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Can DIY Shops Open? Home and Hardware Stores Operating During Lockdown (Answered 2023)

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Can diy shops open in lockdownAs lockdown measures continue to be implemented across the UK, many people are wondering if DIY shops can open in the current climate.

The answer is yes – while some businesses have been forced to close their doors for a month, essential home and hardware stores such as B&Q, Homebase and Wickes will all remain operational throughout lockdown.

Despite this being a difficult time for retailers not considered essential by government guidelines, these stores have seen an unprecedented surge of customers looking to take on DIY projects during the pandemic – with sales at Kingfisher up 17.

So if you’re planning any home improvements over the coming weeks or months ahead then it looks like you won’t need to put your plans on hold just yet!

Can DIY Shops Open in Lockdown?

Can DIY Shops Open in Lockdown
Are DIY shops allowed to open during lockdown? It’s a question on the minds of many people looking to tackle home improvement projects or fix household items. The effects of the shutdown have led to changes in consumer habits, with more people turning to DIY as a way to pass the time and improve their living spaces.

Thankfully, home and hardware stores have been classified as essential businesses and are permitted to stay open during lockdown. To adapt their operations, many DIY shops have implemented measures such as staff management for social distancing and limited customer capacity in-store.

Additionally, they have introduced delivery options like click-and-collect services or home delivery for customers who prefer not to visit physical stores.

For instance, popular retailers like B&Q and Wickes are offering click-and-collect services along with varied opening hours for those who want an in-person shopping experience while adhering to safety protocols.

Screwfix has kept all its 700 stores open with safety measures in place while also providing next-day delivery options starting at ÂŁ5.

It’s important for DIY enthusiasts that these essential businesses continue operating during lockdown so they can access necessary supplies conveniently. Whether you need tools, paint, or materials for your project – rest assured that you can still rely on your local hardware store or shop online from trusted brands offering safe shopping experiences through various channels such as click-and-collect or home delivery options.

Essential Vs Non-Essential Businesses

Essential Vs Non-Essential Businesses
You need to understand the distinction between essential and non-essential businesses during lockdown. In order to navigate these challenging times, it’s important to know which stores are allowed to remain open and which ones must temporarily close their doors.

Essential businesses are those that provide necessary goods or services for daily life, such as supermarkets, pharmacies, and healthcare facilities. On the other hand, non-essential businesses include venues like cinemas, restaurants, and gyms that aren’t deemed crucial for immediate needs.

When it comes specifically to home and hardware stores in England during this current lockdown period until mid-February 2021; Homebase is considered an essential retailer with all its stores remaining open throughout this time frame.

Wickes is also operating under similar guidelines with a maximum of 30 customers allowed at a time from 9am until 6pm while offering click-and-collect options as well.

B&Q has taken measures by implementing social distancing protocols within its premises along with varied opening hours across different locations in England. The retail giant continues providing online shopping options through their website including click-and-collect or home delivery services.

Screwfix has maintained normal operations across all its approximately seven hundred outlets nationwide ensuring safety precautions implemented on-site. In addition, Screwfix offers next-day delivery starting at ÂŁ5 when ordered before the cutoff time of 4 pm each day.

It’s worth mentioning, however, Wilko remains closed due to national restrictions set forth by government authorities regarding closures of certain types of establishments including homeware retailers like Wilko.

It would be advisable, therefore, to check official guidance updates regularly since new information may come into effect over school closures, supply chain issues, and manufacturing impacts could influence whether some retailers will remain accessible via online platforms only rather than allowing physical visits.

As always, though, economic effects play an integral role in determining what steps should be undertaken based on expert opinions, government directives, and public health considerations surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic response.

Education about these distinctions is empowering and helps you make informed decisions during these challenging times.

Home and Hardware Stores Allowed to Stay Open

Home and Hardware Stores Allowed to Stay Open
Home and hardware stores are permitted to remain open during the lockdown measures. This is great news for those of you who have been eager to tackle some DIY projects while spending more time at home.

With these stores still operating, you can now embark on kitchen renovations or garden makeovers without any hindrance.

When visiting these DIY shops, it’s important to be mindful of the current restrictions and safety guidelines in place. Staffing levels may be adjusted to ensure social distancing measures are followed within the store premises.

Queue management systems might also be implemented to control the number of customers inside at any given time.

To ensure that everyone has access to essential items, some retailers may impose purchase limits on certain products that are currently in high demand. While this might seem inconvenient initially, it helps prevent stock shortages and ensures fairness for all shoppers.

Travis Perkins is one example of a well-known home and hardware store that remains open during lockdowns across England with their click-and-collect service available as well. Their range includes everything from building materials like bricks and timber, to plumbing supplies, safety equipment, and even tools needed for your project, enabling them to serve both professional tradespeople as well as the general public keen on doing their own repairs or improvements.

From paint brushes, nails, hinges, and screws, to power drills, Screwfix offers an extensive selection catering to every imaginable need. B&Q also provides online ordering options, including click-and-collect, which allows customers a convenient way to shop.

They also offer delivery services so you don’t have to worry about making unnecessary journeys outside your local area unless absolutely necessary.

So if you’re looking forward to indulging yourself in some productive activities during this challenging period, you can count on these DIY stores and home & hardware shops being there, providing safe and easy ways to help you accomplish tasks around the house.

This ensures that you not only keep busy but also gives you a sense of accomplishment.

B&Q: Operating During Lockdown

B&Q: Operating During Lockdown
B&Q remains open and operating during the lockdown, providing essential home and hardware supplies. As you navigate through these challenging times, it’s good to know that B&Q is here to support your DIY projects and home improvement needs.

To ensure everyone’s safety, B&Q has implemented strict safety measures in their stores. They have reduced the number of customers allowed inside at any given time to allow for social distancing. Additionally, they have enhanced cleaning procedures in place to maintain a clean environment for both customers and staff.

If you prefer not to visit the store physically or if it is not convenient for you, B&Q offers convenient click & collect services where you can order online and pick up your items from a designated area without having direct contact with other people.

For those who would like their purchases delivered directly to their homes, B&Q also provides home delivery options so that you can receive your essential supplies safely without leaving the comfort of your own space.

Shopping online with B&B brings additional benefits such as browsing through an extensive range of products from various categories conveniently on one platform. You can easily compare prices, read customer reviews before making informed decisions about which products best suit your needs.

With varied opening times available across different locations nationwide throughout this period of lockdown restrictions, you’ll be able to find a suitable time slot when planning visits according to local guidelines pertaining to public transport availability.

Whether it’s healthcare professionals looking for necessary equipment or elite athletes working on personal fitness spaces at home, B&B recognizes how important access to its offerings are during these difficult days.

Alongside supplying necessities, the company ensures utmost care towards maintaining health protocols, reiterating its commitment to the wellbeing of all stakeholders.

Homebase: Operating During Lockdown

Homebase: Operating During Lockdown
Homebase, another home and hardware store in England, has also been operating during lockdown with certain measures in place. Homebase has made adjustments to its opening hours to accommodate customers during these challenging times.

By extending their opening hours, they provide more flexibility for individuals who may have limited availability due to work or other responsibilities.

There has been a noticeable trend towards online shopping and home delivery in terms of delivery preferences. Homebase recognizes this shift and offers various options for customers to receive their purchases conveniently at their doorstep – whether it’s standard delivery or next-day/named day options with an additional cost, or even utilizing local stores for quicker service at a nominal fee.

Homebase understands the importance of sustainability in its supply chain operations amid the ongoing pandemic. They’ve implemented measures to ensure that products are sourced responsibly while minimizing any negative impact on the environment.

By learning from competitors’ strategies and experiences throughout this time period, Homebase continues refining its own protocols effectively by following social distancing guidelines strictly within all of their stores across England.

The government’s guidance on safety precautions plays an integral role as well by providing specific directions regarding hygiene practices and customer limits inside retail establishments like theirs.

Homebase’s commitment includes adhering diligently to those regulations and putting stringent measures into action so that both employees and customers alike feel safe when visiting their stores. In addition, the company has rolled out comprehensive support packages for staff members, further demonstrating their mindfulness of everyone involved in the process from start to finish.

That way they can help alleviate some of the financial burdens faced by employees during these challenging times. Passionate about sustaining business operations and supporting their community, Homebase persists in navigating these difficult circumstances adaptively.

Wilko: Operating During Lockdown

Wilko: Operating During Lockdown
If you’re looking for information about another retailer operating during the lockdown, let’s now turn our attention to Wilko.

  • Lockdown Hours: Wilko stores are currently open with adjusted hours due to the lockdown measures. It’s recommended to check their website or contact your local store for specific opening and closing times.
  • Stock Levels: Wilko strives to maintain adequate stock levels of essential items during this time. However, availability may vary depending on demand and supply chain disruptions.
  • Click & Collect: Wilko offers a convenient click & collect service where customers can order online and pick up their purchases from selected stores. This allows for a contactless shopping experience while ensuring social distancing measures are followed.
  • Staff Safety: The safety of both customers and staff members is a top priority at Wilko. They’ve implemented enhanced cleaning protocols, provided personal protective equipment (PPE) where necessary, and enforced social distancing guidelines within their stores.
  • Vulnerable Shopping: To support vulnerable individuals in accessing essential supplies safely, some Wilko locations offer dedicated shopping hours exclusively for these groups. It’s advisable to check with your local store regarding any such arrangements in place.

As DIY projects continue gaining popularity during the lockdown period, it’s important that we have access to home improvement supplies while adhering to safety guidelines set by authorities. With its commitment towards maintaining stock levels and ensuring customer safety through various initiatives like click & collect services and dedicated shopping hours for vulnerable individuals, Wilko aims at providing an accessible option for those seeking DIY materials amidst these challenging times.

Wickes: Operating During Lockdown

Wickes: Operating During Lockdown
As we move into the discussion of Wickes: Operating During Lockdown, let’s delve into their current operations and safety measures.

Wickes, like other home and hardware stores operating during lockdown, has faced the strains of these challenging times. However, they have also experienced a DIY boom with increased sales as people turn to home improvement projects while staying at home.

To ensure employee protection and customer safety during this period, Wickes has implemented several precautionary measures. They have limited the number of customers allowed in their stores to a maximum of 30 at any given time.

This helps maintain social distancing guidelines and ensures a safer shopping experience for everyone involved.

In addition to physical store operations, Wickes offers online competition by providing click-and-collect services for customers who prefer not to enter their premises or want more convenience in receiving their purchases.

By adapting its business model and taking necessary precautions such as limiting customer numbers in-store while offering online alternatives like click-and-collect services, Wickes has been able to navigate through these difficult times effectively.

In doing so, the company supports those seeking liberation through DIY projects, power over improving their homes, and understanding that there are still options available despite restrictions imposed by lockdowns.

Wickes serves as the go-to destination for all your DIY needs while prioritizing employee protection and ensuring customer satisfaction throughout the ongoing pandemic crisis.

Travis Perkins: Operating During Lockdown

Travis Perkins: Operating During Lockdown
Moving on from Wickes, let’s now shift our focus to another prominent player in the home and hardware industry during the lockdown: Travis Perkins. As a customer, you might be curious about how Travis Perkins is operating during these challenging times.

Here are some key points to keep in mind regarding Travis Perkins’ operations during this lockdown period:

  • Employee Safety: Travis Perkins prioritizes the safety and well-being of its employees by implementing strict health protocols and ensuring adherence to social distancing guidelines. The company takes measures to protect both its staff members and customers alike.
  • Business Strategy: During this period of uncertainty, Travis Perkins has been adapting its business strategy accordingly. By closely monitoring market trends and consumer needs, they aim to navigate through these challenging times effectively.
  • Trading Outlook: Although facing challenges due to ongoing restrictions impacting various sectors of their business portfolio, including construction projects being put on hold or delayed, they remain optimistic about future opportunities for growth once conditions improve.
  • Financial Results & Share Price: Like many businesses across industries worldwide impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, Travis Perkins’ financial results have also experienced some effects as reflected in fluctuations within their share price.

Travis Perkins continues serving customers with dedication while taking necessary precautions for everyone’s safety amid the ongoing lockdown situation. By prioritizing employee safety alongside strategic decision-making for navigating unprecedented challenges, the trading outlook remains hopeful while focusing on long-term success.

Remember that each retailer is making significant efforts throughout these difficult circumstances, and it’s important we support them as valued partners in our DIY endeavors.

Screwfix: Operating During Lockdown

Screwfix: Operating During Lockdown
Continuing from the previous subtopic, let’s explore how Screwfix is operating during the lockdown. As safety measures take center stage in these challenging times, it’s important to know how retailers like Screwfix are adapting to ensure both customer and employee well-being.

With all 700 stores open across the UK, Screwfix has implemented various safety measures to create a secure shopping environment for their customers.

In terms of extended hours, Screwfix offers convenient opening times from Monday to Friday between 7am and 8pm. On Saturdays, they operate from 7am until 6pm while on Sundays you can visit them between 9am and 4pm.

This flexibility allows you ample time within your schedule to shop for your DIY needs.

When it comes to product availability at Screwfix during this lockdown period, rest assured that they have taken steps to maintain a wide range of essential items necessary for home improvement projects or repairs.

To provide additional convenience amidst these trying circumstances when venturing out may not be possible or preferable for some individuals due to health concerns or government guidelines regarding non-essential travel, ScrewFix also provides delivery options.

You can avail next-day delivery with prices starting at ÂŁ5 if orders are placed before their cutoff time of 4 pm.

While there may be customer limits in place depending on specific store locations as part of social distancing protocols, it is worth checking with individual stores beforehand so that you can plan accordingly.

Nevertheless, you can trust that ScrewFix prioritizes both safety and accessibility during this lockdown period.

Enjoy peace-of-mind knowing that you have options available to complete your DIY projects or make necessary repairs at home while adhering to the current restrictions in place. Through implementing safety measures, having extended hours, and offering delivery options, ScrewFix increases product availability while ensuring customers can shop with confidence.

Toolstation: Operating During Lockdown

Toolstation: Operating During Lockdown
You can rely on Toolstation to remain open and serve your DIY needs during the lockdown. Toolstation’s committed to staying open as an essential retailer providing items critical for home and business maintenance.

They’ve implemented extensive safety measures across all opened branches to protect customers and team members.

You’ll find their stores well-stocked with top DIY brands to complete your essential projects. Toolstation’s website’s frequently updated with the latest stock availability and store opening times. Many locations now offer contactless click & collect and delivery options as well.

With robust e-commerce and store options, you can depend on Toolstation for your hardware needs during lockdown. Their team’s working diligently to safely supply tools, hardware and more to communities nationwide.


What a coincidence! You’re probably wondering if DIY shops can open during lockdown. The good news is that home and hardware stores are considered essential businesses, so you can still visit B&Q, Homebase, Wickes, and Screwfix in person.

While operating hours and safety protocols vary, these DIY retailers remain open for your home improvement projects and repairs. You can also utilize click & collect or home delivery options. So although non-essential shops are closed, DIY shops can open – providing helpful resources during lockdown.

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