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How to Make a +5 Spicy Stew: Boost Your Skills (2024)

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How do you make a +5 spicy stewDo you want to impress your friends with an insanely spicy stew? Well, look no further! With our guide on how to make a +5 Spicy Stew, you’ll be able to take your skills up a notch and stand out from the rest.

It will require some effort but trust us – it’s worth it! You’ll need ingredients like regular stew as well as special colored spices obtained by catching Hell-Rats with either cats or hellcats.

We also recommend using additional boosts such as the Preserve prayer and restoring Skill stats for maximum effect.

So let’s get cooking – read on for all the tips and tricks necessary for creating this delicious dish that is packed full of flavor!

Key Takeaways

  • Creating a +5 spicy stew requires regular stew and colored spices sourced from hellrats in Evil Dave’s basement.
  • Timing is crucial; consume the stew when a +5 boost appears and use the Preserve prayer to extend the boost duration.
  • Experiment with different spice doses to maximize the boost probability, and stack boosts with crystal saws for construction purposes.
  • Efficient construction can be achieved by combining a crystal saw, utilizing prayer flicking and skill potions, and regularly restoring skills with the Restoration Pool and super restore potions.

Gathering the Ingredients

Gathering the Ingredients
To get a +5 spicy stew boost, you’ll need to obtain regular stew from the Grand Exchange and collect 3 doses of the appropriate colored spice by having your cat chase hell-rats in Evil Dave’s basement, where there’s a 1 in 21 chance of yielding 3 doses from a successful chase.

Like chefs working with ingredients daily to balance flavors, you’ll become familiar with the hell-rat behemoths guarding each colored spice as you repeatedly send your cat in to gather the spices. With experience, you’ll learn how the doses of spices – red, orange, yellow, brown – affect the stew’s potency.

Soon, combining just the right amounts of stew and doses of spice to get that coveted +5 boost will feel like second nature.

Catching the Hell-Rats

Catching the Hell-Rats
You’re gonna need your cat to chase those pesky hell-rats and snag their colorful spices for the perfect spicy stew boost! Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  1. Select your trusty cat or hellcat – kittens just won’t cut it for this spice gathering job.
  2. Head to Evil Dave’s basement west of Edgeville bank and get ready to put your feline friend to work.
  3. Right click your cat and select Chase to send them after a hell-rat. Success will net you 1-4 spice doses.
  4. Repeat until you’ve gathered enough red, orange, yellow and brown spices to make your stew extra zesty.

Each spice color randomizes a skill boost between -5 and +5 when added to stew. With luck and persistence chasing those pesky vermin, you’ll get the perfect combination for a tasty +5 stew.

Obtaining the Regular Stew

Obtaining the Regular Stew
You’re going to want to start by getting regular stews – the base that the spices will be added to. Stews are made from basic ingredients like potato, cabbage, onion, and meat. But chasing Hell Rats, collecting spices, and going through the whole Recipe for Disaster questline is tedious.

Once you’ve got a good supply of basic stews, it’s time to get spicy. Head to Evil Dave’s basement with your cat to start gathering those special Hell Rat spices. Different colors provide random boosts to different skills. Then combine them with the stews you bought to make some skill-enhancing meals.

Adding the Spices

Adding the Spices
The key is selecting the right color spice for the skill you need boosted. Like a chef seasoning a dish, use your intuition – start with one or two pinches. More isn’t always better; too many spices can overwhelm the stew’s subtle flavors.

As your feline friend returns from chasing hell-rats with colorful spices clamped in its jaws, add your chosen spices judiciously to the stew. The spice’s effect on skills is unpredictable, so repeat the process until luck favors you with a +5 boost.

With practice, you’ll learn the art of maximizing the chance for that delightful +5.

Remember – timing is everything. Consume the stew the moment its +5 skill boost appears to make the most of its temporary effects.

Maximizing the Boosts

Maximizing the Boosts
Getting a +5 spicy stew boost requires some luck and precise timing, but with practice you’ll be mastering stews in no time. The key is understanding how the different spice doses affect boost probabilities.

For a +5 boost, you’ll want to use 3 doses of a spice. This gives you about a 20% chance per stew. Time your boost attempts just before the skill level is needed and use Preserve prayer to prolong the boost.

Consider stacking with other boosts too. Crystal saws combined with a stew can push you over that +5 hump for construction. It takes some trial and error, but with the right strategy you’ll have those max stew boosts on lock.

Spice Doses -5 -2 No Change +2 +5
1 10% 10% 80% 0% 0%
2 5% 20% 75% 0% 0%
3 2% 15% 63% 0% 20%

Using Additional Boosts

Using Additional Boosts
Combining a crystal saw with the spicy stew multiplies the boost for constructing that dream house lickety-split. Prayer flicking between sips and bites ensures the stew’s skill bonuses remain active longer.

Skill potions provide additional temporary buffs when stacked with the spicy stew’s random boost. Plan construction projects during these overlapping power-ups for efficiency. Use the Restoration Pool’s Prayer Restore when the boosts wear off.

Time it so skill levels dip right before hitting the pool. With practice, stew stamina aligns with potion timers. For that +5 boost chance, sprinkle in three red spice doses. OSRS quests become smoother with these sneaky buff combos.

Careful timing turns the spicy stew’s randomness into a strategic temporary skill boost.

Restoring Skill Stats

Restoring Skill Stats
Drink super restore potions or visit the Pool of Refreshment to restore depleted skills after stewing. As a chef perfecting spicy stew recipes, I’ve learned to balance the spice and flavor. Too many doses of spice can overpower and leave you with decreased skills. But don’t fret – simply sip a super restore potion to restore your skill stats.

The super restore’s magic will eliminate the stew’s effects. If you’re near the Ferox Enclave, take a dip in the Pool of Refreshment. Its enchanted waters will also return your skills to normal. With restored stats, you can try stewing again and hope for increased skills.

Maybe you’ll hit that coveted +5 boost for achievement diary tasks. Just be sure to use preserve prayer and crystal saws to make the most of it. The key is having ingredients on hand to restore skills after the stew decreases them.


Making a +5 spicy stew is like a culinary art form, requiring finesse and experience to get it just right. With the right ingredients and a bit of creativity, you can create a stew that will boost your skills in no time.

To begin, you’ll need to gather some spices from the Hell-Rats in Evil Dave’s basement. Once you’ve collected the spices, you can add them to a regular stew and watch the skill boosts soar.

To maximize the boost, you can use timing and additional boosts to get the most out of your spicy stew. Finally, use a super restore potion or the Pool of Refreshment to restore your skill stats.

With a bit of practice and patience, you can easily make a +5 spicy stew and boost your skills to the next level.

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