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How Long Does It Take to Get Marks of Grace Osrs? (Answered 2023)

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How long does it take to get marks of grace OsrsStruggling to get your hands on Marks of Grace? You’re not alone. With an average of 17 marks per hour across the Rooftop Agility courses and a requirement of 260 for the full Graceful outfit, obtaining this sought-after currency can be quite daunting.

Fortunately, we’re here to provide some helpful tips and tricks that will help you maximize your chances of getting as many Marks as possible! By following our strategies below, you’ll find it much easier to learn how long it takes to get Marks of Grace OSRS.

Key Takeaways

Average 8-18 marks of grace per hour, with the highest chances at Canifis and Ardougne. Achievement Diary boosts from Kandarin/Ardougne increase chances. Exchange marks for Amylase packs, Platinum Tokens, Survival Tokens, Trading Sticks, and recolouring graceful outfit.

What Are Marks of Grace?

What Are Marks of Grace
You can be the envy of all your friends and agility trainers by collecting Marks of Grace – an untradeable, stackable reward that randomly appears while training Agility on Rooftop Courses in Old School RuneScape.

Nine rooftop courses spawn marks: Draynor Village, Al-Kharid, Varrock, Canifis (highest chance), Falador (higher experience rate but fewer marks), Seers’ Village Rooftop Course (recently added), Pollnivneach, Rellekka, and Ardougne.

Each mark gives 19,580 coins or 255 Herblore experience when exchanged at Rogues’ Den beneath Burthorpe with Grace for energy restoration and additional bonus when training skills or completing quests.

The whole set requires 260 Marks to purchase, which averages out to 53 Agility level needed for success – Ardougne rooftop course is best for acquiring them at a rate of 17/hr, while Canifis follows closely behind with 16/hr; others fall between 11-13/hr.

Low priority on death means you might easily lose the entire graceful outfit, so it’s important to keep track! For dark blue recolour, use 250 archery tickets from Brimhaven course, whereas 1800 Hallowed marks are required if you want black recolour plus Adventurer’s Outfit variant through quest speedrunning points.

Duration of Getting Marks of Grace

Duration of Getting Marks of Grace
Gathering Marks of Grace in Old School Runescape can be a tedious process. On average, players will get between 11 and 18 marks per hour, depending on the agility course they are running. However, this is affected by spawning mechanics and player-specific spawning rules.

Average Mark of Grace Per Hour

Experience the thrill of collecting Marks of Grace every hour as you traverse Agility courses! The amount varies between 8-18 marks per hour, with Canifis and Ardougne providing the highest chances. These untradeable currency units give an energy bonus when worn in a complete set; however, death carries a hefty penalty.

Optimal strategies focus on getting Marks without sacrificing too much agility laps or experience points. Spawning mechanics show that levels over 20 decrease your mark chances, but you can buy Amylase packs for 10 marks each to speed up progress.

Spawning Mechanics

When training Agility on Rooftop Courses, be aware that marks of grace spawn randomly and have a player-specific 10-minute despawn timer. The chance to get a mark is affected by the agility level requirement of the course compared to your own; generally, if you’re 20 levels or more above it, it reduces your chances.

Achievement Diary boosts from Kandarin/Ardougne increase this chance, as do Stamina Potions when training. Cost-wise, they can be exchanged for Hallowed Marks used in Trailblazer Ornament Kits or traded directly with Grace at Rogues’ Den for an outfit piece per 25-60 Marks, depending on what part you want recoloured.

Player-Specific Marks

Behold the exclusive opportunity to collect your own Marks of Grace – only you can see and receive them as they spawn! Each mark is player-specific with a 10-minute despawn timer. Completing 20 levels or more over course requirements reduces the chance of getting a mark; however, Ardougne is an exception.

Spending marks grants grace sells such as Amylase packs (10=100 crystals), Platinum Tokens, Survival Tokens, Trading Sticks, and recolouring graceful outfit by using 90 marks for the entire set/15 pieces per piece.

The Adventurer’s Outfit variant unlocks with 1800 Quest speedrunning points, along with the Trailblazer Graceful Ornament Kit from 6000 League points, exchangeable for 255 Herblore experience too! All these opportunities await those who seek mastery in Agility skill training on Rooftop Courses.

Obtaining Marks of Grace

Obtaining Marks of Grace
Obtaining Marks of Grace can be a tricky task, but with the help of certain Achievement Diary boosts and some optimal strategies, it is possible to quickly amass these coveted items. Rooftop Agility Course spawns give players nine different locations to find Marks of Grace: Draynor Village, Al-Kharid, Varrock, Canifis, Falador, Seers’ Village, Pollnivneach, Rellekka, and Ardougne.

Knowing how best to utilize each location is key for obtaining as many marks as possible in the shortest time frame.

Achievement Diary Boosts

Unlock your true agility potential with Achievement Diary boosts – Kandarin and Ardougne can increase your Mark of Grace spawn rate! The rewards from the Elite diaries in Ardougne and Seers’ Village Rooftop Course will grant you extra Marks of Grace.

With these bonuses, you’ll be able to obtain a graceful outfit faster than ever. For instance, if you have an Agility Level 53 or higher, it only takes 260 Marks of Grace to get the entire set. You can also recolour it for additional Hallowed Marks or an Adventurer’s Outfit variant using Trailblazer ornament kits, which cost 6000 League points respectively.

Optimal Strategies

To maximize your Marks of Grace, take advantage of the Achievement Diary boosts and choose a rooftop agility course with the highest Marks of Grace per hour rate. Ardougne Rooftop Course has an average rate of 16-18/hr, Canifis is also good at 16-18/hr, and Rellekka provides 13-15.

5/hr. Other courses offer 11 to 13.8 per hour on average. Wearing the full Graceful set grants up to 20% run energy bonus, plus 10% extra for wearing all pieces, or 3%-4% bonus for each individual piece! Energy restoration while training skills or completing quests can add more bonuses too.

Don’t forget that mark rewards are player-specific, so make sure you grab them in time before they disappear after 10 minutes.

Rooftop Agility Course Spawns

Discover your marks of grace potential on the nine rooftop agility courses – Draynor Village, Al-Kharid, Varrock, Canifis, Falador, Seers’ Village, Pollnivneach, Rellekka, and Ardougne. Ardougne has the best marks of grace potential, averaging 17 per hour. Canifis averages 17/hr, while Rellekka has 14/hr.

Other courses have 11-13/hr each, but offer higher experience rates than others at the cost of marks spawning less often. To re-colour a graceful outfit, you’ll need 90 marks in total, or 15 per piece; 250 Agility Arena tickets for dark blue, and 300 Hallowed Marks to achieve the black recolour variant! The Adventurer’s Outfit comes from 1800 Quest speedrunning points, and the Trailblazer Graceful Ornament Kit costs 6000 League points.

Spending Marks of Grace

Spending Marks of Grace
It is possible to spend your Marks of Grace in various ways. Recolouring an entire outfit costs 90 marks, while individual pieces cost 15 each. You can also purchase Amylase Packs from Rogues’ Den, with 10 Marks equalling 100 crystals.

Recolouring a Graceful Outfit

Recolour your graceful outfit with 90 Marks of Grace for the entire set, 15 marks per piece. Darken it with either 250 Agility Arena Tickets or 300 Hallowed Marks. Unlock new colouring variants by completing quests and spending reward tokens to purchase pieces of eight from Ardougne’s market stall.

Rogues’ Den

Head to the Rogues’ Den beneath Burthorpe and exchange your Marks of Grace for a full set of Graceful clothing! For 260 Marks you can get all pieces, granting 20% run energy bonus with 10% extra if worn as a whole.

Deals like Blood Money or Frog Tokens await those who bring Golden Nuggets or Glistening Tears.

Amylase Packs

At Rogues’ Den, exchange your Marks of Grace for Amylase packs to get the most out of training. For 10 marks, you’ll get 100 amylase crystals, 19,580 coins, and 255 Herblore experience. At Canifis agility course, you can earn 16-18 marks an hour, while Falador rooftop course offers higher exp rates but fewer marks.

You can also use castle wars tickets or paramaya tickets from Seers’ Village on the graceful set recolouring process at 90-15 marks per piece for dark blue and black sets. Finally, check all eight rooftop courses: Draynor Village, Al Kharid, Varrock, Canifis, Falador, Seers’ Village, Pollnivneach, Rellekka, and Ardougne.

Treasure Trails

Treasure Trails
You can use a Mark of Grace to show Falador the item he requires for Treasure Trails. The marks are obtained from Rooftop Courses, so you need to be agile and quick when navigating these obstacles. When you complete an obstacle, there is a chance that one or more Marks of Grace will spawn on your tile – make sure to pick them up quickly before they despawn! Once collected, these marks can be used in exchange for rewards such as recolouring your graceful outfit with 250 agility arena tickets (dark blue) or 1800 Hallowed Marks (black).

You may also choose to spend them at the Rogues’ Den, where Grace sells Amylase packs and other items for 10 marks each.

For those looking for adventure-style recolours, Trailblazer ornament kits require 6000 League points, while Quest speedrunning points give access to the Adventurer’s Outfit variant.


Experience these changes for yourself – the Ardougne Elite Diary rewards, Seers’ Village Rooftop Course, and Ardougne Rooftop Course are sure to help you get your Marks of Grace faster than ever! With a 20% run energy bonus from wearing the entire Graceful set, 3-4% bonuses from individual pieces, and an additional 10% set effect when training skills or completing quests, you’ll be able to cut down on time spent searching.

Additionally, weight reduction while wearing the outfit is enabled in F2P worlds. The 300 Hallowed marks needed for changing into a black colour variant can be obtained by exchanging Void Knight Commendation points at the Bounty Hunter Store in Edgeville bank or Herblore experience with Amylase packs purchased using Marks of Grace at the Rogues’ Den beneath Burthorpe.

Alternatively, obtain 250 Agility Arena tickets to recolour your outfit dark blue or 1800 Quest speedrunning points for an Adventurer-styled version.


Transitioning from the previous discussion of changes to Marks of Grace, let’s take a look at some trivia now. One interesting feature is that your progress in collecting marks can be tracked through a Collection Log found under the Quest Tab.

This log tracks how many marks have spawned for you and records any money exchange or resourceful tips used when training Agility on rooftop courses like Canifis Al-Kharid Rooftop course.

Higher levels grant bigger chances for spawning marks while 20+ levels reduce chances significantly; making it harder but not impossible to get them. Money exchange is also available: 10 Marks of Grace equal 100 Amylase crystals, which can be exchanged for 19,580 coins and 255 Herblore experience points per mark, or using alternative sources such as Nightmare Zone reward points, Pizazz Points, and Slayer Reward Points, among others.

And remember that even though Ardougne has one of the highest spawn rate averages (16-18), other courses shouldn’t be discounted since they might provide good returns too!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the fastest way to get Marks of Grace?

The fastest way to get Marks of Grace is by training Agility on the Ardougne rooftop course; it offers 16-18 marks per hour. For other courses, Canifis has a high chance of spawning Marks and Falador offers higher experience rates but lower mark spawns.

How many Marks of Grace can I get per hour?

You can get an average of 11 to 18 Marks of Grace per hour, depending on which rooftop Agility Course you choose.

How do I recolour my Graceful outfit?

To recolour your Graceful outfit, exchange 90 Marks of Grace for the entire set or 15 per piece. Dark blue requires 250 Agility Arena tickets; black needs 1800 Hallowed Marks. Get an Adventurer’s variant with 1800 Quest Speedrunning points or a Trailblazer Ornament Kit requiring 6000 League points.

What is the cost of the Graceful set?

The Graceful set requires 260 Marks of Grace and costs hood (35), top (55), legs (60), gloves (30), boots (40) and cape (40).

Is there a weight reduction bonus when wearing the Graceful set?

Wearing the Graceful set reduces your weight, allowing you to run faster. There’s no reduction bonus in free-to-play worlds, but members get a 20% bonus when wearing the full outfit and 3-4% for individual pieces.


It’s no wonder why everyone wants to get their hands on Marks of Grace! With an average of 11-18 marks of grace per hour, it can take a while to get the full set of 260 marks needed to purchase the Graceful outfit.

But with the right strategies, boosts from the Achievement Diaries, and the ability to spend marks of grace in the Rogues’ Den, it’s definitely possible to speed up the process of getting marks of grace.

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