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Petco Dog Grooming Cost: Pricing, Services & Specials (2023)

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How much does dog grooming cost at petcoAre you wondering how much dog grooming costs at Petco? Many pet owners are eager to keep their canine companions in top condition, but it is important to understand the associated expenses. In this article, we will explore the cost of services offered by Petco and provide a few helpful tips for making your pup’s pampering session as affordable as possible.

Key Takeaways

  • Petco offers a variety of grooming services for dogs with prices ranging from $25 to $60 for a basic bath and brush.
  • Full-service haircuts start at $45 and may vary depending on coat length and breed.
  • Additional grooming services such as nail trimming, teeth cleaning, flea treatment, de-shedding, and ear cleaning are available at Petco.
  • Petco provides opportunities to save on grooming costs through specials, coupons, the Pals Rewards program, and seasonal promotions.

Overview of Petco’s Grooming Services

Overview of Petco
You’d pay around $30-60 for a basic bath and brush at Petco, depending on your pup’s size and coat condition. Petco offers a range of grooming services like bathing, brushing, haircuts, nail trims, ear cleaning, teeth brushing, flea treatments, and more.

Their skilled groomers use quality grooming products and techniques to pamper your pet. Some popular services are their spa treatments like Blueberry Facials, Pawdicures, and Shed-Less Treatments.

Keeping up with regular grooming appointments every 4-8 weeks has many benefits. It keeps your dog’s coat healthy, nails trim, teeth clean, and skin irritation free. Pamper your furry friend today by booking an appointment for their favorite grooming service.

Petco even offers DIY dog wash stations if you want to handle basic grooming tasks.

Pricing for Basic Bath and Brush Packages

Pricing for Basic Bath and Brush Packages
You can land a basic bath and brush for your pup at Petco starting around $25, sir.

Bathing every 4-6 weeks removes dirt, loose hair, and skin irritants, while brushing stimulates circulation and distributes natural oils. Petco offers à la carte services like bathing, brushing, nail trims, ear cleaning, and sanitary trims to meet your pet’s specific needs.

Options range from basic bath and brush to customized stylist appointments with breed-specific haircuts. Their exclusive line of shampoos, conditioners, brushes, combs, and styling products are specially formulated for pets.

With convenient locations and competitive prices, Petco makes professional grooming easy and affordable.

Pricing for Full Service Haircuts

Pricing for Full Service Haircuts
We’ve gotcha covered on full-service haircuts starting at just $45! Our skilled groomers pamper your pup with a bath, haircut, nail trim, ear cleaning, teeth brushing, gland expression, and Cologne spritz so they’re lookin’ and feelin’ their best.

We offer a variety of Grooming Styles and customize based on your dog’s Coat Length and Breed Variations. Prices vary slightly based on the amount of time and attention needed for each pet.

You can also Add On nail grinding, teeth scaling, shed-less treatment, paw balm, and more.

Additional Services and Their Costs

Additional Services and Their Costs
You’re absolutely right, there’s more to dog grooming than just a haircut. Petco offers a range of additional services that can keep your pup looking and feeling their best.

Ready for a pedicure? Nail trimming starts at just $10.

Keep your dog’s pearly whites clean with Petco’s teeth cleaning service, prices starting at $15.

Fleas giving your pooch problems? Opt for flea treatment to nip those pests for about $15-$20.

Shedding driving you crazy? Add on de-shedding to remove loose hair and keep shedding under control for $10-$20.

Lastly, ear cleaning can prevent infections and keep those ears fresh and clean for just $10.

With these extras, you can treat your dog to the full spa experience.

Specials and Coupons to Help Offset Grooming Costs

Specials and Coupons to Help Offset Grooming Costs
Save some dough on your pooch’s do with Petco’s frequent grooming specials and coupons. Sign up for their Pals Rewards program to earn points with every purchase that translate into dollars off grooming services.

Download their app for exclusive offers like 20% off your first grooming appointment.

Take advantage of their recurring service discounts when you book the same grooming service every 4-6 weeks.

Look out for seasonal promotions around holidays and events for grooming discounts.

Petco offers lots of opportunities to save on grooming through loyalty programs, apps, and limited-time promotions. Do some research and planning ahead of your pup’s appointments to take advantage of these cost-cutting perks.

With a little effort, you can keep your dog looking their best while keeping more money in your wallet.


Are you wondering how much it costs to get your pup groomed at Petco? Grooming your dog is essential to their health and well-being, and the good news is that Petco offers a wide range of services to suit your needs.

From basic baths and brushes to full-service haircuts and additional services, Petco has you covered.

Prices vary depending on the type of service, but there are plenty of specials and coupons available to help offset the cost of dog grooming.

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