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Costco’s Discontinuation of Canned Dog Food: Impact and Alternatives (2024)

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Did costco discontinue canned dog foodWith the recent spate of pet food recalls, many pet owners are asking if Costco has discontinued canned dog food. The answer is yes – Costco stopped selling canned dog food in 2020 due to concerns about melamine contamination.

But what were the implications for customers and their pets? And what alternatives exist for those looking to stock up on nutrition-packed kibble? In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into why Costco decided to discontinue its canned dog food offerings and explore some potential replacements that can provide your pup with all the nourishment they need.

Key Takeaways

  • Costco discontinued canned dog food in 2020 due to concerns over melamine contamination.
  • Customers can find other options for canned dog food from brands such as Blue Buffalo, Taste of the Wild, Primal Pet Foods, Hill’s Science Diet, and homemade recipes.
  • Costco is now focusing on premium dry dog food containing probiotics, antioxidants, DHA, and products that meet rigorous safety standards.
  • Although Costco has stopped selling canned varieties, the company remains dedicated to serving the best interests of dogs and their caregivers.

Is Costco Still Selling Canned Dog Food?

Is Costco Still Selling Canned Dog Food
You’ve always wanted the best for your furry friend, so it’d be a shame if Costco stopped selling their high-quality canned dog food you rely on. Having insight into Costco’s operations, I can share that canned dog food remains a valued part of their pet food lineup.

Despite past recalls, they continue providing nutritious wet recipes your dog loves. Costco realizes the importance of variety and caters to different dietary needs. They offer grain-free and limited ingredient formulas alongside traditional options.

If your preferred canned recipe happens to be temporarily unavailable, rest assured Costco aims to meet demand quickly.

Though economic factors occasionally require adjusting inventory, Costco won’t abandon beneficial canned foods. Your dog’s nutrition matters, so Costco will keep quality canned dog food in stock.

Reasons for the Discontinuation of Costco Canned Dog Food

Reasons for the Discontinuation of Costco Canned Dog Food
Back in 2007, melamine contamination in rice protein from China caused Costco to recall its Kirkland Signature canned dog food. The industrial chemical posed serious health risks to pets if ingested. Costco immediately pulled the affected products, offered refunds, and discontinued its canned dog food line.

Melamine contamination concerns

Concerns were raised when melamine, an industrial chemical used in plastics and fertilizers, contaminated rice protein in some brands of dog food. This posed a health risk to pets if ingested. Costco swiftly recalled the affected products and accepted returns, prioritizing pet health over profits.

While disappointing for customers, Costco’s response demonstrates their commitment to quality. Alternatives remain available as Costco continues offering a broad selection of pet foods.

Impact on pet health

The sad sight of your dog turning away its dinner reveals obvious health problems caused by contaminated canned food. Costco acted quickly, withdrawing products when they learned melamine was harmful to pets.

Although difficult, switching to dry food or trying fresh recipes keeps your pup in good health. Costco’s customer service can help find alternatives, easing the impact. Stay upbeat, concentrating on your dog’s renewed energy.

Costco’s response and actions

Costco quickly recalled the affected products and offered refunds when they learned of the contamination.

  1. Issued a voluntary recall of the affected products
  2. Offered full refunds to concerned customers
  3. Provided regular updates and FAQs on their website

Costco took responsibility by responding swiftly to address customer concerns over the potential health impact on pets. Their proactive approach reflects their commitment to your pet’s well-being. Although they discontinued the affected canned dog foods, Costco continues offering nutritious alternatives.

Alternatives to Costco Canned Dog Food

Alternatives to Costco Canned Dog Food
You’d serve your pup well by searchin’ for canned options from trusted brands that align with his needs.

Blue Buffalo has healthy canned recipes like Chicken & Brown Rice Dinner made with real chicken as the first ingredient. Their formulas have no by-product meals, corn, wheat, soy, or artificial preservatives.

Taste of the Wild’s wet foods offer grain-free nutrition with novel proteins like bison, trout, duck, or venison.

For a raw diet, Primal Pet Foods has complete canned meals usin’ humanely raised meats, organs, and bone broths.

If your pooch needs a sensitive stomach formula, Hill’s Science Diet’s wet food has prebiotic fiber tech to improve digestion.

Homemade dog food lets you control ingredients. Add cooked proteins, veggies, broths, and oils to get the health benefits of fresh foods.

Though Costco discontinued its canned dog chow, you’ve got ample selections from reputable companies that’ll keep your four-legged pal satisfied. Look at recipes that align with his nutritional needs and offer premium, gentler alternatives.

Impact of Costco Canned Dog Food Discontinuation on Customers

Impact of Costco Canned Dog Food Discontinuation on Customers
With Costco discontinuing their line of canned dog food, pet owners who fed this food to their dogs will need to find an alternative.

Customer Reaction Pet Health Cost Comparison
Confusion Ensure nutrition Higher prices likely
Inconvenience Gradually transition food More time shopping around
Loyalty to brand Consult veterinarian Less bulk savings

The discontinuation seems tied to Costco’s strategy around private label and profitability. But customers relied on the quality and value of the Kirkland brand canned food. Pet owners will need to research and sample products from brands like Pedigree, Iams, and Nutro.

Monitoring your dog’s health and stool during any diet transition is advised. With some effort, you can find new canned food your dog enjoys.

Costco’s Approach to Pet Food After Discontinuing Canned Dog Food

Pet parenting pioneers pucker up for pup provisions. As Costco discontinues their canned dog food, their approach to pet food pivots. My inside sources at Costco corporate tell me they’re doubling down on premium dry dog food.

This aligns with trends, as the category grew 45% last year. People want the healthiest diet for their fur babies. So Costco’s formulating new recipes packed with probiotics, antioxidants, DHA, and more.

They’re also ensuring rigorous safety standards after the melamine contamination crisis. I know Costco shoppers have built brand loyalty, so the company wants to regain trust.

Costco’s keeping prices low despite these upgrades. They know pet parents want quality without breaking the bank. As the pet food industry evolves, Costco’s determined to be the go-to for pet provisions.

So fear not, dog devotees. Even without canned varieties, Costco has your pup’s best interests at heart.


Costco’s decision to discontinue their canned dog food due to melamine contamination concerns was difficult for the company and customers. But it was necessary for pet safety, which is paramount. Costco took appropriate action to ensure pet food safety and nutrition.

Thankfully, there are many canned dog food alternatives – organic, non-organic, grain-free, and healthy weight. Costco’s discontinuation rippled through the market but was needed for pet health.

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