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How Many Calories in Starbucks Sweet Cream Foam? (Answered 2023)

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How many calories are in Starbucks sweet cream foamLet the decadent flavor of Starbucks vanilla sweet cream cold foam transport your tastebuds! Slip into a cozy cafe, close your eyes, and sip this velvety topping cascading over cold brew.

We’re spilling the beans on Starbucks’ signature foam, from the original recipe to dairy-free versions. Whether you’re craving a splash of indulgence or seeking lighter fare, you’ll find the perfect creamy foam for your morning cup.

This article whisks you through sweet cream’s origins, ingredients, and nutrition so you can custom-craft a cold foam cold brew that’s everything your heart desires.

Key Takeaways

  • Vanilla sweet cream foam adds 40 calories per serving to iced coffee.
  • Sweet cream cold foam is a popular, lighter way to indulge cravings in drinks.
  • Sweet cream foam can be made with heavy cream, milk, and vanilla.
  • Sweet cream foam can be customized to reduce calories and fat by using nonfat milk, less vanilla, and honey instead of sugar.

Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Foam

Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Foam
Craving something sweet but trying to watch your calories? Starbucks’ velvety vanilla sweet cream cold foam tops its iced coffee with a lighter frothy foam that adds sweetness for just 40 calories per serving.

Made with a splash of vanilla syrup, nonfat milk, and no whipped cream, this sweet topping tastes indulgent while keeping your morning drink relatively slim.

Breakfast Blend

You’d savor that frothy, sweet cream topping on your cold brew, knowing it’s a lighter way to indulge your craving for something decadent. The vanilla sweet cream cold foam is one of Starbucks’ most popular toppings, letting you enjoy tasty treats like a salted caramel mocha or cinnamon dolce latte without overdoing the calories.

Sip your creamy cold brew as you stroll past local shops on a warm evening, keeping an eye out for new flavors and fresh toppings.

Pike Place® Roast

Try their delicious Pike Place® Roast with vanilla sweet cream cold foam; it adds a smooth creaminess and only 40 calories.

  • Indulge in the velvety sweet cream foam topping.
  • Sip the bold, roasted coffee flavors.
  • Enjoy a hint of vanilla in each creamy sip.

Savor the sweet vanilla cream foam layered atop the Starbucks Pike Place Roast. The bold coffee provides the perfect complement to the rich, frothy foam with just a kiss of vanilla.

House Blend

Pour a cup of House Blend and embrace the comfort of its smooth, perfectly balanced flavor. Starbucks’ medium roast is marked by cocoa notes with a mellow finish. Its versatile taste pairs well with milk and desserts.

Superautomatic machines craft artful lattes with this ubiquitous, foundational roast.

Cocoa notes

Versatile taste


The ubiquitous House Blend offers a smooth, balanced coffee experience. Its versatility makes it a foundational Starbucks roast.

Other Recipes to Enjoy

You’re guzzling down 40 yummy calories of liquid whipped cream with every sip of that Starbucks drink. Customize your cold foam creation – add strawberry syrup for a fruity twist, chai tea for spice, cinnamon dolce for warmth, or even toasted marshmallow and mocha drizzle.

Let the silky froth dance on your tongue. Layer the luscious cream foam atop iced coffee, cold brew, or your favorite Starbucks beverage.

Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Foam Ingredients

Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Foam Ingredients
You can easily make the signature Starbucks sweet cream cold foam at home with just a few ingredients and tools. To get that smooth, frothy layer, all you need is heavy cream, milk, vanilla syrup or extract, and either an electric milk frother, blender, or whisk to whip the mixture into soft peaks.

From dairy-free alternatives to simple syrup infusions, you’ll learn the basics for recreating this velvety foam topping and customizing it to your liking.

With a minute of blending or whisking, you can top your iced coffee, cold brew, or espresso drinks with a touch of sweet indulgence.

How to Make Vanilla Bean Simple Syrup

You’ll simmer water and sugar to make vanilla bean simple syrup for cold brew.

  1. Bring 1 cup of water and 1 cup of sugar to a boil.
  2. Scrape seeds from 1 vanilla bean and add them to the water.
  3. Reduce the heat and simmer for 10 minutes.
  4. Let it cool completely before using it in cold brew.

Homemade vanilla simple syrup adds a rich, aromatic vanilla flavor to cold brew coffee. It’s easy to make with just three ingredients. Simmering the vanilla bean seeds infuses the syrup with intoxicating vanilla notes.

How to Make Sweet Cream Cold Foam With Nespresso

Froth up silky sweetness at home by blending Nespresso pods, milk, and vanilla to make that Starbucks-style topping. Simply pour milk into a blender or whisk attachment, add vanilla syrup or extract, and blend for 60 seconds until light and airy.

For the best foam texture, use cold dairy or plant milk and refrigerate before blending. Add espresso for a creamy caffeinated twist. Follow barista foam tips like using chilled equipment and ingredients for light, fluffy homemade creamer with your Nespresso recipes.

Is There a Difference Between Sweet Cream Cold Foam and Whipping Cream?

There’s a world of difference between that fluffy sweet cream foam and heavy whipped cream.

  • Lighter texture from aeration rather than just heavy cream
  • Contains vanilla and 2% milk for sweetness
  • Less than half the calories and fat
  • Foam made by blending versus just whipping
  • Meant as topping, not dollop like whipped cream

Sweet cream cold foam offers a frothy, sweet layer without the heft of plain whipped cream.

Can You Make Dairy-free Sweet Cream Cold Foam?

O dear, you could whip up plant-based milk into the dreamiest, cloud-like foam ever! If you’re looking to enjoy the creamy goodness of Starbucks’ sweet cream cold foam but prefer a dairy-free option, fear not! There are plenty of alternatives available.

You can use dairy-free creamers or nut-based creams to create a luscious and frothy topping for your favorite iced coffee or latte. Oat milk is particularly great for achieving that velvety texture, while coconut milk adds a tropical twist to your beverage.

Can You Make Sweet Cream Cold Foam Without a Milk Frother?

You’ll whip up a silky cold foam without a frother by blending milk and vanilla syrup for a minute. Milk frothing tricks like using a blender, whisk, or shake jar let you DIY the sweet cream at home. Skip the specialty appliance with a simple handheld frother or whisk whipping techniques.

Blend the cold foam ingredients in a jar or use a milk frothing wand for a lighter, sweeter topping.

More Easy Coffee Drink Recipes

More Easy Coffee Drink Recipes
Whip up a silky pumpkin spice latte foam at home with just milk, maple syrup, pumpkin puree, and fall spices for a cozy seasonal treat.

Enjoy these easy coffee drinks this season:

  1. Irish coffee – coffee, Irish whiskey, sugar, and whipped cream.
  2. Peppermint mocha – chocolate syrup, coffee, peppermint extract, and whipped cream.
  3. Caramel macchiato – espresso, milk, vanilla, and caramel drizzle.
  4. Spiced chai latte – black tea, spices, milk, and honey.

Mix up your usual coffee routine with flavor variations like pumpkin spice, peppermint, caramel, and chai. Homemade coffee drinks are quick, delicious, and cheaper than going out. Experiment with different milks, sweeteners, extracts, and toppings to customize your perfect cup.

Easy and Delicious Breakfast Recipes

Easy and Delicious Breakfast Recipes
You can make a yummy banana nut pancake for a tasty morning treat. Whip up a quick breakfast flatbread pizza with savory veggies and cheese for a filling start. Make a hearty breakfast hash bowl loaded with potatoes, eggs, and your favorite veggies.

For a warm breakfast, bake cinnamon apple oatmeal muffins drizzled with maple glaze. Satisfy your sweet tooth with grainless granola bars packed with nuts, coconut, and dried fruit. Start your day off right with nutritious and easy breakfast recipes that will energize you until lunch.

It’s 5pm. Are You Still Wondering What’s for Dinner?

It’s 5pm. Are You Still Wondering What’s for Dinner
Y’all’ll be hittin’ the Starbucks drive-thru for a Venti cold brew with that sweet creamy foam before dinner’s even on the table tonight. I feel ya. It’s been a long day and you’re ready to just chill out. But that growling stomach says otherwise.

No judgement here. We’ve all been there, looking at the clock and wondering how dinner got away from us again. Here’s a pro tip: keep some easy eats on hand for nights like these. A rotisserie chicken, frozen pizzas or pre-made meals, cans of soup – whatever takes the least amount of effort.

Throw together a quick salad or steam some veggies on the side. Boom – dinner is served. No need to resort to takeout every time you’re in a dinner pinch. A little planning goes a long way to help you save time and catch up on those busy nights.

You’ve got this!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does sweet cream foam last before going flat?

You can expect sweet cream foam to stay frothy and pillowy soft for 30-60 minutes after it is made. The foam will gradually lose its loft and become flat as the air bubbles pop over time. Drink your cold brew with sweet cream foam sooner than later for the best texture and flavor.

What are some ways to make the sweet cream foam thicker or fluffier?

Use chilled heavy cream and milk. Whip longer, around 2-3 minutes. Add a touch more vanilla syrup. Use powdered sugar instead of granulated – it dissolves better. Store your sweet cream mixture overnight before whipping.

And make sure your cream and milk are very cold when whipping. The colder, the better the foam.

Can you use non-dairy milks like almond or oat milk to make the sweet cream foam?

Yes, you can use non-dairy milks like almond or oat to make sweet cream foam. Whip the milk into soft peaks for a thick, frothy foam. The foam may not be quite as thick, but almond and oat work well. Go dairy-free and enjoy Starbucks flavors at home.

Does the sweet cream foam contain any caffeine or just flavor/sweetness?

The sweet cream foam does not contain any caffeine. It’s purely for flavor and sweetness, adding a light, frothy layer of vanilla-infused cream to your coffee drink. The caffeine comes solely from the coffee itself. The foam simply makes your drink creamier and more indulgent without providing an energy boost.

Is there a way to make the sweet cream foam healthier by using lower sugar or lower fat ingredients?

Yes, you can make Starbucks’ sweet cream foam healthier. Use nonfat or low-fat milk and limit the amount of vanilla syrup. This significantly cuts calories and fat while retaining the creamy, frothy texture.

Adding a touch of honey or maple syrup instead of sugar also reduces sweetness. With simple swaps, you can indulge in this decadent foam without overdoing calories or sugar.


Dear friend, you’ve come a long way in understanding Starbucks cold foam. Though the figures may seem daunting, remember that indulgences in moderation keep life’s flavors vibrant. Sip your cold brew, taste the silky foam, and know that sometimes the sweetest joys are ephemeral as the foam’s evanescent bubbles.

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