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Did Michael Jordan Airball Free Throws? Find Out the Truth! (Answered 2024)

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Did michael jordan ever air ball a free throwEver since Michael Jordan danced across the court with gravity-defying leaps and acrobatic shots, he has been hailed as one of basketball’s greatest heroes. But there is an aspect of his game that isn’t often discussed – free throw shooting.

To find out the truth about this legendary player, keep reading! We dive into how many times he air balled from the line, who holds records for most misses in NBA history, and what was MJ’s own FT percentage.

It’s time to answer once and for all whether or not Michael Jordan ever missed a foul shot spectacularly enough to be called an ‘airball’ – let’s get started!

Key Takeaways

  • Michael Jordan’s career free throw percentage is 83.5%.
  • Jordan’s airballs were rare due to his impeccable free throw form.
  • The Jumpman logo was inspired by Jordan’s iconic free-throw line dunks.
  • Michael Jordan is considered one of the greatest free-throw shooters in NBA history.

Did Michael Jordan Airball Free Throws?

Did Michael Jordan Airball Free Throws
You may be wondering if the GOAT ever missed a free throw completely during his career. Though Jordan is hailed for his free throw mastery, the cold hard truth is that His Airness did indeed airball a freebie or two in his iconic career.

Even the greatest legends are not immune to the occasional flub. But make no mistake – for Jordan, airballs were as rare as a lunar eclipse. His immaculate free throw form and nerves of steel allowed him to swish shot after shot with machine-like consistency.

While us mere mortals may airball in pickup games regularly, for Jordan, it was the anomaly that proved the rule of his generational talent. So fret not Jordan fans, no GOAT status needs to be relinquished today. The rarity of Jordan’s airballs only serves to further cement his dominance at the charity stripe.

How Many Times Did Michael Jordan Air Ball?

How Many Times Did Michael Jordan Air Ball
Now let’s delve into the intriguing question that has lingered in basketball lore: How many times did Michael Jordan air ball his free throws? As we explore this unresolved mystery, we will also uncover some of the most memorable games and iconic moments from MJ’s illustrious career.

The Unresolved Question of Airball Count

Wondering about the elusive airball count that has left fans curious and intrigued? Over the years, Jordan’s mastery at the line is legendary. Though the King errs more often, the iconic Jumpman likely airballed barely a handful.

But this key stat remains an unresolved mystery in the annals of the GOAT debate, leaving the desire for true understanding of their iconic moments unfulfilled. We may never know the exact airball tally, but the quest for knowledge persists.

Notable Moments and Games

Once upon a November evening, Michael’s maverick mid-range magic misfired mightily. In a game against the New Jersey Nets, with seconds on the clock and his team down by two, Jordan attempted a fadeaway jumper to tie the game.

But alas! The shot fell short as it sailed through thin air and missed its mark.

It was one of those rare moments when even legends falter.

  • A pivotal game where MJ’s clutch shooting failed him
  • An opportunity for critics to question his greatness
  • Highlighting that even basketball gods have their off nights
  • Adding another layer to the LeBron vs. Jordan GOAT debate

Who Shot 100% From the Free Throw Line?

Who Shot 100% From the Free Throw Line
Nobody’s perfect from the line like you imagined. Karl Malone nailed 13,188 regular season free throws, more than any player. But The Mailman didn’t have a 100% season at the stripe. Even Shaq’s bricky 52% career mark topped 90% in a season.

LeBron’s best season was 78%. MJ’s highest was 88%. They all airballed at some point.

Though if immaculate foul shooting weighed heavily in the GOAT debate, even His Airness probably falls short. Precision matters, but more crucial is rising to the big moments. The clutch fadeaway, soaring dunks, tenacious D – that’s the stuff of legends, of GOATs.

MJ built his case as the greatest ever through indelible performances, not by never missing a free throw. Nobody did that. But they don’t hang perfect shooting banners anyway. Championships won the hard way do.

Who Has the Best FT Percentage?

Who Has the Best FT Percentage
You’d marvel at the consistency of Steve Nash’s free throw stroke, which fueled his career 90.4% success rate. While Nash may not be the first name that comes to mind in discussions about the best free-throw shooters, his impressive percentage cannot be ignored.

When comparing him to LeBron James and Michael Jordan, who both have lower career percentages at 73.

However, it is worth noting that historical records showcase some remarkable free-throw shooting performances throughout NBA history. Larry Bird boasted a stellar career percentage of 88%. Karl Malone attempted a staggering total of 13,188 free throws during his illustrious NBA career.

The analysis of these FT records reveals interesting trends in techniques and strategies employed by players over time as they strive for perfection from the charity stripe – whether it’s through consistent form or mental focus under pressure.

In summary, while Steve Nash may hold one of the highest FT percentages in NBA history with an impressive mark above ninety percent, there are other notable names like Larry Bird and Karl Malone who have left their own indelible marks on this aspect of basketball excellence.

What Was Michael Jordan’s Free-throw Percentage?

What Was Michael Jordan
You were quite competitive with your 83.5% career free throw percentage. It’s remarkable how you honed your craft to become so automatic at the charity stripe.

For over a decade, you met the moment when teams fouled intentionally, daring you to beat them with free throws. But more often than not, you calmly stepped to the line and swished shot after shot. Your dedication to perfecting your free throw form made you lethal in the clutch.

While others cracked under free throw pressure, you had ice water in your veins. That laser-like focus propelled you to NBA free throw records for accuracy and volume. Though LeBron makes his free throws at a high clip, the King has yet to reach the scoring heights you achieved at the line.

In all those late game situations with the game on the line, you were money from the stripe – the true mark of a champion.

What is the Most Free Throws Made in a Game?

What is the Most Free Throws Made in a Game
Wilt Chamberlain set a record by sinking 28 free throws in a single game against the Los Angeles Lakers in 1962.

Elgin Baylor scored an astounding 23 consecutive successful shots from the charity stripe during a playoff game against the Boston Celtics in 1961.

Adrian Dantley showcased his scoring ability and precision at the line when he made all 28 of his attempted foul shots for the Utah Jazz against the Houston Rockets back on February 24, 1984.

On January 23, 2014, Carmelo Anthony went perfect from the free throw line making all available chances (17) when the Denver Nuggets played at home versus the Minnesota Timberwolves.

These remarkable feats demonstrate not only great skill but mental fortitude under pressure for these players while shooting their way into basketball immortality with unmatched accuracy.

Who Missed the Most Shots in NBA History?

Who Missed the Most Shots in NBA History
To fully appreciate the history of basketball, it’s important to acknowledge the players who have missed their fair share of shots. Karl Malone holds the record for attempting the most free throws in NBA/ABA history.

Wilt Chamberlain set the single-game NBA record by missing an astounding 29 field goals on his way to scoring 100 points against the Knicks in 1962.

Throughout his iconic career, Kobe Bryant launched and missed the most shots while scoring over 33,000 career points. Despite his offensive prowess and minutes per game, Kobe stands alone with the most missed field goals in NBA history at 14,481.

Even transcendent talents like Michael Jordan and LeBron James could not escape missing shots and three-pointers despite their impressive career scoring and player efficiency.

While we celebrate the baskets, recognizing the sheer volume of misses underscores the perseverance required to excel in this sport. Players who take the most shots also hold records for misses, yet their willingness to fail publicly has helped them build legendary careers.

Who Has the Lowest Free-throw Percentage?

Who Has the Lowest Free-throw Percentage
Shaq fantastically bricked more free throws than anybody in NBA history! His career free throw percentage sits at a measly 52.

Even LeBron, with all his late-game struggles at the charity stripe, managed 73.5 percent for his career. Unlike MJ hitting them with his eyes closed, Shaq avoided looking at the rim altogether.

Despite his poor free throw shooting, he still dominated games and won 4 titles. But can you imagine if he had even an average free throw percentage? He may have surpassed MJ in rings.

Though Shaq took the award for the brickiest free throw shooter, his humor and likability made him one of the most beloved players in NBA history.

Who Has the Most Missed Field Goals in NBA History?

Who Has the Most Missed Field Goals in NBA History
Wilt’s consecutive career leading the NBA in the number of field goals attempted shows how dominant he was in his era. His relentless scoring ability led to him attempting a staggering number of shots, resulting in the most missed field goals in NBA history.

Here are some notable players who’ve also had their fair share of misses:

  • Karl Malone: The Mailman may be known for his scoring prowess, but he also holds the record for attempting the most free throws in NBA/ABA history with 13,188.
  • Kobe Bryant: The Black Mamba was one of basketball’s greatest scorers, but his aggressive style led to quite a few missed shots as well.
  • Shaquille O’Neal: While Shaq dominated inside and dunked on opponents with ease, he struggled at times from the charity stripe and racked up a significant number of missed field goals.

These players’ careers were defined by their incredible scoring abilities. It just goes to show that even legends can’t make every shot they take.

Who is the Best Free-throw Shooter in 2021?

Who is the Best Free-throw Shooter in 2021
When it comes to the art of free throw shooting, precision and consistency are key. Every year, the NBA sees a handful of players who excel in this fundamental aspect of the game. As we look at 2021, one name stands out among the rest as a contender for the title of best free-throw shooter: Stephen Curry.

Known for his deadly accuracy from beyond the arc, Curry has also showcased his prowess at the charity stripe with an impressive career free-throw percentage.

However, he faces tough competition from other skilled shooters such as Kevin Durant and Damian Lillard.

LeBron James’ performance at the Free Throw line isn’t quite on par with these elite shooters though; his career FT percentage hovers around 73.5%. While LeBron may dominate in many aspects of basketball, consistently sinking shots from behind that white line hasn’t been one area where he’s truly excelled.

To become a great free-throw shooter requires more than just talent; it demands hours upon hours spent perfecting technique and honing muscle memory through repetition.

This season will undoubtedly showcase some incredible performances by those vying for recognition as top-notch foul-shot artists.


Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Michael Jordan’s legendary status in the NBA is undeniable. His remarkable free-throw shooting prowess was second to none, as the Jumpman logo itself was inspired by his iconic dunks from the free-throw line.

After a deep dive into the numbers, it’s clear that Michael Jordan never airballed a free throw in his entire career, a feat that’s even more impressive considering he attempted almost 10,000 free throws.

His career free throw percentage of 83.5% is a testament to his skill and dedication to the game.

With the GOAT debate still ongoing, Michael Jordan stands tall as one of the greatest free-throw shooters in NBA history.

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