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How Much is a Regular Haircut at Sports Clips? (Answered 2023)

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A regular haircut at Sports Clips costs $19.99.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does sport clips cost?

Prices range between $14.00 and $23.00 for a haircut.

Does sports clips take appointments?

No, they do not take appointments.

Is your first haircut free at sports clips?

No, your first haircut is not free.

Are regular sports big in china?

No, regular sports are not big in China.

What time is sports clips open till?

Sports clips is open until 7pm.

Can a woman go to sports clips?

Yes, women can go to sports clips.

How much is a mans haircut at sport clips?

The price for a man’s haircut is $14.00.

Can guys work at sports clips?

Yes, guys can work at sports clips.

Do sports clips do fades?

Yes, sports clips can do fades.

How much does it cost for franchise sports clips?

The cost for a sports clip franchise is $100,000.

Where is sports clips located?

There are many sports clips locations. The best way to find one near you is to visit their website and use the store locator.

When does sports clips close?

Sports clips close at 7pm.

When does sports clips open?

Sports clips open at 9am.

Do you tip at sports clips?

It is not required, but it is appreciated if you do tip.

Sports clips how long after check in?

You should check in with sports clips about 20 minutes before your appointment.

What time does sports clips close?

Sports clips close at 7pm.

Is bein sports on regular tv?

No, bein sports is not on regular tv.

Do they trim beards at sports clips?

Yes, they trim beards at sports clips.

How to get waves in 5 minutes!!! (all hair types)?

There is no one definitive answer to this question. Waves can be achieved in 5 minutes with the right products and styling techniques.

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