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How to Set Run/Walk Mode on Garmin Forerunner 35 Full Guide of 2024

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how do i set the run walk on my garmin forerunner 35Run/walkers, set your intervals on the Forerunner 35 to break up your runs and build both speed and endurance.

Access the Training menu, select Run/Walk, and toggle it on to define how long you’ll run and walk each interval.

Customize to prevent burnout or overuse injuries.

Mid-run, you can hold the lap key to manually move to the next interval when you’re ready.

With some smart planning, run/walk lets you maximize training.

Key Takeaways

  • Set customized intervals for running and walking based on your fitness level
  • Adjust run/walk duration ratios to prevent injury and build endurance over time
  • Seamlessly transition between running and walking intervals using your device
  • Make real-time adjustments to your run/walk settings mid-activity if needed

Access Run/Walk Settings

Access Run/Walk Settings
To start using the run/walk feature on your Forerunner 35:

  • Press the button to access the list of running profiles.
  • Use the arrows to scroll through and select the Run/Walk mode.
  • This will allow you to set up customizable run and walk intervals for your workouts.

Running Profiles

Starting off the subtopic ‘Running Profiles (Access Run/Walk Settings)’, you can access the run/walk settings on your Garmin Forerunner 35 by selecting the running profile and choosing Run/Walk mode under Advanced Settings.

This allows you to customize the intervals to support your training progress and goals.

Monitoring your heart rate and calorie burn during run/walk activities provides key insights into your performance.

Run/Walk Mode

You can access the run/walk settings by choosing Run/Walk Mode from the Running Profiles menu.

Run/Walk Mode allows you to set personalized intervals for running and walking to build endurance while preventing injury.

Use this feature to alternate timed running and walking segments based on your current fitness level and goals.

The customizable intervals are suitable for all levels, from beginners to experienced runners looking to enhance progress or reduce overuse injuries.

Device compatibility ensures seamless transitions between run and walk intervals.

Customize Run and Walk Intervals

Customize Run and Walk Intervals
You can then customize the run and walk intervals to meet your fitness level and goals.

Set the interval duration for each running and walking segment based on your current pacing strategies.

Those new to run/walk workouts may start with shorter 1-2 minute intervals while experienced runners can program longer 5-10 minute intervals into their adaptive workouts.

Personalize the run/walk ratios to align with your injury prevention needs or target race goals.

Experiment with different combinations of running and walking times until you find the sweet spot that lets you maintain form and hit your desired paces.

Checking in periodically to adjust your intervals as your fitness improves will keep your workouts progressive.

Start Run/Walk Activity

Start Run/Walk Activity
Often, you’ll initiate the run/walk activity like any normal run—the device will automatically start the run/walk timer once you begin.

With the intervals set up beforehand, the Forerunner 35 eliminates guesswork and enables efficient pacing.

As personalized intervals guide your running, you can focus on building endurance while preventing injury.

Mid-run, real-time adjustments let you tweak the run/walk ratio if needed, continuing your pursuit of efficient pacing tailored to your current state.

Whether you’re preventing injury, building endurance, or striving for new personal bests, the Forerunner 35 empowers your running with automated yet customizable run/walk intervals.

Change Settings Mid-Run

Change Settings Mid-Run
Occasionally, you’ll want to tweak your run/walk settings while still in the midst of your activity to better suit your needs that day.

With the Forerunner 35’s real-time adjustments, you can make on-the-fly modifications to your intervals for more dynamic training.

These mid-run tweaks allow you to:

  • Modify run or walk durations to increase/decrease intensity
  • Add/remove alerts for walk breaks or pace changes
  • Switch interval settings entirely, like going from run/walk to simple timed intervals

The Forerunner 35 empowers you with instant setting updates, so you can customize your workouts in the moment.

No need to stop your activity just to change your intervals.

The dynamic interval changes keep your training adaptable and aligned to how your body feels that day.

Benefits of Run/Walk

Benefits of Run/Walk
Using the run/walk feature on your Forerunner 35 provides several advantages:

  • It helps improve your running endurance over time by incorporating walk breaks into your runs.
  • The feature also helps prevent overuse injuries by giving your body needed recovery during the walking intervals.

Improves Running Endurance

Using run/walk intervals can help build your overall cardiovascular endurance over time.

By gradually increasing your running intervals while incorporating walking breaks, you allow your body to recover and progress at a reasonable pace suited to your fitness level.

Experiment with interval variations and personalized run-walk ratios to find the most effective strategy for steady improvements without overexertion or injury.

Recovery walks prevent fatigue, enabling you to maintain an even, personalized pace for the duration of your run.

Prevents Overuse Injuries

By alternating between running and walking, you’re preventing overuse injuries as your body gets necessary recovery periods between exertions.

This injury prevention technique is a key benefit of using the run/walk mode on the Garmin Forerunner 35.

It allows for training balance by incorporating recovery techniques into your workouts.

By varying your exercise routine with this pacing strategy, you can reduce the risk of overtraining and keep yourself injury-free while still enjoying the freedom to push your limits.

Customizable Run/Walk Ratios

You can tailor the run/walk intervals to match your fitness level and goals.

The feature allows full customization of both durations.

Optimal ratios depend on your current training status and goals.

Start conservatively with more walking, then make personalized progressive adjustments as your cardiovascular fitness improves.

This personalized approach enables optimal training adaptation tailored to your needs rather than standardized durations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I use the run/walk feature for activities other than running, like hiking or cycling?

Unfortunately, the run/walk feature on the Forerunner 35 is designed specifically for running activities.

It can’t be used for other activities like hiking or cycling.

To get the full benefits, stick to enabling it for your running workouts.

But you can still manually walk during part of any activity if you want to incorporate intervals.

How do I know if my Garmin Forerunner 35 supports the run/walk feature?

Unfortunately, the Garmin Forerunner 35 does not support custom run/walk intervals.

However, with some creativity, you may be able to simulate this feature through manual lap pressing or by using the activity timer feature.

The key is understanding your device’s capabilities and limitations, and finding helpful workarounds.

What happens if I accidentally start an activity without enabling the run/walk alerts first?

If you start an activity without enabling run/walk alerts first, the device will simply record the activity without any alerts.

You’ll need to save and end that activity, then go set up alerts before starting a new one to use the run/walk feature.

Do I need to carry my phone with me to use the run/walk feature, or does it work independently on the watch?

No, the run/walk feature works independently on your Forerunner 35 watch.

You don’t need to carry your phone for the alerts and timers to function during your run.

This allows you to travel light and focus on your pacing without distraction.

Can I customize the alerts for each interval transition, instead of using the default beeps/vibrations?

Unfortunately, you can’t customize the interval alerts on the Forerunner

It only provides basic beeps or vibrations to indicate walk/run transitions.

Consider upgrading to models like the Forerunner 245 if you want more customization over alerts.


Fate brought you here to discover run/walk training on your Forerunner 35.

By tailoring the intervals to your needs as a runner, you tap into the watch’s full potential to build endurance and prevent injury.

Let the technology free you to focus on each step, while run/walk carries you to new distances.

Embrace this smart, personalized approach to make every run count, with the Forerunner keeping you on track.

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