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Pro Volleyball Players in Europe: Salaries and Top Earnings (2023)

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How much do pro volleyball players make in europeProfessional volleyball players in Europe can earn much more money than you might think. Their salaries depend on several factors – skill level, position, and the league they play for. In this article, we’ll explore what influences pro volleyballers’ paychecks across different European nations.

From Italy to Russia and beyond, we’ll look at top earners who’ve made big money in the sport.

If you’re curious about how much those spiking specialists get paid for their work, read on.

In Italy’s Serie A league, some of the top players can earn over €400,000 per season. Blockers and opposites tend to have the highest salaries. The league MVP and best server might get bonuses too.

Russia’s Super League pays well too. The very best earn around €300,000 annually. Setters and outside hitters are often the highest paid here. Top teams will offer their superstars extra incentives.

Poland, Germany, France and Turkey also have strong pro volleyball leagues. Salaries range from €60,000 to €150,000 normally.

So while pro volleyballers in Europe don’t earn as much as top soccer, basketball or tennis athletes, the best of the best can still make a very good living playing the sport they love.

Key Takeaways

  • Italy’s Serie A and Russia’s Super League offer some of the highest salaries in European volleyball.
  • Entry-level salaries in European volleyball start at $12,000 to $20,000 and increase as skills progress.
  • Skill level, playing position, and regional factors significantly impact salaries for European volleyball players.
  • Despite lower pay scales, France remains an attractive destination for professional volleyball players.

European Professional Volleyball Salaries

European Professional Volleyball Salaries
As a professional volleyball player in Europe, you must consider several factors that influence your earning potential. Entry-level salaries range from $12,000 to $20,000, but your skill level and position on the court largely determine your salary, which can climb to over $1 million per year in top leagues like Italy’s and Russia’s.

Factors Influencing Salaries

You’ll find that skill, experience, and position influence European volleyball salaries the most.

  1. Skill Quota: The more highly-skilled the player, the more they are paid.
  2. Position Impact: Opposite and outside hitter positions earn the most.
  3. Regional Comparisons: Italy, Poland, and Russia pay the highest salaries.

The most talented players in premium positions based in top volleyball countries earn the biggest European pro volleyball salaries.

Skill Level and Position

Skill and position heavily influence salaries in Europe. For example, top outside hitters in Russia’s Super League can make over $1 million per year, while volleyball liberos start around $20,000 and elite opposites in Italy’s Serie A1 command seven figures.

Russia values skill, paying $30k for entry-level players but up to $2 million for superstars. Position matters too – talented outside hitters, opposites and setters earn far more than comparably skilled middle blockers and liberos across Europe’s top leagues.

Entry Level Salaries

Entry-level pros in Europe typically start around $12,000-$20,000. Hard work on the court and skill progression lead to better contracts. The path from rookie to veteran requires perseverance through early financial challenges.

Seek opportunities with clubs or sponsors to supplement income while honing your game. With the right attitude, you can build a lengthy, lucrative volleyball career in Europe.

Professional Volleyball Salaries in Italy

Professional Volleyball Salaries in Italy
You have to see the money in Italian professional volleyball right now. The top players in Serie A1 make over $1 million annually, with salaries heavily dependent on skill level and position.

Top Salaries in Italian League

You yearn to swing high and spike down with force in Italy’s Serie A1 volleyball league. Top salaries reach $1 million for superstars like Ivan Zaytsev. Sponsors add more. Strict quotas limit imports, yet Italy still dominates with skill. Financial incentives entice the continent’s elite to play in Serie A1.

Liberate your game to soar atop Europe’s talent tier by coming to Italy. Dream of cheering crowds and lucrative contracts as you descend triumphantly from the air after a killer spike.

Skill Level and Position Influence

Your salary as a pro volleyball player in Italy depends on how skilled you are and the position you play. The pay gap is massive based on position and skill in the Italian league. European players at the top of their game earn way more than less skilled ones.

But your role matters just as much. Opposites make bank compared to liberos due to higher attacking impact. Your skill level and position dictate your earnings potential in Italy’s volleyball league.

Professional Volleyball Salaries in Russia

Professional Volleyball Salaries in Russia
Let’s put it this way: Managers have to rub that magic lamp, but top Russian volleyballers rake in up to $2 mill so Opposites can live like sultans.

  • The Russian Super League pays handsomely with contracts for top players upwards of $2 million thanks to:
    • Clubs with deep pockets
    • Heavy investment in player facilities
    • Only 2 foreigner spots per team
    • Dominance over most leagues except Italy
  • Opposite hitters take home the biggest bags of rubles
  • But even local Russian players get solid 5-6 figure deals at top clubs like Zenit Kazan
  • China’s aggressive spending to lure stars could threaten Russia’s talent pool and salary structure

So in the world of pro volleyball, Russia’s the place for ballers seeking ruble-stūffed lamps.

Professional Volleyball Salaries in Germany

Professional Volleyball Salaries in Germany
In Germany’s Bundesliga, pros earn between $15,000 and $250,000 depending on skill level. The Bundesliga is the premier pro volleyball league in Germany. Player salaries are strongly influenced by skill level, with the top talents earning significantly more.

There is no foreigner quota, so any player can join if signed. The table below shows the salary range pros can expect:

Skill Level Salary Range
Entry-level $15,000 – $50,000
Intermediate $50,000 – $150,000
Top player Over $150,000

Salaries in the German league span a wide range, but ultimately come down to talent. The best players in Europe compete in the Bundesliga. While it isn’t the highest paying league, it offers strong salaries at the high end for elite talents.

With no foreigner restrictions, teams freely recruit top players across Europe and beyond.

Professional Volleyball Salaries in Poland

Professional Volleyball Salaries in Poland
As we transition from discussing pro volleyball salaries in Germany, let’s turn our attention to the Polish Volleyball League. Here in Poland, top players can earn between $30,000 to $800,000 annually, with salaries largely dependent on skill level.

The Polish League is known for attracting some of the world’s best talent due to its high salaries and competitive level of play.

Players with the right combination of talent and experience can land contracts in the six figures.

  • Starting salaries for entry-level pros are around $12,000 – $20,000.
  • Foreign player quotas allow ample opportunities for imports.
  • Opposite hitters and setters earn the top salaries.
  • Sponsorships and endorsements provide added income.
  • The Polish League has surpassed other European leagues economically.

While European leagues pay well, salaries ultimately come down to supply and demand. The considerable demand for top volleyball talent in Poland allows the country to be among the world’s leading leagues in terms of player compensation.

Professional Volleyball Salaries in Turkey

Professional Volleyball Salaries in Turkey
You’ve seen the money fall like rain over Poland; now look at the cash windfall greeting pro volleyball players in Turkey’s Efe Ligi. Average salaries there range from $30,000 to $600,000, thanks to quota limits on local talent.

The demand for skilled overseas players lets top international stars command high salaries in Turkey, dwarfing the earnings of local athletes. However, the salary gaps cause friction, as Turkish players fight for roster spots and checks against world-class imports.

While Poland’s stars rake it in, Turkey’s free-spending clubs attract elite players chasing the lira. The lucrative paychecks entice skilled athletes from across the globe, but tensions simmer over the wage differences.

Though quotas cap foreign players, imported aces still dominate the payroll. Turkey rolls out the financial red carpet for overseas volleyball elites.

Professional Volleyball Salaries in France

Professional Volleyball Salaries in France
Having discussed professional volleyball salaries in Turkey, let’s turn our attention to France.

  1. Salaries range from $30,000 for local players to over $400,000 for foreign stars.
  2. Top teams like Paris Volley pay around $150,000 for foreign pros but less for locals.
  3. Foreigner quotas limit salaries for non-French players to an average of $100,000.

While French clubs can’t match the salaries of top European leagues like Italy, Russia, and Poland, annual pay is still strong. Foreign stars can boost earnings with sponsorships during their career in France.

Though less lucrative than other European volleyball powers, France remains an attractive destination for pros seeking good pay along with a high quality of life.

Professional Volleyball Salaries in Other European Countries

Professional Volleyball Salaries in Other European Countries
After nailing down France’s lucrative pro volleyball salaries, you’re scouting Greece, Belgium, and the Netherlands next to see how their pay compares. In Greece, salaries start around 15,000 euros for local players, while foreign stars can earn over 200,000 euros.

Belgium’s pro volleyball league offers moderate earnings from 20,000 to 80,000 euros on average. The Netherlands boasts respectable salaries ranging from 40,000 to 120,000 euros, with top foreign players earning even more.

European volleyball salary variations depend on factors like local cost of living, league sponsorship, and whether foreigner player quotas apply. While not matching top destinations like Italy and Russia, these countries provide solid earning potential for volleyball pros abroad.


Pro volleyball players in Europe have a wide range of salaries, depending on their skill level, position on the court, and the country for which they play. From entry-level salaries of $13,000 in Germany to top earnings of over $1 million in Italy and Russia, the continent offers a range of opportunities for professional players.

Italy is known for its high-level play and large salaries. Russia has a lucrative Super League. France offers six foreigner roster spots for international players. Whether you’re just starting out or looking for top-tier earnings, European volleyball has something for everyone.

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