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How to Contact NYC Department of Education Payroll Services Center Full Guide of 2024

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How do I contact NYC DOE payrollYou’ll find our guide to contacting the NYC Department of Education Payroll Services Center helpful.

We’ve included their phone number, interpretation services, and information about the HR Connect portal.

Whether you’re an employee with password troubles or just seeking payroll details, we’ll get you pointed in the right direction.

Key Takeaways

  • Contact the Payroll Services Center by phone at 718-935-2200 from 8 AM – 6 PM, Monday – Friday for assistance.
  • Use the HR Connect and Payroll portals to access personal payroll information, tax forms, direct deposit, and make updates.
  • Reset forgotten passwords using the Employee Password Page or contact IT Support.
  • Service Center is currently closed for walk-ins due to COVID-19. Virtual assistance is available.

Contact NYC DOE

Contact NYC DOE
To contact the NYC Department of Education Payroll Services Center, call 718-935-2200 between 8 AM and 6 PM, Monday through Friday.

Over 200 languages are available for phone interpretation services.

You can also call 311 any day of the week, 24 hours a day, for help with education-related issues.


You can call 718-935-2200 Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. to contact the New York City Department of Education.

Use proper phone etiquette when calling, speaking clearly and politely to the representative.

Have any reference numbers ready and take notes on the advice or next steps provided.

Calling allows you to get answers directly from customer service on topics like payroll, benefits, certifications, leaves, and personal data changes.

Interpretation Services

Over-the-phone interpretation is available for you in over 200 languages when contacting the NYC Department of Education.

This linguistically inclusive service ensures clear communication and understanding regardless of your native or preferred language.

Request an interpreter to assist you with conveying information accurately.

Language accessibility and multilingual support enable the DOE to serve New York City’s diverse communities effectively.

NYC DOE Employees

NYC DOE Employees
To access your paycheck information, log into the Payroll Portal from the InfoHub.

From there, you can view:

  • Direct deposit
  • Tax forms
  • Pay statements

If you experience issues logging in or accessing the portal, you can contact the HR department through the HR Connect Portal for assistance.

Password Reset

Your employee password reset involves visiting the Employee Password page.

If you’ve forgotten or your password has expired, follow the instructions to reset your password.

Create a strong password with a mix of upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols.

Contact IT support if you have issues with the authentication process or forgotten passwords.

HR Connect Portal

The HR Connect Web Portal provides you with answers to questions about benefits, leaves of absence, and certifications.

It’s a user-friendly platform that offers various features to assist NYC DOE employees.

With easy portal navigation, you can access important information on payroll, personal data changes, and tax updates.

Stay informed through regular information updates and receive the necessary support for any HR-related inquiries or concerns.

Explore the portal’s opportunities for current DOE employees in areas such as personnel investigation or accounts payable.

Payroll Information

Payroll Information
After resetting your password, you’ll want to visit the Payroll Portal to access your salary and paycheck information.

Here you can:

  • View pay stubs, tax forms, and direct deposit info.
  • Update personal info like address and banking.
  • Request payroll changes or deductions
  • Access year-end tax statements and W-2 forms
  • Inquire about salary, benefits, deductions
  • Get help updating direct deposit instructions

The Payroll Portal allows employees to conveniently access personal payroll data online.

Contact the payroll department directly if you need further assistance with your account, paychecks, deductions or have specific questions.

Service Center

Service Center
Through its 65 Court Street HR Connect Service Center, the NYC Department of Education assists you by providing employment verification and connecting you with offices virtually amidst closures.

Due to COVID-19, the Service Center is closed to walk-ins. You can still contact offices virtually for assistance.

As a new employee, visit the InfoHub section for steps to begin work with the DOE.

The DOE provides employment verification upon request by employees or third parties.

Use the HR Connect Portal to get answers to human resources-related questions.

The DOE is committed to accessibility compliance. You can complete a website survey to report any accessibility issues you encounter.

Reservations for virtual appointments can be made to get the assistance you need.

InfoHub Portal

InfoHub Portal
Since the Service Center is closed for walk-ins, you’ll need to access the employee-only side of the InfoHub portal.

The InfoHub portal provides easy access to:

  • Email
  • Calendar
  • Files through Office 365
  • The ability to reset passwords with or without your current one

You can also:

  • View the staff calendar
  • Access translated support materials for parents and partners
  • Navigate the portal to find civil service guidance for administrators, teachers, and central office staff
  • Use the portal’s search bar to quickly find answers on:
    • Fingerprinting
    • HR Connect
    • The Office of Personnel Investigation
    • Resources for current NYC DOE employees
    • Contact information for payroll and other departments

Employee Verification

Employee Verification
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You can request employment verification from the 65 Court Street HR Connect Service Center, although it’s currently closed to walk-ins due to COVID-19. Contact offices virtually for assistance with the verification process and documentation requirements.

  1. Submit request online
  2. Allow 5 business days
  3. Provide employee records
  4. Contact for verification assistance

The Office of Personnel Investigation and Office of Equal Opportunity oversee verifications and address any challenges that arise.

Special Education System

Special Education System
One system you can access is SESIS, which provides training materials for DOE partners and providers to support students with disabilities.

SESIS promotes inclusive practices, parental collaboration, and individualized education.

It contains resources on assessment strategies and support services to identify and meet the needs of students.

Employees involved in special education can use SESIS for guidance on legal compliance, best practices, and reporting.

Parents can also access some information in SESIS about their child’s services.

Using this system can help provide students with disabilities equitable access to education.

Overall, SESIS facilitates collaboration and reporting to serve students effectively.

Advance System

Advance System
You access Advance to engage in teacher reflection on student learning data and feedback for professional growth.

The system provides training modules and allows you to gather user feedback for continuous improvement.

While the implementation of Advance has faced some challenges, the NYC Department of Education is committed to making enhancements that improve the user experience.

Through the InfoHub portal, new employees can find resources and information about using Advance effectively.

Former employees can also access support materials through InfoHub if they have any questions or need assistance with their previous use of the system.

If you encounter any issues or have specific inquiries regarding Advance, you can contact the Office of Personnel Investigation (OPI), who will be able to assist you further.

Time and Attendance System

Time and Attendance System
How simply can you track your time and attendance at the DOE with Cybershift?

Cybershift is an automated time and attendance system for H-Bank and Z-Bank employees to efficiently track hours worked.

The system provides:

  • Easy time tracking
  • Attendance analytics
  • Productivity insights to improve workforce efficiency.

With Cybershift, managers can:

  • Better understand staff attendance patterns
  • Optimize schedules.

Employees can conveniently:

  • Track hours
  • Review time balances
  • Submit leave requests
  • Access pay information.

Cybershift integrates time and attendance data with payroll for accurate compensation.

Using this powerful system, the DOE gains valuable insights into time management and attendance to run a streamlined operation.

With just a few clicks, Cybershift allows the DOE workforce to simplify time tracking for optimal productivity.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the process for direct deposit of my paycheck?

Visit the Payroll Portal to access direct deposit information.

Review your account and routing numbers and confirm that they are entered accurately.

Contact payroll services if you need to update or change your direct deposit details.

How long does it take for a pay rate or salary change to be reflected in my paycheck?

When a pay rate or salary change is processed, it will typically take 1-2 pay periods to be reflected in your paycheck.

Check your pay stub details for the updated information.

If it has been longer, contact payroll to confirm the change was properly implemented.

I believe my recent paycheck had an error. What should I do?

Check your pay stub details carefully against your records.

If you find a discrepancy, contact the DOE Payroll Support Center right away.

Report the error and get it corrected.

Provide details on the issue for investigation.

How can I get a copy of my pay stub if I lost it or need it for records?

Visit the Payroll Portal and access your pay stubs and W-2 forms.

You can view and print past pay stubs.

Contact payroll support if you need additional help.

When will I receive my W-2 tax form for the year and how do I get it?

You’ll receive your annual W-2 tax form by late January for the prior year’s earnings.

Check the Payroll Portal to access it securely online.


The wheel of fortune turns without ceasing.

With NYC DOE payroll, you’ll stay in the loop.

Call or use their portal for help resetting your password or checking pay info.

Interpreters stand ready if needed.

As employees, you’ve got support to access what you need.

HR Connect and the InfoHub keep you rolling.

Contact payroll services to get answers and keep your work moving forward.

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