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How Long Can You Wear Kiss Falscara Lashes? Tips for All-Day Wear (Answered 2023)

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How long can you wear Kiss Falscara lashes?Ever have one of those mornings where your eyes say “sleep in” but your lashes insist you at least throw on some mascara before walking out the door? Same. But between smudges, clumps, and the dreaded raccoon effect, hastily applied mascara never seems to cut it.

What if you could wake up with wispy, fanned out falsies that make your eyes pop without any effort on your part? Enter: Kiss Falscara lashes. They give you lash extensions’ fluttery, feathery effect minus the salon appointment or price tag.

The key is the innovative band design. Each customizable, magnetized lash strip comes with wisps you place under and between your natural lashes. This creates a seamless gradation from your real lashes into the falsies that looks incredibly natural.

The magnets allow you to build volume exactly where you want it. Once in place, Kiss Falscara lashes stay put up to 10 days, even on oily lids.

When it’s time for removal, a simple swipe of micellar water or makeup remover does the trick. Could this budget buy give luxury lash extensions a run for their money? Time to take them for a test drive and find out.

Key Takeaways

  • Kiss Falscara magnetic false lashes look natural like lash extensions without the time or expense of going to a salon.
  • The wisps go under and between your natural lashes, staying on for up to 10 days with proper care.
  • The vegan bond pops the wisps on like mascara; no glue or residue.
  • The starter kit is under $20, with wisp refills only $9.99 for easy customization of length and volume.

What is Kiss Falscara?

How long can you wear Kiss Falscara lashes? 1
You’ll love how the reusable Falscara wisps give you easy, customizable length and volume for 3-10 days. The Kiss Falscara system provides semi-permanent at-home lash extensions with no harsh glue scraping or residue sealing.

Just apply the vegan bond like mascara then pop on the wispy microfiber clusters underneath your natural lashes.

With the starter kit’s 24 fluttery wisps, lash remover, and applicator wand, you can achieve an enviable wide-eyed look for less than the cost of daily strip lashes. Reviewers say the wispy Kiss Falscara lashes stay put comfortably without the hassle and expense of salon extensions.

How Long Can You Wear Kiss Falscara Lashes?

How Long Can You Wear Kiss Falscara Lashes?
With careful cleansing, the fluffy Falscara falsies fetch a fabulous look for five to ten days!

The Kiss Falscara lash extensions last anywhere from 3-10 days with proper care. Here’re 5 tips for maximizing wear:

  1. Gently remove eye makeup daily
  2. Apply each lash cluster separately under lashes
  3. Use tricks like tweezers for precise placement
  4. Avoid heavy eye makeup over extensions
  5. See pros for safe removal after 1-2 weeks’ wear

Getting over a week of fluttery lashes from this at-home false lash extension system takes some practice. With daily makeup removal and careful cluster placement tricks, the wispy Falscara falsies can outlast trips to the salon.

While not meant for permanent wear, this customizable lash look beats daily strips for convenience and cost.

Can You Shower With Falscara Lashes?

Can You Shower With Falscara Lashes?
Don’t soak your fluffy falsies when first applied. The wisp bond needs a few hours to properly adhere before exposing to moisture.

  1. Avoid direct spray on lashes.
  2. Keep eyes closed and face tilted up.
  3. Use a shower cap or hold hand up as shield.
  4. Pat dry gently with a towel.

Getting the perfect falsie look takes time. With smart showering techniques, you can rock up to a week’s worth of wispy lashes from brands like Falscara. While not meant for swimming or face-washing, these individual false lashes outlast trips to the salon.

How Long Can You Wear Falscara Eyelashes?

How Long Can You Wear Falscara Eyelashes?
I know it’s tempting, but avoid extended overnight wear for those first few days. Let the wispy extensions fully adhere before snoozing on your side all night. Patience pays off for long-lasting lashes.

Follow this routine:

  1. Apply strips in the evening
  2. Seal and set before bed
  3. Sleep on your back
  4. Remove residue in the morning

Allow a few cycles to condition lashes and optimize wear time. Don’t peel off strips or overclean extensions prematurely. With practice, you’ll get 5-7 daily uses per wispy strip. Sync removal and reapplication to your skin’s natural oil production.

Soon you’ll bat flawless falsies morning to night. Just resist the urge to dive in lashes first.

Can I Sleep With Kiss Falscara Lashes On?

Can I Sleep With Kiss Falscara Lashes On?
Dip your toes gradually into overnight lashwear for extended use without sticky-eyed awakenings. You’ve mastered lash glue sensitivity and wisp cluster sizing for flawless application. Now optimize Falscara strip longevity through gradual, conditioned wear. Start by removing eye makeup gently with oil-free remover before bed.

Sleep on your back to prevent lash bending during the first few nights of wear. Awaken fresh-eyed and fix any shifted wisps with more sealant. Moisturize lashes daily to prevent brittleness. As your upper lash line adjusts, experiment with larger wisp refills and varied lash styles.

Soon you’ll sleep mess-free in falsies, waking to perfect wink-ready peepers daily.

How Long Can You Leave Kiss Falscara On?

How Long Can You Leave Kiss Falscara On?

  • Apply sealant generously to clump the outer falsies at the end of each day. This will help the lashes stay in place overnight.
  • Limit water buildup on the waterline to keep the bond formula lasting through the night.
  • Gently remove any mascara buildup with an oil-free remover before reapplying eyeliner each day.
  • Check curler compatibility to avoid crimping the sealed end of the falsies. Use a curler designed for extensions.
  • Consider using quality lash glue as an alternative for longer wear than regular false lashes.
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes to keep wisps in place. Any irritation can displace the extensions.

With proper daily care, Kiss Falscara allows you to achieve wispy, wide-eyed beauty 24/7.

Can You Wash Your Face With Kiss Falscara?

Can You Wash Your Face With Kiss Falscara?
You can wash your face with Kiss Falscara lashes on, but be gentle around the eyes. Use a soft makeup remover and cotton pad to gently wipe the lash line, avoiding pressure on the bond. Waterproof eyeliner is key for minimizing smudging and maintaining your eye look after cleansing.

When drying your skin, dab softly with a towel rather than rubbing near the lashes.

Regular mascara coats can be washed away while preserving the extensions underneath. For optimal wear, skip the eyelash curler and allow lashes to air dry after washing. With the right remover and gentle technique, you don’t have to lose your Falscara lashes every time you cleanse.

At home lash extensions offer freedom professional systems can’t match.

Can You Sleep in Kiss Falscara Lashes?

Can You Sleep in Kiss Falscara Lashes?
Whoa nelly, snorin’ on those fluttery falsies ain’t advised for prolongin’ their livin’. Sleepin’ on your side or stomach can cause Kiss Falscara lashes to lose their bond before their time. Requirin’ practice and patience, choosin’ wisps for placement takes finesse. But with proper application and sealant, you can reuse wisps repeatedly if they fall off while snoozin’.

Downside is lash longevity depends on individual lashes adherin’ correctly. Unlike professional extensions placin’ each lash, Falscara bonds small clusters usin’ their seal system.

So to keep your fluttery falsies flutterin’ a bit longer, try sleepin’ on your back and reinforcin’ seals before bed.

How Much Work is Involved in Applying Kiss Falscara Lashes?

How Much Work is Involved in Applying Kiss Falscara Lashes?
While seemin’ simple, successfully applyin’ Kiss Falscara lashes takes patience, as positionin’ wispy clusters just right under your natural lashes involves precision.

  • Avoid gettin’ bond on your roots when applyin’ with the wand.
  • Use salon techniques like lettin’ each layer dry before addin’ the next.
  • Havin’ the right tools and technique takes practice for optimal placement.

Masterin’ lash application and schedulin’ removes and reapplications will help you get the most wear from each wisp. Watchin’ video tutorials on creatin’ an unbroken single band look with the clusters shows their reusable potential.

Usin’ the pad to remove, cleanin’ the tacky brushable glue, and reinforcin’ seals with each step extends wear.

How Does Kiss Falscara Compare to Traditional Falsies?

How Does Kiss Falscara Compare to Traditional Falsies?
Kiss Falscara offers a cheaper, convenient alternative to traditional false lashes. Unlike fussy strips, the wispy clusters let you create a customized look fast. They’re easier to apply and feel lighter than a full strip.

The long-lasting, reusable falsies stay secure with the seal formula to enjoy for days if cared for properly.

And they allow your natural lash to shine through for a fluttery, natural-looking falsie effect. You’ll love Kiss as an accessible way to level up your lash look sans salon. The starter kit beats buying boxes of strips.

Go from barefaced beauty to bombshell in minutes with Kiss. It’s the perfect blend of comfort and glam.

Is Kiss Falscara a Good Dupe for Lashify?

Is Kiss Falscara a Good Dupe for Lashify?
You’ll get natural-looking extensions on the daily without salon prices using this quick ‘n easy DIY kit. With Kiss Falscara, say goodbye to fussy strip lashes. These wispy clusters let you customize a soft, flirty look in minutes.

No need to book another pricey extension refill when you can apply lightweight accents at home. The kit’s bond and sealant keep the falsies secure for 3-10 days of wear. Remove without damage and reuse your fluttery wisps.

Enjoy the pros of extensions minus the cons of hybrid styles. Kiss creates a polished daytime look or amped-up evening glam. Liven up a single eye with accents at a fraction of the cost. This lash hack is a must for your beauty arsenal.

How Much Does the Kiss Falscara Starter Kit Cost?

How Much Does the Kiss Falscara Starter Kit Cost?
C’mon, save big bucks grabbin’ this DIY lash kit for under $20. The Kiss Falscara starter kit runs just $19n99.

Compared to pricey salon extensions and tedious false strip lashes, this is a total steal!

  • Applicator wand
  • 24 reusable wisps
  • Adhesive bond
  • Sealant

Slay your look sans the salon splurge. Get lengthy, lifted lashes at home with Kiss’ easy-breezy clusters. Prep lashes, then paint on precision bond. Apply wisps underneath natural lashes. Seal the falsies to set and remove excess. Avoid overapplying adhesive to prevent irritation.

With proper care, flaunt fuller fringe for up to 10 days. Ditch daily strips and shell out only once for this customizable kit.

Are There Any Potential Hazards Associated With Using Kiss Falscara?

Are There Any Potential Hazards Associated With Using Kiss Falscara?
Gotta watch for irritating your eyes if ya overdo the adhesive or misplace the wisps.

Risks How to Avoid
Eye irritation Don’t overload the bond formula. Apply thin layer with wand, like mascara. Let dry fully before sealing wisps.
Incorrect placement Use the applicator’s microfibers to properly align wisps under natural lashes, not waterline. Reposition before sealing if needed.
Allergic reaction Discontinue use if any itching, redness or swelling occurs. Contains latex. Patch test ingredients first.
Falls off easily Don’t get wisps too wet initially. Let sealant fully dry overnight for longer wear. Try not to rub eyes or sleep on that side, especially at first.
Damaged wisps Gently remove adhesive residue and store wisps properly so they remain reusable. Don’t pull too hard or over-clean.

Slay your look without the salon splurge, but keep a watchful eye! With practice, you can master precise wisp placement for lifted lashes minus irritating your peepers.

How Long Does Kiss Falscara Last?

How Long Does Kiss Falscara Last?
With the Kiss Falscara lash extension kit, ya can rock a glam lashed-up look for 3-10 days before losin’ the wisps, hun.

  1. Sleepin’ on your side can shorten wear time to just 3-4 days, so try not to smoosh your face into the pillows, girl.
  2. Oil-based eye makeup remover will break down the sealant, so use gentle cleansers and avoid rubbin’ too hard on your peepers.
  3. Reapplyin’ a thin layer of sealant each mornin’ helps the wisps stay put through makeup application and removal for the full 10 days.

The Falscara’s got great adhesion power compared to daily strips. Just baby those fluttery falsies, limit high-impact cardio that makes your lashes fly, and you’ll be battin’ lengthy, voluminous wisps for almost two weeks straight, easy.

With proper care, the Kiss kit can give you bombshell lashes for nearly half the month. Don’t sleep face down or scrub aggressively when removin’ eye makeup, and take a sec each day to refresh the sealant.

Can You Shower With Kiss Falscara Lashes On?

Can You Shower With Kiss Falscara Lashes On?
You’d be crazy to get those fluttery falsies wet in the shower, girl! While the Kiss Falscara’s got great stick-to-it power, steamin’ up with the wisps on can make ’em slip right off your gorgeous peepers.

Save sudsin’ up for makeup removal time when they’re already off, and you’ll keep rockin’ those bombshell battin’ lashes day after day.

A quick splash won’t kill your glam lash look if you’re gentle, but a full on shower soak will strip your wisps quicker than a flash flood in the desert.

Let those falsies breathe and give ’em a break while you wash your pretty face clean each night. Avoid high-pressure spray directly on your peepers too – it’s harsh on the sealant so your flutters won’t last as long.

Be sweet to your wispy extensions, honey, and they’ll love you right back with mile-long lashes for weeks!

  • Shower cap to protect your lash extensions
  • Use lash-safe cleansers and gentle pressure
  • Let lashes fully dry after washing face
  • Sleep on your back to avoid smushing

While you’ll want to pamper those falsies to make ’em last, go ahead and wash your gorgeous face as normal when your wisps are off for removal. Just save the steamy showers for lash-free times, use a delicate lash cleanser, avoid rubbin’ too rough over your peepers, and keep direct spray away from your extensions, girl.

Treat your flutters with care and they’ll flutter fabulously for as long as possible!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I wear makeup with Kiss Falscara lashes?

Yes, you can wear makeup with Kiss Falscara lashes! Over 80% of reviewers pair the semi-permanent extensions with their usual makeup routine. Just avoid oil-based products around the lash line after applying the bond, as they can break down the adhesive.

The wispy clusters blend seamlessly with eyeliner, eyeshadow, and mascara for a naturally glamorous look.

How do I remove Kiss Falscara lashes?

Gently remove Kiss Falscara false eyelashes using the included remover solution and cotton swab. Avoid pulling or tugging, as removing improperly can damage your natural lashes. Instead, soak the bond holding the wisps until they slide off with minimal effort.

What if I have sensitive eyes – will Kiss Falscara irritate them?

Hey girl! Kiss Falscara isn’t irritating for most. But if your eyes are super sensitive, test a wisp first. You can handle the soft fibers if you go slow. The key is a thin, even coat of their soothing lash adhesive.

Do I need to trim or cut the Kiss Falscara wisps to fit my eye shape?

Girlie, don’t fret. Trim the wispy ends if too long, but leave the band intact. Like a favorite mini skirt, tailor for the perfect fit.

Can I reuse the Kiss Falscara applicator and bond/sealant?

You sure can reuse the applicator and bond/sealant! Just clean the applicator carefully between uses and make sure the bond isn’t getting clumpy or dried out.


Like a siren’s alluring song, lush lashes beckon your gaze. Yet the tedious process of applying falsies each morning is an odyssey you needn’t undertake. With Kiss Falscara’s clever system, you can achieve striking eyes that would make Helen of Troy envious.

The key is understanding realistic wear time. While Falscara isn’t meant for overnight use, you can shower, gently cleanse, and enjoy carefree wear for 3-10 days if you avoid oil around eyes and sleep on your back.

Costing under $20, Falscara gives you customizable volume and polished lashes without the price tag of extensions.

So bid adieu to daily strip lash woes. With practice, Falscara’s reusable wisps let you create spellbinding eyes that demand attention.

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