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Did Gib Win the Fight Vs Taylor? Official Ruling and Controversy (Answered 2023)

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Did gib win the fight vs taylorSpectators held their breath as AnEsonGib and Taylor Holder locked eyes in the center of the ring. The stakes were high as they squared off for what would be a defining moment in YouTube boxing history.

Did Gib win the fight versus Taylor? For weeks, fans had been debating who should take home this coveted victory. Now, we finally have an official ruling from ISKA. Let’s explore why there was so much controversy surrounding this match-up and how it was decided that Gib won by unanimous decision.

Key Takeaways

  • AnEsonGib won his fight against Taylor Holder according to the unanimous decision issued by the International Sport Kickboxing Association (ISKA).
  • The initial majority draw decision from ISKA caused controversy and outrage among fans and the boxing community.
  • Despite Taylor Holder disputing the loss and claiming no damage, Gib’s dominant performance and statistics favoring him indicate his victory.
  • Talk of a potential rematch has sparked controversy, with Holder’s confidence suggesting his willingness to face Gib again.

The Controversy Surrounding the Gib Vs. Taylor Fight

The Controversy Surrounding the Gib Vs. Taylor Fight
You’re still scratching your head over whether Gib actually beat Taylor in their controversial boxing match. The original majority draw decision sparked outrage among fans who felt Gib clearly won. Taylor disputes the loss, insisting he sustained no damage while landing more punches.

He believes the judges were influenced by the crowd’s pro-Gib energy. Taylor demands a rematch to settle the score once and for all, but the boxing community generally accepts Gib as the rightful victor.

While event organizers acknowledge the initial mistake, they stand by the unanimous decision for Gib after a thorough review. Until Taylor steps up to face Gib again, the record books show a hard-fought victory for the scrappy underdog.

Rematch or not, most agree the better boxer left with his hands raised at the final bell.

AnEsonGib’s Victory: the Official Ruling

After all the dust settled, the International Kickboxing and Snuka Association (ISKA) officially declared you the deserved winner against Holder by unanimous decision.

  • Total landed punches: 268 you, 113 Holder
  • Power punches: 136 you, 39 Holder
  • Jab punches: 132 you, 74 Holder
  • Landed ratio: You 70%, Holder 31%

The ISKA apologized for the initial majority draw result and cited human error in the scoring. They reviewed the fight statistics and rightly determined your dominant performance earned you the win. While Holder disputes this, the numbers don’t lie. You convincingly bested him in punches landed.

Whether a rematch happens remains uncertain. You got redemption here, proving yourself the better boxer despite Holder’s claims.

Taylor Holder’s Dispute: Why He Believes He Won

Taylor Holder
Though Holder argues he wasn’t hit with devastating shots and believes he won, like a boxer refusing to throw in the towel, the official result declares Gib the victor. You see Holder’s confident posture, shrugging off that crushing right hand, masking the pain from power punches landed.

His eyes dismiss Gib’s punches as glancing blows, feints he easily dodged. He never looks shook, never stumbles, never cedes control. To him, the fight played out with Gib shadowboxing, missing wildly, hitting nothing but air.

Holder lands clean jabs, controls the center of the ring, sees no damage on Gib. The decision stuns him, makes no sense. He won every round clearly, gave the fans a show. But whether he likes it or not, the judges rule against him. The record books forever mark a Gib victory, his dispute mere footnote.

The Potential for a Rematch Between Gib and Holder

The Potential for a Rematch Between Gib and Holder
With his confidence unchanged, we need a rematch between Gib and Holder to finally settle this controversy once and for all. The initial fight’s controversial outcome and disputed decision has left fans outraged and demanding more.

Despite the official result, Holder’s adamant belief in his own victory shows a fiery self-assurance that must be put to the test again. The ongoing dispute about who truly won reveals deep uncertainty around how this fight played out.

Gib’s made it clear the matter’s far from settled in his mind. Now, with confidence still high, he has the chance to conclusively prove his boxing ability against Holder in a rematch. This time, leave no doubt. Step into the ring again and silence the critics. Settle the score once and for all.

The fans deserve decisive finality when it comes to this fight’s legacy and true victor.

The Reaction From Fans and the Boxing Community

The Reaction From Fans and the Boxing Community
The reaction from fans and the boxing community was electric. The initial draw decision didn’t sit right; the outrage was palpable. Justice was served when the result was overturned – redemption for Gib! Fans erupted in celebration, vindicated after disputing the outcome.

The boxing community nodded in approval, impressed by Gib’s dominant performance.

Yet Holder remains assured, confident in his abilities despite the loss. His defiant attitude stokes debate, keeps the controversy burning. Rematch chatter bubbles amongst fans. Could a rematch settle the score once and for all? Holder’s confidence hints he’d welcome the chance to prove himself again.

For now, the debated decision spices conversation. But a potential rematch intrigues the imagination, promising resolution of this unfinished business.


The Gib vs Taylor fight has been controversial, with speculation surrounding the outcome. The official ruling declared AnEsonGib the winner, but Taylor Holder still disputes the decision. Holder believes he won and has been vocal about his stance, but Gib’s victory remains official.

Fans and the boxing community have responded with amazement at the result, and many wonder if a rematch between them will settle the score.

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