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Play Snake on Google Maps for 2023 – the Original Mobile Game Returns

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Can I play the snake game on Google?You’re in luck. The classic Snake game that you likely played on old Nokia phones is back and available to play for free in Google Maps.

Just open the Google Maps app on your phone and look for the option to play Snake in the side menu. Once selected, you can choose to slither through the streets of cities like London, Cairo, and Tokyo.

The objective is the same as the original – navigate your constantly growing snake to eat treats around the map without crashing into walls or your own tail. It’s an easy way to get your Snake fix, compete against friends for high scores, and take a trip down memory lane.

With simple tap controls, familiar gameplay, and real city maps to explore, it will feel just like the Snake you knew and loved.

It’s free, fun, and available now within Google Maps.

Key Takeaways

  • The classic Snake arcade game is now available on Google Maps.
  • The objective is to navigate the growing snake to eat treats and get a high score.
  • You need a strategy of trapping food in corners and planning your path to master it.
  • The game has been updated with skins, power-ups, and multiplayer versions.

What is the Snake Game?

Can I play the snake game on Google? 1
You’re completely unaware this classic arcade game from the ’70s is freely playable on Google Maps, aren’t you? The Snake game is a classic that originated in arcades decades ago with a simple concept – move a continuously growing snake around the screen to eat food while avoiding walls and your own body.

Though the original had a scrolling screen, the core gameplay remains in the free online Google version tied to Maps, allowing custom mods and aiming for high scores through strategic movement.

Even with new features, it’s still the same nostalgic game where an animated snake just gets more challenging as it extends.

Can You Play the Snake Game on Google?

Can You Play the Snake Game on Google?
You can play that classic snake game for free anytime on Google Maps. Just search for snake game or navigate to Use your keyboard arrows or swipe to control the direction of an animated snake gliding around the screen.

Your goal is to pick up passengers for points while avoiding walls and your own growing body. It gets challenging fast as your snake extends longer! For high scores, try hugging walls, trapping food, and other strategic moves.

This is the same addicting, nostalgic arcade game from the ’70s and ’90s ported to Google Maps. Relive it now on any device through Google Search or the website, with fun Easter eggs and custom mods available.

Is There an End to the Snake Game?

Is There an End to the Snake Game?
There ain’t no end to the classic snake game! As that hungry snake gobbles up passengers and grows longer, its tail strategically wrapping around to grab food, you battle your own length. Moving deftly, you surpass high scores with tricks like wall-hugging, strategic food drops, and double back maneuvers.

This endless chase engages players across generations, from earliest pixel phones to scrolling screens. Just you, simple directional controls, and a snake gliding eternally. Outsmart your tail, beat your own top score, but know the snake game has no finish line.

What is the Snake Game Called?

What is the Snake Game Called?
The classic Snake’s slitherin’ around Google Maps for some nostalgic fun. This 1970s arcade game rocks Google with its hungry snake gobbling up passengers while you strategically direct it with arrows.

Outsmart your growing length to beat high scores through smart maneuvers like wall-hugging and trapping food.

Mods like Google Snake keep this classic fresh, but the core remains: you, directional controls, and a snake chasing high scores eternally. Google intertwined this design nostalgia with Maps as a free, secret easter egg for some old school, accessible fun.

Just open Google Maps or visit to play this classic any time without downloads across generations.

How Do You Break Google Snake?

How Do You Break Google Snake?
The snake’s chasing pixels forever unless you want out. Just master quick maneuvers to crush those scores. Zigzag between close walls. Whip fast 180s when trapped. Consume more with power-ups like speed bursts or extra lives.

But for the classic, use these tricks to break records:

  1. Charge down the middle fast.
  2. Slow turns when food’s ahead.
  3. Cut corners close.
  4. Brake before hitting walls.
  5. Lure food into corners.

It takes practice, but you’ll be a high scoring speed demon in no time!

How Do You Play Snake Egg?

How Do You Play Snake Egg?
You’ll hatch those tricky eggs in a flash.

  • Scan the ground carefully for camouflaged eggs. Snakes are masters of disguise when hiding their clutches.
  • Use a snake hook to safely uncover nests hidden in brush or burrows. Their defensive strikes can be lightning quick if startled.
  • Transport the eggs home gently in an incubator at proper temperature and humidity. Proper care ensures healthy hatchlings.

The classic snake game takes on a whole new life with Google’s modern mobile version. It’s the same old-fashioned fun though – guide your snake to eat, grow, and beat high scores without crashing.

What is Snake Game in C++???

What is Snake Game in C++???
Develop a C++ Snake game codebase to replicate the classic arcade experience on modern platforms. Implement basic snake logic like directional movement and growing when eating. Code edge detection to make the snake die upon hitting walls.

Add speed boosters and pathfinding algorithms as the snake gets longer. Randomly spawn food on the map for the snake to collect and grow. Consider swipe gestures for mobile versions to match the original’s smooth directional controls.

Though simple, a well-coded Snake game captures the addictive gameplay that made this title so popular across multiple eras and platforms.

What is the World High Score for Snake?

What is the World High Score for Snake?
Slap those arrow keys to grow your limbless avatar toward the elusive triple-nine summit, but beware each lengthening coil brings you closer to an inescapable bind. Though the original Snake had no true end, dedicated gamers pushed the boundary of the single screen in pursuit of high scores.

By hugging walls, precisely circling food, and tweaking speed for risk versus reward, top players edged up the leaderboards. Momentum and pattern recognition help avoid sudden game overs. But the endless search for those three nines remains more about the fun pastime than any final destination.

For Snake ultimately journeys inward, each point nudging players closer to finding flow in the minutes lost navigating an ever-tightening maze of their own making.

Does Snake IO Have Real Players?

Does Snake IO Have Real Players?
Slither your avatar through the tightening maze, dodging other writhing bodies controlled by real players hiding behind anonymous nicknames in Snake IO’s multiplayer arena. Though competitors appear as similar serpents, rest assured there aren’t any bots or AI behind the scales.

This fast-paced game requires strategy to coordinate your movements and avoid crashing into others. The simple Google Maps tie-in and smartphone accessibility make it safe yet engaging for kids.

So shed your skin, pick a sly moniker, and slink in to out-maneuver the masses. Outlast them as you weave an intricate pattern around power-ups, aiming for the top of the feed.

How Do You Beat the Snake on Cool Math Games?

How Do You Beat the Snake on Cool Math Games?
Maneuver your body in zigzags, enclosing food without conking into walls, to beat the snake on Cool Math Games.

  • Shorten tail length by avoiding apples in middle
  • Move slowly and patiently in zigzag back and forth
  • Get lucky with guesses to avoid crashing
  • Remember nostalgia of original Google snake game
  • Aim for a high score through smart maneuvers

Success requires patience. Take your time and don’t rush. Moving methodically with small turns will help you avoid hitting barriers.

How Many Apples Does It Take to Beat a Snake?

How Many Apples Does It Take to Beat a Snake?
You’ll gain wisdom when you seek sustenance thoughtfully. As you guide the snake through Google’s pixelated realm, focus on these keys to success:

  1. Maintain composure and avoid rushing. Panic leads to mistakes.
  2. Move methodically in zigzags to ensnare apples.
  3. Pause before turning to evade your elongating tail.
  4. Resist avarice. Hugging walls transports you farther.

With patience and accuracy, you can surpass your personal record. Stay calm, be prudent, and your abilities will ascend.

What is Snake Game?

What is Snake Game?
Haven’t ya tried the classic Snake game on Google Maps yet? This seventies arcade gem lets you control a pixel snake, guiding its head through a retro playing field as the body elongates behind. Navigate carefully using arrow keys to pick up passengers for points, avoiding walls and your own trail.

Google reinvented the addicting game as an Easter Egg inside Maps. Play for free online or on your phone, chasing nostalgia and vying for high scores through various Snake game versions.

What is Coolcoolmath’s Snake Game?

What is Coolcoolmath
You’d be wise to avoid Google’s simplistic Snake offering and try CoolMath’s more modern take, with customizable maps and powerups adding depth to the classic gameplay. This popular internet hub remixes the retro arcade game for a new generation. Choose varied terrains and bonus pickups like speed boosts or extra lives to spice up your high score chase.

Strategize snake skins and map mods to exploit secret glitches. Foil the leaderboards with speedrun tactics on April Fool’s Day. Though Google tied it to Maps in the internet’s early years, CoolMath keeps Snake challenging today through custom maps, skins and powerups to master.

What Nokia Phone Has Snake?

What Nokia Phone Has Snake?
You’re not going to find Snake on Nokia’s current lineup of Android phones. But for a moment of retro nostalgia, check out the Nokia 8110 banana phone remake. When this classic slider phone made a comeback in 2018, HMD Global brought back the Snake game that consumed hours of our time decades ago.

Tap the D-pad to guide a pixel snake around the monochrome screen, avoiding walls and its own ever-lengthening tail. It’s the same simple addiction, now wrapped in Nokia’s distinctive curved yellow shell with sliding cover.

Though limited compared to smartphone games, this pre-installed Snake lets Nokia capitalize on ’90s kids’ nostalgia. It’s a novelty, but fun for briefly revisiting that familiar frustration of an untimely snake crash.

How Do You Play the Snake Game?

How Do You Play the Snake Game?
Direct your little snake around the screen while you munch through dots to grow a lengthy body, but don’t crash into yourself or the walls.

  • Use the arrow keys to steer left, right, up or down.
  • Eat food to get longer and gain points.
  • Don’t collide with the walls or your own snake’s body.
  • The game ends if you crash, then shows your final score.

This simple, classic game is easy to pick up. Navigate tight spaces and strategically trap food to maximize your score as your snake gets trickier to maneuver. Originally created decades ago, Google’s version lets you briefly revisit the retro frustration of an untimely crash.

What is the Objective of the Snake Game?

What is the Objective of the Snake Game?
The objective of the snake game is simple yet addictive: Never blink while you lengthen that slithering critter by gobbling apples, but don’t let it bite itself or slam the walls. Your goal is to navigate tight spaces with arrow key directionals, collecting apples to expand your snake’s length and score.

Maneuver around walls and your own growing body to beat high scores, but one wrong turn or blink means game over.

Accessible via web browser or mobile, the retro game feels simple yet maddeningly addictive. Google’s take ties it to Maps for a modern twist, but the classic concept remains: Guide your snake through the maze, gobble treats to get bigger, and master tight turns before you crash.

Don’t get distracted or you’ll have to restart your score – stay focused on each apple to achieve snake stardom.

What is the History of the Snake Game?

What is the History of the Snake Game?
The snake game slithered onto early cell phones in the 1990s, hypnotizing users with its addictive gameplay. Originating in arcades in the ’70s, the concept blew up on Nokias and primitive Samsungs. Google later integrated it into Maps, capturing loyal fans. With simple graphics but maddeningly tough maneuvers, it ensnares millions.

Though the classic black backdrop and pixelated snake persist, new versions allow custom skins and powerups. Google’s option ties location data to high scores shared on social media for some friendly competition.

With no actual endpoint, you’re chasing the highest documented tally, currently held by Ananth Rao at 65,472 points. But no matter the mods, the core remains: guide your snake through tight corners, gobble treats to expand, avoid collisions.

Easy to learn but tough to master, it continues captivating people worldwide.

What is the Difference Between Snake and Snake II?

What is the Difference Between Snake and Snake II?
The snake’s hypnotic glide across your Nokia screen in the 1990s graduated to slithering around Google Maps today. But the classic and the sequel differ. Snake II adds complexity to the game’s simple premise – guide your snake through tight corners, gobble treats to expand, don’t crash into yourself.

  1. Actual buttons replace arrows
  2. New visual effects like neon skins
  3. Expanded maps with themes
  4. Power-ups that let you smash through walls
  5. Team mode for competing/cooperating snakes

While the original relies on reflexes and pattern recognition, these new features let you strategize, boosting your score-chasing thrills.

What is the Highest Score Ever Recorded in Snake?

What is the Highest Score Ever Recorded in Snake?
You’d better believe the fabulously fearless finagled an astounding 8,965 points flicking that snake round n’ round! The highest score ever recorded in the classic Snake game sits at a staggering 8,965 points.

This record was achieved in 2020 during an official global competition hosted by Google to celebrate Snake’s continued legacy from outdated mobile devices to modern platforms.

Though the original form lives on, today’s Snakes allow greater scores. Still, nearly hitting 9,000 reflects phenomenal skill and persistence mastering Snake’s endless challenge.

Google cherishes this classic game, keeping its simplicity and nostalgia alive. For the world record holders, their score immortalizes a lifetime of Snake memories.

How Do I Access the Google Snake Game?

How Do I Access the Google Snake Game?
Don’t miss out on this nostalgic classic – play Google’s Snake right in your browser today!

  • Visit on any device and search play snake.
  • Click the play button on the snake game card.
  • Use your keyboard arrows or swipe to control movement.
  • Gobble up dots for points, don’t crash or bite yourself.

Immerse yourself in Snake’s simple yet strategic gameplay. Master speedrunning tactics as your snake grows longer across Google’s mobile and desktop versions.

What is Snake IO?

What is Snake IO?
You’ll squirm with delight once Snake IO’s smooth touch controls get ya glidin’ across colorful mazes, makin’ friends to ride together toward big bonuses in this modern multiplayer marvel. Slitherin’ alongside pals, you’re drawn in by the simple, competitive thrills. With just a tap, you zigzag around, tryin’ to trap bonuses while steerin’ clear of rivals and walls.

It’s an addictive challenge, outmaneuverin’ others for the longest snake status. Though the neon graphics are sleek, gameplay’s timeless excitement endures. See how your snake stacks up on the global leaderboards, or join custom games with buddies.

This free online adaptation modernizes multiplayer Snake for quick, engagin’ rounds.

What is the Best Strategy for Winning the Snake Game?

What is the Best Strategy for Winning the Snake Game?
Huggin’ walls and trappin’ food helps ya get the highest score when playin’ Snake.

  1. Trap food in corners to build longer chains.
  2. Pause the game before eatin’ to plan your path.
  3. Master growin’ your snake continuously in patterns.

The key is anticipatin’ where your growin’ snake will be next. Trappin’ food in corners lets ya build long chains for big bonuses. Strategically pausin’ the game before eatin’ gives you time to chart your snake’s path, avoidin’ crashes.

Most importantly, practice movin’ your snake in set patterns as you gain length. Masterin’ continuous movement is vital for max scores. With practice, you’ll be topping global Snake leaderboards in no time.

What is Snake Egg?

What is Snake Egg?
You’ve mastered trappin’ food for high scores in Snake, so now it’s time to try somethin’ new! Snake Egg adds an excitin’ twist to the classic game. As your snake gobbles up eggs droppin’ from above, you’ll launch ’em from your tail when the button is tapped! Growin’ your snake from these eggs lets you cover more ground quickly.

Collectin’ different colored eggs like red, blue, and yellow allows you to activate unique powerups too.

With your snake anatomically correct with organs visible, this educational edition really brings the reptile to life. Use eggs strategically to beat your high score on this must-play mod available on Google’s Snake game.

Take your skills up a notch with this egg-cellent addition to the iconic arcade classic!

What is the Difference Between Nibbles and Snake?

What is the Difference Between Nibbles and Snake?
While nibbles may seem similar, Snake reaches viral status by adding complexity as your lengthy body requires more strategy to trap tastier treats for that coveted high score.

  • Nibbles has basic graphics while Snake uses recognizable branding
  • Nibbles ends after 255 while Snake has no actual end
  • Snake is playable on numerous platforms which adds to its popularity
  • Snake triggers nostalgia with its iconic gameplay
  • Snake gets tougher with each piece of food to encourage addiction

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the controls for playing Snake on Google?

You control your snake’s movements on Google Maps with the arrow keys. Simply press up, down, left, or right to turn the snake in that direction as it slithers across roads and towns, gobbling up passengers for points.

Avoid crashing into walls or your own growing body to keep moving and reach a high score.

Does Google Snake work on mobile phones?

Yes, you can play the classic Snake game on mobile phones! Google has sneakily made their version available across platforms so you can get your nostalgia fix anywhere. Simply open your mobile browser, navigate to, and you’ll soon be slithering down memory lane.

The intuitive touch screen controls make it easy to guide your growing snake around the screen. With practice, you can become an expert at trapping snacks and earning high scores.

Is there a two player mode for Google Snake?

Unfortunately, Google’s Snake game does not have a two-player mode. The classic arcade version is single-player only, where you control the snake to eat apples and gain points while avoiding walls and your own growing body.

However, there are mods available that add customizations like two-player, so you could check GitHub for user-created versions that enable multiplayer Snake.

Can you customize the appearance of your snake in Google Snake?

Yes, you can customize your snake’s appearance in Google Snake through mods. The Google Snake Menu mod from GitHub lets you change the snake’s colors, patterns, and size. You can also use other mods to alter the background, controls, speed, and AI difficulty.

With the right mods, you have quite a bit of freedom to personalize your snake’s look in this classic arcade game.

Is there a way to save or share your high score in Google Snake?

Unfortunately, there is no built-in way to save or share high scores in the classic Google Snake game. However, you can take a screenshot of your top score and share that manually if you want to show off your snake skills.

Some browser extensions like Google Snake Menu let you customize settings, but the classic version is very simple – just you, your snake, and the endless pursuit of higher numbers.


Snake is a classic that just won’t die. After decades of evolution on computers, phones, and the internet, Google has made the game more accessible than ever. The search giant integrated Snake into Maps in 2015, letting anyone play for free in their browser.

With over 1 billion downloads of Snake variants over the years, it’s clear this game has staying power. The objective remains simple: grow your snake long by eating apples, but don’t hit walls or your own body.

Yet the highest possible score is 999, meaning true masters can wring every last point out of each game.

New players should start by just trying to survive as long as possible. Snake veterans know that patience and wall-hugging are the keys to a high score. Whether you want a nostalgia trip or a fun way to kill time, opening Google Maps and hunting for that elusive 1000 points remains a great gaming option in 2023.

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