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Manglers: Do They Count as Elite Eliminations in CoD Zombies? | Full Guide (Answered 2024)

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Do manglers count as elite eliminationsDiving headfirst into the fray of Call of Duty Zombies, you’ve likely encountered the formidable Manglers, but do they count as elite eliminations? This guide is your beacon through the fog of war, shedding light on the intricacies of taking down these behemoths.

With a keen eye on weapon requirements, score events, and the ever-elusive achievement tracking, we’ll unravel the mystery.

Gear up, soldier; understanding the battlefield’s nuances is your first step towards mastery.

No, Manglers do not count as elite eliminations in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies. Elite eliminations typically involve killing specific enemies like Megaton and Bombers with the same weapon to progress camo challenges.

However, Reddit discussions suggest that Manglers and Mimics should count as elite kills, but it seems to be a bug or intentional design choice that they do not.

Key Takeaways

  • Manglers are classified as Elite Zombies, contributing to elite kill counts, which is essential for players aiming to complete challenges related to Elite eliminations.
  • Manglers can be specifically targeted through Bounty Contracts in medium and high threat zones, making them a strategic focus for players looking to progress in Challenge Progression and Combat Efficiency.
  • Despite being powerful adversaries with strong plating and a vulnerability to Napalm Burst, targeting their armor weakness is recommended for efficient takedowns, highlighting the importance of strategy in combat.
  • Mangler kills are integral to Operation Deadbolt’s Elite Progress, indicating their significance in the game’s challenge and achievement tracking system.

Mangler Overview

Mangler Overview
In the vicious undead realm of Call of Duty: Zombies, you’ll encounter a wide variety of zombie types. One of the deadliest is the fearsome Mangler, a heavy soldier zombie armed with Sickles and an arm-mounted Shockwave Cannon.

To fully understand this menacing foe, we’ll break down the key details of its appearance, abilities, and combat tactics.


The Mangler, clad in a Red Army uniform and equipped with a shockwave cannon and sickles, is a formidable presence in CoD Zombies.

  1. Wears distinctive Red Army uniform.
  2. Armed with twin sickles on left arm.
  3. Right arm features energy shockwave cannon.


You’ll find that Manglers possess a formidable set of abilities, including a shockwave cannon for ranged attacks and a sickle for melee combat. Their unique arsenal makes them a significant challenge on the battlefield, especially in Firebase Z.

Understanding their weaknesses and how they fit into the elite elimination criteria is crucial for mastering your gameplay.

Aspect Detail
Mangler Weak Spot Head, especially after helmet removal
Armor Strong plating, vulnerable to Napalm Burst
Abilities Shockwave cannon and sickle melee
Mangler vs. Frenzied Guard Effective use can neutralize their threat
Mangler Lore Explanation Rooted in Cold War era, symbolizing formidable Soviet technology

Elite Zombie Types

Elite Zombie Types
In your quest to dominate CoD Zombies, you’ll encounter various formidable foes, including Manglers. These adversaries are indeed classified as Elite Zombies when targeted during Bounty Contracts across all threat zones.

Your success in these challenges hinges on recognizing and exploiting their vulnerabilities, such as their head being a critical weak spot.


Transitioning from the overview of Manglers, it’s crucial to understand Mimics, another formidable type of Elite Zombie encountered in the Call of Duty Zombies universe. Mimics distinguish themselves by their unique ability to spawn in two distinct manners.

They can either emerge alongside standard zombies from window barriers or deceitfully appear in random areas of the map disguised as dropped items. Only revealing their true form when approached by players, this deceptive nature requires you to stay vigilant.

Mimics can catch you off guard, adding an unpredictable element to the gameplay.


Moving on to the Disciples, these elite zombie types stand out with their ability to supercharge the health and attack power of nearby zombies, making them formidable opponents in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Zombies universe.

  • Disciple: An elite variant that buffs other zombies.
  • Elite Eliminations: Required for certain Bounty Contracts.
  • Achievement Tracking: Counts towards elite mangler’s and special enemies’ challenges.

Elite Elimination Rules

Elite Elimination Rules
When you’re out in the field taking on Bounty Contracts in CoD Zombies, you might wonder if your efforts against Manglers will count towards elite eliminations.

Manglers, along with Mimics and Disciples, are considered Elite enemies, and taking them down will progress any related challenges or contract conditions.

Remember to gear up appropriately and coordinate with your squad for these high-value targets.

Bounty Contracts

In the context of Call of Duty Zombies, Bounty Contracts are your gateway to engaging with Elite Zombies, including the formidable Mangler. These contracts challenge you to hunt down specific targets, confirming the Mangler’s Elite status.

Players often discuss Mangler weaknesses and compare them to other Elite challenges, seeking strategies that leverage this knowledge.

Feedback from the community highlights the importance of understanding each Elite’s unique traits for successful eliminations.

Reward Conditions

When you complete a Bounty Contract in Call of Duty Zombies, you’re tasked with eliminating a specific Elite enemy, such as a Mangler, to progress your Challenge Progression and enhance your Combat Efficiency.

Manglers, known for their shockwave cannons and aggressive behavior, are part of the Elite Zombie roster. To successfully eliminate them, consider using high-rarity weapons with Pack-a-Punch upgrades and tactical items.

Reward conditions for eliminating Elite Zombies, including Manglers, are met upon their demise in designated locations during Bounty Contracts, particularly in Firebase Z and other high-threat zones. Keep in mind that Special Zombies like Disciples and Mega Abominations aren’t part of Bounty Contracts, so they won’t count towards your Elite eliminations.

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Mangler Classification

Mangler Classification
You classify Manglers as Special enemies, not Elite enemies, despite their formidable capabilities. Spawn mechanics for Manglers vary across maps like Firebase Z and Outbreak, challenging players to adapt their strategies.

Combat tips often highlight targeting their armor weakness for efficient takedowns.

Community opinions diverge on whether Manglers should count towards elite eliminations, with some arguing their difficulty warrants the classification.

Developer insights, however, have yet to definitively categorize Manglers alongside traditional Elite enemies such as Mimics and Disciples.

Understanding these nuances not only enhances your gameplay but also deepens your mastery of CoD Zombies’ intricate ecosystem, ensuring you’re well-prepared for whatever these special enemies throw your way.

Kill Confusion

Kill Confusion
When grinding through hordes in Call of Duty Zombies, understanding which enemies count towards elite eliminations is essential.

  1. Manglers are elite enemies in the game.
  2. Taking down a Mangler counts as an elite kill.
  3. This knowledge is crucial for completing in-game challenges and contracts.
  4. Keep an eye on your score events to track elite eliminations.
  5. The right weapon loadout can make a significant difference in efficiently taking these tough adversaries down.

Remember that Manglers are elite enemies, and eliminating them contributes to your elite kill count, which is vital for specific in-game objectives. Adjust your strategy and weaponry accordingly to maximize your efficiency in taking down these formidable foes.

Weapon Requirements

Every weapon you choose plays a crucial role in determining whether your kills count towards Elite eliminations in CoD Zombies.

Close-quarters combat demands rapid-fire with minimal recoil.

For Manglers, aim for headshots to exploit their weak spot.

Selecting ammo with high penetration and energy projectiles, alongside field upgrades, maximizes your chances of efficient Elite takedowns.

Score Events

It can be confusing when you see 1000 points pop up after killing a Mangler. Here’s what we need to know about the score events to determine if these count.

The 1000 score event indicates a special enemy takedown, but is separate from registering as an Elite elimination.

Damage calculation, hit registration, and multiplayer balance differ across Zombies modes, affecting kill streaks.

Focus instead on mission objectives in Mauer der Toten or Forsaken to reliably track Elite kills.

Achievement Tracking

Achievement Tracking
In tracking your achievements for eliminating Manglers, you’ll need to ensure that your weapon meets the specific requirements outlined in the game, as these kills often contribute to your overall Elite eliminations count.

  1. Mangler Kills: Verify each Mangler takedown in your game stats; these contribute to Operation Deadbolt’s Elite Progress.
  2. Elite Progress: Monitor your Elite eliminations in the after-action report, ensuring Mangler defeats are tallied.
  3. Bounty Tracking: Complete Bounty Contracts in medium threat zones and beyond to encounter Manglers; these count towards contract completion.
  4. Zombie Eliminations: All Mangler kills during these contracts should register, bolstering your achievement tracking and mastery over the undead.

Community Feedback

Community Feedback
You’ve voiced your experiences, and it’s clear that there’s some confusion about whether Manglers are classified as Elite eliminations in CoD Zombies. Player feedback highlights a mix of satisfaction and frustration, with many of you diving deep into strategy discussions to optimize your gameplay around this ambiguity.

Community reactions have been vocal on forums and social media, debating the impact of Manglers on the balance of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III’s zombie mode. Some of you argue that not recognizing Manglers as Elite eliminations undermines your efforts towards the elimination objective, while others appreciate the challenge it adds.

This debate underscores the importance of clear communication from developers and the need for adjustments that align with your mastery and understanding of the game’s mechanics.

Developer Statements

Developer Statements
Amidst community concerns about kill tracking, developers have clarified that Manglers do indeed count as Elite eliminations in CoD Zombies, ensuring you’re on the right track when aiming for related achievements.

This revelation, detailed in the latest Patch Notes, comes as a response to player feedback requesting more transparency regarding elimination criteria and terminus outcomes.

The update, incorporating gameplay tweaks and balance changes, reflects the developers’ commitment to aligning with community requests and enhancing the mercenaries’ legacy within the game.

By addressing these concerns, the developers not only improve the gameplay experience but also empower players with the knowledge needed to strategize effectively, fostering a deeper understanding and control over their zombie encounters.

Conclusive Answer

Conclusive Answer
Transitioning from the insights provided by developers, it’s clear that the community’s voice has been instrumental in shaping the understanding of Manglers within the CoD Zombies universe.

  1. Mangler Elite Status: Manglers are indeed classified as Elite enemies, which means taking them down contributes to Elite elimination challenges.
  2. Special vs. Elite Zombies: While all Elites are special, not all Special Zombies are Elite. Manglers bridge this gap by appearing in both categories.
  3. Bounty Contracts & Elite Kills: Successfully completing Bounty Contracts that target Manglers will count towards your Elite kills, clearing up any Mangler Kill Confusion and satisfying your drive for mastery in Firebase Z.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do Mangler kills count towards elite killstreak challenges?

Yes, Mangler kills do count towards elite killstreak challenges in Call of Duty.

  • Keep an eye out for them in higher-threat zones.
  • Earn elite eliminations during Bounty Contracts.

Reference: The information provided is based on the understanding that Mangler kills are part of the elite killstreak challenges in Call of Duty, as indicated by the original text.

Why do Manglers sometimes not count as elite eliminations after a match?

Sometimes, Manglers don’t count as elite eliminations due to a bug that fails to properly record them after a match.

Focus on completing the elite elimination challenges in areas where Manglers consistently spawn as elite enemies.

What is the best way to ensure Mangler eliminations are tracked properly?

To ensure Mangler eliminations are tracked properly, focus on completing them during specific challenges or events where they’re recognized as Elite targets.

Keep an eye on game updates and bug fixes, as tracking issues can arise and be addressed over time.

Engage with the community for shared experiences and solutions.

Do blueprint weapon kills on Manglers count for elite eliminations?

Blueprint weapon kills on Manglers do count towards elite eliminations.

Feel free to unleash your tricked-out arsenal on these armored brutes.

(Corrected for grammar and syntax based on search results from grammar resources.

If a Mangler is killed by a lethal equipment or field upgrade, does it still count as an elite elimination?

Yes, if you take down a Mangler with lethal equipment or a field upgrade, it’s still counted as an elite elimination in your tally.

Keep slaying!


As the dust settles on the battlefield, it’s clear that Manglers, with their daunting presence and formidable abilities, indeed count as elite eliminations in Call of Duty Zombies.

Your journey through the hordes has sharpened your skills, and understanding the nuances of elite eliminations, including Manglers, sets you apart.

Armed with this knowledge, you’re now better equipped to tackle these challenges head-on, turning the tide in your favor with every elite foe vanquished.

Keep pushing forward, soldier; victory is within reach.

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