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Book a Table at Nando’s: Online, Phone, and Walk-in Options (2023)

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Can you book a table at nandosUnsure if you can book a table at Nando’s? Don’t worry, we’ve got all the information you need.

Our comprehensive guide covers online booking, phone reservations, walk-in availability and more – so that you know exactly how to secure your seat.

We’ll also provide some tips on avoiding peak hours and long wait times to ensure your visit runs as smoothly as possible.

Plus, discover alternative options such as takeout or delivery services in case booking a table isn’t an option for whatever reason!

So don’t fret – with this guide in hand it won’t be long until you’re tucking into those delicious peri-peri wings!

How to Book a Table at Nando’s

How to Book a Table at Nando
You can easily book a table at Nando’s through their website, phone app, or by calling ahead. To start, go online or use the app to see if your desired location and time have availability for reservations.

Otherwise, you can just walk in and put your name on the waitlist when you arrive.

Online Booking

You’re craving some peri-peri chicken and need to secure a spot at Nando’s as soon as possible. Head to their website and grab a table promptly before they’re all gone! Navigate to the Nando’s website and click Book a Table.

Select your location, date, time, and party size. You’ll see available tables – just choose one and enter your details. Voila – your Nando’s reservation is confirmed in seconds. With online booking, you skip the wait and ensure your crew has a guaranteed spot for that sweet peri-peri fix.

Phone Reservations

Calling Nando’s directly will get you a table reservation faster than a chicken wrap disappears. Ring up your local restaurant during off-peak hours and politely ask to book a table. Have your party size, date, time, and contact information ready to provide the hostess.

With minimal wait you’ll be cheering over Peri-Peri chicken in no time. Nando’s takes reservations by phone for large parties or peak dining times.

Walk-in Availability

Head on down and nab a seat at the hottest bird’s nest in town. Unless it’s packed to the rafters, Nando’s doesn’t take reservations, so walk right in and stake your claim.

  1. Scope the place out before sitting to get a sense of the vibe.
  2. Befriend the host to get seated faster if there’s a wait.
  3. Bring your appetite – empty tables turn over quick when the peri-peri’s poppin’.

Nando’s is there for the taking if you play it right. Saddle up to a just-freed table or cozy into a comfy booth and enjoy the laid-back atmosphere.

Nando’s Booking Policies and Procedures

Looking to book a table at Nando’s? When making a reservation, be aware that most locations require a deposit or credit card guarantee for groups of six or more, cancellations within 24 hours incur a fee, and parties larger than 12 generally need to select a pre-set menu.

However, by planning ahead and closely reviewing policies, you can ensure a smooth booking and an enjoyable dining experience.

Reservation Requirements

Got to check you’ve got the right number of people before reserving that table at Nando’s. Nando’s has seating for parties of various sizes, but to ensure your whole group fits, check how many folks are coming before you book.

That way, when you show up hungry and ready to peri-peri, everyone’s got a spot at the table.

Cancellation Policy

You’d be wise to cancel with ample notice if your plans change. Nando’s requires at least 24 hours’ notice to cancel a reservation without penalty. They may charge £10 per person if you cancel with less notice. However, they understand plans can change unexpectedly.

If you must cancel at the last minute, call ahead as soon as you can. They’ll try to rebook your table.

Group Bookings

You can book tables for larger groups at Nando’s by calling ahead or using their online reservation system.

  • Call the restaurant directly to book a table for 6+ people.
  • Use the online booking form and select the large group option.
  • Provide final numbers at least 24 hours before your reservation.
  • Inquire about group menus or packages when reserving larger parties.

Nando’s accommodates groups of all sizes with some advanced notice – just reach out for assistance planning your next get-together.

Tips for Securing a Table at Nando’s

Tips for Securing a Table at Nando
If you hope to get a table at Nando’s without a long wait during peak hours, it’s best to plan ahead. Making a reservation in advance gives you the most reliable option, but staying flexible with your timing can allow you to take advantage of a cancellation or thinner crowds.

Peak Hours and Wait Times

Scheduling dining privileges during peak hours requires proactive partnering with patience. The most popular times at Nando’s tend to be Friday and Saturday evenings. Arrive before 6 pm or after 8:30 pm to avoid long waits.

Consider takeout if dining in is not essential. Planning ahead and remaining flexible will lead to positive experiences even at busy times. With some strategic preparation, you can still savor peri-peri chicken on demand.

Booking in Advance

Try reserving your spot ahead of time if you don’t want to wait. Nando’s gets busy during peak hours, so booking a table in advance online or through the app can help ensure you get seated right away. This is especially handy if you’re dining with a large group or have somewhere to be after your meal.

Nando’s makes it easy to book online and select your preferred time and location.

Flexibility With Timing

You’re clever enough to visit Nando’s when it’s easier to get a table, right? Be flexible with timing. Go during off-peak hours like late afternoon or early evenings. Avoid peak mealtimes. If possible, visit midweek instead of weekends. You’re more likely to get seated faster.

Alternatives to Booking a Table at Nando’s

Alternatives to Booking a Table at Nando
Instead of booking a table at Nando’s, you have several alternatives to consider: takeout, delivery, the waiting list, or trying other locations. Calling ahead or ordering online are options for takeout or delivery. You can also join the waiting list and relax in the waiting area until a table opens up.

Finally, visiting a different Nando’s location may give you better availability if the one you originally wanted is fully booked.

Takeout and Delivery Options

You’re better off calling ahead for takeout or delivery to grab Nando’s peri peri chicken from the comfort of home.

  1. Call in your order early to avoid long wait times.
  2. Use a delivery app like Uber Eats for quick and convenient delivery.
  3. Opt for takeout to bypass any service fees.
  4. Request any of Nando’s famous sides like peri salted fries or coleslaw.
  5. Don’t forget dessert – try an order of their Portuguese custard tarts.

Waiting List and Waiting Area

Of course you can wait in Nando’s entrance area for a table opening up, making your mouth water for that peri-peri chicken. If there’s a wait, just add your name to the list and grab a seat. The host will call your name when your table’s ready.

You can people watch or scroll through your phone to pass the time. Nando’s upbeat tunes will keep your spirits high. Before you know it, you’ll be sinking your teeth into some finger lickin’ good chicken.

Trying Other Nando’s Locations

  • Feeling frustrated and hungry waiting around? Don’t let the long queue ruin your evening!
  • Find another Nando’s location nearby that has availability. Getting hangry? Satisfy your cravings faster at a different spot.
  • Why wait when you can eat? Try a new Nando’s for immediate seating.
  • Don’t wait around – zip over to another Nando’s site close by to get seated right away. The night is young – dine without delay!


You can easily book a table at Nando’s, whether you’re looking to make an online reservation, call ahead, or just walk in. With the right preparation and knowledge, you can enjoy an evening of delicious Portuguese-style cuisine without the hassle.

Knowing the reservation requirements, cancellation policy, and group bookings options can help ensure that your experience is as smooth as possible.

During peak hours, it’s best to book in advance or be flexible with your timing. If you find yourself unable to get a table, there are still plenty of alternatives to enjoy, such as takeout and delivery, waiting lists, and trying other locations.

With a little bit of planning, you can easily book a table at Nando’s and have a great evening.

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