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How Much is a Regular Haircut at Sports Clips? (Answered 2023)

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How much is a regular haircut at sports clipsSport Clips Haircuts is a great place to get an affordable, professional haircut. With independently owned and operated stores across the country, there’s likely one near you. Each store sets their own hours, so use the store locator or download the app to easily check-in online before your visit.

A regular haircut at Sports Clips typically costs $18 – $21, depending on location. Special pricing is available for kids’ cuts and seniors, as well as beard trims and detailing services. For something extra, opt for the ‘All-Star Treatment.’ This includes a hot steamed towel, massaging shampoo, and neck and shoulder treatment, without having to get another full cut.

Key Takeaways

  • Sport Clips Haircuts offers affordable, professional haircuts at independently owned stores.
  • The prices for regular haircuts at Sport Clips typically range from $18 to $21, depending on the location.
  • Additional services such as the Triple Play Package and MVP Package are available, which offer extra amenities including hot towels and massages.
  • The tipping etiquette at Sport Clips suggests tipping 15-25% of the total bill, adjusting based on the quality of service received.

Sports Clips Haircut Prices

Sports Clips Haircut Prices
Getting a haircut at Sports Clips offers options, convenience, and affordable prices.

Depending on the location, a Varsity haircut for an adult or child starts around $20 and goes up to $23. The MVP and Triple Play signature experiences cost more, usually between $23 and $29. The prices make Sports Clips a nice option for the whole family and fit most budgets.

Varsity Haircut Price

You can get a Varsity haircut at Sports Clips for around $20-23, an affordable price for a quality cut.

  • Children and adults both qualify for the Varsity haircut at Sports Clips.
  • The Varsity cut covers a basic haircut with styling.
  • The haircut takes 20-30 minutes.
  • The Varsity cut is available at all Sports Clips locations.
  • The cost of the Varsity haircut varies by region.

The Varsity cut provides men with a classic haircut experience at a reasonable price point. Sports Clips delivers solid grooming at a fair cost through convenient online booking and knowledgeable stylists.

Buzz Cut Price

Buzz cuts’ll run ya about $17 at most Sports Clips locations. When gettin’ your hair buzzed short, expect to pay around seventeen bucks at Sport Clips.

Men’s grooming don’t come cheap but a buzz won’t break the bank. Short haircuts cost less than styled cuts.

Tipping follows standard etiquette – 15-25% of the total. So budget twenty bucks total for a buzz with tip.

Bars charge for convenience but Sport Clips offers discounts sometimes. Check with your stylist.

Detailed Haircut Price

Shining sir, detailed haircuts will run you a pretty penny at $31. Requesting a detailed haircut at Sports Clips costs quite a bit more than the usual varsity cut. With the added detailing and precise styling, you’ll pay around $11 extra for a total of $31 before gratuity.

Though pricier, the intricate and customized styling may be worthwhile for special events or maintaining a polished professional appearance. And you can always offset the cost with Sports Clips discounts, promotions, or lower rates on basic hair washing.

Just be sure to budget accordingly and tip your stylist well for the time-intensive trimming.

Sports Clips Packages and Add-Ons

Sports Clips Packages and Add-Ons
At Sports Clips hair salons, men’s haircuts start at around $20 for a basic cut. For a few dollars more, you can upgrade to specialty packages like the MVP or Triple Play, which include additional services like a hot steamed towel, massaging shampoo, and neck and shoulder treatments.

Triple Play Package Price

Adding the Triple Play experience to your visit starts around $23. This signature package combines a precision haircut with a relaxing hot steamed towel and a revitalizing neck and shoulder massage for the ultimate pampering.

Though pricier than a standard MVP haircut, the Triple Play’s indulgent upgrades enhance the experience. Pricing varies by location, but hovers in the $20s. Treat yourself or surprise Dad – the Triple Play provides royal treatment he’ll appreciate.

MVP Package Price

Among pricing for premium services, the MVP experience generally runs about $26 to $29 at most Sports Clips locations, letting you indulge in an indulgent cut with massaging shampoo and a relaxing hot towel treatment.

The MVP package provides top-notch quality with a haircut, legendary steamed towel, massaging shampoo, shoulder massage, and styling for $26 to $29. Compared to the Precision haircut, the MVP offers more pampering and attention. With services like a steamed towel wrap and relaxing massage, the 30-minute MVP promises to make your haircut a rejuvenating experience.

Sports Clips’ premium packages combine skilled styling with spa-like touches for the ultimate haircut experience.

Beard Detailing Price

Keeping that beard looking sharp at Sport Clips doesn’t break the bank, with beard detailing running about $6 to tame whiskers. Their stylists handle precision trims and sculpting, taming scruff with excellent service at reasonable prices.

Consider tipping at least 20% on grooming services like beard maintenance and detailing to reward their handiwork in keeping facial hair dapper. With Sport Clips’ prices competitive, you get quality beard sculpting without overpaying.

Sport Clips Pricing for Jr. Varsity and Sr. Varsity Haircuts

Sport Clips Pricing for Jr. Varsity and Sr. Varsity Haircuts
Keep your cash, folks – juniors and seniors see savings at Sports Clips.

  1. Jr. Varsity haircuts start at just $17
  2. Sr. Varsity cuts begin at only $19
  3. Age 12 and under for Jr., 60 plus for Sr.
  4. Ask about discounts for juniors and seniors

Looking for a deal on your next cut? Sports Clips offers reduced pricing on haircuts for juniors and seniors compared to their standard cuts. The Jr. Varsity haircut starts at just $17 for boys and girls age 12 and under. The Sr.

Varsity cut aimed at folks age 60 plus begins at only $19. Restrictions on ages may vary by location, so call ahead to check. Additionally, some stores offer special discounts or promotions for juniors and seniors – so be sure to ask about saving some extra money.

Take advantage of the sports-themed haircare, quality products and experienced stylists while keeping some cash in your wallet.

Tipping Etiquette at Sport Clips

Tipping Etiquette at Sport Clips
If you have visited your local Sport Clips recently for a haircut or grooming services, keep in mind that tipping 15% to 25% of the total bill is considered customary for the quality of service and care received.

For example, if your haircut cost $20, adding a tip of $3 to $5 would be appropriate. Tipping allows you to thank your stylist directly for their time and skills in providing a great experience.

Guidelines for Bad Service

I’ll tell you this right now: your stylist deserves a smaller tip when the service is poor. If you’re dissatisfied with the cut, style, or experience, politely communicate areas for improvement. Request fixes if possible. Tip 10-15% rather than the standard 15-25%. Feedback helps stylists deliver excellent service in the long run.

Prioritize clear, respectful communication and reasonable expectations. Quality service merits fair pay.

Guidelines for Good Service

You should tip 15-25% of the total bill for good service at Sport Clips. A stylist who is professional, personable, attentive, and provides a positive client interaction deserves fair compensation. Factors like thorough consultations, precision cutting, quality products, and consistent standards all contribute to a satisfying haircut experience.

Rewarding good service with an appropriate tip motivates continued excellence and uplifts the Sport Clips service culture overall.

Guidelines for Excellent Service

Typically, the cost for a standard haircut ranges from $20-30, but generously tipping 25% for fantastic service leads to happy repeat customers. When your stylist goes above and beyond with professionalism and skill, show your appreciation through generous tips.

Thoughtful grooming advice, relaxing scalp massages, and complimentary trims indicate superb service etiquette. Providing sincere feedback helps stylists improve and sustains excellent client relationships.

Customer satisfaction stems from skilled stylists who offer premium experiences. Prioritize salons like Sport Clips where you receive premier service worth rewarding.


Sports Clips provides great value for the money; you can get a high-quality regular haircut for a fraction of the cost of a traditional barbershop. Whether you’re looking for a simple buzz cut, a precision cut, an MVP experience, or a junior or senior Varsity cut, Sports Clips has you covered.

Plus, with their convenient online check-in feature, you can save time waiting in line. So, what are you waiting for? With prices starting at just $17, you can get a great haircut at Sports Clips and look your best.

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