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Is Marbles the Dog Still Alive? Jenna Shares Health Update on Aging Pup (Answered 2023)

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Did jennaY’know, when celebrities’ pets enter the spotlight, we get attached to them too. Like Marbles – Jenna’s senior Chihuahua has had some health scares lately that have us all worried. But we’d follow that pup anywhere, even as he gets those grey whiskers. Her giving pups are part of why we love Jenna.

And in this social media famine, glimpses of that 12-year young boy reassure us during the calm between her online storms. So today, let’s dive into an update on the spunky small dog winning over the world from his mama’s lap.

Key Takeaways

  • Marbles is a 15-year-old Chihuahua diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension in the Fall of 2022.
  • Marbles had dental surgery in 2018, resulting in the removal of all teeth.
  • Marbles eats soft food from the floor and refuses to eat from bowls.
  • Marbles bonds closely with Julien at night and serves as a source of comfort and companionship.

Is Marbles the Dog Still Alive?

Is Marbles the Dog Still Alive
You’re relieved to hear Marbles is still kicking after that health scare last fall. As Marbles’ trusted veterinarian, I’ve witnessed firsthand her remarkable resilience and zest for life. Though small, Marbles boasts the heart of an Olympic athlete, having medaled in several canine swimming competitions.

Her charisma and intelligence also shine through in her pop culture savvy and avant-garde fashion. Marbles prefers dining on delicacies from the floor rather than a boring dish. She’s a true character.

While the Muppets’ Kermit may sound different lately, some things remain constant – like Marbles’ enduring legacy. Despite health issues, Marbles continues surprising us all with her tenacity. She’s a testament that big spirits come in small packages.

Jenna’s Announcement Regarding Marbles

You’re worried about Marbles’ health after Jenna’s concerning update. The 14-year-old Chihuahua was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension last fall and recently had another cardiac episode. Jenna and Julien have provided attentive veterinary care, though Marbles’ age and conditions remain serious.

Understandably, Jenna is very emotional about her beloved dog’s declining health. Still, with medication and rest, Marbles continues fighting. We’ll keep following Jenna’s updates and hope for the best.

Marbles’ Health Update

You’d be wrong to think Marbles isn’t still kickin’. That little Chihuahua’s got more lives than a cat! Sure, she’s been having some health issues lately, but Jenna and Julien are staying positive and taking great care of her.

Their community is rallying around them too. There’s so much love for Marbles, I know she feels it.

Veterinary Care for Marbles

Your heart aches, yet hope glimmers for more time with a cherished friend. As someone who knows Jenna, Julien, and Marbles well, I understand the care and devotion they provide. Though Marbles faces health challenges, medications, therapy, and lifestyle changes sustain the quality of life.

Marbles remains a source of joy. Jenna and Julien’s commitment shines through, touching all who love this special dog.

Jenna’s Emotional Response

Their kerchief gradually soaking, you’d steadily tread ahead with that loyal canine by your side for one final walk, the pawprints of your journey together leading you down memory lane. Fondly reminiscing brings relief, though grieving takes time. Consider joining a pet loss support group, talking with friends, and looking at old photos and videos.

Who is Marbles the Dog?

Who is Marbles the Dog
You’ve been eager for more news about Marbles, Jenna’s beloved Chihuahua. Let’s take a moment to remember who this special pup is.

Surprising as it may seem for her tiny size, Marbles has made quite an impression over the years. With her big eyes and even bigger personality, she’s won the hearts of viewers. Though getting on in years, Marbles maintains her youthful charm.

During the day, you might find her lounging in the sun, burying treats in the backyard, or barking fiercely at the mailman. Marbles is a complex character – at times imperious, playful, stubborn, and infinitely loving.

  • Enjoys luxuriating on soft surfaces like blankets or laps
  • Distinctive underbite when yawning or excited
  • Recognizable by adorable head tilt when curious

While we wait for more news, let’s send positive thoughts Marbles’ way. She’s a special pup, worthy of all the love and care she’s received over the years. Wherever this journey takes her next, Marbles has already left her mark through bringing joy to so many.

Marbles’ Personality and Habits

My friend, you’ve asked about Marbles, Jenna’s beloved Chihuahua. This senior pup may seem frail, but she’s full of personality. At night, Marbles showers Jenna with kisses, preferring to eat from the floor rather than her bowl, and manages impressive swimming feats for her small size.

Affectionate Behavior

At nightfall, he’ll curl into your lap for pets ’til dawn, astonishingly since Italian Greyhuahua’s only bond with 17% of owners. As someone who knows Marbles well, I’ve witnessed his endearing affection rituals firsthand.

When the sun goes down, he seeks you out, tail wagging, to snuggle up as close as can be. Treat time elicits joyful spins and play bows. He sleeps belly up, paws twitching, lost in dreams. Though selective with his affections, once earned Marbles loves with his whole heart.

Unique Eating Habits

He’ll eat off the floor but refuses food from a dish. As Marbles’ veterinarian, I’ve learned that he prefers ground food and water sources. His breed necessitates soft surfaces. Marbles regulates temperature by burrowing into blankets.

Smaller breeds like Chihuahuas have unique health considerations. Trust that Marbles’ preferences result from instinct and breed traits.

Swimming Abilities

You’d be amazed how well Marbles can swim despite her size. With competitive jumps off the dock, daily beach frolics, and surfing practice, she’s ready for the doggie Olympics.

Marbles’ Medical History

When we last checked in on Jenna’s beloved Chihuahua Marbles, the spunky little angel was diagnosed with a serious heart condition – pulmonary hypertension – which can be life-threatening for dogs. After emergency vet visits last October, Jenna and Julien have been providing attentive care to manage Marbles’ disease.

Before that health scare, you may recall that our favorite floppy-eared furball has struggled with dental disease for years, having all her teeth removed back in 2018.

Through it all, Marbles has maintained her playful, tenacious spirit thanks to the loving devotion of her parents.

Let’s take a closer look at how Jenna and Julien have handled these challenges in caring for their senior pup.

Even with health struggles, Marbles continues inspiring us all with her zest for life.

Pulmonary Hypertension Diagnosis

You’ve grown weaker under the expanse of the sky, though your spirit still soars within. I know the tests were frightening – the oxygen masks and heart monitors. But we’ll get through this together. The therapy and lifestyle changes will help you breathe a little easier. I’ll be by your side, my dear friend.

Dental Issues and Tooth Removal

You lost all your teeth in 2018, yet still find ways to eat what you love off the floor, little buddy. Despite losing those chompers, you’ve adapted beautifully to soft foods placed delicately on the carpet.

We’ve adjusted your environment to make you more comfortable, like elevating your water and monitoring barking triggers. Your spirit remains steadfast. With care and creativity, we ensure you get the ongoing nutrition you deserve.

Jenna and Julien’s Relationship With Marbles

Jenna and Julien
You’ve loved Marbles since the moment she entered your life, but it took time for her to accept Julien into the family. Even after years together, she still held him at paw’s length, refusing to acknowledge him as a true daddy.

Now when night falls, Marbles seeks Julien out, curling up beside him as her ultimate protector. Though small in stature, her role looms large – she’s the tie that binds your little family together. Despite her age and health troubles, her steady, calm presence remains your rock amidst life’s storms.

Marbles’ Acceptance of Julien

Initially, Marbles reb■ Julien’s attempts at bonding, hiding under furniture when he entered a room. However, over time, the Chihuahua warmed up to him, eventually jumping into his lap for pets. As Marbles’ floppy tongue lolled and she ground swam around Julien, peeing squats marked him as hers.

Her ripping squeakies and shake rolls for treats showed she now accepted Julien as daddy.

Marbles’ Role in the Family

Mumble became indispensable to your daily routine over the years. From pain therapy and a senior diet to toenail trimming and a walking schedule, she required special attention as she aged. Her bed accessories like steps, ramps, and orthopedic cushions eased mobility. Though high maintenance, her unconditional love enriched your days.

Jenna’s Social Media Hiatus and Marbles

While you took an indefinite hiatus from social media due to past offensive videos, your beloved Chihuahua Marbles remains an internet darling through cameos in Julien’s content. Though you stepped back, your toothless pup’s antics and your clear devotion remind us why we still adore you both.

Reasons for Jenna’s Break From Social Media

I’d tread carefully here, friend. It seems there are some complex emotions and challenging situations underlying that social media hiatus. Perhaps with empathy and understanding, we can move forward in a spirit of growth.

There were likely several factors, including:

  1. Technology gap – Struggling to keep up with rapidly changing platforms
  2. Privacy concerns – Wanting more control over personal information
  3. Changing interests – Shifting focus away from YouTube content
  4. Creative differences – Disagreements with management or collaborators
  5. Mental health – Needing a break for self-care and recovery

Let’s offer compassion for the struggles faced, while respecting the space needed.

Marbles’ Presence in Jenna’s Content

You’ve watched her soul sparkle as she cradles him, his frail body warm against her chest. Every night, she carries him through the yard perimeter checks and diet adjustments that keep his little heart going.

Though he moves slower now, their special nightly routine gives him gentle senior dog exercise, and improved home accessibility keeps his spirits up.

Support and Reactions From Fans

Support and Reactions From Fans
Folks, we know you’ve been worried about our dear Marbles lately. Her pulmonary hypertension diagnosis last fall was difficult news to take in, but we appreciate the outpouring of support. You’ve lifted our spirits with your thoughtful messages and memories of Marbles from over the years.

While her activity is more limited these days, with medication and proper care she still enjoys snuggling up on soft blankets and keeping an eye on the neighborhood from the window. We’re taking things one day at a time and focusing on keeping Marbles comfortable.

Thank you for standing by us during this challenging season.

Concern and Well-Wishes for Marbles

Our hearts go out to you as we all hope Marbles gets better soon. Having a sick pet is so hard. As dog lovers, we feel your worry. Marbles has brought you much joy. Now it’s your turn to comfort her with gentle hands and soft words.

Memories and Appreciation for Marbles

Y’all enjoyed watching that little bug-eyed frog impersonator terrorize hoops stars on the hardwood before suddenly kicking the bucket.

We all loved that darling companion. Marbles was a spoiled canine, a therapy animal, and a miniature celebrity.

Marbles’ Current Quality of Life

Folks’ve got lotsa love for how that lil senior’s still kickin’. Even with her health issues, Marbles seems to be enjoying life thanks to Jenna and Julien’s devotion.

Key aspect Jenna’s care Impact on Marbles
Diet Soft foods, frequent small meals Maintains weight
Mobility Ramps, steps, soft beds Allows easy movement
Vet care Regular checkups, treatments Manages pain, illness

Marbles is blessed with a loving family committed to her quality of life. At 15, she’s a senior dog, but she’s still got spunk and spirit.

How Fans Can Show Support for Marbles

How Fans Can Show Support for Marbles
You’ve been following Jenna Marbles and her adorable dogs for years now, so of course your heart sank when you heard little Marbles wasn’t doing well. While the prognosis sounds serious, we know how devoted Jenna is to her pups – she’ll make sure Marbles gets the very best care.

As fans, the best way to show support during this difficult time is engaging with Jenna’s social media and sending heartfelt messages wishing Marbles a full recovery. Though Jenna is taking a break from producing content, checking in respectfully on platforms like Twitter lets her know how much her fans care about her family.

So reach out, send love, and let’s all hope for the very best.

Engaging With Jenna’s Social Media

You’ve become kermit-ly obsessed with Jenna’s socials since the news about Marbles came out.

  • Perusing Jenna’s break from YouTube
  • Discussing Marbles’ huge online presence
  • Sharing favorite Meeples moments
  • Reflecting on the Muppets’ cultural impact
  • Imagining Marbles’ lasting legacy

Through this challenging time, we can support Jenna by engaging positively with her social media, celebrating Marbles’ spunky spirit, and keeping the cermet’s memory alive.

Sending Messages of Support

You can tweet thoughtful messages for Jenna.

Ways to Show Support Example Tweets
Comforting gestures Thinking of you during this difficult time. Sending hugs and strength.
Adoption options When you’re ready, I know of some sweet pups looking for a loving home.
Health updates Hope the treatments are helping. Let us know if we can help with vet bills.
Tribute artworks Made a drawing of Marbles’ cutest moments to remember her sweet spirit.
Special memories My fave memory is Marbles stealing the spotlight on Twitch. Her sassy personality shone through.

Short, heartfelt tweets let Jenna know you care without demanding a response.

Focus support on honoring Marbles’ memory.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Marbles’ current condition and prognosis?

Marbles is alive and doing well, my friend. She’s a fighter with a heart of gold who’s beating the odds. We’re all rooting for many more years with this spunky little Chihuahua. Her prognosis is hopeful thanks to excellent care and a community that adores her.

How is Jenna handling Marbles’ health issues emotionally?

As a close friend who’s been there for Jenna, I know this is a really tough time for her. Marbles is her baby, and seeing her so ill has shaken Jenna to her core. She’s trying hard to keep faith that Marbles will pull through, but the tears and long nights worrying say it all.

What are some of Jenna and Julien’s favorite memories with Marbles over the years?

You’ve loved laughing at Marbles’ antics, like swimming alongside Olympic champions or destroying NBA stars with his leaping. Mundane moments, such as playing fetch or snuggling in your lap, are equally precious memories.

Through Marbles’ joys and twilight years, this spunky Chihuahua has filled your days with delight.

Does Marbles get along well with Jenna and Julien’s other pets?

Although you’re eager for an update, Marbles’ health is private. Let’s focus on whether the pets get along. With kindness and patience, dogs and other animals can become close companions. Each has their own personality that requires understanding.

What can fans do to help with any medical bills or care expenses for Marbles?

Fans, your compassion for Jenna’s beloved Marbles is touching. While monetary gifts may seem helpful, the most meaningful support is sending heartfelt messages. Reflect on cherished pets; share stories uplifting Marbles’ spirit. Connection and empathy comfort Jenna now.


You’ve been on pins and needles waiting for an update about Jenna’s beloved Marbles. Rest assured, the 15-year-old Chihuahua is still chugging along despite her health challenges. Jenna’s transparency about Marbles’ pulmonary hypertension and quality of life shows how deep their bond runs.

Seeing that toothless little face light up when Jenna comes home must melt her heart. Cherish each moment with your furry friend – those memories will sustain you through the difficult times.

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