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French Bulldogs: Why Their Ears Used to Be Cropped (2023)

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Do you crop french bulldogs earsYou love your French bulldog’s adorable bat ears, but have you ever wondered if they’re natural? Relax – the Frenchie’s ears stay upright on their own. You don’t need to crop them.

While some claim cropping prevents infections or injuries, it’s bogus. Cropping only harms your buddy – it’s an unnecessary surgery that can damage their health and behavior. Your Frenchie’s fabulous ears suit them just fine au naturel. Enjoy those cute ears as they are! Now, let’s chat about caring for those fabulous floppy friends.

Key Takeaways

  • French bulldog ears naturally stand upright and are a signature of the breed. Ear cropping is unnecessary and harms their health.
  • Ear cropping originated from dogfighting practices and has no health benefits. It is illegal in most developed countries.
  • Cropping can lead to infections, complications, and other issues. Prioritizing your dog’s well-being over aesthetics is important.
  • Instead of cropping, focus on natural ear care through gentle cleaning and monitoring for infections.

Are French Bulldog Ears Cropped?

Are French Bulldog Ears Cropped
You wouldn’t crop your Frenchie’s ears, as the natural bat shape is part of the breed standard. Ear cropping is controversial, with ethical considerations around subjecting dogs to unnecessary procedures.

As veterinarians, we can’t condone medically unwarranted cropping. The practice arose from cultural beliefs about dogfighting and aesthetics. For French bulldogs, cropped ears deviate from the breed standard emphasizing their natural look.

While some still crop for shows, know that this carries health risks from anesthesia and complications. Your Frenchie’s inherent beauty lies in her natural ears. Choose what’s best for her quality of life over trends.

Her perfect bat ears suit the breed.

Why Crop a French Bulldog’s Ears?

Why Crop a French Bulldog
Many ear cropping practices today originate from the history of these dogs being used for fighting and needing ear protection from bites. However, the modern practice of ear cropping for a more pointed, cropped ear aesthetic or the myth it improves hearing is discouraged due to it providing no health benefits and causing unnecessary pain that responsible owners seek to avoid.

Fighting Dog History

You eventually discontinued the barbaric cropping of dog ears because they love their wiggles.

  • Fighting pits represent slavery
  • Canine body mutilation
  • Bloody ear wounds

Fighting dog history led people to chop ears for protection. Yet aesthetic ear cropping persists despite legal restrictions. Emotional tail wags counter cropping cruelty. Natural ears and tails affirm canine character.


Folks can’t deny some still nip their pooch’s ears for beauty pageants and such. Aesthetic preferences don’t justify unnecessary procedures. Cultural influences and breed standards promote cropped ears, despite ethical concerns.

Ear health isn’t improved. Regulations vary. We must reconsider the aesthetic purposes of cropping French bulldogs’ ears and other breeds with cropped ears.

Ear Cropping Facts

Ear Cropping Facts
Ear cropping causes unnecessary pain and risks. It is illegal in most developed countries due to animal cruelty concerns. As an animal advocate, I cannot recommend this unnecessary procedure that provides no health benefits and defies a dog’s natural state.

Though some claim cropping prevents infections, research shows no evidence for this outdated myth.

Pain and Risks

Don’t bother cutting off those lovely ears, friend. It just brings the pup pain and problems. The healing process is lengthy and prone to complications like infections. There are serious ethical concerns around subjecting a puppy to unnecessary pain without their consent.

Vets emphasize assessing pain levels and prioritizing animal welfare. Simply cherish your frenchie’s natural ears to avoid infections and unnecessary risks.


You’re risking fines or imprisonment by cropping your dog’s ears where it’s illegal. As an animal welfare advocate, I caution you against this unethical procedure. Vets oppose cropping due to cruelty and lack of benefits.

Many countries have banned cropping, reflecting changing social values. Consider public perceptions before subjecting your companion to needless mutilation.

Enjoy Natural French Bulldog Ears

Enjoy Natural French Bulldog Ears
Why not enjoy your pup’s natural floppy ears and purity? Rather than putting your Frenchie through unnecessary pain and permanent alterations, delight in the natural beauty and health of their ears.

  • Gently clean ears weekly
  • Check for infections
  • Let air circulate
  • Massage bases daily
  • Talk to your vet about care

Your pup’s floppy ears suit the breed standard and let them express emotion clearly. Consider the ethics of medically unnecessary procedures that could risk infections.

French Bulldog Tails 101

French Bulldog Tails 101
Tail’s waggin’ shows you’re feelin’ the love through every spine-tinglin’ emotion. Nub or curly, Frenchies express themselves through their tails. Some folks dig the cute Porky Pig nub while others love a curly cue.

Keep it clean and dry, especially in the pockets around the nub. A diluted vinegar solution helps prevent yeasty infections.

For alternatives to harsh chemicals, try gentle herbal treatments. Got an itchy tail? Chamomile tea soothes inflammation.

With patience and care, your Frenchie’s tail will be waggin’ for years to come.

Caring for French Bulldog Ears

Caring for French Bulldog Ears
Let’s keep those adorable bat ears clean and healthy. Monitor for frequent head shaking, odor, redness, or discharge, as these are signs of a potential ear infection. Use a clean cotton ball dipped in a 50/50 vinegar and water solution to gently wipe out visible debris and dirt weekly.

Seek veterinary attention promptly if irritation persists despite at-home care. With attentive cleaning and inspection, your French Bulldog’s fabulous ears can stay perky and problem-free.


Gently rub a diluted vinegar solution over the inside of your French Bulldog’s floppy ears to clean dirt and prevent infections. This natural cleanser helps remove yeast and debris, while its acidic nature kills bacteria.

Also check for pocket formation under your dog’s tail. Carefully clean there with the solution, watching for signs of infection. Consider gentle, natural methods like this before rushing to the vet. Regularly caring for those cute ears and tail will help keep your French Bulldog happy and healthy.


You’re going to want to keep those floppy ears clean to prevent infections.

  1. Check ears daily for redness, odor, discharge, head shaking, or scratching.
  2. Gently wipe the outer ear with a cotton ball dipped in equal parts vinegar and water.
  3. Never insert a cotton swab into the ear canal.
  4. Seek veterinary care if home treatment is ineffective.

Regular cleaning prevents painful, frustrating ear infections. First explore gentle, natural treatments before antibiotics. Your French bulldog will thank you with tail wags for keeping their adorable ears happy and healthy.

Should You Crop Your Frenchie’s Ears?

Should You Crop Your Frenchie
You’d be barking up the wrong tree to crop your Frenchie’s natural ears. Those adorably floppy bat ears are a breed signature.

Flopping freely, your pup’s ears get natural airflow. Cropping can’t guarantee improved health but does guarantee pain.

Consider cultural perspectives before judging cropped dogs at shows. Focus on your relationship with your pooch over aesthetics.

Cherish your bond through play and snuggles. Meet your buddy’s needs for intellectual stimulation and socialization.

Together, prance proudly, ears flapping in the breeze.


To put it simply, the answer is no. Despite the long-standing tradition of ear cropping for fighting dogs, the practice has been largely abandoned due to its cruelty and lack of scientific evidence.

French Bulldogs are naturally blessed with their erect ears, so no intervention is necessary to maintain them. It’s important to keep their ears clean to prevent infection, but other than that, there’s no need to alter the natural beauty of these beloved pups.

French Bulldog tails come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and all of them contribute to the breed’s unique look.

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