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How to Get KyusiPass QR Code in Quezon City Full Guide of 2023

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Does quezon city have qr code?You need that KyusiPass QR Code. We get it – it can feel pointless to scan some code just to grab a bite or shop.

It keeps the elders in your community safer. It prevents hospitals from overflowing.

So take a minute to set up that code today. Quezon City makes it easy. Just download an app, register your details, and you’ll have that lifesaving barcode on your phone.

It’s a little effort that goes a long way. Who knows – you might even inspire someone else to take that small step.

Together, we can keep each other healthy.

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Key Takeaways

  • Quezon City implemented the KyusiPass QR system for 500,000 residents and 37,000 businesses.
  • Users register their mobile number and create a 4-digit PIN to get a personalized QR code on their Safepass ID.
  • Businesses display codes for anonymous scanning to support contact tracing.
  • Compliance with scanning for tracing is encouraged through penalties for non-participation.

What Are QR Codes?

Does quezon city have qr code? 1
You’re scanning those quick response codes everywhere now, aren’t ya? It’s for your own good, keeping each other safe as we ride out this nasty virus. Those black and white squares hold information that links back to you through your phone’s image scanner.

It meets contact tracing requirements without demanding personal details. Sure there’s access limitations, some privacy concerns and security risks. But signing up for your own KyusiPass ID takes just a few minutes, entering your mobile number then verifying it through a one-time password.

Each establishment gets their own assigned QR code for unique location monitoring. The QC government offers these free QR codes to help contain the spread. So scan away and stay safe, but keep a little healthy skepticism too.

Does Quezon City Have QR Code?

Does Quezon City Have QR Code?

Unique monitoring code
Contact tracing efficacy
Identification accessibility
One-time password

The KyusiPass system in Quezon City aims to amp up the city’s contact tracing game through establishment registration and business QR code adoption. Just sign up on the Safepass portal with your digits, get that one-time PIN for verification, and bam – you’ve got your digital Safepass ID.

Businesses are supposed to display their unique codes, and random checks keep ’em compliant.

By signing up with your mobile number and getting a one-time password for verification, you receive your digital Safepass ID. Scanning the unique QR code at each location you visit logs your details for efficient tracing if needed, but also raises data privacy concerns.

While identification accessibility and contact tracing efficacy are improved through this initiative, continued public cooperation is key to containing the spread of COVID in Quezon City.

How Do I Get QR Codes for KyusiPass?

How Do I Get QR Codes for KyusiPass?
Simply register your digits online to snag your unique tracing code, then feel free to check in worry-free as you shop ’round town.

  1. Head to the Safepass website or Facebook page to start your registration.
  2. Enter your mobile number and verify it with the one-time password sent via text.
  3. Come up with a 4-digit mobile personal identification number for security.
  4. Review your digital Safepass ID and save or print it out.
  5. You’ll get a QR code for scanning after setup’s complete.

Getting your own QR code through KyusiPass is a breeze – just provide your mobile number and verify it to access your Safepass account. But concerns around equitable access, establishment registration enforcement, and potential privacy issues with misuse detection remain.

While this initiative aims to amp up tracing and safety across Quezon City, its success hinges on community cooperation. With some integration challenges still ahead, let’s work together so all can navigate public spaces with greater peace of mind.

Can Pasig Pass Be Used in Quezon City?

Can Pasig Pass Be Used in Quezon City?
Unfortunately, my friend, Pasig Pass can’t scan you into Quezon City’s contact tracing system since each locality encodes their QR codes uniquely.

Pasig Pass is for Pasig City, while KyusiPass is for Quezon City. PasigPass uses the Pasig City government’s app, and KyusiPass uses the Quezon City government’s app.

While contact tracing systems like Pasig Pass and KyusiPass use QR codes to log visits, their scannable codes are unique to each city. So if you live in Pasig but shop in Quezon City, you’ll need to register for KyusiPass to check in at stores, offices, and other locations there.

With one-of-a-kind QR codes by locality, these apps aim to contain COVID spread through monitoring within their own jurisdictions. But someday cross-city tracing could provide fuller insight into disease vectors.

Though digitized tracing is progress, true safety comes from caring for all people’s wellbeing, wherever they live.

What is the Location ID of Quezon City?

What is the Location ID of Quezon City?
Let’s move on from Pasig to Quezon City’s system. You too can help keep your community in Quezon City healthy through the KyusiPass contact tracing app.

By registering for an account, you get a digit MPIN and location monitoring QR code. Operation Observation tracks statistics through code scans for coordination planning. The technology implementation enables inspection monitoring to contain outbreaks.

To get started, register online, via SMS, or chat with support to obtain your mayor’s permit number. Make sure to create a new account and digit MPIN. Then you can print or save your personal KyusiPass QR code to scan in at establishments.

Working together through tools like KyusiPass, we can care for one another’s wellbeing.

How Do I Register QR?

How Do I Register QR?
To begin, you’ll need to download a scanner application for reading QR codes onto your smartphone or tablet. After you have the application, simply open it and point your device’s camera at the code.

Step 1: Download a QR Code Scanner App

You’ll need a scanner before registering your business’s code. Download any QR scanning application to your phone or tablet. This allows you to scan customers’ codes for contact tracing. Next, visit www.quezoncity. to create your account. Enter your mobile number, verify it, and create a 4-digit MPIN. Then you can access your personalized business QR code to print and display. Scanning connects patrons for health coordination.

Step 2: Open the App and Point Your Camera at the QR Code

Open the scanner application on your device and aim the camera at the business’s QR code to check in. Within minutes, the application will detect the code, connect to the location, and prompt you to verify your identity with your mobile number or MPIN.

Completing any additional prompts logs your visit and links you for contact tracing by Quezon City’s system.

Step 3: Follow the Instructions

Follow the prompts promptly to complete your check-in quickly. Point your camera, scan the code, then follow each prompt to verify with SMS or your personal identification number digits. Pop-ups guide you as you tap through messenger or on-screen to submit your identity.

Trust the process to securely log your visit and link you for efficient contact tracing if needed.

How Do I Find the Location ID on Google Maps?

How Do I Find the Location ID on Google Maps?
Open the Google Maps app on your phone or tablet. Next, search for the specific establishment you want to visit in Quezon City. When you find the business, add KyusiPass to the end of their name in the search bar.

This will display the location’s unique ID that you need to scan for contact tracing through the KyusiPass system before entering. Having this QR code available in Maps makes the check-in process quick and convenient upon arrival.

Step 1: Open Google Maps

  1. Open the Google Maps app on your device.
  2. Make sure location services are enabled.
  3. Tap and hold your current location on the map.
  4. A pop-up window will appear with the unique ID code.
  5. Copy or screenshot this code to use when needed.

The unique ID can help identify your exact location for contact tracing and other purposes. Knowing how to easily access it in Google Maps is useful in today’s technology-driven world.

Step 2: Search for the Establishment

You would enter the establishment’s name in the search bar to locate their unique QR code. This allows you to find the specific business and their personalized QR code for that location. Scanning their code logs your visit for contact tracing through the Safepass system, linking you to that place at that time.

The business ID assists with infection tracking and surveillance decentralization across Quezon City.

Step 3: Add "KyusiPass" at the End of the Search Query

  • Accurate contact data assists tracers.
  • Logging issues can impact public opinion.
  • Ensure code compliance for access.
  • Register via SMS with email address.
  • Verify with digit MPIN, chat with support.

After pinpointing the location, include KyusiPass in your inquiry to reveal their unique identification for Checkpoint Charlie. The identification code provides access through the Safepass system after scanning, linking your visit for contact tracing across Quezon City.


Yes, your PAG-IBIG ID is absolutely valid for contact tracing and entry into establishments across Quezon City. Don’t worry about forgetting it at home – just show your digital ID on your mobile to securely check in wherever you go.

The KyusiPass system accepts all government-issued IDs like PAG-IBIG for registration. Simply enter your mobile number to get a one-time password, create a 4-digit MPIN, and view your digital Safepass ID.

Businesses display unique QR codes for scanning upon entry. Linking your ID helps contact tracing and curb the spread of Covid.

You can also sign up via the website, Facebook Messenger or SMS. With your PAG-IBIG ID, you’re all set to check-in safely across the city.

Where Can I Get a QR Code for Safe Entry?

Where Can I Get a QR Code for Safe Entry?
Where can I get a QR code for Safe Entry? You’ll get your personal QR code for safe entry through KyusiPass, Quezon City’s official contact tracing system. Simply register online or via SMS using your mobile number, verify with a one-time password, and view your digital Safepass ID with your own unique code.

Displaying this QR can help businesses comply with the ordinance requiring contact tracing for all establishments by August 15. Scanning in also logs your details for efficient tracing if needed, without compromising privacy and security.

With your code, you’re all set for safe access across the city. Consulting personal data, verifying digital wallets, maintaining anonymity, securing private information, accessing public transport, SMS, to 2256722, step, MPIN, Safepass are key in this process.

What is the Easiest Valid ID to Get?

What is the Easiest Valid ID to Get?
Hey friend, gettin’ an NBI clearance is the quickest valid ID you can get.

  • Walk in, get fingerprints taken
  • Pay fee
  • Get claim stub
  • Return next day and claim ID

It’s accepted for bank accounts, loans, government transactions, and more. An NBI clearance proves you have no criminal record.

Headin’ to the NBI office, waitin’ in line, gettin’ prints done, then pickin’ up your clearance the next day – it’s a straightforward process. And it gets you government-issued ID without the hassle of securin’ birth certificates or other docs.

With an NBI clearance in hand, you’ll have valid ID to open accounts, apply for loans, enroll in school, travel, and anything else requirin’ identification.

Is There an App for SafeEntry?

Is There an App for SafeEntry?
Download the KyusiPass app, friend. It provides that unique QR code for safe entry across Quezon City. Registerin’ with your mobile number and creatin’ a 4-digit MPIN gets you a digital Safepass ID. Scan the app’s unique QR code when enterin’ establishments and your location’s securely logged for contact tracin’.

Businesses get free codes to display and just need customers to scan for entry. Though some voice concerns ‘bout data privacy and enforcement, KyusiPass enhances tracin’ efficiency digitally. With people-focused design, the portal optimizes app compatibility and streamlines registration versus paper forms.

Quezon City is leadin’ the way on integrated QR codes for the future through Safepass.

What is Safe Pass PH?

What is Safe Pass PH?
Friend, Safe Pass PH provides unique QR codes for contact tracing across establishments in the Philippines. Scan these codes when enterin’ any business and your location’s securely tracked via the Safepass portal.

Businesses get QR codes linked to their info for free customer scannin’. Though some worry ’bout data privacy and oversight, Safepass prioritizes public health through streamlined digital tracing.

Simply scan each business’ code usin’ the Safepass app or Facebook Messenger upon entry. Then input your mobile number and 4-digit MPIN for private login. This trusted system logs visits anonymously while lettin’ authorities trace contacts if needed.

Support local enterprises and communities by scannin’ QR codes with Safepass. It’s an easy way we can all help contain this pandemic together.

What is the QC ID For?

What is the QC ID For?
You’ll get your own personalized QR code with the QC ID for streamlined contact tracing across town. Scan in every shop or restaurant to log your whereabouts securely via the citywide safePass system. Businesses provide a code, while you give a mobile number and 4-digit MPIN to privately register visits.

Some voice concerns about mandatory registration, customer data security, and business compliance costs. Yet safePass prioritizes public health through efficient digital tracing using SMS, MPIN, digit, messenger, QC ID.

Contact tracing apps balance privacy versus safety when containing outbreaks. Support local shops and your community by scanning codes, but voice any concerns over implementation to ensure fairness for all.

How Do I Get a QR Code for Shopees?

How Do I Get a QR Code for Shopees?
First things first, open up the Shopee app on your mobile device. Then, head over to the settings section of the app and scroll down until you see the option to generate your personal QR code. Select that option and voila, Shopee will create a unique QR code just for your account that you can use to let others easily find and follow you on Shopee.

Step 1: Open the Shopees App

Open Shopee first, friend, to scan their QR code. Before heading out, check Shopee to:

  1. See what’s in stock
  2. Compare prices
  3. Find promos
  4. Pay quickly through the app
  5. Avoid crowded stores

With limited physical shops nowadays, Shopee makes buying online so easy. Just open the app, find what you need, and have it delivered. Pay through the app and chat with support if you need any help. Shopee helps you shop safely.

Step 2: Go to Settings

Go to Settings and click on your profile picture. Then find ‘QR Code’ under Account Settings. Tap ‘Generate QR Code’ and follow the prompts to create your personal Safepass barcode. Enter your mobile number, verify it through SMS, then create a 4-digit MPIN to securely generate your code.

Print or save the QR code to access your location history for contact tracing. With your own digital Safepass ID, you can verify your identity when scanning business codes in Quezon City.

Step 3: Select "QR Code

Scroll down until you spot QR Code under Account Settings.

  1. Tap on the QR Code option to open the QR code generator.
  2. Review the prompts for creating a personal Safepass barcode.
  3. Follow the step-by-step process to generate your unique digital ID.

Mandatory business compliance with QR registration improves contact tracing efficiency. However, some customers have privacy concerns. Overall, the KyusiPass app’s user growth signals public approval for this single tracing method across Quezon City.

Is QC ID Valid ID?

Is QC ID Valid ID?
Yes, your QC ID is a valid government-issued ID you can use for identification purposes. The local Quezon City government wants to verify citizens’ privacy and enforce accurate data collection, so they created the streamlined process to get a QC ID.

This ID simplifies the process while still ensuring digital security. Templates for good ID design help prevent fraud, and the government can track data to improve services.

With your secure QC ID, you have a valid way to confirm your identity that protects your privacy. The ID serves as a digitally verified credential providing you access to government facilities and simplifying processes requiring identification.

Carrying your QC ID gives you a sense of belonging as a Quezon City resident, with the government supporting your needs.

How Do I Scan QR Codes?

How Do I Scan QR Codes?
Have you noticed those black and white square codes popping up everywhere? To decipher them, you’ll need to use your smartphone’s camera and a QR code reader app. Simply search for a free app in your phone’s app store, then open it once installed.

With the scanner app open, hold your phone’s camera directly over the QR code at a reasonable distance. The app automatically scans the code, processes the embedded information, and displays it on your screen.

Within seconds, your phone has extracted meaning from those funky-looking squares.

With just a simple app, scanning QR codes on posters, menus, and businesses is a breeze.

Step 1: Open a QR Code Scanner App

Launch a QR code reader to start scanning codes around Quezon City. While your phone’s camera may work, a dedicated app optimizes the process.

  • Open your preferred QR scanning application
  • Hold your phone’s camera over the code
  • Wait for the application to recognize the code
  • Tap the notification to open the code’s link
  • Follow prompts to check in or view information

With practice, you will quickly scan codes at businesses, gaining efficient access to locations and information.

Step 2: Point Your Camera at the QR Code

You’ll want to aim your phone’s camera directly at the QR code and hold it steady until the app recognizes the pattern. Scanning each location’s unique code links you to that business for easier, faster contact tracing while still protecting your privacy.

This safety measure prevents virus spread so you can feel comfortable serving your community when you go out.

How Do I Get a QR Code for PasigPass?

How Do I Get a QR Code for PasigPass?
You can get a QR code for PasigPass by registering on the PasigPass website or Facebook page. Enter your mobile number, verify it via OTP, and create a 4-digit MPIN to generate your digital Safepass ID.

Save or print this QR code to present when entering Pasig establishments for efficient contact tracing.

  • Visit or
  • Enter your name, mobile number, birthdate
  • Verify mobile number via OTP
  • Create a 4-digit MPIN
  • Review and accept Terms of Service
  • Your digital Safepass ID with QR code will be generated
  • Save the QR code on your phone or print it out
  • Present your QR code when entering establishments in Pasig

What is QR Code Pass?

What is QR Code Pass?
KyusiPass provides personalized QR codes for efficient contact tracing in Quezon City. Swiping your code at participating businesses links your ID to that location, securing your privacy while allowing health officials to quickly trace contacts if needed – like breadcrumbs dropped across your daily routes, helping contain outbreaks.

By scanning the unique QR code at each business, your ID is logged for contact tracing if needed while protecting personal data.

Registration options like a website, Facebook, SMS facilitate access. Random checks spur compliance, though some voice privacy concerns. Overall, the verification process and QR scanning improve tracing capabilities to contain the Delta variant spread across the city.

How Do You Turn a Link Into a QR Code?
Download a QR code generator app, enter the link you want to convert, customize the code if you’d like with options for color or image, then hit generate and voila – your link’s now a scannable QR code.

With just a few taps, you can create QR codes to share contact info, websites, special promotions, really anything.

Implementation challenges remain too; while convenient registration options exist, inconsistent use across groups or businesses can hinder maximum impact. Still, QR codes offer new opportunities to conveniently engage people, granting a sense of belonging, if thoughtfully created and displayed.

How Can I Get QC ID?

How Can I Get QC ID?
Gettin’ a QC ID connects you to your local community. Just visit QC’s website, hit up their Facebook page, or text them to start registerin’. You’ll get a verification text to confirm it’s really you. Choosin’ a 4-digit code protects your privacy when signin’ in around town.

Scannin’ your personal QR at shops, restaurants, or events logs your presence anonymously.

So you contribute to public health while representin’ your city pride. Pretty neat way we can unite, even as strangers, for the greater good.

How Do I Register for SafeEntry?

How Do I Register for SafeEntry?
Download the KyusiPass app and register your personal details like your full name, contact number, and home address. Next, follow the step-by-step instructions in the app to verify your identity and set up a mobile PIN.

Once your registration is completed and verified, you will receive your unique SafeEntry QR code.

Step 1: Download the App

Download the app to start your city connection. Hit download to join your community on your smartphone. Allow access so it can safely log your links while out and about. Verify your digits to confirm it’s really you.

Pick a code to keep your information private. Registration starts joining up for public good.

Step 2: Register Your Details

You’ll enter your details and facts to join the community. Over 500,000 residents have connected for safer socializing in Quezon City. The straightforward process ensures error-free entry of your details for secure privacy.

Your registration gets quickly verified for fast entry scans when you’re out and about. With just a few taps, you’re part of the local network united for the greater good.

Step 3: Follow the Additional Step-by-Step Instructions In-App

Once registered, follow the extra easy step-by-step guide in your app for super quick scanning the next time you’re out. Download the app and verify your identity to securely create an account. Then, link accounts and enable notifications for seamless check-ins at local businesses.

With a few simple taps, you’re all set for safer socializing around Quezon City.

What is Roblox PlaceID?

What is Roblox PlaceID?
You’d be surprised to learn that Roblox PlaceIDs have nothing to do with tracing COVID-19 cases in Quezon City. In fact, Roblox PlaceIDs are unique numbers that identify specific locations in the Roblox gaming platform.

When you want to teleport or link to a specific area in a Roblox game, you need to use its PlaceID.

Developers assign these IDs when they create new places in Roblox Studio. Players can find a location’s PlaceID by enabling Teleport Mode in their game settings.

Roblox introduced PlaceIDs as a way for developers to organize and connect different parts of their games.

So while QR codes and contact tracing help curb the spread of COVID-19, Roblox PlaceIDs serve a completely different purpose in the online gaming universe.

How Can I Use QR Code in Quezon City?

How Can I Use QR Code in Quezon City?
Unlike Roblox PlaceIDs, QR codes in Quezon City help contain the spread of COVID-19. As a resident, you can use these codes by registering for a Safepass ID. This gives you a personal QR code to scan when entering establishments.

In turn, scanning builds a database for efficient contact tracing. Businesses must also display unique codes for customers to scan upon entry.

This ID-linking system improves monitoring of virus hotspots across the city. So while registering and scanning may seem tedious, it prevents harsher restrictions.

By displaying and scanning unique codes, businesses and residents alike contribute to a safer Quezon City.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What personal information is collected when scanning a business’ QR code for contact tracing purposes?

Verily, when thou dost scan the merchant’s code, only thy name and mobile number are stored for tracing if need be. Worry not, as thy data stays private. The system aids the efficient tracing of contacts, helping to contain the spread of the virus.

If I have registered for KyusiPass, do I still need to scan QR codes when entering establishments in Quezon City?

Yes, you still need to scan the QR codes when entering establishments in Quezon City even if you have registered for KyusiPass. This contact tracing system requires everyone to scan the unique codes to link your ID to the location for improved tracing efficiency and to help contain the spread of COVID-

Can I use KyusiPass if I live outside of Quezon City or am just visiting the area?

You can use KyusiPass when visiting Quezon City. Simply register online to get your personal QR code. Then scan the unique QR code at each establishment you enter in Quezon City to aid in contact tracing.

Is there a fine or penalty for businesses that do not comply with displaying QR codes by the August 15 deadline?

Yes, there are penalties for businesses in Quezon City that do not display the required QR codes by August 15th. The city government will conduct inspections and may impose fines or suspend permits if establishments fail to comply with the ordinance.

However, the priority is to get all businesses onboard to improve contact tracing efforts rather than strictly enforcing penalties.

How long will the records of my QR code scans be kept for contact tracing purposes?

The records of your QR code scans will be retained for 30 days for contact tracing purposes before being deleted. This limited data retention period helps protect your privacy while still enabling contact tracers to identify potential exposures if necessary.


Getting a KyusiPass QR code in Quezon City just got easier! Over 37,000 businesses and 500,000 individuals registered for KyusiPass in 2021 alone. To get started, simply download a QR code scanning app and use it to scan codes at local establishments.

This links your location to your Safepass ID and helps Quezon City’s contact tracing efforts. With a few quick taps on your phone, you can get a QR code and do your part to curb the spread of COVID-19 in your community.

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