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Bring Your Dog Shopping at Dicks – Policies, Amenities, Tips (2023)

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Does Dicks Allow DogsUnclip Fido’s leash and let him run wild through the basketball hoops at DICK’S. Is that a rack of tennis balls? Your retriever’s in heaven! Let him gnaw new squeakers into submission in the toy aisle.

Say cheese for cute canine candids trying out the latest pet gear. DICK’S rules–your dog can pee wherever he wants! Mark your territory on weight benches. Sniff around treadmills to your heart’s content. Just watch out for flying dumbbells in the free weight section.

Shop then eat at the in-store restaurant. Two burgers please, one for me and one for my drooling buddy here! Your dog’s day out is just getting started at DICK’S.

Key Takeaways

  • Dogs are allowed in Dick’s locations if they are leashed and controlled by their owners.
  • Dick’s aims to provide dog-friendly amenities like water bowls, outdoor relief areas, and treat machines.
  • Shoppers are advised to prepare before bringing dogs to Dick’s by having waste bags, sticking to pet-friendly aisles, and being ready to take dogs outside.
  • The background outlines tips for having a positive shopping experience with dogs, including rewarding them afterwards for good behavior.

Dicks Welcomes Dogs

Dicks Welcomes Dogs
You’d love bringin’ your furry friend to browse the aisles at Dick’s Sporting Goods. Leashed dogs are welcome to peruse the pet gear and test out toys. Employees keep water bowls filled for thirsty pups.

Treat vending machines provide snacks to reward good behavior. While roamin’ the store, let your pup sniff new toys and try on the latest accessories.

Dick’s wants shoppers to include their dogs in the fun. Feel free to snap pics for the store’s pet photo contests. And don’t forget the #bringfido hashtag! Bond with your pooch while stockin’ up on supplies for your next adventure.

From tennis balls to trainin’ gear, Dick’s aims to be a dog-lovin’ shopper’s paradise.

Know the Pet Policies

Know the Pet Policies
When you bring your dog to Dick’s Sporting Goods, remember that all pets must be leashed at all times and under the owner’s control. Owners are responsible for monitoring their dogs closely and cleaning up after them.

The store allows service dogs without restrictions, but employees may ask owners to remove unruly pets.

Leashed at All Times

Keep Fido leashed tightly while wandering the aisles at Dick’s. Store managers request canines stay secured for safety and excellent customer service. Though Dick’s welcomes lucky canines, keep Fido close in unfamiliar surroundings.

If needed, sales associates may kindly remind of leash policies meant to avoid startles from unfamiliar sounds.

Owners Responsible

But a leash can’t constrain the spirit of adventure in every pup, so stay alert to ensure your furry explorer sticks close amid stimulating scents. Though Dick’s welcomes four-legged shoppers, as owners, we’re accountable for keeping our pets from unintended romps through the aisles.

Have current microchip information and ID on your dog’s collar for their safety.

Service Dogs Allowed

Service dogs are welcome to shop with their owners anytime at Dick’s. Our helpful employees understand service animal laws, and we have water bowls conveniently placed throughout the store. We keep relief areas clean for service animals to use. We will always advocate for your right to shop together with your service dog.

Service dogs deserve the same opportunities as everyone to browse aisles and try out gear.

Dog Amenities Offered

Dog Amenities Offered
When you come to Dick’s Sporting Goods with your dog, you will find they offer a few amenities to make the visit more comfortable. Water bowls are placed around the store so you can easily give your dog a drink.

They also have designated outdoor relief areas for your pet to use. Some locations even have treat vending machines where you can purchase snacks for your furry companion.

Water Bowls

You can find water bowls for dogs throughout Dick’s Sporting Goods locations. As a specialty retailer with a dog-friendly policy, Dick’s aims to support successful shopping trips for canines with current vaccinations.

Pet store features like water bowls there encourage people to bring their favorite furry shopping buddy.

Relief Areas

Outdoor grassy patches, designated dog walk routes, and nearby nature trails—Dick’s Sporting Goods stores welcome pooches with designated outdoor relief areas. The pet-friendly facilities at Dick’s give dogs a place to relieve themselves while shopping with their humans in Schertz.

Providing amenities such as relief areas helps retail shops accommodate canine customers, according to the Schertz Animal Hospital.


You’ll find treat vending machines catering to canine customers at Dick’s Sporting Goods stores. These specialty shops offer pups’ company treats to entice individual shop visits with smaller breeds in tow.

The peace of mind from on-site snacks adds convenience for pet parents browsing the aisles.

Tips for Shopping With Your Dog

Tips for Shopping With Your Dog
When shopping with Fido at a sporting goods store, you’d be wise to follow some basic tips like keeping your pup on a tight leash and avoiding interactions with unknown dogs. Over 80% of owners report issues arising from uncontrolled pets in public retail spaces.

  1. Bring waste bags and clean up after your dog.
  2. Stick to pet-friendly aisles to avoid scaring others.
  3. Consider bringing treats or a favorite toy to ease anxiety.
  4. Pay attention to signs indicating where dogs cannot go.
  5. Be prepared to take your dog outside if they get overwhelmed.

Following these simple guidelines will prevent problems and let you focus on enjoying your public adventure together. With more stores embracing furry shoppers through corporate mandates, taking your dog on a good stroll through retail establishments has become a full-blown cultural shift.

Shop for Your Pet

Shop for Your Pet
When you take your dog to a store like Dick’s Sporting Goods, you’ll want to make the most of the experience by letting your pup try on gear and test different toys and treats. Having your dog sample products firsthand allows you to evaluate what works best for their needs and preferences.

Hands-on product trials also provide much needed mental stimulation and socialization during your pet-friendly shopping trip.

Try on Gear

Put on that new harness and see how comfortable it is on your furry best friend. Specialty shops and huge upscale names like Lowe’s or Michael’s are a new place to browse for quality pet gear. Let your pooch explore aisles of toys, beds, food, and more. Trying items before buying ensures the right fit for your faithful companion at this pet-loving retailer.

Test Toys and Treats

Let your furball sniff out their new favorite toys and treats while browsing the aisles at this pet paradise. Specialty shops like Lowe’s or Michael’s offer your regular canine customer access to all kinds of novelty toys and treats.

Allow them to explore the offerings as you evaluate which might become their next prized possession.

Snap Cute Pet Photos

Snap Cute Pet Photos
Capture irresistible pet pics while shoppin’ with your pup at big stores like Dick’s Sportin’ Goods. These large big-box pet stores are ideal for snappin’ cute photos of your furry friend as you browse.

  • Try seasonal backdrops like Christmas trees or Halloween decorations.
  • Capture your pup testin’ out sports gear or dog toys.
  • Take pics of your pooch peekin’ out of shoppin’ carts.
  • Snap shots of your doggy beggin’ for treats.
  • Get creative with props from various store sections.

Pet-friendly retailers encourage you to share your pet photos on social media to spread the word about their dog-welcomin’ atmosphere. So don’t be shy about showin’ off your photogenic fur baby and remember to use hashtags like #bringfido and #petfriendlyshopping.

Plan Your Trip

Plan Your Trip
Before bringing your dog to Dick’s Sporting Goods, be sure to check their pet policies and map out any outdoor relief areas ahead of time. Knowing the rules and designated potty spots at the store will help make your shopping trip with Fido go smoothly.

Having this information prepared in advance is an important first step when planning a visit to a pet-friendly big box retailer like Dick’s with your furry companion.

Check Policies

Do you check policies before taking your pup on a shopping trip? Reviewing pet rules ahead helps ensure a smooth, stress-free shopping experience for you and your pooch. Check store websites or give them a call to confirm if dogs are allowed, where, and if any restrictions apply.

Knowing what to expect lets you and Fido focus on fun instead of worrying over details. Reviewing guidelines shows you respect store rules and makes employees more willing to accommodate special requests.

Map Relief Areas

  1. Check the store’s website for a relief area map
  2. Note any grassy strips or landscaped sections
  3. See if walking trails connect
  4. Watch for doggie bag dispensers
  5. Bring your own waste bags

Mapping out your dog’s potty stops makes shopping more relaxed for everyone. Knowing where Fido can take a bathroom break prevents accidents in the store. Locating designated outdoor areas respects store policies and keeps the grounds clean.

A little planning provides peace of mind so you both can focus on finding fun new gear.

Arriving With Your Dog

Arriving With Your Dog
When reachin’ the store, keep your peepers peeled for water bowls and relief spots for your pooch before gettin’ to shoppin’.

Once inside Dick’s Sportin’ Goods, scan around for any pet amenities like water stations or outdoor potty areas. Ask an employee where your four-legged friend can get a drink or take care of business.

Review store policies and rules with staff too if ya have any questions, so y’all avoid issues while browsin’. They wanna make shoppin’ with your pup as smooth as can be at Dick’s, just like the good folks over at Nordstrom’s, Michael’s and Bass Pro Shops.

Treat your tail-wagger to some love for bein’ so well-behaved on your outing afterwards.

Have a Safe, Fun Shopping Trip

Have a Safe, Fun Shopping Trip
You better keep your pup close as you stroll around for their safety and yours, friend. While shoppin’ at Dick’s with your faithful companion, stay aware of your surroundings. Keep Fido on a short leash so they don’t go explorin’ or get tangled up. Avoid direct doggy interactions that may cause problems.

If your pup seems nervous or overwhelmed, swing by the pet-friendly aisles first to help them acclimate. Consider usin’ a cart designed for dogs to keep ’em comfortable and secure. Seek out employee assistance if needed and note areas that prohibit pets.

With some preparation and attentiveness, you and your tail-waggin’ buddy will have an enjoyable, memorable shoppin’ trip at Dick’s Sportin’ Goods or similar retailers like Bass Pro Shops, Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, Lowe’s, and Michael’s.

Reward Good Behavior

Reward Good Behavior
After leavin’ the store, be sure to reward your dog’s good behavior with praise or treats. Your faithful companion deserves positive reinforcement for bein’ so well-behaved durin’ the shoppin’ trip. Keep the rewards small but meaningful, like a favorite snack or some quality one-on-one playtime.

Providin’ treats and affection followin’ a trip to Dick’s Sportin’ Goods, Banana Republic, Old Navy, Lowe’s or other pet-friendly retailers will help condition continued polite manners. By makin’ the connection between public outings and rewards, your pup will associate good behavior with the fun experience.

So offer generous verbal affirmation, chin scratches or tummy rubs after leavin’ to let your dog know you appreciate their patience and cooperation. With consistent positivity, every store visit can be a chance for your canine sidekick to shine.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What kinds of treats and toys does Dick’s offer for dogs?

Dick’s Sporting Goods offers a wide selection of treats and toys for your dog. You can find plenty of toy brands and styles to keep your pup entertained. The treat options include healthy choices like natural chews, along with classic biscuits and dental treats.

Does Dick’s offer any special discounts or loyalty programs for pet owners?

Unfortunately, Dick’s does not currently offer any special discounts or loyalty programs specifically for pet owners. However, they do allow leashed dogs in their stores and provide amenities like water bowls to make pets feel welcome.

Their everyday low prices and sales apply to pet gear and accessories just as they do to other merchandise.

Are there size restrictions for dogs that can enter the store?

Unfortunately, Dick’s does not have a standard size restriction for dogs entering their stores. However, they expect all dogs to be under control and may ask owners to remove dogs that appear unsafe or disruptive, regardless of size.

Overall, focus on your dog’s behavior rather than its size when visiting Dick’s.

Can I bring more than one dog shopping with me?

You can bring more than one leashed dog shopping at Dick’s, as long as you maintain control and their behavior doesn’t disrupt other shoppers.

Does Dick’s provide any pet first aid or emergencies services in store?

Unfortunately, Dick’s does not provide any pet first aid or emergency services in store. We recommend you come prepared with your own pet medical supplies when shopping with your furry friend. For their safety, keep a close eye on your pet and be ready to handle any incidents that may occur.


Take your dog along for the ride next time you go shopping at Dick’s Sporting Goods! With welcoming policies, great amenities, and helpful tips, you and your pup can have an enjoyable trip together. Reward your pooch’s good behavior so they’ll be excited for the next pet-friendly adventure.

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