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Sam’s Club Pet Policy: Can You Bring a Small Dog? (Answered 2023)

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Can you take a small dog into samMany pet owners are looking for places that allow them to bring their furry friends along. The good news is that Sam’s Club does welcome service animals. However, there are certain regulations in place regarding what types of dogs can enter the store.

First, trained service dogs (and other trained service animals) are allowed inside Sam’s Club stores. This means owners do not have to seek certification or registration for their animal companions to tag along.

Additionally, any canine visitors must be leashed or kept in a carrier while on site as a safety precaution for both customers and merchandise.

Unfortunately, Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) do not qualify under ADA regulations as being considered “service” pets.

Key Takeaways

  • Small dogs are not allowed inside Sam’s Club, unless they are trained service animals.
  • Service animals, including dogs and miniature horses, are permitted inside Sam’s Club to assist shoppers with disabilities.
  • Emotional support animals (ESAs) are not considered service animals and are not allowed inside Sam’s Club.
  • Sam’s Club offers alternative options for shopping with a dog, such as online shopping, curbside pickup, and allowing leashed dogs in outdoor areas.

Sam’s Club Pet Policy

You can’t bring your little pup into Sam’s Club unless it’s specifically trained to help with your disability. Sam’s Club allows service animals as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act. They permit trained dogs of any size, and even miniature horses, to accompany and assist shoppers with disabilities.

Your pet dog doesn’t qualify. Consider shopping online, curbside pickup, or Instacart if you want to shop at Sam’s Club with your small dog.

Outdoor areas of Sam’s Club allow leashed dogs, but they can’t enter the stores. Be sure your dog is under control and clean up after it. Disruptive pets may be asked to leave. Check your local Sam’s Club’s specific rules for their outdoor spaces.

Service animals are welcomed inside to aid shoppers, while personal pets have options like outdoor seating.

What is Considered a Service Dog?

What is Considered a Service Dog
Service dogs provide independence and support to people with disabilities during their daily lives. Miniature horses are also considered service animals and legitimate under the Americans with Disabilities Act if trained to perform tasks for people with disabilities.

Types of service animals

Friend, service dogs of all sizes help individuals with disabilities shop comfortably at Sam’s Club. Different service dogs perform various tasks like allergen detection or mobility assistance. Miniature horses can also provide services. Stores adhere to guidelines, welcoming trained animals that assist people with disabilities during shopping trips.

Training requirements for service animals

Service dogs must undergo specialized training to perform tasks that assist people with disabilities. The training process teaches dogs to do work or perform tasks for individuals with disabilities. Handlers are responsible for managing their service dogs and ensuring proper behavior in public.

Service animal training focuses on mitigating a person’s disability by doing work like guiding the blind or alerting the deaf.

The law protects people’s right to train their own service animals. But owners should understand service dog training best practices and their responsibility for the dog’s conduct.

Proper service dog handling helps avoid issues and discrimination complaints if the animal misbehaves in public.

Reporting mistreatment of service animals

If mistreated, your companion can make complaints by calling the customer service line. You deserve to file grievances over service animal misconduct. Mistreatment should never be tolerated per federal regulations.

Report any denial of access or harassment immediately. Regulations protect your rights to shop without discrimination. Alert staff to remedy improper treatment for future disability accessibility. Pet policies still require humane engagement.

Responsibilities of Service Dog Handlers

Responsibilities of Service Dog Handlers
Before entering with your pup, ensure it is properly trained to assist you. As a service dog handler, you have responsibilities. Your dog must meet training standards like ignoring distractions and performing tasks that aid your disability.

Refresher training helps maintain these skills. You should also know service dog etiquette. Keep your pup focused, under your control, and clean up after it. Though businesses must allow you access, be patient in explaining your rights if challenged.

Educate staff and the public to increase awareness. While your service dog enables independence, continual training and education will ensure you both aid the disabled community.

Can You Bring Your Dog to Sam’s Club?

Can You Bring Your Dog to Sam
You couldn’t take your small dog into Sam’s Club unless it was a trained service animal. The membership-only warehouse club allows service dogs inside to assist people with disabilities during their shopping trips.

Service animals like guide dogs don’t require special ID or registration. Your cute small dog wouldn’t qualify under their service animal policy.

Consider alternative options like shopping online, using curbside pickup, or trying Instacart.

You can bring leashed dogs to outdoor areas at some Sam’s Club locations. But you must keep your dog under control, cleaning up any messes. As a large food retailer, Sam’s Club adheres to strict FDA guidelines about animals.

Only trained service dogs can accompany you inside.

Alternatives to Bringing Your Dog Inside Sam’s Club

Alternatives to Bringing Your Dog Inside Sam
You are unable to take your small dog into Sam’s Club stores. However, there are some great alternatives that still allow you to shop at Sam’s Club with your furry companion. A few options include asking a friend or family member to watch your dog while you shop, leaving your dog at home if it’s safe to do so, utilizing curbside pickup if available, or tying your leashed dog up outside the store entrance within sight.

Some Sam’s Club locations may have a grassy area near the entrance where you can leave your calm dog on a short leash while you quickly grab a few items. Just be sure to park close by, bring water, keep the visit brief, and never leave an aggressive or anxious dog unattended.

With a little planning, you can still get your Sam’s Club shopping done without having to board your dog elsewhere.

Online Shopping and Curbside Pickup

That’s easy – you can always shop at Sam’s Club online or use their convenient curbside pickup if bringing your dog inside isn’t an option! Did you know over 50% of Sam’s Club members have used curbside pickup during the pandemic? Shopping online or using curbside pickup allows you to still enjoy the great prices at Sam’s Club without having to leave your dog at home.

Other pet-friendly stores like Bed Bath and Beyond, REI, and Barnes and Noble are additional options if you want to bring your dog along.

Other Stores That Allow Dogs and Pets

Other stores like Apple and Bed Bath & Beyond welcome your fuzzy companion, so you don’t have to leave your pup at home. Retailers such as TJ Maxx, Bass Pro Shops, and Home Depot allow leashed pets inside.

You can shop while accompanied by your dog at these pet-friendly establishments. Their policies contrast with Sam’s Club’s service animal-only access. Compare pet rules when deciding where to shop with your canine.

Pet Policy for Outdoor Areas

Pet Policy for Outdoor Areas
Champ can enjoy some fresh air while you shop since Sam’s Club allows dogs in outdoor areas if leashed and cleaned up after. While shopping, keep Champ on a leash and under control at all times. Outdoor shopping areas aren’t free rein for dogs.

Follow proper canine etiquette by immediately cleaning up any messes with provided waste bags.

Though many big box stores ban pets, Sam’s Club deserves credit for permitting well-behaved dogs in exterior sections. This provides a nice compromise for pet owners. You can grab great deals on bulk items inside while your furry friend patiently waits outside.

Sticking to leash laws and cleanliness rules keeps the experience positive for all. With the right preparations, you and Champ can successfully get your errands done together at Sam’s Club.

Additional Considerations and Information

Additional Considerations and Information
You have a few options if you want to bring your small dog with you while shopping. Sam’s Club allows dogs in outdoor areas like the parking lot if they are on a leash; however, pets are not permitted inside the store unless they are trained service animals.

The store does not allow pets, other than service animals, inside for health and safety reasons. Consider leaving your dog at home or asking a friend to watch them if you need to shop at Sam’s Club.

Non-service dog alternatives

You can cuddle Fido at home while imaginatively cruising through cyber store aisles. Retail choices overflow for pet parents. Many retailers provide online shopping with curbside pickup or delivery through Instacart.

Apple, Bed Bath and Beyond, Bass Pro Shops, and more welcome leashed dogs. Review pet guidelines as you ponder your shopping alternatives.

Outdoor pet policy

Leashed dogs are permitted in Sam’s Club’s outdoor areas, though you still have to clean up after them. The pet policy varies by location. Your dog must remain under control and on a leash outside of Sam’s.

You are responsible for promptly cleaning up any dog waste. Disruptive pups may be removed.

FDA guidelines compliance

Sam’s Club adheres to FDA guidelines for its grocery and food areas, so they can’t allow non-service dogs inside. The FDA has strict regulations regarding pets near food preparation and sales areas. Sam’s Club must comply to ensure food safety. Outdoor areas permit leashed dogs if owners follow etiquette such as cleaning up after them.

Disruptive dogs can lose outdoor access. The key is responsible adherence to both FDA and store policies.


You can’t bring a small dog into Sam’s Club. Their pet policy says no pets allowed, unless it’s a service animal trained to help someone with a disability. Even the cutest puppies aren’t allowed in, so you’ll have to leave Fido at home if you want to shop there.

Sam’s Club has this rule for safety and to maintain access for those who need service animals. It’s best to check with the specific store first before bringing any pets inside. While it may be disappointing, those are the rules. Your furry friend will need to stay home while you go get your shopping done.

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