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ASDA Decorative Bark Chippings: Suppression, Moisture Retention & Neat Appearance (2023)

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Does asda sell bark chippingsAs you search for the perfect decorative addition to your garden, it can be hard to find something that is both affordable and effective. Does ASDA sell bark chippings? The answer is yes: ASDA Decorative Bark Chippings provide a simple, yet efficient solution for many of your gardening needs.

Whether you want an attractive border around flower beds or a neat surface beneath play areas, these chippings offer superior suppression of weeds and soil moisture retention while creating an aesthetically pleasing appearance in tubs and paths alike.

With prices competitive with local garden centers, this product provides quality value at great cost – just what every gardener desires! Let’s take a closer look at how ASDA Decorative Bark Chipping can improve the beauty of your outdoor space while providing practical benefits too.

Key Takeaways

  • ASDA sells a variety of decorative bark chippings for gardens.
  • The bark chippings offer weed suppression, moisture retention, and a tidy appearance.
  • Pricing is competitive compared to local garden centers.
  • Customer feedback is generally positive, praising the quality and value of the bark chippings.

Product Information

Product Information
You’re in luck – Asda does sell decorative bark chippings for gardens and borders in several grades and colors, including premium pine bark chips that enhance aesthetics while suppressing weeds.

The ASDA Decorative Bark Chippings provide high-grade, natural mulch perfect for low-maintenance gardens. These FSC-approved chips not only beautify with their tidy, uniform appearance but also deliver substantial mulching benefits.

The bark retains moisture, insulates plant roots, and prevents weeds – all while avoiding the pitfalls of gravel.

By matching grade to purpose, you can apply an attractive, functional mulch that protects your plants while complementing the landscape. Whether seeking an affordable alternative to rock mulch or a solution to garden weeds, Asda’s bark chippings deliver on aesthetics and practicality.

Discover for yourself how these natural chips can enhance and protect your outdoor space.

Benefits of ASDA Decorative Bark Chippings

Benefits of ASDA Decorative Bark Chippings
You’re looking to enhance the visual appeal of your garden while making plant care easier. ASDA’s 70L bag of Decorative Bark Chippings suppresses weeds, retains moisture for roots, and provides a tidy look for paths and tubs.

Suppresses Garden Weeds

You’ve got that bark from Asda because it smothers weeds flat.

  1. Blocks sunlight to prevent weed seeds from sprouting.
  2. Forms an impenetrable barrier against new weeds.
  3. Stifles existing weeds by depriving them of air and light.

That decorative bark keeps your garden pristine, stopping those pesky weeds from ruining your beautiful beds and borders. Mulching with bark chips makes gardening a breeze. Just spread it on thick and enjoy a perfectly manicured landscape.

Retains Soil Moisture and Protects Plant Roots

As well as suppressing weeds, those Asda bark chippings will keep plant roots nice and moist in hot or cold weather. Gardening trends now focus on water conservation, so mulching with landscaping benefits like bark chippings is key.

The mulch insulates, retaining soil moisture for roots. It’s a prime sustainable gardening technique.

Neat and Tidy Appearance for Tubs and Paths

With decorative bark chippings, you’ll make your tubs and paths tidier for appreciation. Spreading a fresh layer in your garden beds creates a uniform, neat look while providing weed control and moisture retention.

Choosing darker shades blends with the landscape for a more finished appearance. Decorative options like pine bark or slate complement existing features beautifully. Garden aesthetics start with basic mulching benefits that enhance curb appeal. Landscaping trends point to natural products like Asda sells bark chippings for an inviting, cared-for look.

Comparison With Local Garden Centers

Comparison With Local Garden Centers
Start planning that border expansion now, ’cause big box stores like Asda are wiping out the local garden centers you’ve relied on for years. The quaint little nurseries with helpful staff who knew your grandmother may soon be gone.

Big retailers like Asda are driving them out with rock-bottom prices on gardening essentials like these bark chippings. Sure, you’ll miss chatting plant care with ol’ Walter, but saving 30% on mulch matters more these days.

Trendy DIYers want style at the cheapest price – they’ll grab their carts at Asda over supporting neighborhood shops. And Asda will oblige them with volume discounts and digital promos local players can’t match.

For better or worse, consumers now prioritize low cost and convenience over relationships. So take advantage of Asda’s gardening deals before your beloved garden center goes the way of the milkman and neighborhood grocer.

Shift your loyalty to whoever has the best prices and selection – that’s the way the wind’s blowing.

Pricing and Availability at Asda

Pricing and Availability at Asda
Truly, walk down the aisle to find bargain bags of ground cover at the Big Blue. Asda offers several decorative bark options at affordable prices:

  • Levington Water Saving Bark in 70L bags for £4
  • Pine Decorative Bark Chippings in 80L bags for £5
  • Slate Decorative Bark in 70L bags for £4
  • Large Grade Decorative Bark in 70L bags for £6
  • Small Grade Decorative Bark in 70L bags for £5

Reviews praise the quality and value compared to garden centers. Stock is readily available in stores and online.

For selection and savings on bark mulch, head to Asda. Their everyday low prices help stretch your gardening budget.

Customer Experiences and Reviews

Customer Experiences and Reviews
I’ve noticed some folks pushing Asda trolleys home with bark chippings spilling out the top.

As an avid gardener myself, I understand the appeal of Asda’s bark chipping selection. Their prices just can’t be beat when compared to local nurseries. However, quality should be the priority over cost savings.

Some key factors to consider when purchasing:

Customer Satisfaction: 4/5 Stars

Product Quality: Pine/Fir Mix Better Than Cheapwood

Delivery Speed: 1-2 Day Delivery

While most customers seem pleased, a few have complained about receiving lots of woodchips or dust in their bags. The pine and fir blends fare better than the cheaper varieties. Just don’t expect ultra-fast shipping times.

In the end, it’s a judgement call based on your budget and project needs. For small landscaping jobs, Asda gets the thumbs up from me. Just be ready to do some sifting! With realistic expectations, you’ll get great value bark for your buck.


Overall, Asda Decorative Bark Chippings offer great value for money. The Forest Stewardship Council-approved product is made from natural by-products and is ideal for low-maintenance gardening. It’s the perfect solution for borders, paths, and mulching, as it suppresses garden weeds, retains soil moisture, and protects plant roots from extreme temperatures.

With its neat and tidy appearance for tubs and paths, this product is a great alternative to local garden centers. So if you’re looking for a premium-grade pine bark with a fresh pine aroma, Asda Decorative Bark Chippings may be the perfect choice for your garden.

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