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How Much Does a Day of Paintball Cost? Rental Packages, Entry Fees & More (Answered 2024)

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how much is it to do paintballYou’re pumped for paintball and wondering about costs.

We’ll equip you completely with marker, hopper, tank, and unlimited air for $40.

Splurge on 500 paintballs instead of 200, or invite 14 friends for our private group pricing – same gear and a referee catering to you for the day.

Can’t wait? Walk in without reservations, and we’ll take care of you.

Gear up, and let’s do this!

Key Takeaways

  • Rental packages offer essential gear at different price points based on experience level and budget.
  • Buying your own equipment saves money long-term but has higher upfront costs for gear, entry fees, and ammunition.
  • Higher quality paintballs provide greater consistency and fewer painful hits but cost more per round.
  • Field entry fees and unlimited air fills encourage self-equipped players to maximize field time.

Paintball Packages

Paintball Packages
We offer three individual rental packages catering to different needs and skill levels: New, Deluxe, and Advanced.

All packages provide the essential gear like paintball guns, goggles, and air tanks.

Deluxe and Advanced packages add extras like more paintballs or upgraded rental equipment.

Pick the package that aligns with your group’s experience and budget.

Rental Packages

When you rent equipment, you can choose from basic pump packs for beginners or higher-end packages with semi-automatic guns and better masks, depending on your skill level and budget.

Our rental packages allow both new and experienced players to enjoy a customized paintball experience.

For beginners, we offer basic gear to keep costs low while learning the ropes.

As your skills improve, upgrade to our professional packages with rapid-fire guns and fog-resistant masks for advanced gameplay.

We strive to provide quality equipment so every player, regardless of experience, can challenge themselves on the field and share in the thrill of paintball.

Self-Equipped Pricing

But if you bring your own equipment, there’s an admission fee of $10 per person.

You’ll need to purchase paintballs separately, which are available for $25 per 500, $40 per 1,000, or $65 per 2,000.

  • Save money by sharing gear with friends.
  • Invest in quality equipment for better performance.
  • Consider buying paintballs in bulk for volume discounts.
  • Calculate total costs for gear, entry fees, and ammo.

With strategic planning, you can keep paintball exciting while staying within your recreation budget. Customizing gear allows self-expression on the battlefield, bringing the game alive. Seize control of costs by coordinating group purchases. Victory awaits the cunning commander who conquers constraints through crafty coin management.

Paintball Cost Per Round

Paintball Cost Per Round
To calculate the cost of paintball, you’ll need to consider the price per round.

Depending on the quality, a 500-round bag can cost $15 to $30.

For a case of 2,000 rounds, expect to pay $50 to $75.

What drives this price range?

Factors like shell quality and fill determine cost.

Higher-quality paintballs have greater consistency in size, shape, and performance.

They also utilize a thicker, brighter fill for visibility that’s more difficult to wipe off during play.

Premium tournament-grade paint sits at the top end for its exceptional perfection and brittle shells that burst on impact instead of bouncing.

This leads to less painful hits.

When budgeting for a day of play, determine your experience level.

New players may be satisfied with low-cost, lower-quality paint, while experienced tournament players require higher-grade consistency to be competitive.

Finding the right balance between quantity and quality comes down to aligning cost with your playing style and goals.

Field Entry and Air Fills (Own Gear)

Field Entry and Air Fills (Own Gear)
Frequently, you’re charged $10-$20 for field entry when bringing your own gear, plus $10-$15 per fill of your air tank.

Our field conditions are designed for exciting gameplay no matter your experience level.

With six unique fields incorporating natural elements, buildings, barriers, and bunkers, players can develop tactics and strategy.

For self-equipped players focused on honing skills and testing marksmanship, our entry fees enable unlimited access to the fields.

Refills for your own air tanks are available all-day for one flat $15 fee, eliminating worries over depleted air mid-game.

With robust air fills supporting rapid fire, you’ll have ample opportunities to expend thousands of paintballs testing the limits of your customized marker.

Bring your high-performance equipment and put your practice into live action across our sprawling outdoor fields.

Experience the thrill of tactical speed and precision as you unleash paint barrages amongst the bunkers and barriers with the power of industrial-grade air propelling each shot.

What’s Included

When tallying up prices, don’t forget we provide the gear to keep you safe.

Our trained referees monitor gameplay to enforce safety rules.

With proper equipment and supervision, you can focus on having an awesome day playing paintball worry-free!

Safety Gear

You’ll get thermal masks for better fog resistance and on-field referees for smooth gameplay with most paintball packages.

These referees should meet the following standards:

  1. Sufficient number to manage the players.
  2. Trained and experienced.
  3. Fair and impartial decision-making.
  4. Able to handle disputes per the field’s policies.

As the player, you have certain responsibilities as well. You must:

  • Wear all required protective gear.
  • Follow safety rules.
  • Use equipment properly.
  • Refrain from unsafe behavior.

Fields may have additional equipment regulations.

By meeting referee standards and player responsibilities, we ensure fair, fun, and safe play for all.


You’re also provided with on-field referees to ensure smooth gameplay.

They’re sufficiently trained and experienced to handle various game scenarios, make fair and impartial decisions, and address any disputes or disagreements that may arise during the game.

As paintball facility staff focused on safety and fun, we select referees carefully for their judgment, experience, and commitment to fair gameplay.

Our referees undergo ongoing training on field scenarios, safety enforcement, and dispute resolution to provide the best experience for players.

With trained referees overseeing the action, you can focus on strategy, teamwork, and enjoying a thrilling day of paintball.

Group and Party Pricing

Group and Party Pricing
If you’re looking to celebrate a special occasion with friends, we offer customized party packages for groups of all sizes.

Gather 10 or more at our facility and you’ll unlock deep group discounts on unlimited playtime, equipment, paintballs, and more.

Planning bachelor or bachelorette adventures? Our special occasion options include bonus ammo, tactical smoke grenades, and professional event photography to capture your crew’s combat high.

With liberated pricing, master the field alongside your squad. Leave no warrior unmarked as you seize territories, vanquish foes in climactic shootouts, and triumph in your Paintball Party Package bloodsport.

We’ll tailor the perfect battlefield experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the additional fees beyond just equipment and paintballs, such as field fees or air fills?

Field fees, air fills, and protective gear rentals can add up, so plan accordingly.

Save money by bringing your own gear.

Opt for group discounts or weekday play.

Is there a minimum number of players required to book a private group reservation?

Most facilities require a minimum of 10-15 players to book a private group reservation.

This allows them to staff appropriately and ensure a quality experience.

With a smaller group, you’d play during regular open hours.

Larger parties allow for exclusive use of fields and customization.

Check with your preferred location for exact details.

Do you offer any discounts for large groups, repeat customers, or special events?

Unfortunately, I don’t have enough details about the paintball facility’s offerings to provide a sufficiently informative 35-word response.

More context would be helpful regarding:

  • Available packages
  • Pricing structures
  • Policies around discounts and special events

Perhaps we could have a broader conversation about creating an engaging and equitable pricing model that serves both the business and its customers.

Can spectators watch without paying a fee?

Unfortunately, we do not allow spectators without paying a fee.

While we understand the desire to watch friends and family play, operating the field and ensuring a safe environment does require costs that must be covered.

Please inquire about our spectator rates if you are interested in observing games.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We gladly accept cash, credit, and electronic payments for your convenience.

Conquer the battlefield with ease, knowing your payment options are as flexible as your paintball skills.


Ultimately, a fulfilling day of paintball starts around $40.

Splurging on extras like more paint or a private referee enhances the excitement.

But the sport’s thrills span all budgets – simply suit up, air up, and dive in.

With strategic fields awaiting your crew’s combat, victory awaits the bold.

Just gear up properly, bring competitive spirit, and charge onto the battlefield – exhilaration is included.

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