack the biggest punch but fire slower with more recoil. The X16 and M19 offer a balance of rate of fire, magazine size, and hipfire accuracy.

Evaluate your playstyle and engagement ranges when choosing to unlock specific Akimbos. Their extreme CQB power compensates for lack of ADS. With leveling and optimal builds, Renetti stands above the rest in lethality.

You’d dominate in close quarters by equipping the dual Renettis with the burst mod.

  • Prioritize hip fire accuracy with attachments like 5mW Laser.
  • Use 27 Round Mags for extended bursts without reloading.
  • Mk3 Burst Mod turns the Renettis into a powerful burst fire SMG.
  • Lightweight Trigger improves fire rate for faster bursts.

The Renettis with Akimbo and Mk3 Burst shine in close range skirmishes. With the right setup, they melt enemies before they can react. You’ll mow down entire squads once you’ve mastered movement and hip firing with the dual burst pistols.

The Best Akimbo Setup in Warzone

The Best Akimbo Setup in Warzone
For the best Akimbo setup in Warzone, run the Renetti pistol with Mk3 Burst Mod. Attach a 5mW Laser, 27 Round Mags, and Lightweight Trigger. You’ll want to prioritize maximizing hip-fire accuracy with an Akimbo setup, so laser and lightweight attachments for faster mobility are crucial.

The laser and lightweight trigger provide improved hip fire and mobility to complement the Akimbo style. With this Renetti configuration, you can dish out serious close-quarters damage while remaining agile.

Attachments Renetti.50 GS X16

5mW Laser X X X

27 Round Mags X

Lightweight Trigger X X

Mk3 Burst Mod X

Akimbo X X X

These attachments optimize akimbo pistols for hip fire accuracy and ammo capacity. Unlock akimbo perks by leveling up pistols and completing challenges. Then, utilize the best akimbo loadouts in Verdansk.

Strategies for Maximizing Hip-fire Accuracy

Witness your enemies scatter as you unleash a furious hail of lead with hip-fired akimbo pistols. The key to maximizing your accuracy lies in attachments and technique. Lean into the strengths of akimbo’s sheer firepower over aiming down sights.

Prioritize hip-fire enhancing attachments like lasers and Merc Foregrips. Move erratically, fire from the hip. With hundreds of bullets flying, precision matters less than sending a relentless torrent of lead.

Embrace aggressive, close-quarters domination and claim your place atop the leaderboards. Akimbo rewards boldness – charge fearlessly into the fray and hip-fire your way to victory.

More Call of Duty: Warzone

More Call of Duty: Warzone

There’s a lot more to unlock and discover in this massive battle royale. Dial in your controller settings for advanced sensitivity and response. Configure your PC for high FPS with Nvidia Reflex. Master strategies to earn a devastating Nuke – this can instantly wipe enemy teams.

Compare each weapon class in-depth to create the perfect loadout. The Akimbo pistol perk opens up high-rpm mayhem, but sniper rifles and assault rifles have their place too. Dig into stats for each gun like recoil plots, damage dropoff, reload times. Find the right blend of mobility and power.

Warzone empowers you to conquer the massive map with friends, combining personal mastery and team tactics. Keep exploring this expansive universe. The arsenal offers limitless ways to outsmart and outgun enemies.


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