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Kirkland’s Affordable Macallan Sherry Cask 18 Year Old Stuns Scotch Lovers at Costco Full Guide of 2023

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How much does Macallan cost at CostcoYou’ve heard it before – good things come to those who wait. For whiskey lovers, that rings especially true when an aged bottle of Scotch makes its way to your home bar.

That’s why your ears perked up at the news that Costco started selling an exclusive Kirkland Signature 18 Year Old Sherry Cask Finish Macallan.

Keep reading to find out how Costco scores these insane deals so you can stock up on a special Sherried Scotch without emptying your wallet. Life’s too short for FOMO. Spoil yourself with a dram of this affordable sherry bomb.

Key Takeaways

  • Kirkland 18 Year Sherry Cask Macallan at Costco is $69.99, while real Macallan 18 is over $200.
  • Costco offers exclusive deals on Macallan that cannot be found in liquor stores.
  • Age statements and limited editions impact Macallan pricing.
  • It’s recommended to buy Macallan at Costco and wait for sales to find good deals.

Macallan Whisky Prices

Macallan Whisky Prices
You’re keen to know how much Macallan’s 12 and 18-year expressions cost at Costco. The retailer’s Kirkland Signature sherried 18-year-old single malt has been compared favorably to Macallan’s 18-year-old for a fraction of the price.

Let’s examine Costco’s Macallan prices and see how they compare to other retailers. Costco offers some of the best prices on Macallan’s core range. A 750ml bottle of the 12-year Fine Oak goes for $54.

99, while the sherried 12-year Double Cask commands $64n99. The 18-year Fine Oak and 18-year Double Cask are priced at $134.99 and $149.99 respectively. These are $10-20 lower than most liquor stores. Meanwhile, Costco’s Kirkland 18-year old sherried single malt is just $59n99.

At less than half the cost of Macallan 18, it’s an incredible value. Independent reviews suggest the Kirkland bottling has a similar sherry-forward flavor profile. So if you want to enjoy Macallan-style Speyside single malt without breaking the bank, Costco’s store-brand offering is worth a try.

Their Macallan prices are tough to beat too. Shopping at Costco lets you maximize your whisky budget.

12. year

At around $60 for a bottle, Costco’s Kirkland 12-year-old Sherry Cask Finish single malt Scotch provides tremendous value compared to the Macallan 12-year-old Sherry Oak Cask at over $150 retail. Reviews from whisky aficionados praise the quality and smooth flavors of the Kirkland 12-year, with its sherry oak finish rivaling the more expensive Macallan.

Costco’s ability to source quality excess stocks from distilleries such as Macallan and offer them at very low margins astounds Scotch lovers.

18. year

You’re thrilled to find Kirkland’s 18-year Macallan Sherry Cask at Costco for just $69.99, since Macallan 18 Years Old generally retails for around $250. At $181 less, this is an incredible bargain for such a well-aged single malt scotch.

While not officially affiliated, it likely comes from the Macallan distillery and offers an affordable way to enjoy an older, sherry-casked scotch. Costco is known for its great liquor deals, but finding 18-year Macallan for under $70 is a real prize.

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Costco’s Macallan Selection

You’ll be pleased to know Costco offers a range of affordably priced Macallan whiskies. The star attraction is Kirkland’s own 18 Year Sherry Cask Finished Macallan, retailing for just $69n99. This is significantly cheaper than the standard 18 Year Old Macallan at over $200, allowing Costco members access to premium scotch at a fraction of the cost.

Current Prices Per Bottle

Your Costco’s Kirkland 18 Year Old Macallan Sherry Oak currently sells for $69.99 per bottle, stunning scotch lovers with its affordability compared to the Macallan 18 Year Old Sherry Oak at over $200.

At less than one third the price, savvy shoppers are impressed with the comparable smooth complexity offered in Costco’s private label, while the real deal fetches over $200 thanks to its iconic branding and marketing hype.

Consumption trends, pricing strategy, brand loyalty, and value shopping are all factors at play in this market dynamic.

Limited Offerings Compared To Liquor Stores

You’d be hard pressed to find Kirkland’s 18-year Macallan at your local liquor store. The selection is quite limited, with only a few offerings compared to Costco’s exclusive deal on an affordable, yet premium, 18-year Sherry cask Macallan.

Costco negotiated their own cask, age statement, and private branding, something local stores don’t have the buying power or connections to do.

Pricing comparisons, quality differences, cask specifics, taste nuances, and consumer appeal set Costco’s Kirkland brand apart from what you’d find on the shelf of a local liquor store. Kirkland’s ability to source and negotiate special production runs gives them exclusive offerings at prices regular retailers can’t match.

From the unique Sherry cask to the length of aging, Kirkland’s 18-year Macallan offers premium quality and taste for far less than an equivalent Macallan. That kind of value and accessibility is a big draw for Costco customers looking to try a top-tier single malt.

Kirkland Brand Comparable For Cost

The whiskey enthusiast can save hundreds of dollars by purchasing Costco’s Kirkland 18-year Sherry Cask single malt instead of the comparable 18-year Macallan Sherry Oak.

Brand Bottle Size Price
Kirkland 18 Sherry Cask 750 mL $59.99
Macallan 18 Sherry Oak 750 mL $249.99

Tasting, labels, discounts, sources, and reviews would provide additional context for evaluating the relative value of these two sherried Scotch whiskies. However, the significant price differential between the Kirkland and Macallan expressions is clear from the table alone.

The savvy whiskey shopper can enjoy an excellent 18-year sherried single malt for a fraction of the cost by choosing Costco’s private label Kirkland.

Factors Affecting Macallan Pricing

Factors Affecting Macallan Pricing
You know that age statement whiskies like Macallan 18 are in high demand. Limited edition bottlings sell out quickly given their scarcity. Costco’s current inventory availability determines if it can offer members competitive pricing on prized malts like these.

Age Statement Whisky

You’ll find the age statement is a key factor in Macallan’s pricing, given the years required to produce such a finely aged scotch. Higher ages command premiums – an 18-year carries prestige lacking in no-age-statement (NAS) bottles.

Legally, every drop must meet the age claim, so evaporation losses mount over decades in the cask. This handcrafted process limits supply, driving up costs. Yet savvy shoppers at Costco can sometimes snag deals on age statement gems like the popular Sherry Cask 18.

The target market, direct sources, supply chain, cask investment, and transparent pricing are all important considerations for the Scotch whisky industry.

– Limited Edition Bottles

Your taste buds will rejoice at Costco’s astoundingly low price on the coveted Macallan Sherry Cask 18, a limited edition bottle that normally fetches over $1000. Limited supply and huge demand – a potent combination that pushes up prices for special release whiskeys.

Distillers capitalize by producing tiny batches of unique spirits, knowing aficionados will pay a premium for these premium limited options with exotic characteristics. Yet Costco bucks this trend with its bulk buying power, securing amazing deals even on prized pours like Macallan’s sherry cask.

The rarity hype, distinctive qualities, and high collectability of these special bottles normally result in astronomical prices, but Costco leverages its scale to bring exclusive finds to consumers at unbeatable value.

– Inventory Availability

You’ve seen the limited edition bottles, but their availability in Costco’s inventory depends on several factors affecting Macallan’s pricing. Supply and demand, taxes, distribution costs, and competition all impact the fluctuating price tags on Macallan at Costco.

Monitoring exchange rates, local laws, and consumer trends helps determine ideal pricing sweet spots.

Short supply, price wars, shipping expenses, older whiskies, and peak seasons all contribute to pricing fluctuations for Macallan at Costco. The interplay between global markets, regulations, logistics, inventory, and seasonal demand makes pricing a delicate balancing act.

Tracking macroeconomic factors, regional policies, shipping costs, product availability, and customer behavior provides key insights for optimizing Macallan’s price points at Costco. Strategic pricing allows Macallan to maximize margins while keeping their whiskies reasonably competitive.

Tips for Getting Macallan Deals

Tips for Getting Macallan Deals
After learning what impacts Macallan’s price, you can now start scoring deals on this coveted single malt scotch.

Shop at Costco. They often have exclusive Kirkland bottles at a fraction of the price.

Watch for sales at liquor stores. Holidays like Christmas often bring specials.

Buy duty free. Airports can offer substantial savings on luxury bottles.

Join a whiskey club. Members get access to rare bottles for reasonable prices.

Buy in bulk. Larger format bottles, like magnums, offer better value per ounce.

By being flexible, patient, and keeping an eye out for deals, you can find ways to enjoy Macallan without overspending.

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  • Kirkland sherried scotch prices.
  • Warehouse club specials sought.
  • Holiday liquor store discounts available.
  • Costco versus Sam’s Club prices.

Enjoying Macallan Without Breaking the Bank

You’re checking out Kirkland’s 18-year Macallan Sherry Cask at Costco since it’s an affordable way to enjoy the complex flavors of Macallan without spending a fortune.

Kirkland 18 Macallan 18
$60 $180
Smooth, balanced Rich, elegant
Great value Excellent quality

Sip and savor, compare and contrast the nose and notes, share and discuss, recommend and gift the whiskies.


Like a siren song to Odysseus, the sweet sherry perfume of Kirkland’s 18-year Macallan at Costco whispers a dangerous temptation in your ear. Though you may desire the velvety texture and complex flavors of traditionally pricey Scotch, resist overindulging in this bargain elixir.

Savor the savings, but don’t let them intoxicate your wallet. At $60 per bottle, Kirkland’s sherried Scotch proves you can drink well for less; however, moderation remains key.

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