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NBA YoungBoy’s Siblings: Meet Teelee, Bway, & Kentrell (2023)

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Do nba youngboy have siblingsStepping into the spotlight, NBA YoungBoy has captivated audiences with his unique style and catchy beats. Born Kentrell DeSean Gaulden, he is an American rapper from Louisiana who rose to prominence in 2018 after releasing the single Outside Today.

But while many know him for his music career and fame, few are aware of those closest to him.

His siblings Teelee Gaulden (26), Bway Yungy (20), and Kentrell Gaulden (19) are an integral part of his life. Like a tapestry woven together by their mother Sherhonda Gaulden – although YoungBoy’s father is unknown but currently serving 55 years in prison for robbery – this family history helps explain how they have each influenced NBA Youngboy’s life.

So buckle up as we delve deeper into understanding these relationships between them!

Key Takeaways

  • NBA YoungBoy has three siblings: Teelee Gaulden, Bway Yungy, and Kentrell Gaulden Jr.
  • They collaborate on music and support each other’s careers.
  • Their mother, Sherhonda Gaulden, encouraged their musical talents.
  • Familial bonds play a vital role in NBA YoungBoy’s life and music.

NBA YoungBoy’s Siblings

NBA YoungBoy
NBA YoungBoy has three siblings: TeeLee Gaulden (age 26), Bway Yungy (age 20), and Kentrell Gaulden Jr. (age 19). He shares a close relationship with his siblings, frequently collaborating on music together and supporting one another’s careers.

Teelee Gaulden (Age: 26)

You’ve gotta love NBA YoungBoy’s big sis Teelee Gaulden! At 26, she’s making moves as a singer-songwriter out of Baton Rouge just like her little brother. Teelee’s early start in music is owed to the same mom, Sherhonda, who encouraged YoungBoy’s talent.

While Kentrell found fame fast, Teelee has slowly built her career and bond with her brother.

Bway Yungy (Age: 20)

Bway Yungy (age 20)

Inspired by his brother NBA YoungBoy and their shared experiences growing up in Baton Rouge, Bway Yungy began creating music at a young age. The 20-year-old from Louisiana has steadily built his music career. Collaborating with local artists like Sherwood Marty and JayDaYoungan has helped establish his name in the rap community.

In addition to his successful music career, Bway plans to continue honing his craft and expanding his fanbase.

Kentrell Gaulden (Age: 19)

Sounds like Kentrell Gaulden (Age: 19) has really had his brother’s back since they were kids.

  • Kentrell Gaulden (Age: 19)
  • Brother of NBA YoungBoy
  • Aspiring rapper
  • Overcame personal challenges and involved in a dangerous world

Relationship With Siblings

Brother, your close relationship with Teelee and Bway gives you support through the ups and downs of life. Sibling dynamics play a crucial role in shaping who we are. Growing up with siblings fosters a sense of camaraderie and teaches valuable lessons on cooperation, conflict resolution, and empathy.

Siblings Age Occupation
Teelee 26 Singer-songwriter
Bway Yungy 20 Rapper

Sibling collaborations can be powerful in the music industry too. Your brother Ken Gaulden has been featured in some of your songs, showcasing the bond between brothers not only personally but professionally as well.

Family bonds run deep within NBA Youngboy’s life. Despite any challenges or legal issues you may face individually, knowing that you have siblings to lean on for support creates a strong foundation rooted in love and shared experiences.

Incorporating sibling relationships into your music career can provide unique perspectives while strengthening family ties outside of work settings. As NBA Youngboy continues his journey as an artist, having Teelee and Bway by his side ensures he’ll always have someone to rely on emotionally.

Mother Sherhonda Gaulden

Mother Sherhonda Gaulden
NBA YoungBoy’s mother, Sherhonda Gaulden, played a significant role in his life and career. She raised him until her passing in 2010, influencing his upbringing and musical aspirations. Growing up in Baton Rouge, NBA YoungBoy and his siblings formed strong bonds that continue to influence their relationships as adults.

Teelee Gaulden, NBA YoungBoy’s older sister, is known for her talent as a singer-songwriter. Ken Gaulden, his brother, collaborates with him on music projects and has faced challenges associated with their dangerous world.

Jazlyn Mychelle became engaged to NBA YoungBoy before marrying him earlier this year in January 2023. Their engagement was met with excitement from both families, as Jazlyn has been supportive of Kentrell during tough times.

Their relationship blossomed even more when they welcomed their daughter into the world.

Overall, family plays an integral part in supporting and collaborating with NBA YoungBoy, whether musically or otherwise. Supportive systems like their grandmother, mother, siblings, and spouse will continue to play major roles in ensuring his success and happiness.

Father: Unknown, in Prison for 55 Years for Robbery

Father: Unknown, in Prison for 55 Years for Robbery
Your father is unknown, but he is in prison for 55 years for robbery. However, you still made it big as an influential rapper who shaped Baton Rouge’s hip hop scene. Growing up without a father figure can be challenging, but your strong support system from your mother and siblings helped you navigate through the tough times.

While dealing with legal issues of your own, having a father in prison adds another layer of complexity to your life. Despite these challenges and the absence of a paternal influence growing up, you have managed to build a successful career and create stability for yourself and your family.

Your story serves as inspiration to others facing similar circumstances, showing them that they too can overcome adversity with determination and perseverance.

Siblings’ Lives:

  • Teelee Gaulden (26): She is a supportive sister who is also involved in the music industry.
  • Bway Yungy (20): He is a talented younger brother pursuing his own rap career.
  • Ken Gaulden (19): He is a younger brother involved in a dangerous world that has led him into trouble, resulting in gunshot wounds.

Having supportive siblings such as Teelee Gaulden has undoubtedly played an important role in shaping NBA YoungBoy’s journey towards success despite their difficult upbringing. Their shared experiences have fostered resilience within their family unit, enabling them to overcome various obstacles together.

Stepfather: Joseph Ross

Stepfather: Joseph Ross
Growing up, your stepfather Joseph Ross was a guiding light in your life, providing support and stability during difficult times. With your father unknown and in prison, Joseph’s presence gave you and your siblings a sense of normalcy.

Though not your biological dad, he selflessly stepped in to provide discipline, care, and moral guidance.

Joseph nurtured your talents, driving you to recording sessions and encouraging your dreams of music stardom. His steady wisdom and work ethic inspired you. Having a strong male role model kept you focused while navigating life’s challenges and honing your craft.

Joseph’s support allowed your single mother Sherhonda to pursue her passion. His love fostered healthy family dynamics, shaping your character. Through it all, Joseph was the rock who believed in your potential. His unwavering dedication profoundly impacted your journey.

Impact of Family on NBA YoungBoy’s Music

Impact of Family on NBA YoungBoy
NBA YoungBoy’s music is heavily influenced by his family, from the inspiration he received from his mother Sherhonda Gaulden to collaborating with childhood friends and fellow rappers. Growing up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and experiencing various familial challenges, has shaped NBA YoungBoy’s music career and provided him with a unique perspective that resonates with many of his fans today.

Inspiration From Mother Sherhonda Gaulden

Ma, your passion for music truly ignited my flame. Growing up in a creative upbringing, you played a pivotal role in shaping my musical journey. Your influence as a mother and the dynamics within our family provided me with inspiration to express myself through music.

The bond we share and the support I received from siblings has had a profound impact on my artistry.

Childhood Friends and Collaborators

The bond formed when childhood friends come together to create music that captivates millions of fans worldwide is long-lasting. NBA Youngboy’s music reflects the tight creative relationships he formed with friends in his hometown of Baton Rouge.

Collaborating with those who knew him before fame energizes his artistic process. Though his celebrity has skyrocketed, NBA Youngboy stays grounded in the childhood bonds that nurture his creative spirit.

  • Long-lasting friendships
  • Shared musical roots
  • Creative synergy

Music Career Influenced by Family Experiences

NBA YoungBoy’s music career has been significantly influenced by his upbringing and family experiences. Growing up amid suffering and violence in his youth, he channels these struggles into his lyrics as a way of honoring his absent father and escaping from a troubled past.

His time spent with family members affected by prison has shaped his worldview, leading to raw and authentic storytelling that resonates with listeners.

Music Influenced By Suffering Prison Shaping Worldview
Channeling struggles into lyrics Raw and authentic storytelling
Honoring absent father Reflecting on life experiences

NBA YoungBoy’s Upbringing and Early Life

NBA YoungBoy
NBA YoungBoy’s upbringing and early life were shaped by significant events. He was raised by his grandmother until her passing in 2010, after which he lived with his friend and rapper NBA 3Three. It was during this time that YoungBoy had early exposure to music, leading him to record his first song on a cheap microphone from Walmart.

Raised by Grandmother Until Her Passing

You’re not alone; YoungBoy was raised by his grandmother until she sadly passed away in 2010 when he was just 11 years old.

Shockingly, over 7 million children in the U.S. are being raised by their grandparents.

NBA YoungBoy’s childhood with his grandmother greatly influenced him and played a significant role in shaping his early family life and relationships with his siblings.

Her presence provided stability and love during a challenging time, allowing him to find solace and support within their bond.

This strong foundation instilled values of resilience, determination, and loyalty that would later impact NBA YoungBoy’s music career as well.

Living With Friend and Rapper NBA 3Three

After losing your grandmother, you moved in with childhood friend and rapper NBA 3Three. Growing up together in Baton Rouge, the two of you formed a strong bond. Living under the same roof allowed for constant collaboration on music projects and provided a supportive environment for both of your budding careers.

NBA 3Three’s influence played an integral role in shaping your musical style and further solidified the deep connection between the two of you.

Early Exposure to Music and Recording First Song

Discovering a cheap mic at the local Walmart, you secretly recorded your first song onto it at age 7. With no formal music training or real equipment, you tapped into your childhood creativity and unleashed your artistic beginnings.

The recording process became an outlet for self-expression and a way to emulate early inspirations.

  • Musical influences shaped your sound.
  • Childhood experiences inspired raw lyrics.
  • Recording on a budget fueled determination.

NBA YoungBoy’s Children and Relationships

NBA YoungBoy
NBA YoungBoy has had several relationships and is the father of five children. His ex-girlfriends and mothers of his children include Nisha, Starr, Nia, and Jania. Currently engaged to Jazlyn Mychelle, with whom he has a daughter together, NBA YoungBoy dreams of creating a home where all his children, their mothers, as well as his mother and siblings, can live together while balancing his music career with fatherhood.

Ex-girlfriends and Mothers of His Children

While sipping your coffee, you glimpse at your phone and discover an article about Kentrell never marrying the mothers of his five kids including Nisha, Starr, Nia, and Jania. Despite not being married to these women, NBA YoungBoy has shown a commitment to co-parenting and providing motherly support for his children.

His past relationships have undoubtedly shaped his understanding of the importance of family dynamics in child custody arrangements.

Current Relationship and Plans for the Future

Imagine a future where he is happily settled down with his fiancée, raising their daughter and creating a loving home for all of his children and their mothers. While focused on his family, NBA YoungBoy aspires to continue making music, fulfilling dreams of buying a mansion where they can all live together.

His maturity gained from fatherhood and a supportive relationship signal personal growth and hope for better days ahead.

Balancing Fatherhood With Music Career

Balancing your role as a dad with the demands of your music career can be tough, but finding that balance is crucial for both personal and professional growth. Fatherhood challenges can come up when trying to meet the needs of young kids while also putting time and energy into your music.

Juggling these responsibilities takes careful planning, good communication, and strong support from family who understand the importance of work-life balance.

Parenting struggles may pop up along the way, but with determination and dedication, finding harmony between being a present parent and pursuing a successful music career is doable.

NBA YoungBoy’s Future Plans and Dreams

NBA YoungBoy
As NBA YoungBoy looks to the future, his dreams include creating a supportive living environment for his family, where all of his children and their mothers can reside alongside his mother, brother, and sister.

He also has ambitious goals for his music career, aiming to continue releasing albums and mixtapes while collaborating with other artists. Despite facing legal challenges in the past, NBA YoungBoy remains focused on personal growth as he strives to overcome these obstacles and build a successful future.

Creating a Supportive Living Environment for His Family

Create a loving and supportive living environment for all his family members, where they can thrive and grow together. NBA YoungBoy envisions a home that fosters strong sibling bonds, promotes family unity, and encourages togetherness.

A shared living space will allow them to create lasting memories while supporting each other’s dreams and aspirations.

Ambitions for His Music Career

Pursue your music career with relentless determination, constantly striving to reach new heights and make a lasting impact on the industry. Set clear music aspirations, establish career goals that push you out of your comfort zone, and never settle for mediocrity.

Embrace artistic ambitions that fuel your creative objectives and keep pushing forward towards achieving your musical dreams. Remember, success comes to those who work hard and stay focused on their journey.

Keep honing your craft, exploring new sounds, and staying true to yourself as an artist.

Did you know NBA YoungBoy has siblings who are making their own waves in the music industry, even with legal troubles constantly looming overhead? Personal growth and sibling support have played a vital role in helping NBA YoungBoy overcome his legal challenges and navigate through adversity.

The influence of his family has been instrumental in shaping his mindset and providing him with the strength to persevere.


It’s clear to see that NBA YoungBoy has come a long way, from being raised by his grandmother to having five children with four different women. Despite his legal issues, he has managed to make a name for himself in the rap industry and continues to strive to create a better life for his family.

With his siblings Teelee, Bway, and Kentrell in his corner, NBA YoungBoy has the support needed to reach his dreams. From balancing his music career with fatherhood to creating a supportive environment for his family, NBA YoungBoy is determined to make the most of his life and the lives of those around him.

No matter the odds, he is sure to s쳮d.

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