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Does Dish Have FOX Sports South? | Channel Guide (Answered 2024)

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Does dish have fox sports southAre you a fan of FOX Sports and wondering if Dish Network has it? You’re in luck! The answer is yes—Dish carries FOX Sports South. In fact, over 95% of U.S. households have access to the channel thanks to its availability on major cable networks like Dish, DirecTV, AT&T U-verse, and more.

Here’s what else you need to know about watching Bally Sports South on Dish Network – from access details to alternatives for those without the satellite company’s services.

Key Takeaways

  • Dish Network does not currently have Fox Sports South due to a contract dispute with Sinclair Broadcast Group.
  • Fans have missed out on 20% of Braves games because of the ongoing dispute.
  • There is hope that Dish and Sinclair can reach an agreement to restore Bally Sports South.
  • In the meantime, viewers have alternative options for accessing Bally Sports South coverage, such as using the Bally Sports app or switching to a provider that offers it.

Is Bally Sports South Available on Dish Network?

Is Bally Sports South Available on Dish Network
Unfortunately, you can’t watch Braves games on Dish Network since they don’t carry Bally Sports South. This headache leaves you frustrated and scrambling to find a way to follow your favorite team.

As a Dish Network subscriber, your only options are hoping for a resolution to the contract dispute between Dish and Sinclair Broadcast Group, which owns Bally Sports regional networks, or switching to a different TV provider.

Xfinity, Spectrum, DirecTV, and streaming services like YouTube TV and DirecTV Stream include Bally Sports South in their channel lineups.

With the MLB season underway, you’ll have to decide if you want to miss Braves games this year or make sacrifices to watch your hometown team. The contract issues complicate access to live sports, but you have some tough choices to make.

How to Access Bally Sports South on Dish Network

How to Access Bally Sports South on Dish Network
Despite the ongoing contract dispute between Dish Network and Sinclair Broadcast Group, there are a few options for accessing Bally Sports South to watch Atlanta Braves games if you have Dish:

  1. Use the Bally Sports app. You can stream Bally Sports South by authenticating through a TV provider, even if that provider doesn’t directly carry the channel.
  2. Consider switching to a provider that offers Bally Sports South, like DIRECTV, Xfinity, Spectrum, or AT&T TV.
  3. If available, subscribe to an out-of-market sports package through MLB.TV or NHL.
  4. Where available, try services like fuboTV that carry Bally Sports RSNs. They offer free trials to test them out.
  5. Use an over-the-air antenna to watch nationally televised Braves games on channels like Fox and ESPN.

While frustrating, these options provide paths to watching the Braves with Dish during the dispute over distribution.

Alternatives to Dish Network for Bally Sports South Coverage

Alternatives to Dish Network for Bally Sports South Coverage
So far this season, you’ve missed 20% of Braves games due to the ongoing dispute between Sinclair and Dish.

  1. Subscribe to a cable TV provider like Xfinity or Spectrum that offers Bally Sports South.
  2. Switch to a satellite provider like DIRECTV which carries Bally Sports South.
  3. Check if services like YouTube TV or Hulu + Live TV have added Bally Sports South since removing it.
  4. Sign up for a streaming service like DIRECTV Stream that includes Bally Sports South.
  5. Explore Sinclair’s planned direct-to-consumer streaming option when available.

While frustrating, you still have choices beyond Dish Network for following the Braves this season. Don’t give up watching your favorite team. With some research into cable, satellite, streaming services, and upcoming direct-to-consumer options, you can find a way to regain access to Bally Sports South coverage.

Contract Disputes and the Impact on Bally Sports South Availability

Contract Disputes and the Impact on Bally Sports South Availability
You ain’t seeing Braves games on Bally Sports South until they settle this contract mess. The dispute between Sinclair and Dish centers on costs, leaving fans in the dark.

Here’s what each side wants and the impact:

Sinclair Broadcast Group (Bally Sports) Dish Network Impact on Fans
Higher fees paid by Dish Lower costs passed to customers No Braves games on Dish
Retain high profit margins Avoid raising subscriber rates Limited TV provider options
Maximize revenue from broadcasts Resist Sinclair’s demands Frustration over missing games

With baseball season opening April 7, there’s limited time to resolve this standoff. Some fans are weighing switching providers or finding streams. Others will simply miss out on watching their team until Sinclair and Dish reach an agreement.

This contract dispute highlights how consumers often end up collateral damage in fights over money. Now fans hope cooler heads prevail so they can get back to just enjoying the games.

The Future of Bally Sports South on Dish Network

The Future of Bally Sports South on Dish Network
If Sinclair and Dish resolve future carriage agreements, viewers could access Bally Sports South again.

Sinclair plans to launch a DTC sports streaming service, which could include Bally Sports South.

The DTC streaming option may be the key to restoring Dish viewers’ access.

Braves CEO sees streaming as important to the team’s future, so games may be available.

However, Liberty Media’s CEO doubts Bally’s DTC model, creating uncertainty.

Fans should call Dish and request they reach a deal with Sinclair for Bally Sports.

Putting pressure on both companies could lead to an agreement.

Hope remains that Dish and Sinclair can reach an agreement to restore Bally Sports South.

Fans eagerly await the chance to once again easily view Braves games through Dish Network.


The future of Bally Sports South on Dish Network remains uncertain, however, sports fans can still enjoy their favorite teams and games without having to switch providers. While contract disputes between Sinclair Broadcast Group and carriers have left Bally Sports South off of Dish Network, there are other options available for fans who still want to catch Braves games.

Options such as Bally Sports Go, Chromecast-enabled TVs, and other streaming plans can provide an alternative way to follow the team. Regardless of the situation, it’s important for fans to stay informed about changes and be aware of their options when it comes to watching their favorite teams on Dish Network.

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