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Camp Pendleton Paintball Packages, Prices and Park Hours Guide (2024)

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how much is camp pendleton paintballHave you ever wanted to experience the thrill of paintball, where strategy meets adrenaline?

Look no further than Camp Pendleton Paintball, a premier destination for unforgettable paintball adventures.

Dive into this guide and discover the exciting packages, pricing options, and park hours that await you at one of Southern California’s top paintball venues.

Get ready to unleash your inner warrior and immerse yourself in a world of colorful combat.

Key Takeaways

  • Military members receive discounted paintball rates
  • CO2 refills are $5 each or $20 for 5 refills
  • All-day air rental is $10
  • Civilians need valid ID and escort for access

Paintball Packages at Camp Pendleton

Paintball Packages at Camp Pendleton
When looking at paintball packages at Camp Pendleton, you’ll notice military members receive discounted rates.

Such as the Delta and Echo packages for $39-$49.

Additionally, group rates are available allowing groups of friends, families, coworkers and more to play together at reduced costs.

Taking advantage of the military and group discounts makes playing paintball at Camp Pendleton very affordable.

Military Discounts

You’re entitled to score discounted paintball packages if you’re active military personnel visiting the Camp Pendleton Paintball Park.

As those who serve and protect our nation, soldiers receive exclusive deployment benefits and tactical savings on admission, gear rentals, CO2 fills, pods, masks, and paintball rounds when playing paintball at Camp Pendleton.

Both paintball and airsoft courses offer service specials for armed forces personnel looking to enjoy the park’s incredible variety of realistic battlefield scenarios, bunkers, and strategies while bonding with fellow brothers and sisters in arms.

Take advantage of the soldier discounts and experience the camaraderie and adrenaline rush that only Camp Pendleton paintball can provide America’s heroes.

Group Rates

You can get group rates and arrange semi-private parties for paintball at Camp Pendleton.

Custom events like corporate outings, team building exercises, birthday celebrations, and bachelor parties are popular choices.

Camp Pendleton offers:

  1. Customizable group packages
  2. Reserved playing times
  3. Private referees

With 10+ playing fields, a wide variety of realistic scenarios, and capacity for large groups, Camp Pendleton is an ideal venue.

Their staff can help organize any group event to meet your paintballing needs.

Paintball Prices and Extras

Paintball Prices and Extras
You can purchase CO2 fills for your markers at the field for $5 per fill or $20 for 5 fills.

You also have the option to rent all-day air for your markers for $10.

These reasonable prices for air and CO2 ensure you can keep playing all day long.

CO2 Fills

Having reviewed the paintball packages available at Camp Pendleton, you’re now looking at the additional fees for CO2 fills and all-day air rentals.

To keep firing, you’ll need to refill your gun’s gas cylinder with compressed carbon dioxide. Single CO2 fills are $5 each, or get 5 refills for $20, offering savings for frequent recharging during long days playing multiple scenarios.

For airgun players who brought their own markers, all-day compressed air is available to keep your pressurized HPA tanks topped off, ensuring uninterrupted battle at just $10 per day.

With affordable refill options, you can focus on the action without worrying about running low on propellant.

All-Day Air Rental

Getting all-day air rental will give you unlimited air refills for your paintball marker, letting you focus on the action instead of constantly heading back for more air.

  • Never worry about running low mid-game again.
  • Play longer without needing to top off.
  • Experiment with different firing rates.
  • Save money over multiple CO2 fills.

Renting all-day air for just $10 lets you play all day without thinking about refills or frustrating interruptions.

Compare costs versus CO2 fills based on your usage and consider marker compatibility for the best experience.

With unlimited on-demand fills, you can fully immerse yourself in exciting paintball battles.

Camp Pendleton Paintball Park Hours

Camp Pendleton Paintball Park Hours
The park’s hours run Friday-Sunday for the paintball courses and Saturday-Sunday for the tournament and airsoft parks.

Players can enjoy the adrenaline rush of paintball battles during daylight hours, with closing times at 5:00 PM to allow for safe exit.

For those seeking night games, Friday night special events and tournament games run into the evening under bright field lighting.

Day Paintball Park Tournament Park Airsoft Park
Monday Closed Closed Closed
Tuesday Closed Closed Closed
Wednesday Closed Closed Closed
Thursday Closed Closed Closed
Friday 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM Closed Closed
Saturday 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Sunday 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Special night games, weekend tournaments, and base access procedures allow for expanded play.

Check the schedule for details on these special paintball events that go into the evening under bright lights.

Most sessions run Friday-Sunday during daylight hours.

Camp Pendleton Paintball Waiver and Access

Camp Pendleton Paintball Waiver and Access
You’ll need to sign Camp Pendleton’s paintball waiver before accessing the park for play.

This ensures you understand the risks involved and agree to the safety rules.

There are three key things to know regarding access:

  1. Military personnel just need their ID to enter.
  2. Civilians need a valid driver’s license and must be escorted by someone affiliated with the base at all times.
  3. Trusted Traveler program allows streamlined civilian access if you have passed a background check.

The waiver process only takes a few minutes.

Simply stop by the Camp Pendleton Paintball Park front desk to fill out and sign the waiver form.

You’ll provide basic contact info and agree to abide by park regulations.

With the waiver submitted, you can proceed to your desired paintball package purchase.

Note that base access procedures must still be followed per your status.

Reference base maps to ensure you take proper entry gates and routes.

Now get out there and start slinging some paint!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the age limits for playing paintball at Camp Pendleton?

Unfortunately, I don’t have enough information in my knowledge base to definitively state the age limits for playing paintball at Camp Pendleton.

Providing detailed age limit policies would require access to the park’s official rules and regulations.

However, paintball parks often have minimum ages such as 7 or 10 years old.

I suggest directly contacting Camp Pendleton Paintball for their latest age restrictions.

Can I bring my own paintball equipment to use?

Certainly, you can bring your own paintball equipment to use at Camp Pendleton’s paintball park, as long as it meets their safety requirements.

Many players choose this option to save money or use gear they’re already comfortable with.

Is food and drink available for purchase at the paintball park?

Yes, there’s a food truck on-site that sells drinks, snacks, and lunch items.

Additional outside food and non-alcoholic drinks are allowed to be brought in as well.

How far in advance should I make reservations?

Reservations can be made up to 2 weeks in advance to ensure availability.

We recommend reserving as early as possible, especially for large groups or peak weekends.

Is transportation provided to the paintball park or do I need to arrange my own?

No, transportation isn’t provided to the Camp Pendleton paintball park.

You’ll need to arrange your own transportation to the park entrance.

Once there, follow posted signs directing visitors to the paintball facilities.

A map is available online.

Allow extra time for base access procedures.


Like a warrior returning from battle, you’ll leave Camp Pendleton Paintball with thrilling memories and new friendships forged through combat.

With affordable packages, military discounts, all-day rentals, and extended hours, you can fully immerse yourself in this exciting Southern California paintball arena.

Seize the day with rates as low as $30 per person to experience the ultimate paintball adventure.

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