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How to Add an Authorized User on Sprint Full Guide of 2024

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How can I add someone as an authorized user on SprintAdding someone as an authorized user on your Sprint account gives you extra help managing your wireless plan. But before you add a user, determine the permissions you’ll provide. You’ll need to decide if they can change plans, add new lines, access billing, and more.

You can set permissions through Sprint’s website or their customer service. Just have the authorized user’s info handy like their date of birth and social security number.

Understand that adding them affects your credit, since you’re responsible for the charges. There are benefits, like making payments easier and building their credit. But risks exist too if that person misuses the account.

With a few clicks, they’ll be set up to help you manage your Sprint services.

Key Takeaways

  • Adding authorized users on Sprint allows for efficient wireless plan management.
  • Permissions can be set via the Sprint website or customer service.
  • Regularly reviewing and managing authorized user permissions is important.
  • Adding an authorized user can potentially enhance credit and provide access to account details and billing information.

Why Add an Authorized User on Sprint?

Why Add an Authorized User on Sprint
You’ll improve your credit up to 100 points by adding your spouse as an authorized user on your Sprint account, according to experts. By granting account access, you enable credit building through shared financial responsibility.

As an authorized user, your spouse benefits from account management powers and gains prospective credit impact from on-time payments. This financial access comes with shared accountability, so ensure you both uphold timely payment.

Discuss desired account permissions to prevent misuse while enabling credit building.

With open communication, adding your spouse as an authorized Sprint user responsibly leverages account history to build credit. Monitor for progress and adjust permissions if needed. This mutually beneficial arrangement wisely utilizes existing financial ties.

How to Add an Authorized User on Sprint

How to Add an Authorized User on Sprint
To add an authorized user to your Sprint account, you’ll first need to determine what permissions you want to grant, such as account access, bill payment capabilities, or the ability to make changes. You can set these permissions either through your online account or by contacting Sprint customer service directly.

Determine Desired Permissions

When deciding permissions, remember that authorized users can make account changes without the main account holder’s permission.

  1. Review permissions online or via customer service.
  2. Set access for billing, adding lines, and making purchases.
  3. Confirm the wait period for in-store shopping privileges.

You can manage permissions by logging into your Sprint account. Carefully select access levels to maintain account security.

Setting Permissions Online

Simply log in to My Sprint, navigate to Profile and Security, and designate delegates for store shopping or other permissions as easily as adding an extra name to your contacts. The online process allows for setting access controls and managing lines through Sprint’s web platform, although authorized user limits and authorization steps still apply.

Digital permissions can be configured with just a few clicks, even if restrictions remain.

Setting Permissions Through Customer Service

Call up Sprint customer service to set permissions for your new authorized user.

  • Verify account security questions when authenticating with the Sprint help desk.
  • Specify the access level needed – from bill updates to full account control.
  • Request a confirmation number for any changes made on the call.

Sprint’s customer assistance can guide you through granting account privileges over the phone. Their support options allow account holders to designate permissions without logging in online.

What Information is Required for an Authorized User?

What Information is Required for an Authorized User
For an authorized user, they need their legal name, birthdate, SSN, address, email, and phone contact. They should sign the agreement and provide ID documents, financial info, payment method, and a unique username with security questions.

Sprint requires thorough identity verification for authorized users, which includes legal documentation. This ensures secure account access, privacy measures, adding joint account holders, and assigning delegates.

The required information includes full name, birthday, social security number, current residential address, valid email, and phone number. Additionally, signed consent, ID photocopies, up-to-date financial information, desired online username, personalized security questions, and preferred payment details are necessary.

Once these steps are completed, the account number can be confidently provided to the new authorized person.

How Adding an Authorized User Affects Credit

How Adding an Authorized User Affects Credit
Becoming an authorized user on someone’s Sprint account could boost your credit score by 50-100 points if they have good credit and payment history, but you’d also risk a drop if they miss payments.

As an authorized user, you aren’t financially responsible for the account, but the primary account holder’s credit history and utilization reflect on your credit report. This means you benefit from their good standing and on-time payments. However, high balances or missed payments hurt you too.

Before adding yourself, consider the primary user’s credit habits. With responsibility, becoming an authorized user can positively influence your credit.

  • Credit score increase potential
  • No financial obligation
  • Reflects primary’s credit history
  • Must trust primary’s payment habits

Benefits and Risks of Being an Authorized User

Benefits and Risks of Being an Authorized User
Being an authorized user allows you to build credit history by being associated with the primary account holder’s credit record. This can help establish credit or raise your credit score, especially if the primary holder has a long, positive payment history.

However, it also means you share responsibility for the account. If the primary cardholder misses payments or maxes out the account, it will negatively impact your credit too.

Authorized users can make charges to the shared account, but the primary account holder is ultimately financially responsible for all balances, fees, and payments. Consider if you want to take on that level of shared financial liability before agreeing to be an authorized user.

Carefully weigh the potential credit benefits against the risks of shared financial responsibility when deciding whether to become an authorized user on someone else’s Sprint account. The impact on your credit depends on their payment history and credit utilization over time.

Viewing Account Information on Sprint

Viewing Account Information on Sprint
To monitor your Sprint account details as an authorized user, you can first access text content such as your monthly plan details through the MySprint website or mobile app. Additionally, you can check call logs, view usage history, and find billing statements by logging into your Sprint account and navigating to the appropriate sections.

Accessing Text Content

You’ll gain insight into your account’s details by examining its texts.

  1. Log in to your MySprint account online.
  2. Go to the Message Center.
  3. Choose a message thread to view its history.
  4. Click on individual messages to access the complete content.

Reviewing texts reveals account information. Analyzing communications uncovers usage and modifications. Accessing messages provides understanding. Examining messages brings about enlightenment regarding the account.

Viewing Call Logs

To check your call logs, simply log in, click on ‘My Devices’, select a device, and access the Call Logs section. Sprint’s call logs offer powerful call tracking to analyze usage patterns and gain insights from your communication data.

Monitoring calls illuminates who you talk to, when, and for how long. With call logs, you can uncover trends and relationships in your calling activity on your Sprint account as a primary user or authorized user on government accounts.

Checking Sprint History

You anxiously search through the History tab to uncover your Sprint usage, heart racing as the bills continue to pile up. Scrutinizing the detailed graphs and charts provides insights into your calling, texting, and data trends over time.

Understanding your usage patterns enables smarter decisions about plan optimization. Regularly checking the comprehensive call logs and data utilization equips you to take control of costs as an authorized Sprint user.

Viewing Sprint Bill Online

With a quick login, you can immediately see your Sprint bill. View your account charges, plan details, and payment history in seconds through Sprint’s online billing. Access past statements and download records digitally. Monitor account spending and receive e-bill notifications.

Managing billing and payments is easier with 24/7 online access. Sprint makes account details readily available.

Managing Sprint Services

Managing Sprint Services
When you’re ready to manage your Sprint subscriptions and services, log into your Sprint account online and go to the Services page to manage subscriptions. You can also view plan details by selecting Plans and Services in your account, checking the My Sprint app, or going to the My Plans tab.

Managing Subscriptions

By 2021, more than 128 million people were using Sprint’s wireless services, so navigating subscriptions is crucial for managing your account and services.

  • Review current subscriptions
  • Add or remove subscription services
  • Adjust subscription settings
  • View subscription billing details

    Staying on top of your Sprint subscriptions allows you to optimize your account, services, and costs. With a few clicks, you can review, customize, and update your subscriptions to get the most out of your Sprint account.

Viewing Plan Details

Got those details? To review your Sprint plan, simply log in and go to the My Plans section. There, you can access plan details such as data usage, device compatibility, network coverage, and more. Family sharing and business accounts allow for the addition of authorized users and devices.

Mobile numbers, device payment plans, and plan comparisons help you manage your services.

Understanding the Sprint $35 Plan

Understanding the Sprint  Plan
As Sprint’s most affordable plan, the $35 offer packs surprising value considering the inclusions and restrictions. With unlimited talk, text, and data plus 10GB of hotspot data, you’ll stay connected on a tight budget, although HD video streaming and international calling require add-ons.

Plan Inclusions

You’ll get unlimited talk, text, and data on Sprint’s $35 plan. Adding an authorized user allows account access to cheap unlimited data. Review credit impacts since authorized users rely on the primary holder’s score.

But sharing Sprint benefits like unlimited streaming can empower users and families. Look into billing and credit responsibility before adding users. Know account details like PINs and terms when accessing the plan.

Restrictions and Add-Ons

You don’t have HD streaming or international calling unless you purchase add-ons.

  • No tethering over 10GB
  • Music Unlimited streaming only
  • No Canada/Mexico roaming
  • 480p video streaming

Customize your plan with add-ons like HD streaming, international calling, unlimited hotspot data, and roaming in Mexico and Canada. Monitor your data usage and restrict permissions to stay within your limits. With the flexibility to tailor this plan, you can maximize value without overspending.

Expert Support for Adding Authorized Users on Sprint

Expert Support for Adding Authorized Users on Sprint
GetHuman offers live tech support for assistance during the process of adding authorized users on Sprint. Their team of experts provides guidance, troubleshooting tips, and tech assistance to walk you through the steps.

Whether you need help setting permissions, managing account access, or updating changes online, their pro user support specialists offer tailored advice.

From navigating your Profile and Security settings to granting delegate access for shopping, their knowledgeable agents can provide expert support. With their experienced guidance, adding authorized users on your Sprint account can be a smooth, stress-free process.

Their specialists aim to deliver understanding and empower users with the tools to independently manage their Sprint services going forward.


Well-versed and knowledgeable, you’re taking big strides in gaining control over your Sprint account. With authorized users added, you’ve opened doors to improving credit and expanding access. Yet tread with care – missed payments can damage scores. Stay mindful of your Sprint journey with regular check-ins.

An empowered path awaits as you put this newfound Sprint knowledge into practice.

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