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How Many Football Fields in 1 Million Sq Ft? (Answered 2024)

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How many football fields is 1 million square feetImagine standing in the middle of a vast open field, surrounded by green grass as far as the eye can see.

Now, picture that field being one million square feet in size.

It’s hard to grasp just how big that is, isn’t it?

Well, let me break it down for you – 1 million square feet is equivalent to approximately 17 football fields.

Yes, you heard that right!

So next time someone mentions a space of 1 million square feet, you’ll have a better understanding of its magnitude.

Key Takeaways

  • One million square feet is equal to over 15 football fields.
  • Augusta Grove, Flatwood Industrial Park, Milliken Tract, Sunny Slope Corporate Park, and Tyger River Industrial Park-North all have over one million square feet of space available.
  • These industrial parks are all strategically located near highways, rail corridors, and the Port of Charleston.
  • They offer a variety of amenities, including truck access, loading docks, and security lighting.

Augusta Grove

Augusta Grove
When it comes to large-scale distribution centers, location and features are key. Augusta Grove is one of the sites in the Upstate region that has the potential to accommodate these massive facilities.

With its strategic location near highways, rail corridors, and an inland port connected to Charleston, Augusta Grove offers convenience for shipping goods efficiently.

Additionally, its size allows for significant expansion opportunities as companies continue to consolidate their distribution centers into larger facilities.

Location and Features

You’ll find Augusta Grove conveniently located with impressive features to support major distribution centers.

The size of Augusta Grove is ideal for businesses, offering over 1 million square feet of space.

With a ceiling height that accommodates large storage needs and climate-controlled facilities, it ensures the optimal conditions for storing goods.

Additionally, truck access and available utilities make logistics seamless.

Whether you need ample parking space or room to expand your operations, Augusta Grove has got you covered.

Potential for Expansion

You can explore the potential for expansion at Augusta Grove.

With its rail and interstate access, existing infrastructure, and proximity to major employers, the site has great potential for future growth.

Its size of 1 million square feet allows for a large distribution center or other industrial facility.

However, zoning restrictions and development incentives need to be considered when planning any expansion.

The economic impact of such an expansion could bring more jobs to the area and boost local workforce participation.

Flatwood Industrial Park

Flatwood Industrial Park
When it comes to size and capacity, Flatwood Industrial Park is a prime location for businesses looking for large-scale facilities.

With the ability to accommodate 1 million square feet, this industrial park offers ample space for companies to operate efficiently and handle high volumes of goods.

Additionally, its accessibility and transportation options make it an attractive choice with its network of highways, interstates, rail corridors, and proximity to the Port of Charleston.

Size and Capacity

One and a half million square feet spread over 125 acres gives you ample room for large-scale distribution operations.

  • Storing over 500,000 pallets
  • Parking for hundreds of trailers
  • Space for manufacturing and logistics
  • With 15.4 football fields, visualize the possibilities
  • Connecting to major highways and railways

Accessibility and Transportation

Strategically situated off I-85, Flatwood offers tenant companies direct freeway access as well as connectivity to inland port and rail options for efficient transport of goods. With proximity to major transportation infrastructure, the industrial park provides companies easy access to move products in and out.

Mode Distance
Interstate 85 0.5 miles
Inland Port 15 miles
Rail Yard 8 miles
Airport 12 miles

Milliken Tract

Milliken Tract
When it comes to the Milliken Tract, you’ll find a site with some impressive characteristics and potential for development.

With its vast area, measuring 1 million square feet, the tract offers ample space for various projects. In terms of dimensions, envision around 15.4 football fields fitting into this expansive location—a significant opportunity for growth and expansion in the Upstate region.

Site Characteristics

Two key site characteristics make the Milliken Tract ideal for large distribution centers. Strategically located with highway and rail access, you efficiently transport regional goods.

  • High ceilings
  • Abundant truck courts and loading docks
  • Convenient truck access
  • Strong infrastructure and utilities
  • Flexible zoning for large buildings
  • Tax incentives available

Potential for Development

You’re looking at ample room for growth on the Milliken Tract. With over 200 acres available, numerous facilities could be built to support distribution and logistics operations.

This table shows potential development scenarios and their impacts:

Size Jobs Created Economic Impact Tax Revenue
1 million sq ft 800 $450 million $12 million
3 million sq ft 2,500 $1.5 billion $38 million
5 million sq ft 4,200 $3 billion $65 million

Careful planning around traffic, housing, and sustainability will be critical to ensure responsible development.

Sunny Slope Corporate Park

Sunny Slope Corporate Park
Sunny Slope Corporate Park has over 1 million square feet available.

That’s room for 15 football fields of distribution space to meet tenant needs.

With ideal location and infrastructure, Sunny Slope offers ample space and opportunity to attract major distribution centers.

Amenities and Infrastructure

How strategically is Sunny Slope Corporate Park positioned to provide the infrastructure and amenities needed to attract major distribution centers?

With ample loading docks, truck parking, security lighting, and restrooms, the park is designed to meet the needs of large-scale tenants.

The convenient interstate access and available space give companies room to grow.

Tenant Base and Occupancy

The occupancy level demonstrates your opportunity to lease space in Sunny Slope Corporate Park’s mix of facilities.

With average occupancy at 85%, the largest tenant, Adidas, holds a 10-year lease at $6 per square foot.

As for future tenants, while unknown, the favorable lease terms and ideal location position Sunny Slope Corporate Park for filling currently vacant spaces.

Tyger River Industrial Park-North

Tyger River Industrial Park-North
When you picture a 1 million square foot distribution center, think of over 15 football fields lined up, endzones touching.

The massive Tyger River Industrial Park-North has space and infrastructure ready to support centers of this scale. With interstate access, rail lines, and proximity to the port, companies have ideal conditions here to ship goods efficiently.

Location and Access

Having covered Sunny Slope Corporate Park’s amenities and infrastructure, let’s move on to Tyger River Industrial Park-North’s location and access.

You’re strategically situated near major highways and rail lines, offering prime connectivity for companies needing to efficiently move goods and materials.

  • Convenient access to I-85 and I-26
  • Direct rail links to inland port and Port of Charleston
  • Short drive time to Greenville-Spartanburg Airport
  • On-site Foreign Trade Zone and clearing customs
  • Qualifies for state job tax credits

Available Space and Facilities

You’d find over 600,000 square feet of modern industrial space available at Tyger River Industrial Park-North, with room to accommodate additional build-to-suit facilities to meet companies’ distribution and logistics needs.

The park offers convenient access to I-85 and proximity to the Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport.

With competitive lease rates and customizable options, the industrial park provides an ideal location solution for major distribution operations looking to expand in the Upstate region.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many football fields is 1 million square feet?

1 million square feet is equivalent to 4 football fields.

How big is a 1 million-square-foot facility?

A 1 million-square-foot facility is the equivalent of 4 football fields, or a lap around the box is 4,000 feet.

What are some examples of companies that have built 1 million-square-foot distribution centers?

Companies like Adidas, Rite Aid, TechTronic Industries, Dollar Tree, Dollar General and Amazon have built 1 million-square-foot distribution centers to ship goods to customers faster and more efficiently.

What are the benefits of having a 1 million-square-foot distribution center?

A 1 million-square-foot distribution center can ship goods to customers faster and more efficiently.

It’s equivalent to 4 football fields and can hold over 1 million people.

What are the challenges of having a 1 million-square-foot distribution center?

One challenge of having a 1 million-square-foot distribution center is that it can be difficult to manage and control.

Additionally, the cost of building and maintaining such a large facility can be prohibitive.


After reviewing the outlined industrial parks, it’s clear there are ample options with over 17 football fields of space to accommodate your business’s facility needs in the area.

With careful consideration of location, transportation access, available amenities, and potential for future expansion or development, you can make an informed decision to find the ideal site that aligns with your specific requirements and enables your company to continue growing successfully.

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