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Are Manglers Considered Elite Eliminations? (Answered 2023)

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Do manglers count as elite eliminationsConfronting a Mangler in Call of Duty Zombies can be an intimidating experience. These Red Army-clad special enemies are some of the most formidable zombies you’ll ever face, equipped with two deadly sickles and an energy weapon that can only be used at range.

But when it comes to elite eliminations, do manglers count? To answer this question we must look closely at their characteristics as well as the other types of special zombies featured in CoD games.

From Megatons – massive zombie beasts requiring overwhelming firepower to take down – to Tempests; electrified enemies renowned for their speed and agility; each type is unique but all offer a challenge that demands careful consideration from any player looking to survive these undead hordes!

Are Manglers considered part of this elite group or do they not quite make the cut? Let’s examine what makes them so dangerous and explore if indeed they should rank among Cold War’s Elite Eliminations!

Key Takeaways

  • Manglers in Call of Duty Zombies are elite eliminations with unique abilities such as sickle attacks and shockwave cannons.
  • They require over 1,600 critical hits to defeat at high rounds, making them tough elite enemies to face.
  • Effective strategies for dealing with Manglers include shooting off their helmets and cannons to limit their attacks, using Napalm Burst ammo for extra damage, and relying on teamwork with other players to take them down efficiently.
  • Manglers first appeared in Black Ops III’s Gorod Krovi Zombies map and have made subsequent appearances in Cold War’s Firebase Z and Outbreak maps, showcasing the evolution of visual design and gameplay mechanics across the Call of Duty series.

What Are Elite Eliminations?

What Are Elite Eliminations
You’ve encountered these heavily armored foes before, haven’t you? Those towering automatons with scythes for arms and shock cannons that’ll stop you in your tracks – they’re the Manglers, and they definitely count as elite eliminations.

When it comes to elite enemies, it’s all about their difficulty, not just their size.

The lumbering, multi-armed monstrosities take extra damage and dish out bonus points for their defeat. Their menacing, mechanical nature coupled with their size and firepower pushes them into the elite category.

So while they may not seem as devilish as their hellhound brethren, make no mistake: Manglers are built different, and bagging one should be celebrated as an elite elimination through and through.

Stack up those eliminations and reap the rewards. You’ve got this.

Understanding Special Enemies in Call of Duty Zombies

Understanding Special Enemies in Call of Duty Zombies
Hold on tight, ’cause these twisted horrors will claw into your nightmares. There are several types of unique enemies in Call of Duty Zombies to confound even the most battle-hardened zombie slayer.

Metatons pack a nuclear punch and split into two volatile zombies when damaged. Mimics disguise themselves as chests and leap out when opened – so watch your six! Manglers live up to their name with sickle appendages and a brutal shockwave cannon attack.

Don’t forget the hellhounds either. They’re swift and savage with claws and teeth ready to shred the unwary. Every enemy presents its own threat profile and optimal strategy. Stay frosty and use your surroundings, equipment and team to counter them.

The undead wait for no one.

The Characteristics of Manglers as Special Zombies

The Characteristics of Manglers as Special Zombies
Mind as the rampaging elite manglers steamroll over your team, taking them down marks another elite elimination under your belt. Manglers are special zombies with unique abilities that make them more challenging to defeat.

  • Attack Pattern: Charge with sickles, blast shockwave cannon from afar
  • Weak Spots: Shoot off helmet, destroy the cannon
  • Increased Aggression: Speed and attacks intensify after taking damage
  • Variants: Elite manglers in Outbreak with extra health and armor

Knowing how manglers move, where they’re vulnerable, and destroying their cannons first will help you counter and destroy them efficiently. Defeating their elite variants offers greater glory. With skill and strategy, manglers can become just another elite zombie for you to eliminate.

Types of Special Zombies in Call of Duty

Types of Special Zombies in Call of Duty
The formidable Brutus is exclusive to Mob of the Dead. In your sights, a horde of zombies – but you’ve got the skills to pick off the specials first. Scan for any shimmering Mimics that can sabotage your loadout. Listen for the mechanical whirring of Manglers winding up to blast you with their arm cannons.

Watch for lurking Tempests, ready to zap you into submission. Prioritize threats like the toxic Nova Crawlers first, leaving the cannon fodder for last. With focus, timing, and precision, you can systematically eliminate the elites. Their unique weaknesses once exposed make defeating specialty zombies very satisfying.

Stay frosty, and remember – a few precise shots to the head drop even the sturdiest specials.

Is Megaton Considered an Elite Zombie?

Is Megaton Considered an Elite Zombie
You’ve likely encountered Megaton’s massive form shambling across the map. Though technically classified as a special zombie, make no mistake—taking down this behemoth counts as an elite elimination.

Megaton: Elite or Not?

Because the Megaton is a level boss that requires coordinated strategy to defeat, you know confronting it tests the mettle of even your most battle-hardened squad.

  • Deceptively fast movement for a hulking zombie.
  • Satellite explosion attack has huge splash damage.
  • Splitting the Megaton doubles the chaos.

Despite the debate around its classification, defeating the Megaton yields a major point boost, confirming its status as an elite foe in Zombies. Your squad’s coordination and skill will be pushed to the limit against its explosive attacks.

Elite Eliminations: Manglers?

Quite plausibly, you have grasped that Manglers qualify as elite eliminations. During intense firefights against zombie hordes, prioritizing Manglers first is often the key. Their shockwave cannons and armored plating make them dangerous foes. When a Mangler appears, focus your fire to remove its helmet and destroy the cannon.

The points you earn make Manglers lucrative targets. With experience, you will handle elite Manglers efficiently.

Classification of Megaton

Your heart pounds as the hulking Megaton lumbers toward you. This terrifying behemoth is considered an elite zombie that will push your skills to the limit. Although massive in size, the split-able Megaton’s dual entities must be eliminated separately to gain credit for the elite kill.

Exploiting its slow speed by keeping your distance, attack the chest weak point when it opens. Then, use high-powered weapons to eradicate its halves. Mastering strategies to swiftly deal with this unique, intimidating foe grants you elite dominion over the undead hordes.

The Elite Status of Manglers in Cold War Zombies

The Elite Status of Manglers in Cold War Zombies
You’d deem the Russian Mangler Soldier in Cold War Zombies an elite elimination since it takes over 1,600 critical hits to defeat them on high rounds.

  1. Shoot off their helmets to reveal their critical weak spot – their head.
  2. Break their arm cannons to reduce their health.
  3. Use Napalm Burst ammo to quickly destroy their armor.
  4. Keep your distance to avoid their deadly sickle swipes.
  5. Focus fire and teamwork – Manglers become more aggressive when damaged.

With their high health, devastating attacks, and multiple stages required to defeat them, Manglers in Cold War Zombies have clearly earned elite status. Their armor, weapons, and tenacity demand strategic gameplay, making them one of the toughest elite enemies around.

Only by mastering countermeasures like targeting weak points can players prevail against the Mangler onslaught.

Strategies for Dealing With Manglers as Elite Enemies

Strategies for Dealing With Manglers as Elite Enemies
Blast the mangler’s cannon quickly before it unleashes shockwaves that disrupt your movement. Strike the cannon apparatus to make it explode, exposing the mangler’s core for lethal damage. Use your knife to inflict bleed damage as you evade its sickle. Aim for critical weak points like its head once you shoot off that sturdy helmet.

Employ Ring of Fire to slow it down while you hammer it with Pack-a-Punched firepower. Cryofreeze ammo helps you freeze a mangler solid so you can shatter it in an instant.

Stay on your toes and match power with power when you battle these mechanized monstrosities. Defeat enough manglers and you’ll unlock that menacing Mangler Helmet for yourself.

Gallery of Manglers in Call of Duty Games
Looking to see Manglers in action across Call of Duty titles? The Russian automaton first appeared in Black Ops III’s Gorod Krovi map before becoming a Special Class foe in Cold War’s Firebase Z and Outbreak.

Manglers are intimidating robotic enemies that pack a punch. Introduced in 2016’s Black Ops III DLC 3 map Gorod Krovi, these hulking automatons wield arm cannons and charge at players.

The automaton later returned in 2020’s Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War as a Special enemy class. Manglers roam the corridors of Firebase Z and Outbreak regions, unleashing explosive projectiles. Their durability requires concentrated fire to take down. Upgraded variants like the Tempest Mangler and Abomination Mangler arrived in subsequent seasons, escalating the challenge.

From their debut in Gorod Krovi to menacing Cold War Operators, the Mangler bloodline illustrates Treyarch’s knack for crafting distinctive enemies. Evaluating visual and gameplay evolutions spotlights creative robo-enemy design across Black Ops installments.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III

See, Gorod Krovi introduced the Manglers in Black Ops III. As the Russian Mangler Soldier or Red Army Mangler, this mechanized juggernaut packs brutal sickle slashes and a shockwave cannon. Gorod Krovi classifies them as special enemies, yet their armor, firepower and aggression make them feel more elite.

Scoring an elite elimination on a Mangler requires skill, but feels oh so satisfying. Their cannon blast knocks you back even when hunkered, so move and weave. Patience is key to surgically targeting their head or cannon power source for maximum damage.

Manglers might as well be elite; treat them as such and triumph.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

In Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, you’ve contended with armored Manglers as special-class foes.

  • Manglers charge their cannon slowly, leaving them vulnerable.
  • Shoot the cannon to stun and damage them.
  • Upgraded Napalm ammo melts their armor.
  • Focus fire to drop them quickly.
  • Elite Manglers pose a greater challenge in Outbreak.


Action-packed and intense, Cold War Zombies offers an unforgettable experience for gamers. Elite eliminations in the game are marked by danger, difficulty, and reward. Manglers are perhaps the most challenging type of special zombie, yet they’re also the most rewarding.

Through strategic use of weapons and the ability to identify the Mangler’s weak spot, players can reap the benefits of an elite elimination.

Megaton, the hulking zombie with a deadly cannon, is also considered an elite enemy, although it’s not as difficult to defeat as the Mangler.

Overall, Manglers make for an exciting and memorable experience in Cold War Zombies, and can be the key to unlocking the game’s greatest rewards.

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