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Bark Busters Dog Training Cost – Worth It? (Answered 2023)

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How much does bark busters dog training costAre you considering investing in Bark Busters Dog Training for your beloved pup? It is a popular choice and comes with some excellent benefits. But how much does it cost? Let’s break down the Bark Busters Dog Training cost and help you decide whether or not it’s worth the investment.

Key Takeaways

  • The initial consultation costs $295.
  • Follow-up lesson packages range in price from $395 to $895.
  • Lifetime phone support is available for $895.
  • Group classes are $150 per 6-week course.

What is Bark Busters Dog Training?

What is Bark Busters Dog Training
Bark Busters provides personalized home dog training for remarkable results. Their trainers come to your home on your schedule to assess household dynamics impacting your pup’s behavior. They make necessary adjustments to your environment and teach you effective communication methods for confident dog leadership.

Their efficient, results-oriented training program prioritizes clear communication and leadership to address issues quickly for lasting solutions.

Bark Busters uses effective natural, dog-friendly methods suitable for all breeds, ages and issues with proven effectiveness.

Most clients see significant improvements after the first Bark Busters visit. Their trainer Ryan Brown has 14 years’ experience successfully empowering over 3,500 dog owners to understand and solve behavior issues.

His expertise with all ages and problems will teach you how to become the pack leader your vocal beagle pup needs for harmony.

Benefits of Bark Busters Dog Training

Benefits of Bark Busters Dog Training
Effective communication methods, suitability for all breeds, and proven effectiveness make Bark Busters dog training a compelling option. You’ll gain the tools and leadership skills needed for remarkable results with your dog, regardless of its age or behavioral issues.

Bark Busters provides an effective dog training program suitable for all breeds. The company’s proven training techniques help owners develop the communication skills and leadership abilities required to achieve outstanding results with their dogs, no matter the age or existing challenges.

Effective communication methods.

Let’s communicate effectively for confidence! Your dog’s behavior will improve dramatically when you master canine communication through Bark Busters’ effective training techniques. Their trainers teach you leadership skills for dog interaction, ensuring behavioral improvement.

With a money-back guarantee, you can’t go wrong implementing Bark Busters’ methods for effective communication between you and your dog.

Suitable for all breeds.

Round here, they train dogs of any breed. Bark Busters’ methods work for all breeds, ages, and issues. Their training adapts to each dog’s unique personality and needs, overcoming breed-specific challenges.

Success comes from effective communication, not force. The initial consultation session costs $295, with additional training packages available. But the real value is in the long-term behavior modification. Your furry friend deserves the very best care.

Witness the rewards of positive reinforcement training that empowers both you and your pet.

Proven effectiveness of methods

The proven Bark Busters methods empower owners to become effective leaders. An abundance of glowing customer reviews validates the effectiveness of their customized training programs. The remarkable before and after transformations seen in so many dogs stand as clear evidence that Bark Busters’ kind yet firm approach successfully resolves behavior issues.

With their proven methods, owners can gain the skills, tools and confidence to lead their dogs to their best potential.

How Much Does Bark Busters Dog Training Cost?

How Much Does Bark Busters Dog Training Cost
You’ve let the bark out of your wallet with these reasonable rates.

  1. Initial 2-3 hour in-home consultation: $295
  2. Six 30-45 minute follow up lessons: $395
  3. Ongoing support with unlimited follow-ups for one year: $795
  4. Lifetime of ongoing phone support: $895
  5. Group classes: $150 per 6 week course

Bark Busters provides cost-effective solutions tailored to your unique situation. Their experienced trainers personalize the training to achieve the results you want with your dog. Many customers find the initial consultation provides tremendous value in resolving most issues.

The follow-up lessons and ongoing support equip you with leadership skills to end undesirable behaviors permanently. Consider the lifelong return on investing in your dog’s quality of life and relationship with them.

Bark Busters’ reasonable rates empower you to establish the loving bond and obedience you desire. Their proven training methods delivered by qualified professionals satisfy human and dog clients. Give your furry friend the gift of good behavior with Bark Busters’ flexible, affordable services.

What is Included in the Initial Session?

What is Included in the Initial Session
You’d experience their natural, dog-friendly methods firsthand in your home for 2-3 hours. The Bark Busters trainer would start by assessing your dog’s behavior and your home environment’s impact. They’d explain an efficient, results-oriented training program to address the root causes of unwanted habits.

The initial session provides an overview of the individually tailored training plan, effective communication methods, and leadership skills for you.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s included:

Initial Session 2-3 hours at home
Training Program Assessment, overview, demo
Follow Up Sessions Every 2 weeks, 1 hour
Pricing $295 initial, packages $795-$895

With 14 years’ experience resolving over 3,500 cases, the trainer leverages expertise in all ages and issues to start transforming behaviors immediately. The hands-on, in-home methods empower you with lasting solutions tailored to your dog’s needs.

Most see significant improvements after just one session of this effective training.

What Are the Options for Follow-Up Sessions?

What Are the Options for Follow-Up Sessions
The initial Bark Busters session introduces you to their training philosophy and begins addressing your dog’s most pressing issues. But truly effective training takes time for new behaviors to become habit. That’s why Bark Busters offers follow-up sessions every 2 weeks after the initial visit to reinforce training.

During these sessions, your personal Bark Busters trainer will assess your progress, troubleshoot any difficulties, and advance training on other goals. Consistent follow-ups keep you and your dog on track for long-term success. Depending on your needs, your trainer may recommend a package of 6 or 12 follow-up sessions over several months.

With the ongoing guidance of an experienced professional, you’ll gain confidence and skill as your dog’s trusted leader. Each session takes place in your home for real-world practice. Bark Busters’ regular consultations ensure you and your pet meet training objectives.

Through their time-tested methods delivered with care, your dog’s happiness and your bond deepen with each lesson learned together.

How Long Does the Training Program Last?

How Long Does the Training Program Last
Depending on your dog’s needs, you could be looking at a lifetime of transformation with Bark Busters. Their training program is customized to address your dog’s unique behavioral issues and personality.

While the initial session provides a strong foundation, you’ll likely need follow-up sessions to reinforce the training. Consistent practice is key for long-term results. The program’s effectiveness and training duration really depend on your commitment as well.

  • Most dogs show significant improvements after the first 2-3 hour session. But continued sessions solidify the training.
  • For young puppies, expect a longer road of consistent training to fully crate train them.
  • Some dogs may need more sessions if dealing with deep-rooted issues like aggression or anxiety.

The lifetime package provides ongoing support, but satisfaction isn’t guaranteed. You have to be fully on board with Bark Busters’ firm approach. While expensive, their customized home training can yield life-changing results if you stick with the program.

Is Bark Busters Dog Training Worth the Cost?

Is Bark Busters Dog Training Worth the Cost
Though the lifetime cost seems high, sticking with Bark Busters is like having an ever-present wise owl on your shoulder, guiding you and your pup through the forest of training and behavior. While the upfront investment may give some pause, it pays dividends in the long run through a well-trained, obedient dog and confident owner.

Bark Busters DIY Training Other Trainers
Proven methods Trial and error Varying expertise
Customized training Generic advice Cookie-cutter plans
Ongoing support Limited guidance Few follow-ups

With Bark Busters, you get seasoned professionals using tailored techniques based on your dog’s unique temperament. Customer reviews consistently praise their effectiveness and knowledgeable trainers. While no training is cheap, proper early obedience training saves money and stress down the road.

With a lifetime of support at your fingertips, Bark Busters’ investment empowers you and your best friend for the long haul.

Are There Any Discounts or Payment Plans Available?

Are There Any Discounts or Payment Plans Available
You can inquire if they offer any discounts or payment plans to make the training more affordable.

You could ask about paying upfront for a package rather than per session, which they advertise can offer savings. There may also be deals for bundles, referrals, new clients, repeat or long-term customers.

Payment plans can spread out the costs over time, though interest may apply. Get a clear breakdown of all costs so you understand the total investment.

With open communication, you may find ways to customize a solution within your budget – like reducing sessions or focusing on priorities first.

Though their training’s an investment, the right program can pay off exponentially in having a better behaved, happier dog.

Are There Any Additional Fees for Specific Issues?

Are There Any Additional Fees for Specific Issues
Yes, Bark Busters charges extra for addressing aggressive behavior, separation anxiety, and housebreaking issues.

  • Aggression Package – $195 added fee. For dogs showing aggression to humans or other animals.
  • Separation Anxiety Package – $295 added fee. For dogs with anxiety when left alone.
  • Housebreaking Package – $195 added fee. For adult dogs having accidents. Troubleshooting and re-training.

The cost of add-ons gets blended into multi-visit discounted packages. So comprehensive training for multiple issues may be more affordable than piecing together individual sessions. Review all available training packages and costs before committing to get the best value.

Is There a Money-Back Guarantee?

Is There a Money-Back Guarantee
Certainly, Bark Busters offers an awesome assurance against any ambivalence. With their money back guarantee, you can rest assured your dog training investment is secure. The experienced trainers at Bark Busters stand fully behind their methods, so if you’re unsatisfied with the training results after the initial session, you’re entitled to a full refund of your fees.

This shows their utmost confidence that their humane, relationship-based approach will remedy your pup’s problematic behaviors.

Bark Busters’ stellar reputation depends on successful training and happy pups, so their money-back guarantee ensures your complete satisfaction. With over three decades of experience, Bark Busters has refined their techniques to effectively and rapidly transform bad behaviors, so you can expect transformative results after that first visit.

However, if the training falls short of your expectations in any way, Bark Busters will promptly refund your money, no questions asked.

Their guarantee allows you to commit to training with confidence, knowing that your satisfaction is Bark Busters’ top priority.


Ultimately, Bark Busters dog training is worth the cost if you’re looking for an efficient, results-oriented program that teaches effective communication for confident dog leadership. Prices range from $295 for the initial session to $795 or $895 for a yearlong or lifetime package, respectively.

The trainer assesses household dynamics and their impact on the dog’s behavior, suggesting necessary adjustments. Follow-up sessions are every two weeks. Other perks include discounts, payment plans, and a money-back guarantee.

All in all, Bark Busters dog training is a great option for those seeking fast, lasting solutions to their dog’s behavior problems.

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