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Has Ruby Herring Mysteries Been Cancelled? Find Out Now! (Answered 2023)

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You’re looking for answers to the question: Has Ruby Herring Mysteries been cancelled? It’s like a needle in a haystack, searching for that one bit of truth. But don’t despair! We’ve done all the hard work and gathered the facts so you can be informed about what’s happening with Hallmark Mystery franchises. Here is everything you need to know about Ruby Herring Mysteries, as well as other popular mystery franchises coming out in 2021. So step into your detective shoes and let us help unravel this mysterious case together!

Key Takeaways

Has ruby herring mysteries been cancelled?

  • The fate of Ruby Herring Mysteries is uncertain, leaving fans hopeful for a new installment.
  • There are no plans for a new movie of The Gourmet Detective, while Hailey Dean Mysteries and Picture Perfect Mystery have been cancelled.
  • Alison Sweeney’s Ruby Herring Mystery franchise may continue in the future, and there may be clues about romance in Hallmark Movies & Mysteries.
  • Hallmark Movies & Mysteries will bring back franchises like Crossword Mysteries, Aurora Teagarden, Curious Caterer, and Signed Sealed Delivered in 2021.

Will There Be More Ruby Herring Mysteries?

will there be more ruby herring mysteries?
You may be wondering if there’ll ever be more Ruby Herring Mysteries, with the fate of so many Hallmark mystery franchises in question. The casting for this franchise stars Alexa Penavega and Nancy Grace as crime-solving journalists who jump into investigations to uncover clues and solve cases. Ryan McPartlin also joins them as Officer Jake Killian, and Dylan Neal’s pet detective dog named Sherlock Bones rounds out the cast perfectly!

Fans have enjoyed watching their characters travel to different locations throughout the series while solving intriguing plotlines that keep viewers on edge until the mysteries are solved. It seems like Ruby Herring fans are still hopeful that they’ll get another movie soon enough; however, nothing has been announced officially by Hallmark yet regarding a new installment for this beloved franchise.

Julie Gonzalo is now starring in Cut Color Murder which premiered on February 6th at 9 pm Eastern Time on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries channel – so it looks like we can expect even more great content from our favorite network! For now, let’s remain optimistic about getting some answers about any potential future movies involving these lovable characters sometime soon!

What Hallmark Mysteries Are Returning in 2021?

what hallmark mysteries are returning in 2021?
With 2021 just around the corner, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries is gearing up to bring viewers another year of thrilling mystery films. Fans of Hallmark mysteries can look forward to returning franchises like Crossword Mysteries, Aurora Teagarden, Curious Caterer, and Signed Sealed Delivered as well as new titles Cut Color Murder and Harmony from the Heart.

  1. Jesse Metcalfe’s Martha’s Vineyard Mystery series may return in 2021
  2. The Gourmet Detective starring Dylan Neal hasn’t been officially cancelled
  3. Hailey Dean Mysteries have been cancelled
  4. Picture Perfect Mystery series are also no longer on air
  5. There’s still hope for a continuation of Alison Sweeney’s Ruby Herring Mystery franchise.

Hallmark Networks continues to be a popular network for mystery movies with many franchises having multiple movies each season. With so much happening this year, fans will be able to enjoy plenty more exciting murder-mysteries featuring their favorite actors, including Lacey Chabert, Cameron Mathison, Jill Wagner, Kristoffer Polaha, Alexa PenaVega, Brennan Elliott, Carlos PenaVega, and Ryan McPartlin. So, make sure you don’t miss out on any upcoming releases!

Will There Be More Gourmet Detective Movies in 2021?

will there be more gourmet detective movies in 2021?
Moving on from Hallmark Mystery updates, you may have been wondering about the future of Gourmet Detective. The cast of this series includes Dylan Neal, who recently moved to Portugal with his family, leaving many fans wondering if there will be any new movies in 2021.

Unfortunately, the last Gourmet Detective movie was aired two years ago, and it’s unclear if there are any plans for a new one anytime soon. Jesse Metcalfe just completed filming a Valentine’s Day movie titled Harmony From The Heart for GAC Family, which gives some hope that he might still be involved with Hallmark Movies & Mysteries in 2021.

However, as far as Martha’s Vineyard or Crossword Mysteries go, no news has come out regarding their return yet, but fans remain hopeful that they’ll get an update from Hallmark soon!

Will There Be More Crossword Mysteries in 2021?

Are you a fan of crossword mysteries? You may be wondering about the future of Ruby Herring Mysteries, Garage Sale Mysteries, Mystery 101 and Hailey Dean Mysteries. Maybe you want to know where Ruby Herring is set or if Vanessa Williams is still married to Rick Fox. Perhaps you are curious whether Aurora Teagarden gets married to Nick in the end or who Taylor Cole’s husband is–all good questions that need answering! If so, then this discussion will certainly provide some insight into these shows and their stories for 2021.

Where Are Ruby Herring Mysteries Set?

You’re sure to be thrilled about the new Ruby Herring Mysteries – a series that will have you on the edge of your seat with its wild plot twists and over-the-top suspense!

Set in Seattle, Washington, this series follows crime reporter turned amateur sleuth Ruby Herring who is always ready to solve any mystery. With Dylan Neal’s pet as her sidekick and Detective Novels as an inspiration, she uses her investigative skills while uncovering clues at each case.

From wife team of Carlo & Alexa PenaVega’s Picture Perfect Mysteries to Hallmark Movies & Mystery’s Martha’s Vineyard Mysteries starring Jesse Metcalfe or Ryan McPartlin’s Cut Color Murder featuring Grace Beedie; there are plenty of mysteries for everyone!

Join Ruby in solving crimes that require attention from all angles – it’ll leave you wanting more every time!

Will There Be a Mystery 101 Episode 7?

Discover the suspenseful conclusion to Mystery 101’s cliffhanger and find out if Episode 7 will bring answers to your questions.

From Ruby Herring solving a Garage Sale murder, Vanessa Williams crooning original songs in each movie, Rick Fox joining Dylan Neal’s pet project Martha’s Vineyard Mysteries, or Hallmark premiering new movies – there’s much anticipation for what this year has in store!

With Cut, Color & Murder set for February 6th on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries and more projects underway, fans have something exciting coming their way.

Don’t miss out on any of these mystery-filled premieres as they unfold throughout 2021!

Has Garage Sale Mysteries Been Cancelled?

Take a deep breath and brace yourself for the truth: Garage Sale Mysteries may be gone, but mystery-filled premieres are still on their way.

As for Ruby’s fate, there’s no cancellation speculation yet. However, fans of Mystery 101 won’t see an eighth movie despite ending on a cliffhanger.

Dylan Neal has moved his family to Portugal, and there’s no indication of Jesse Metcalfe’s new movie soon. Alison Sweeney’s status is unknown.

Martha’s Vineyard Mysteries is being evaluated by Hallmark. Keep an eye out for Cut Color Murder, which takes place at a beauty pageant where Ryan McPartlin wrote the screenplay alongside stars Julie Gonzalo and Grace Beedie.

Is Vanessa Williams Still Married to Rick Fox?

Find out if Vanessa Williams is still married to Rick Fox. They tied the knot in 1999 and have a daughter together, but their marriage ended in divorce after five years.

It’s unclear if they are still on good terms or not.

Nick/Aurora from Crossword Mysteries, Taylor Cole from Hailey Dean Mysteries, and Jessica Lowndes from Ruby Herring Mysteries all starred alongside them at some point during their careers.

Dylan Neal’s pet project Martha’s Vineyard Mystery wrapped up last year with a cliffhanger that left fans wanting more, while Jesse Metcalfe just filmed Harmony From The Heart for GAC Family as his new Valentine’s movie this year instead of Martha’s Vineyard Mysteries returning with an 8th movie yet again this time round.

Fans will be hoping that these former co-stars can patch things up or remain friends forever despite the split!

Are Ruby Herring Mysteries Based on Books?

Experience the thrilling adventure of Ruby Herring Mysteries and be swept away by its unique story! This exciting show follows journalist Ruby Herring as she navigates her way through intriguing cases with help from Detective Jake Killian. Based on books in the mystery genre, fans can get to know each character’s backstory and uncover their detective techniques while admiring Jessica Lowndes’ acting chops.

The plot twists are sure to keep you guessing until the very last minute, and cast changes add an extra layer of excitement. Plus, don’t forget about Martha’s Vineyard Mysteries for Valentine’s Day fun! Fans may also recognize Dylan Neal’s pet dog who makes a special appearance in some episodes.

Who Did Aurora Teagarden Marry?

Discover the exciting romantic twist in Aurora Teagarden’s story as you follow her journey to find true love!

Hailey Dean Mysteries ended with a heartbreaking goodbye, but fans of Hallmark Mystery movies can rest assured that Aurora’s love life will get an ending they deserve.

Nick plays an important role in Taylor and Aurora’s marriage plans.

Jessica Lowndes guest stars on Martha’s Vineyard Mysteries and Dylan Neal has a pet project for Ruby Herring mysteries, making it likely these franchises will continue despite uncertain futures.

As for Ruby’s future? While nothing is certain yet – watch out for clues surrounding romance throughout Hallmark Movies & Mysteries this year!

Does Aurora Teagarden Get Married to Nick?

Join Aurora Teagarden on her journey to find true love as she ties the knot with Nick! Jessica Lowndes stars in this romantic mystery movie, set against a backdrop of weddings and special events.

Taylor’s marriage appears to be in trouble due to Ruby’s future plans, and Dylan Neal has a pet that may be hindering his relationship choices.

While Martha’s Vineyard Mysteries show no signs of renewal, there is hope for those wanting more Ruby Herring Mysteries featuring Aurora and Nick.

Will their wedding plans come together? Find out what happens next when Aurora contemplates taking the plunge into matrimony!

Who is Taylor Cole Husband?

You won’t believe who Taylor Cole’s husband is – it’s a real wild-card!

Join Aurora Teagarden as she digs deep to uncover the truth behind this unexpected marriage. Vanessa Williams plays Ruby Herring in Hallmark Mysteries & Movies’ series, and her onscreen partner Jessica Lowndes is married to Taylor Cole off screen.

Hailey Dean Mysteries are no longer around, but Dylan Neal has a pet pug that holds his place in our hearts while Martha’s Vineyard Mysteries still go strong with Jesse Metcalfe playing the lead role.

And finally, we can look forward to seeing more of Ruby Herring mysteries soon!

What Happened to Hailey Dean Mysteries?

Experience the mystery of Hailey Dean and her crime-solving adventures! The Hailey Dean Mysteries started in 2016 with a cast featuring Jessica Lowndes, Dylan Neal’s pet dog, and Virginia Williams. Unfortunately, it was canceled after nine episodes due to uncertain future plans. Fans were disappointed when the final episode left them hanging on a cliffhanger without any closure. Although there is no news about its revival yet, some fans hope for more from this series in the future while others remain hopeful that Jesse Metcalfe will return with Martha’s Vineyard Mysteries or Ruby Herring Mysteries soon enough.


You’ve heard all the updates on your favorite Hallmark mystery franchises, so you can breathe easy knowing that many of them are still running strong. Ruby Herring Mysteries is one of them and is still going strong. With its thrilling mysteries set in exotic locations and its talented cast of actors, Ruby Herring Mysteries is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. So, grab some popcorn and join the action as Ruby Herring solves the toughest of cases. As the saying goes, curiosity killed the cat, but it’s good news for mystery buffs!

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