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Access UKY Email Through Linkblue Student Portal and Microsoft 365 Full Guide of 2024

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How do I access my UKY emailLinking Blue Login lets you unlock UKY email.

Sign in simply through the Linkblue portal to access Outlook mail instantly.

Feel the freedom of viewing your inbox and organizing messages efficiently.

Belonging binds the Wildcat community, so connect anytime using your student Microsoft 365 account.

Understanding technology tools helps you achieve academic goals, and our helpful desk guides you in managing powerful communication.

Key Takeaways

  • Sign into your Link Blue account to access your official email address provided by Microsoft 365
  • You can connect your UKY email account to Gmail to utilize Google Workspace features while keeping your email separate and secure
  • Use strong passwords, change them regularly, and avoid suspicious links to protect your Link Blue account security
  • Contact the UK IT Help Desk if you need assistance with activating your account, troubleshooting issues, forwarding email, or syncing accounts

What is Linkblue?

What is Linkblue
You use your Linkblue account to access key University of Kentucky online services like email, myUK, and Canvas.

Linkblue provides students, faculty, and staff a directory account with a unique user ID and password.

This account is created by UK’s Information Technology Services when you’re accepted as a student or added to the payroll system as an employee.

To utilize services like email, Wi-Fi, and myUK, you must first activate your Linkblue account through the account activation process.

Account security is important, so you should use a strong password and change it regularly.

If you need help with activating your account, resetting your password, or accessing Linkblue services, contact the UK IT Help Desk for support.

Your Linkblue ID gives you access to vital communication and resources.

Accessing Email Through Linkblue

Accessing Email Through Linkblue
Through your Linkblue account, you’re able to access your official UKY email address provided by Microsoft 365.

After activating your Linkblue account, simply log in to the Linkblue portal using your Linkblue ID and password.

Under Campus Links, click on Email which will redirect you to the Microsoft 365 login page.

Enter the same Linkblue ID and password here to access your UKY Outlook email account.

Be sure to keep your password secure by changing it regularly.

Avoid clicking suspicious links and report any phishing attempts.

The IT Help Desk provides support if you encounter issues accessing or using your official UKY email through Microsoft 365.

Checking this email daily is crucial for staying updated on university communications and opportunities.

Using Email Through Microsoft 365

Using Email Through Microsoft 365
Having accessed your email through LinkBlue, you’ll need to sign into your newly activated Microsoft 365 account to begin actually using your university email address.

This integrated system offers enhanced features like online document collaboration and storage capacity beyond the standard email protocol.

However, with expanded access comes increased vulnerability.

Be vigilant against phishing schemes attempting to steal your login credentials.

Never share your password or open suspicious attachments.

Report anything dubious to IT security staff.

Though daunting initially, grasping this communication portal positions you for fruitful integration into the university’s technological infrastructure and all the academic empowerment it facilitates.

Taking ownership of this account activation process proactively propels your success.

Using Gmail With Linkblue

Using Gmail With Linkblue
After accessing your UK email through Microsoft 365, you can also connect your official @uky.

By integrating your school email with Gmail, you gain all of the features and functionality of Google Workspace while keeping your UK email separate and secure.

When you activate Gmail integration in your LinkBlue account settings, you can conveniently access your UK email, calendar, and contacts right from your Gmail inbox.

Make sure to use strong passwords and enable two-factor authentication for added security.

For help connecting your LinkBlue credentials to Gmail, contact the UK IT Help Desk.

They can walk you through the quick account activation process so you can productively utilize your UK email across platforms.

Getting Help With Linkblue Email

Getting Help With Linkblue Email
You can contact the IT Help Desk if you need assistance with any issues accessing or using your linkblue email.

The IT Help Desk is available to provide guidance on using your university email through Linkblue and Microsoft 365.

You can reach out to them via phone, email, or in person at one of the IT Help Desk locations on campus.

The support staff can help troubleshoot any technical problems you may experience, such as inability to access your account or resetting your password.

They can also answer questions related to forwarding your email, syncing accounts across devices, organizing your Microsoft 365 inbox, and more.

Their goal is to ensure you can seamlessly utilize your official university email address.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I forward my UKY email to another personal email account?

Yes, you can forward your UKY email to another personal email account.

Log into your UKY email.

Go to Settings.

Select Forwarding.

Enter the email address you want your UKY email forwarded to.

Select the option to forward all email messages.

This will send copies of all email from your UKY account to the other account specified.

How often should I check my UKY email account?

Check your UKY email daily to stay informed.

Failing to do so risks missing critical information and opportunities related to your academics, events, emergencies, and more.

Consistency is key for effective communication.

What should I do if I think my UKY email account has been hacked or compromised?

If you think your UKY email has been hacked, immediately contact the UK IT Help Desk.

They can:

  • Investigate
  • Reset your password to regain access
  • Ensure security of your account
  • Provide guidance on preventing issues in the future

Timeliness is key, so reach out to them right away.

Does my UKY email account ever expire if I don’t use it for an extended period?

No, your UKY email account doesn’t expire due to inactivity.

It will remain accessible as long as you’re an active student, faculty, or staff member.

Check your account regularly for important university updates.

Contact the IT Help Desk if you need assistance accessing your account.

Can I customize notifications and settings for my UKY email account?

Yes, you can customize notifications and settings for your UKY email account.

Log into your account at

Click on the Settings icon, then select View All Outlook Settings.

From here you can customize:

  • Notifications
  • Automatic replies
  • Focused inbox
  • Signatures

And more.


Over 90% of students rely on email for communication.

You can access yours with ease through your Linkblue portal.

Log in and connect instantly to your UKY Outlook inbox.

The tools let you organize messages and stay linked to fellow Wildcats.

Managing this vital lifeline keeps you informed, so visit the IT help desk anytime for troubleshooting.

Learn how to view and send campus email using your Microsoft 365 account.

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