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Does Brandon McMillan Still Live at Lucky Dog Ranch? Discover Answers Here (Answered 2024)

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Are you wondering if Brandon McMillan still lives at Lucky Dog Ranch? You may have heard stories about the animal trainer’s departure from the show and wondered what happened to him. Worry not, as we’re here to uncover all of your burning questions about this Emmy-winning television star.

From his current lifestyle and work commitments to whether or not Lucky Dog is a real place, we’ll answer it all! So join us on our journey for answers as we explore everything related to Brandon McMillan’s life post-Lucky Dog.

Key Takeaways

  • Brandon McMillan is no longer listed as a resident of Lucky Dog Ranch.
  • He left Lucky Dog Ranch in 2020 to pursue other projects in dog psychology, health, and food topics.
  • Although his current activities are unknown, Brandon McMillan remains active in advocating for animal rights and welfare.
  • He continues to work through speaking engagements, seminars, and collaborations with organizations like the Arizona Coyotes to promote responsible pet ownership.

What Happened to Brandon McMillan on Lucky Dog?

What Happened to Brandon McMillan on Lucky Dog?
You’ve likely seen him before, but you may be wondering what happened to Brandon McMillan on Lucky Dog. He was the host of the CBS show Lucky Dog and founder of a dog training service that specialized in the adoption process, therapy dogs, and training service dogs.

For more than six years, he ran his ranch in California as a full-time job while helping families find their perfect pup and teaching them how to care for it properly. After many successful adoptions, McMillan left the ranch at the end of its last season with plans to pursue other projects involving dog psychology, health, and food topics—leaving some fans wondering if he still lives there or has moved on elsewhere.

Though rumors have circulated over where he is now living since leaving Lucky Dog Ranch behind, one thing remains certain: his legacy will continue inspiring people around the world by providing insight into responsible pet ownership through tips from an expert’s perspective about adopting animals responsibly.

Is Brandon McMillan Still Training Dogs?

Since leaving Lucky Dog Ranch behind, Brandon McMillan has kept busy with his passion for dog psychology, health, and food topics. But does he still train dogs? Yes, he does! He now runs a private training facility that offers everything from basic obedience classes to behavioral problem-solving sessions for canines of all levels.

He also provides boarding services as well as lessons on how to properly care for adopted dogs—a specialty at the ranch during its six-season tenure. Additionally, McMillan trains many celebrity pups and service animals alike to ensure their safety while out in public or performing important tasks like medical alerts or search & rescue operations.

In short, if you’re looking into adopting a new pup but want professional guidance before taking the plunge, McMillan’s your go-to guy! His knowledge of canine behavior, combined with years of experience working at Lucky Dog, makes him an invaluable resource when it comes to tackling any issue related to owning a pet – from rescue shelter visits through post-adoption follow-ups and beyond!

Is Brandon McMillan Animal Trainer Married?

You’re likely wondering if Brandon McMillan, the renowned animal trainer, is married. Currently, no one knows for sure. While he has made several public appearances with his longtime partner over the years, they have not confirmed any kind of marriage or relationship status publicly.

What we do know is that when it comes to his love life and philanthropic work, McMillan tends to keep things private—and there’s nothing wrong with that!

From social media and reality TV appearances, we can glean that Brandon continues to be passionate about dog training even after leaving Lucky Dog Ranch behind in 2018. He spends most of his time either at home working on projects like creating new products or out visiting shelters across California.

He serves as an advocate for animals in need. The Emmy Award-winning host also regularly volunteers at various charities dedicated to helping those less fortunate than himself, such as children’s hospitals and homeless shelters throughout Los Angeles County.

How Old is Brandon McMillan?

How Old is Brandon McMillan?
You can easily tell that Brandon McMillan is a veteran in the animal training industry, given his age of 44 years old. Despite his long-running career in the field, he still manages to keep up with current trends and practices to ensure quality control for each dog he works with.

His work has earned him fame both on television and off it – from hosting Lucky Dog on CBS to operating Lucky Dog Ranch Training Center – which houses an impressive amount of dogs at any one time!

His remarkable dedication towards animals has made him popular among pet owners, especially those looking for help with their furry friends who have behavioral issues. In addition, Brandon continues to be involved in various charity projects across California where he volunteers at homeless shelters or children’s hospitals as well as providing assistance during natural disasters such as wildfires or floods.

Ultimately though it’s hard not to admire how much passion and commitment Brandon puts into every aspect of his life; whether it’s from running a successful business training center or helping out those less fortunate than himself – you can’t deny that this guy knows what he’s doing!

Here are five reasons why:

  1. Years Of Experience
  2. Empathy For Animals
  3. Dedication To Charity
  4. Industry Influencer
  5. TV Career Success.

Is Lucky Dog Fake?

Is Lucky Dog Fake?
Have you ever wondered if the animals on Lucky Dog are real or fake? After all, the show features some incredible adoptions and training techniques!

While it’s true that many of the dogs featured on Lucky Dog have been adopted from animal rescues around California, Brandon McMillan and his team also work with a variety of different dog breeds to create their own successful second chance stories.

Not only does he use humane training techniques, but he also has experience working with both Ellen DeGeneres’ rescue pups as well as Andy Cohen’s beloved dog, Wacha.

Plus, even though Brandon no longer lives at his ranch full-time due to other commitments in Los Angeles, he still visits regularly so that great dogs don’t miss out on their lucky chances for a forever home – something we can all relate to when looking for our own special four-legged companion!

Who is the New Host of Lucky Dog?

Who is the New Host of Lucky Dog?
After Brandon McMillan stepped away from his full-time hosting duties on Lucky Dog, a new host was brought in to help continue the show’s mission of finding forever homes for dogs. Fans were eager to discover who this special person would be and what qualifications they possessed that made them ready for such an important job.

The mystery surrounding the new host was quickly solved when it turned out that martial arts expert Justin Silver had been chosen as Brandon’s replacement! His experience with animals, combined with his knowledge of training techniques and animal care tips, has won him many fans already – not just among those looking to adopt or foster their own four-legged family member, but also in the hearts of animal lovers everywhere.

In addition to being a successful television producer and having an impressive net worth, Justin has also created The Silver Lining Foundation, which is aimed at helping homeless pet owners get back on their feet by providing necessary resources such as food assistance programs and free veterinary care services.

Is Lucky Dog Still in Production?

Is Lucky Dog Still in Production?
Yes, Lucky Dog is still in production and Justin Silver continues to help find forever homes for lucky pups! With his extensive background in animal care and martial arts training techniques, the new host of the CBS series has successfully managed to fill Brandon McMillan’s shoes.

He also runs The Silver Lining Foundation, which provides food assistance programs as well as free veterinary services for pet owners who are facing financial difficulties. Through this foundation, he rescues dogs from high-kill shelters throughout California.

On top of that, he is an accomplished television producer with a large net worth, and he has authored multiple books on canine behavior.

From bulldogs to beagles, Justin makes sure every pup gets its chance at finding their perfect home by helping guide people through the adoption process. He provides detailed information about dog breeds available in kennels around the country.

What is Brandon McMillan Salary?

What is Brandon McMillan Salary?
You may be wondering how much Brandon McMillan’s annual average salary is. As an American television personality and animal trainer, it was rumored that he earned a substantial amount of money working on the series Lucky Dog.

Prior to his departure from the show in 2020, McMillan had been hosting for seven seasons. It has not been revealed what his exact salary was during this time, but some sources estimate it would have likely ranged between $100k-$150k per year or higher, given its popularity at the time of airing its last episode in 2019.

Despite no longer being associated with Lucky Dog Ranch, Brandon continues to work as an animal expert and advocate for pet adoption around America today through various initiatives. These include speaking engagements and seminars related to dog training, including ones dedicated solely towards improving canine behavior with special attention paid towards issues concerning animal welfare overall.

Does Brandon McMillan Have a Girlfriend?

Does Brandon McMillan Have a Girlfriend?
It’s unclear if Brandon McMillan has a romantic partner, but what is certain is his dedication to his work advocating for animal welfare.

Through various initiatives such as seminars and speaking engagements dedicated towards improving canine behavior with attention paid to issues concerning animal care and aggression problems, Brandon continues to blaze the different path he took after leaving Lucky Dog Ranch in 2020.

He shares insights on training techniques and relationship dynamics between humans and animals while also addressing key behavioral issues related specifically toward pet adoption around America today.

His expertise has been sought out by organizations including the Arizona Coyotes, who have partnered up with him, creating awareness campaigns that promote responsible pet ownership among a broader audience base than ever before.

Ultimately, no matter where life leads him from here on out, it appears clear that Brandon will remain an active advocate for animal rights far into the future ahead of us all!

How Did Brandon McMillan Get His Money?

How Did Brandon McMillan Get His Money?
Discover how Brandon McMillan earned the money to fund his animal advocacy initiatives and explore his journey from Lucky Dog Ranch! He’s had a number of lucrative wealth sources, including financial success in business deals, money management strategies such as charitable donations, and even an endorsement deal with a New York fashion label for his signature ‘Brandon’s Right Eyebrow’ look.

Additionally, he recently became the new host of Lucky Dog on CBS. This has opened up many opportunities for him to increase awareness about animal welfare around America today.

The pursuit of financial success allowed Brandon to amass enough funds so that he could dedicate himself full-time towards advocating for animals everywhere:

  • Through seminars about proper pet ownership
  • By speaking engagements dedicated towards improving canine behavior
  • Attention paid to issues concerning animal care and aggression problems
  • Partnership with the Arizona Coyotes creating awareness campaigns promoting responsible pet ownership

Since leaving Lucky Dog Ranch in 2020, Brandon’s commitment toward uplifting canines is evident through each action taken by him.

How Tall is Brandon McMillan Lucky Dog?

How Tall is Brandon McMillan Lucky Dog?
You’ll be amazed to learn that Brandon McMillan from Lucky Dog stands tall at 6’4! He’s an animal advocate and former host of the show ‘Lucky Dog’. With considerable experience in rescuing dogs, training breeds, and providing pet adoption services, he’s become a respected leader in the world of canine care.

Brandon’s love for animals can be seen through his charitable donations to organizations aiding in dog rescue operations, as well as his collaboration with the Arizona Coyotes on campaigns promoting responsible pet ownership.

His expertise has even been called upon by leading industries interested in furthering their mission-related activities involving pets.

From seminars about proper pet ownership to speaking engagements dedicated to improving canine behavior, Brandon McMillan continues to use all available resources for the betterment of our four-legged friends.


You may be wondering, does Brandon McMillan still live at the Lucky Dog Ranch? The answer is, it’s hard to say. While it’s true that he trained dogs and was the original host of the show, he isn’t currently listed as a resident of the ranch.

However, it would be wrong to say he’s completely out of the picture. Like a phoenix from the ashes, there’s a good chance he’s still involved in the animal training industry in some capacity. That said, the jury is still out on what exactly Brandon McMillan is up to these days.

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