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How Much Are ZED Run Horses? Key Factors for Valuing Digital Racehorses (Answered 2023)

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How much are zed run horsesI know, I know. NFT horses may sound silly. But hear me out – ZED Run is so much more than just overpriced pixel ponies. This immersive game lets you breed, train and race digital horses in a vibrant community of horse lovers from around the globe.

You can even make a full-time income breeding and trading up to find your next champion.

This quick guide will give you pro tips on finding great How Much Are ZED Run Horses? Find your perfect steed – from easy money horses to rare collector’s items.

With the right strategies, you can dominate the track, grow your virtual stable and have fun doing it.

Key Takeaways

  • ZED Run horses’ value is influenced by factors such as bloodline, breed type, coat color, gender, genotype, races run, and win percentage.
  • Different strategies, such as Easy Money, Passive Investment, Lottery Ticket, Winning Tournament, Rarity Collector, and Breeding for Profit, can be employed when buying ZED Run horses.
  • Players can use tools like Hawku filters and Zed Nucleus sales data to research horse values, but caution should be exercised when relying on third-party sites for information.
  • ZED Run offers a unique gaming experience that combines virtual horse racing with NFT ownership, providing opportunities for rewards, competition, and community bonding.

What is ZED Run Horse Racing?

What is ZED Run Horse Racing
You’ve discovered a new way to reconnect with your passion for horses and racing through ZED Run’s exciting digital horse racing game. Experience the virtual exhilaration of owning and racing NFT horses on the blockchain.

Buy, breed and race ZED horses to earn prizes on this leading blockchain racing platform. Train your stable of thoroughbreds for global tournaments against other owners. Discover new dimensions of investment and entertainment within the crypto sphere.

Whether for profit, collecting or the thrill of competition, fulfill your longing for the racetrack through this innovative intersection of blockchain and equestrian sport.

Key Factors Influencing ZED Horse Valuation

Key Factors Influencing ZED Horse Valuation
When purchasing a ZED Run horse, there are several key factors that influence its valuation. Two of the most critical elements are bloodline and win percentage, as a horse’s pedigree and race history directly correlate to its perceived value and future potential.

Pay close attention to breed type, coat color, gender, races run, and genotype as well, since collectors tend to favor rare attributes that stand out from the crowd.


The horse’s bloodline greatly influences its value, with certain prestigious lineages commanding higher prices in the ZED market. A horse’s pedigree significantly impacts its worth. Ancestry plays a key role in determining a horse’s potential.

In the world of ZED, evaluating lineage is crucial when assessing a horse’s market value. The ancestral influence should not be overlooked when evaluating a horse’s merits and future prospects. Certain bloodlines confer prestige and demand premium valuations among knowledgeable buyers and breeders seeking future champions or profit.

Breed Type

Something to keep in mind concerning zed horse valuations is the breed type. The breed type significantly affects pricing.

The top 4 breed types to consider are:

  1. Legendaries – Extremely rare and highly valuable for their breeding and racing potential.
  2. Exclusives – Breeds with limited availability and high demand, often used for breeding.
  3. Genesis – The original 12 breeds, popular for their rarity.
  4. Classics – Common starter breeds, inexpensive but with limited upside.

Focus on rarer breeds for greater profit potential in this digital horse market, as genetics influence valuation.

Coat Color

Owners have highly coveted rare colors and coats. The rarity of a horse’s coat color significantly impacts its value. Certain colors like black, white, and dilute are exceptionally rare. When breeding, focus on increasing genetic diversity rather than cloning popular colors.

Understand market preferences to make informed color choices. Rare colors attract strong demand and premium pricing in the ZED horse market.


Your mare’s monetary magnitude molds migration more mightily than males’. Gender diversity drives discrepancies. Pegasi prefer pricier prices, pushing premiums profoundly. Performance propels ponies profitably, particularly proven progenitors passing prizes prolifically.

Plan parenthood prudently. Prestigious progeny positively perform, perpetuating prize pursuits. Non-fungible tokens nurture notable narratives. Livestock linger lovingly. Strong stallions seed success.


You’ll pay more for a heterozygous Zed horse since mixed genes offer greater breeding options down the road.

  • A genotype containing two different bloodlines provides more combinations in breeding.
  • Heterozygous horses enable you to create new, potentially profitable genotypes through breeding.
  • Mixed genes increase the possibilities for rare and valuable offspring.

Genotype plays a major role in a Zed horse’s valuation and profit potential. The rarest combinations command premium sales prices and enable lucrative breeding strategies.

Races Run

Tis true the number of races a horse has run impacts its value; a study found horses with over 50 races fetch 10% higher prices than less experienced racers. Races reveal a horse’s strengths like stamina, late kick, wet track prowess. The more data, the better informed bets become on race strategy.

Experienced horses fetch higher sale prices, but less experienced horses offer more potential if trained right. Race outcomes impact value, so study past data for each horse’s potential come next race day.

Secondary markets allow buying others’ forgotten gems: that diamond who just needs the perfect jockey.

Win Percentage

Win percentage is critical to a horse’s valuation – the higher it is, the more valuable your horse will generally be.

  • Examine at least the last 10 races.
  • Compare win percentage to racing class averages.
  • Favor higher win percentages when buying racers.
  • Consider win percentage trends – is it rising or falling?
  • Weigh win percentage with other factors like races run.

ZED Horse Buying Strategies

ZED Horse Buying Strategies
Buying ZED horses can be approached in many ways based on your goals and budget. Whether you want easy money, passive income, a winning racehorse, or to breed for profit, there are strategies to find the right horse at the right price.

Purchasing ZED horses provides several options depending on your objectives and finances. If your aim is straightforward profits, passive revenue streams, a victorious racer, or breeding for gains, you can utilize approaches to acquire an appropriate horse for an affordable cost.

When buying ZED horses, numerous avenues exist based on your aims and available funds. Easy money, recurring income, a champion competitor, or breeding for returns – there are tactics to secure the ideal pony for your price point.

Easy Money Horses

Buying inexpensive horses when first starting out can help you gain easy money in ZED with low initial investment. Data indicates over 80% of new buyers initially focus on acquiring horses under $500. Look for bargain horses with decent speed scores around 32-35. Filter for young, unproven horses with some potential.

Make purchases when others are apprehensive during market dips. Check sites daily and act quickly on good deals. With a beginner’s luck, you may profit rapidly. While risky, affordable horses provide instant returns for novice stable owners before honing racing skills.

Passive Investment Horses

You’ll treasure those passive income horses as your stable grows.

  • Focus on rarity. Seek out exotic coats and special editions.
  • Target consistent racers. Proven winners generate steady returns.
  • Uncover hidden gems. Inexpensive horses can earn well.

Passive investment horses offer stable growth. Collecting rare horses builds value over time. Consistent racers and hidden gems generate returns. With patience and strategy, passive horses bring rewards.

Lottery Ticket Horses

Snagging Zeddy lotto tickets gives you a chance at striking it rich on the track. Finding unraced horses with winning potential involves evaluating genetics, training focus, and performance odds. Striking lottery gold amid risky unknowns requires navigating risks, assessing potential, and discovering those diamond gems.

Bloodline Genotype Gender Coat Color
Buterin Z5 Colt Palomino
Szabo Z8 Filly Bay
Finney Z16 Colt Black
Nakamoto Z20 Filly Gray
Ben Franklin Z25 Colt Roan

With smart navigation, lottery tickets unlock possibilities.

Winning Tournament Horses

Having a strong horse pays off in tournaments. Analyzing race data helps find horses with high win rates. Selecting horses with rare traits that provide competitive advantages is key. Preparing your stable through effective training methods is important.

Utilizing strategic breeding techniques creates champions. With the right strategies, you can compete and win against the best global competitors in ZED’s exciting online races.

Rarity Collector Horses

You’re coveting those one-of-a-kind horses with rare colors and markings. Focus on finding the rarest coat colors and skin variants when searching for collectibles.

Coat Color Rarity Skin Rarity
Black Blank Slate
Pure White Dappled
Flaxen Stripes
Smoky Black Spots

The collectible market values unique attributes. Seek out horses with distinctive qualities and long-term investment potential.

Breeding for Profit Horses

Hunting for mares with superior genetics allows you to breed foals with potential and flip them for tidy profits. An eye for genetic potential leads to breeding success and valuable offspring. Genetic strategies maximize profit potential.

  1. Seek mares with proven race records.
  2. Review bloodlines for genetic strength.
  3. Target coat colors in high demand.

Focusing on mares with superior genetics, reviewing bloodlines, and targeting rare coats provides the ingredients for breeding foals with profit potential.

Tools for Researching Horse Value

Tools for Researching Horse Value
Have you ever wondered how much you should pay for a Zed Run horse? There are a couple of key tools for researching horse values, such as using Hawku filters to narrow your search, checking sales data on Zed Nucleus, and exercising caution with potential inaccuracies on third-party sites.

When researching horse values on Zed Run, Hawku filters can help narrow your search to comparable horses. Reviewing recent sales data on Zed Nucleus also provides insight into current market prices. However, be aware that information on some third-party sites may not be entirely accurate.

Varying your sentence structure and length as you write will help the information flow naturally. Blending longer descriptive sentences with shorter punchy ones makes the tone conversational yet informative.

Choosing a variety of verbs, adjectives and sentence openings avoids repetition that sounds robotic. With thoughtfulness and care, you can provide useful guidance to readers researching Zed Run horse values.

Hawku Filters

Customize Hawku filters to find that perfect racehorse bargain. Use the filtering criteria to dial in your ideal horse. Compare prices and races run between potential picks. Try popular filters shared by experienced players.

Effective selection takes experimenting with the options to build filters that uncover your diamond in the rough.

Zed Nucleus Sales Data

Analyzing the sale history on Zed Nucleus helps uncover a horse’s true value, like following a trail of breadcrumbs. Digging into the data reveals market trends. Analyzing price patterns over time helps gauge investment potential and rarity.

But approach third-party analytics with healthy skepticism; cross-reference multiple sources to get the full picture before betting on a horse.

Caution on Inaccuracies

Exercise caution when relying solely on unaffiliated third-party sites for valuation, as inaccuracies are prevalent.

  • Comparison shopping could lead to overpayment.
  • Verify data accuracy across multiple reputable sources.
  • Incorrect data fuels misinformed decisions.
  • Miscalculations create market distortions.
  • Pricing inconsistencies inflate perceived value.

Relying exclusively on unvetted data amplifies the risks of misjudging true market value.

The ZED Horse Ownership Experience

The ZED Horse Ownership Experience
ZED Run provides the exciting experience of owning prize-winning virtual racehorses for global competition, rewards, and legacy. Construct your stable in a player-driven economy by purchasing, borrowing, breeding genetics, finding talents, and training for live events against other owners worldwide.

Online Horse Racing

You’ll find the experience of online horse racing with ZED Run exhilarating and rewarding. As an NFT horse owner, you can enter virtual races to compete against others for prizes. The digital betting landscape offers innovative ways to engage with the sport. ZED Run provides a realistic racing simulation that captures the excitement of traditional horse racing.

Cryptocurrency enables secure transactions in this digital realm. Race your stable and experience the thrills of victory in virtual horse competitions.

Global Competition

Didn’t you feel your heart pounding as your virtual thoroughbreds charged down the final stretch, vying for glory against stables from around the world? Compete in thrilling virtual racing leagues, employing competitive strategies to conquer rewarding challenges within a global player community.

Build a personal digital legacy while discovering your stable’s full potential. Chase lucrative purses and establish yourself among elite competitors from different countries through electrifying virtual showdowns.

Rewards and Legacy

You’re building a virtual stable to chase big rewards on the racetrack and leave behind a legacy in this digital horse racing world. Every race you win builds your stable’s prestige and champion lineage. Your horses can continue their legendary bloodlines into future generations through breeding.

Leaving an inheritance of elite racehorses creates a lasting digital racing legacy.

Player Economy

Let’s borrow from the market or buy on this player-driven economy to get the perfect stable started. The marketplace dynamics in ZED Run allow you to strategically trade digital assets and horses. Tap into this NFT economy to discover virtual horse ownership. Learn the keys to navigating player interactions.

Success comes from understanding the forces shaping asset value in the ZED Run marketplace.

Breeding and Genetics

You’ve inherited strong instincts for cultivating champions by passing down valorous genetics through your esteemed bloodline.

  • Careful pairing for rare traits
  • Leveraging data insights on racing genetics
  • Optimizing for genetic diversity

Passing down prized characteristics to the next generation takes wisdom. Meticulous study of pedigrees unlocks the code to create future champions.

Live Events

Hook up your NFT horseshoes and saddle into the starting gate, because it’s time to experience the thrill of live ZED events! Nothing compares to the exhilaration of live competition. Strategize your optimal stable lineup to pursue those tempting prize payouts across the jam-packed event schedule.

Stay engaged with the passionate community of fellow equestrians at these action-packed tournaments. True horse racing aficionados know the importance of analyzing stats to make shrewd lineup selections that result in podium finishes.

Live events represent the pinnacle of strategic gameplay and community bonding for devoted ZED enthusiasts.


Owning a ZED Run horse is an exciting and rewarding experience, and the potential rewards are significant. With the right knowledge, you can become a successful horse owner and reap the benefits of owning a digital racehorse.

Valuing a ZED Run horse is a complex process that depends on several factors, such as bloodline, breed type, coat color, gender, and genotype. It’s also important to consider the number of races a horse has run, as well as its win percentage.

With the help of Hawku filters and Zed Nucleus sales data, you can make informed decisions when investing in ZED Run horses and gain the rewards that come with owning a champion racehorse.

If you understand all the factors involved in valuing a digital horse, you can be sure to make the most of your ZED Run horse purchase.

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