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When Are Zombie Takis Coming Back!? (August 2023)

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Do they sell zombie TakisYou’re in for a spooky treat! Zombie Takis have clawed their way back onto store shelves, ready to tingle your taste buds with their creepy habanero flavor.

As an intense zombie lover and spicy snack aficionado, you’ve gotta sink your teeth into these limited edition chips. Takis first unleashed the nightmarish neon green Zombie flavor in 2019, freaking out fans with the undead heat of habanero peppers and cucumber.

The zesty zombie design on the bag might make your skin crawl. But don’t worry, the real terror comes when you crunch into the first undead chip. Your mouth’s in for a scare as the spicy habanero and cooling cucumber flavors battle it out.

Zombie Takis bring just the right amount of heat with their creepy flavors. So stock up now, before they vanish until next Halloween.

Key Takeaways

  • Zombie Takis were a limited edition snack released for Halloween 2019.
  • They gained popularity on social media, particularly on TikTok.
  • The combination of spicy habanero and cooling cucumber created a bold taste.
  • The snack was only available regionally and has been discontinued, leading to increased demand among fans.

Zombie Takis: a Spicy and Cool Flavor Combination

Zombie Takis: a Spicy and Cool Flavor Combination
You’d love how the bizarre yet tasty fusion of fiery habanero heat and refreshing cucumber cool in those gone-viral green zombie chips tantalizes your taste buds.

This supernatural snacking sensation blends a chili lime explosion with a creepy cucumber crunch, creating a flavor profile that’s zombie apocalypse approved.

The hauntingly hot chips pack all the heat of regular Takis fueled by habanero peppers, but the addition of cooling cucumber balances out the burn.

It’s a haunting but craveable flavor mashup you won’t find anywhere else.

While the limited edition zombie Takis were discontinued in 2020 after going viral on TikTok, their scarcity has only increased demand.

You can still find them online from resellers if you’re lucky, so snack on these back-from-the-dead chips before their creepy cucumber and habanero spiced flavor fades away once more.

The Story Behind Zombie Takis

The Story Behind Zombie Takis
After going viral in 2019, Zombie Takis were sadly discontinued the next year, leaving spicy snack fans clamoring for their wild habanero-cucumber zing. The Mexican snack company Barcel, part of the food giant Grupo Bimbo, created the limited edition flavor just for Halloween.

They packed the bold cucumber habanero taste profile into the signature rolled up Takis chips. The fluorescent green colored Zombie Takis brought a spooky yet refreshing vibe. They quickly took over social media with glowing reviews. While the zombie craze died down, Barcel continues experimenting with new seasonal flavors and spicy ingredients.

Perhaps they’ll resurrect the fan favorite or conjure up an even more bewitching Takis for next Halloween.

Where to Find Zombie Takis in 2022

Where to Find Zombie Takis in 2022
Well now, zombie Takis cravers, I’ve got some good news and some bad news. Here in 2022, you won’t find these spicy green chips on store shelves anymore. The limited run around Halloween 2019 was their one and only appearance before Barcel pulled the plug.

But don’t despair, fellow taki lovers! A discontinued snack as unique and in demand as zombie Takis can still be tracked down with some online sleuthing. Specialty sites carry overstock of defunct chips, sodas, and candies. Expect to pay collector’s prices, but you can grab zombie Takis to relive their habanero and cucumber kick.

Reddit threads and taki forums buzz about recent sightings, so check for new inventory. And around Halloween, you might get lucky with sellers hyping up the zombie theming. Supply is finite, so grab zombie Takis before resellers realize they’re sitting on spicy gold.

Happy hunting!

The Maker of Zombie Takis: Barcel and Grupo Bimbo

The Maker of Zombie Takis: Barcel and Grupo Bimbo
Y’all know Mexican snack giant Grupo Bimbo’s Barcel brand created those zombie Takis that took over TikTok in 2019, right? The company’s known for crafting zesty chip flavors that connect with young snackers.

When they launched the neon green, habanero-cucumber zombie Takis, the spicy-cool combo and spooky packaging generated hype. The chips’ super spicy vibes dared fans to try the extreme flavor. Savvy social media marketing and YouTube taste tests fueled demand.

But Barcel only produced zombie Takis as a limited edition seasonal drop. Once stores sold out, that was it. The company moves on to new creative flavored chips. They respond to marketplace trends and ride waves of viral food crazes.

Bright marketing taps into what snackers crave. Though zombie Takis are gone, Barcel keeps launching bold, shareworthy chip innovations.

Unveiling the Ingredients of Zombie Takis

Unveiling the Ingredients of Zombie Takis
You’ll love learning the lip-smacking list of lively lime, magnificent MSG, tantalizing tortilla, zesty salt ‘n sugars that make those zombie snacks so scrumptious!

Those spicy green chips get their distinctive flavor from a fiery blend of habanero peppers and cooling cucumber. The lime adds a zesty zing, while the monosodium glutamate brings out the tantalizing tastes.

Smooth corn flour makes the crunchy tortilla chips that get dusted in spices, salt, and sugar for the final freaky flourish.

Keeping up with consumer demand for the cult-favorite snack proves challenging with production limitations. However, Barcel continues releasing new flavors in the crowded spicy chip market, hoping to scare up interest.

Though the zombie version vanished, perhaps it may rise again to satiate fans haunted by cravings for the hot habanero and haunting cucumber combo.

Nutritional Facts of Zombie Takis

Nutritional Facts of Zombie Takis
Check those overflowing sodium and fat levels totaling nearly a day’s worth in just a tiny serving.

  • 160 calories
  • 8.5g of fat (12% of daily value)
  • 300mg of sodium (12% of daily value)
  • 1g of protein
  • 18g of carbohydrates

The extreme sodium and fat come from the oils, lime, and spices like habanero peppers used to create the unique flavor. While the cucumber provides some cooling effects, the habanero spice can irritate digestion and even lead to stomach ulcers with frequent consumption.

Exploring the Livery and Logo of Zombie Takis

Exploring the Livery and Logo of Zombie Takis
The zombie-themed packaging with its creepy green colors will make your skin crawl as you reach for another handful of those addictively spicy chips. The adverse publicity surrounding the extreme spiciness of Zombie Takis is clearly intentional, with the eerie green color and zombie graphics used as visual identifiers to warn consumers of the intense flavor enhancement from habanero peppers.

This strategic ingredient sourcing for the proprietary spice blend delivers flaming hot acidity levels, pushing the limits of what snackers will tolerate. Yet, the balance of cooling cucumber keeps you coming back for more. Fans just can’t resist the tempting allure of these limited-run chips, despite the menacing logo and livery matching the creepy cucumber-green color inside.

Zombie Takis create cravings through scarcity and controversial formulations, making them an infamous snack brand.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long were Zombie Takis sold in stores?

You’re in luck – Zombie Takis were available for a limited time in stores during the 2019 Halloween season before being discontinued in Their short-lived scarcity only fueled demand, making them a viral sensation. But you’ll have to hunt online or hope they come back to find them now.

What was the MSRP for a bag of Zombie Takis?

Unfortunately, the manufacturer Barcel has not disclosed the exact MSRP for Zombie Takis. As a limited edition seasonal product that was available for a short time in 2019, the pricing likely varied between retailers.

Given the popularity and scarcity, any remaining bags found online tend to be marked up well above the original suggested price. Your best bet is to keep an eye out for deals if they make a comeback around Halloween.

Were Zombie Takis sold nationwide or only regionally?

Unfortunately, Zombie Takis were only released regionally in We wish the spicy cucumber chips had been available nationwide to satisfy fans across the country. Their popularity on social media created demand that couldn’t be met once stores sold out of the limited batches.

How many bags of Zombie Takis were produced during its availability?

Unfortunately, the exact number of bags produced is unclear. As a limited edition seasonal flavor, Zombie Takis were only available for a short time in 2019 before being discontinued. Their viral popularity likely led to higher-than-expected demand and sales, but the company has not released production figures publicly.

Will Zombie Takis ever be brought back by Barcel?

Sorry, whether or not Barcel decides to bring back Zombie Takis is still up in the air. As a temporary flavor, it remains to be seen if the hype was enough to warrant a permanent return. I’d keep an eye out around Halloween when they tend to launch spooky snacks, but nothing is guaranteed with these spicy zombie chips.


You were left craving that whiplash combo of spicy and cooling, wondering if Zombie Takis would ever shamble from their snack food crypt again. With each passing Halloween, your hopes of reuniting with those freaky green chips dimmed, until finally you began seeking out overpriced bags online.

Yet take heart, fellow fiends – while they may not sell Zombie Takis in stores now, the flavor’s runaway success means this limited edition will surely rise again when you least expect it.

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