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Does Dog Chapman Still Call Hawaii Home for 2023?

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Does Dog Chapman still live in HawaiiHave you ever wondered if Dog Chapman still lives in Hawaii? I know I have. Surprisingly, the answer isn’t straightforward. While Dog split his residence with Colorado after his late wife Beth’s passing, Hawaii remains dear to his heart.

The Aloha State was Beth’s last home, and where Dog cared for her until the end. Though no longer his sole home base, Hawaii still draws Dog back regularly. He retains property there, and the islands nourish his spirit.

Key Takeaways

  • Dog Chapman splits his time between Hawaii and Colorado.
  • Hawaii holds a special place in Dog’s heart as it was where his wife Beth passed away and where he cared for her before her death.
  • Dog’s Honolulu bail bonds business keeps him rooted in Hawaii, as it is located downtown near courthouses and jails.
  • Dog considers Hawaii his home and finds solace and comfort in the islands, which also provided support for Beth during her cancer treatments.

Dog Chapman’s Current Residence

Dog Chapman
Sounds like you’ve finally found your heaven on earth in Hawaii, don’t ever leave your island paradise.

Even after losing your beloved wife Beth in 2019, it appears Hawaii remains your adoptive home state. Your Hawaii-based television reality show launched your fame, and now your Honolulu bail bonds business keeps you rooted on Oahu.

Operating Da Kine Bail Bonds downtown provides income separate from your reality TV career.

Situated in prime real estate near courthouses and jails, your kama’aina bail bonds office stays busy despite retirement. Hawaii seems to have healed your broken heart after Beth’s passing. You vowed to reunite with her in the afterlife, but for now you’re still enjoying life in paradise.

The islands gave Beth comfort during cancer treatment, and now provide you solace as well.

Dog’s Split Residence Between Colorado and Hawaii

After Beth’s passing in 2019, you wondered if Dog would leave Hawaii. However, he still calls the Aloha State home. Dog splits his time between homes in Hawaii and his home state of Colorado. He has deep roots in Colorado, but Hawaii also holds a special place in his heart.

Since meeting Beth in the 1980s, Hawaii became their second home. With Beth gone, Dog relies on the support of his family in Hawaii like Leland.

Though Colorado reminds Dog of his early bounty hunting days, the Hawaiian islands embrace him with memories of Beth.

Beth Chapman’s Passing and Dog’s Move to Hawaii

Beth Chapman
You’ll often see ol’ Dog strolling the beaches of Hawaii Kai since makin’ the islands his full-time home after losin’ his beloved Beth.

He sold his Colorado home and moved to the east Honolulu suburb to be near where Beth passed.

Most days you can find him havin’ breakfast at the Hawaii Kai Towne Center before headin’ to his bail bonds office downtown.

In the evenings, Dog keeps a low profile around the house to stay close to Beth’s memory.

Losing Beth was real hard on Dog. But bein’ back in their Hawaii home keeps him feelin’ connected and gives him comfort.

Dog’s Home in Hawaii

You betcha, Dog still calls Hawaii home. Chapman settled into a comfy abode in Oahu’s Portlock neighborhood after Beth’s passing. This Hawaiian haven allows Dog to soak up the island life that Beth loved so much.

Though Colorado birthed his bounty hunting career, the aloha spirit now nurtures his soul.

Dog’s Hawaii Homebase

Location Details
Oahu Dog’s residence in Honolulu’s Portlock area
Honolulu Headquarters for Da Kine Bail Bonds downtown
Hawaiian Islands Provide tranquility & reflection since Beth’s loss

Chapman continues embracing these Pacific islands Beth adored. Hawaii allows Dog space to grieve while remembering Beth’s vivacious spirit.

Dog’s Love for Hawaii

That paradise became your forever home when Beth’s spirit soared to heaven. Hawaii welcomed the Chapman clan with open arms, enveloping you in the warmth of ohana. The islands called to you like a siren’s song, offering refuge and belonging amidst turquoise waters.

Here, your tribe gathered, bound not by blood, but by the aloha spirit. Though Colorado birthed you, Hawaii nurtured your spirit. Her verdant cliffs and rolling waves sang of Beth’s memory, echoing with the promise of future reunions.

In this island home, you laid your beloved to rest, her smile ever radiant like a rainbow after the storm. Hawaii beckoned your return, time and again, until you answered her call for good.

Here, you are wrapped in the eternal embrace of family and belonging.

Dog’s Work in Hawaii

Track his targets strolling Kalakaua while you queue for shave ice.

Patrol the same Honolulu streets as Dog Chapman, reality star bounty hunter.

Cruise past his Da Kine Bail Bonds downtown on Queen Emma as fans snap selfies outside.

Peer in the storefront, adorned with Dog merchandise and memorabilia.

Drive through Hawaii Kai, his former neighborhood with wife Beth.

Pass the hospital where she received end-of-life care.

Imagine Dog reminiscing on the lanai, looking out on the Pacific that separates him from Colorado roots.

Witness the landmarks that shaped the celebrity’s adopted island home.

Dog still resides in Hawaii, bonded to the island Beth loved until her passing.

The Aloha State retains connections to cherished memories and chapters spent with his late soulmate.

Their journey intertwined with his public persona in this island paradise.

Dog’s Real Estate Holdings in Hawaii and Colorado

Beth grew up on a family farm in Colorado, but when she married Dog, they quickly decided sunny Honolulu should be their forever home. Though Dog maintains property in both Hawaii and Colorado, the bounty hunter calls Hawaii home.

He owns a modest Hawaii Kai house east of Honolulu that he shared with Beth before her passing. Dog also keeps a home in his native Colorado, including a Grand Junction ranch belonging to his late father.

The Colorado digs provide an escape from tropical Oahu and a way to stay connected to his roots. Dog splits time between the Hawaii and Colorado properties depending on filming and family obligations.

Despite his Colorado family ties, the reality star’s heart remains in his adopted Hawaiian home where he shared a life with Beth.

Dog’s Life After Beth’s Death

You’d see the man still grieving as he gazed across the Pacific. Losing his beloved wife Beth to cancer in 2019 left Dog Chapman devastated and contemplating suicide. Though their long marriage was rocky at times, Beth had been his rock and closest confidante.

Her larger-than-life persona was his perfect complement. With Beth gone, Dog struggled to imagine life without her.

He found solace in their Hawaiian home, the backdrop for their bounty hunting adventures and her final days. The islands had become their sanctuary. Now Hawaii represented Beth’s lasting spirit and their eternal bond.

Dog vowed to stay active with work, family, and causes dear to Beth. Each sunrise over the Pacific brought an opportunity to honor her memory. Though the grief remained raw, the bounty hunter drew strength from the Hawaiian haven they had shared.

Dog’s Current Relationship and Travels

You’re remembering the good times with Dog in Hawaii. But life moves on. Dog still calls Colorado and Hawaii home, splitting time between the two. He found new love after Beth passed, getting engaged to Francie Frane in 2020. They married in 2021.

Francie’s from Colorado, so Dog travels back and forth now. He needs to be in Colorado with his fiancée and family.

Dog and Francie even visited Hawaii on their honeymoon in 2021. And Dog brought Francie and his family to Hawaii for Beth’s memorial services. He’ll continue coming back to keep Beth’s spirit alive. Hawaii is still Dog’s paradise.

Dog’s Future Plans in Hawaii

You gotta feel Dog’s still calling Hawaii home, brah. Though he’s been traveling more to the mainland lately, Hawaii’s still his main base. He’s gotta keep supporting his big family here, and he knows this is where Beth would want him.

With new shows in the works, he’ll likely split time between Colorado and Hawaii for filming. But he’ll always return to his house in Hawaii Kai. The weather and views keep him feeling peaceful. Hawaii’s his refuge. And when his time comes to join Beth, these islands will be his stairway to heaven.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Dog still own property in Colorado?

You’ve probably tuned in to those bounty hunts. Well, he’s still calling Colorado home despite time in paradise. Being man’s best friend starts with den loyalty, I suppose. The heart knows its longing even when the view entices.

What was the cause of Beth’s cancer?

You watched helplessly as Beth’s throat cancer spread like wildfire, ultimately taking her life at just Doctors diagnosed stage 2 throat cancer in 2017, but it rapidly advanced to stage 4, becoming incurable.

Does Dog still film TV shows or other projects in Hawaii?

Things have changed since Beth’s passing. Though the aloha spirit lives on in Dog’s heart, his TV production work keeps him on the mainland more often than not these days.

How often does Dog visit family and friends in Colorado?

You probably see Dog in Colorado quite often since he still has family there. He frequently heads back to visit them and check in on things, but Hawaii is his main home now.

Who is managing Dog’s business affairs and properties now?

You’re in charge of keeping Dog’s business running smoothly in Hawaii now. Ensure his bail bonds office stays open downtown and manage his rental properties across the islands. He trusts you to make wise financial decisions while he grieves his beloved Beth.


Have you visited Hawaii lately and wondered if Dog Chapman still lives there? Despite splitting his time between Colorado and Hawaii for years, Dog made Hawaii his permanent home after losing his beloved wife Beth in 2019.

Though dealing with grief, Hawaii remains special to Dog. The Aloha State was Beth’s final home and where they built their life and legacy together. Whether running his Honolulu bail bonds business, filming TV shows, or just enjoying island life, Dog still calls Hawaii home.

The Hawaiian islands will always hold Beth in his heart, and he feels her presence there.

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