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Paintball Ridge Prices: All-Day Passes, Packages, Rentals & Group Reservations (2024)

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how much is it to go paintballing at paintball ridgeBuckle up, adrenaline junkies—Paintball Ridge prices offer thrills that’ll have you feeling more alive than ever.

Their all-day passes grant you unlimited access to master 150 acres of fields and castles with a paintball marker clutched in your gloves.

Feel that rush of liberation each time you peek from behind a bunker to take aim, seizing power with every colorful splatter against an opponent.

Whether you live for friendly recreational matches or hardcore tournaments, Paintball Ridge arms you for conquest at competitive rates.

Gear up and book your packages now!

Key Takeaways

  • All-Day Pass is $25 if you bring your own equipment
  • Packages available starting at $55 for equipment rental and paintballs
  • Group discounts available for reservations of 8+ people
  • Additional costs may apply for paint, gear rentals, and upgrades

Paintball Packages

Paintball Packages
You can purchase an All-Day Pass at Paintball Ridge, granting access to the fields for $25 if you bring your own equipment.

Those needing to rent equipment can take advantage of the Recreational Package for $55—this includes rental equipment like a marker, mask, and air, plus 500 paintballs to get you started.

More serious players should check out the Tournament Package for $65, upgrading your rental marker and still providing 500 paintballs.

All-Day Pass

You can purchase an all-day pass for $25 to play as long as you want with your own equipment.

Embrace adventure with this budget-friendly option offering unlimited access to the fields.

Whether you crave the thrill of competitive games or prefer recreational play, the all-day pass grants you the freedom to paintball however you wish at Paintball Ridge.

Seize the day!

Recreational Package

For $55, you’re getting a marker, air, 500 paintballs, and a mask included in your recreational package.

Gear up with guns and ammo for an afternoon of adventure and friendly competition.

Run drills to sharpen your skills before scrimmages.

Maps of the arena help strategize, taking positions to ambush your friends when the buzzer sounds.

Navigate new terrain each round, gaining intel to inform tactics.

Outthink and outshoot the opposition in recreational play perfect for first-timers.

Tournament Package

When you choose the Tournament Package for $65, it includes:

  • A marker
  • Mask
  • Air
  • 500 paintballs

This equips you for tournament-style play.

Experience the thrill of competitive games with referees enforcing strict rules.

Select from various gear options to execute winning strategies and clever tactics against opposing teams.

Strive for victory through intense teamwork, communication, and skill.

Shooting Gallery Pricing
Considering the packages available, you’ll also find pricing options for the shooting gallery.

Rates start at just $10 for 40 shots or $20 for 100 shots.

Step right up to the range and test your skills with:

  • Moving targets to challenge your precision and timing
  • Compete for high scores by hitting lit targets
  • Improve your accuracy with smaller bullseyes
  • Try trick shots at weird angles

Hone your shooting abilities at the arcade-style course before heading out to the fields.

The gallery offers a fun, lower commitment way to get warmed up.

Group Reservations

Group Reservations
You can book a Paintball Party Package for groups of 10, including equipment, paintballs, food, spectator passes, and more.

For additional guests beyond the first 10, the cost is $60 per person.

Customize your group’s perfect paintball outing by contacting the sales team to discuss budget, head count, and your team’s ideal paintball experience.

Party Package

  1. You’ll get the paintball party package that includes 10 people on a single 2-hour event reservation.
  2. Upgrade markers to tournament-grade for $10 per person or add guests at $60 each.
  3. Splat Master and Shooting Gallery modes come with pizza, chicken fingers, and an ice cream cake to fuel the fun.
  4. Consider private field rentals for larger celebrations, fully equipped with gear and customized gameplay.

Custom Packages

All-Day Passes, Packages, Rentals & Group Reservations:

To customize your group reservation at Paintball Ridge, you can choose from a variety of packages tailored to meet your specific needs and preferences for a personalized paintball adventure.

From bespoke team-building events to birthday parties, our sales team can help craft a unique paintball experience catered to your group’s size, skill level, timeframe, and budgetary needs for maximum enjoyment.

Additional Costs

Additional Costs
Want to know how much it costs to play paintball at Paintball Ridge?

Prices start at $25 for an all-day pass if you bring your own equipment.

You can also rent everything you need like markers, masks, air tanks, and paintballs in packages ranging from $55 to $65.

Field Paint

Recreational paintballs: $45 per case

Tournament-grade: $65 per case

4-star tournament: $85 per case

Prices vary based on quality. Players preferring high-performance paint can upgrade.

Extra cases must be purchased for all-day playing.

Quality paint improves accuracy.

Gear Rentals

In addition to passes and packages, you can rent extra gear based on your needs.

Our Pro Shop offers various marker choices, equipment options, and rental gear with pro advice.

We also provide air fills to ensure you have the best experience possible when playing paintball at the Ridge.

Equipment Price
Mask $10
Helmet $15
Full Body Armor $30

Reservation Information

Reservation Information
You’ll need to contact the sales team for reservations of eight or more players.

Unleash your team’s competitive spirit with a customized paintball party package.

Select from exciting enhancements like tournament markers to take your group’s experience up a level.

Or craft a unique adventure, from low-impact games perfect for novices to advanced scenarios that challenge your crew’s mastery.

Discover the benefits of booking in advance – lock in dates, tailor options, receive group discounts.

Paintball Ridge offers versatile party options to match your vision of group fun, from high-energy battles to therapeutic team building.

Contact their knowledgeable sales staff today to start planning a thrilling and liberating group outing at stunning Powder Ridge.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you need to make a reservation if you have less than 8 people?

No, reservations aren’t required for groups under 8 people to go paintballing at Powder Ridge’s Hogan’s Alley.

Simply show up during open hours from 10am-5pm daily for walk-in play.

Advance booking is only needed for large groups wanting guaranteed field time.

Is there an additional cost for gear rental?

Yes, there is an additional cost for gear rental.

The recreational package is $55 and includes:

  • Marker
  • Air
  • 500 paintballs
  • Mask

The tournament package is $65 and includes:

  • Marker
  • Mask
  • Air
  • 500 paintballs

Upgrades are available.

Is there a discount for returning customers?

Unfortunately, I don’t have enough information to definitively state if there are discounts for returning customers at Powder Ridge’s paintball facility.

The provided background details pricing for passes, packages, and the shooting gallery, but doesn’t mention any loyalty or referral incentives.

I’d suggest contacting Powder Ridge’s sales team directly to inquire about potential discounts for repeat visitors.

Do you get a discount if you bring your own equipment?

Unfortunately, I don’t have enough information to definitively state if there’s a discount for bringing your own equipment to Paintball Ridge.

Their policies may vary, so I’d recommend contacting their team directly to inquire about any applicable discounts or promotions.

Is there a minimum age to play paintball?

Conquer the castle complex.

Navigate the airball fields.

Unleash your competitive spirit at Paintball Ridge.

Embrace the thrill of low-impact recreational play.

Engage in high-energy corporate challenges.

The choice is yours.


With rates like these, who needs roller coasters?

Grab the gang and seize a day of thrills at Paintball Ridge.

For a mere $60, an all-day pass buys you countless rounds across 150 exhilarating acres.

Gear up, take aim, and make a colorful mess of your opponents while forging lasting memories.

Few pastimes beat the rush of paintball—and fewer fields beat Paintball Ridge’s prices.

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