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Do Irish Wolfhounds Shed? Learn About Shedding Habits & Hypoallergenic Qualities (Answered 2023)

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You may have heard of the Irish Wolfhound, a breed that stands tall and proud as the tallest among all other dog breeds. With their long legs and narrow body resembling that of a Greyhound, they can endure cold weather with ease thanks to their harsh, wiry coats – not forgetting those long eyebrows and beard which give off an air of nobility.

These gentle giants are known for being easygoing around children, pets, and other dogs in general. But don’t be fooled by their calm demeanor! They still need room to stretch out comfortably while enjoying daily walks or runs in colder temperatures if possible.

It is also important to note that these pooches do shed moderately throughout the year.

Key Takeaways

Do Irish Wolfhounds Shed?

  • Irish Wolfhounds do shed moderately throughout the year and are not hypoallergenic.
  • Regular grooming is needed, including weekly combing, brushing, and a bath every 4-6 weeks.
  • Shaving or trimming is not recommended as it affects body temperature regulation.
  • Regular grooming can reduce shedding by up to 70%, and a healthy diet helps reduce pet allergen levels.

Are Irish Wolfhounds Hypoallergenic?

You won’t have to worry about allergies if you’re considering an Irish Wolfhound, as they are not hypoallergenic. However, their harsh and wiry coat texture means that they shed moderately throughout the year.

Regular grooming is needed in order to maintain it; weekly combing and brushing along with a bath every four-to-six weeks should do the trick. Some people opt for hand stripping which thins out the undercoat if shedding is out of control.

Shaving or trimming isn’t recommended though, as this can affect your dog’s body temperature regulation capabilities negatively.

Eating a healthy diet helps reduce common pet allergen levels too – so be sure to feed your pup only quality food! The best brush for Irish Wolfhounds would be one designed specifically for double coats or those with thick fur – like Furminator’s deShedding tool which removes loose hair from both topcoat and undercoat effectively without damaging its natural oils production process either!

All things considered, this breed of hound has come a long way since its near extinction during Ireland’s famine in 1845 – making it one of today’s most beloved dog breeds across the world despite its high maintenance needs when it comes to shedding prevention methods!

Do Irish Wolfhounds Make Good Pets?

Although they require frequent grooming and have big feeding, medicine, and boarding bills, Irish Wolfhounds are noble companions with a heart as big as their size that make wonderful pets. Training needs for this breed vary depending on individual temperament traits; however, they tend to be more independent than some other breeds.

Exercise requirements should include daily walks or runs in order to keep them healthy and happy – plus some playtime too! Grooming tips suggest brushing at least once a week along with regular baths every four-to-six weeks using de-shedding brushes specifically designed for double coats like an Irish Wolfhound’s.

As far as health concerns go, it is important to note the growth cycle of hair which can indicate any underlying issues such as parasites or disease if shedding increases abruptly.

How to Stop Irish Wolfhounds Shedding?

how to stop irish wolfhounds shedding?
To help keep your Irish Wolfhound’s shedding under control, brush them at least once a week and bathe them every four to six weeks.

  1. Grooming Tips: Use a de-shedding brush or comb to remove dead hair from their coats. Use it in combination with shampoo specifically designed for double coats like an Irish Wolfhound’s.
  2. Shedding Solutions: Consult your vet about what foods are right for your pup if they shed more than usual due to poor nutrition or allergies.
  3. Coat Maintenance: Regular brushing keeps skin healthy and stimulates new growth of hair follicles while removing loose hairs before they fall on furniture, floors, and carpets throughout the house! Keep their coat looking shiny by using a blow dryer after each bath, which will distribute natural oils evenly across strands too!


If you’re wondering if Irish Wolfhounds shed, the answer is yes. They have a soft, fluffy undercoat and a coarse, wiry outer coat, which means they will produce enough dander to trigger allergies.

They need plenty of room to stretch out and be comfortable, and they love cold weather and a good walk or run. Surprisingly, the breed was nearly extinct in Ireland in the late 1800s, but thanks to the effort to recreate them, they’ve become one of the most recognized and admired breeds in the world.

With some regular brushing, a healthy diet, and lots of love, Irish Wolfhounds will make a great addition to your family.

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