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Best Paintball Guns From Budget to Pro Level Markers for 2024

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how much is the best paintball gunWith over 200 paintball marker options, choosing the right one challenges even seasoned players.

We’ll guide you through top-rated electros, mechs, pumps, and beginner guns to match your style and budget.

Whether you crave the 15+ bps speed of a CS3, mechanical reliability of an Emek, or affordability of a Cronus, you’ll gain insider advice to feel the rush of a perfect match.

Key Takeaways

  • High-end paintball guns like the Planet Eclipse CS3 can cost over $1,000 due to cutting-edge performance features and exceptional customization options.
  • Mid-range paintball guns like the Planet Eclipse Etha 3 offer advanced performance and reliability while being more affordable in the $200-$600 range.
  • Budget-friendly beginner paintball guns under $200 like the Tippmann Cronus provide tactical looks and endless customization without breaking the bank.
  • Consider price range, performance, quality, and beginner-friendliness when determining the best paintball gun based on individual needs and budget.

Most Expensive Paintball Guns

Most Expensive Paintball Guns
When looking at the highest-end markers, the Planet Eclipse CS3 and DLX Luxe TM40 stand out as two of the most expensive options available.

With price tags over $1,500, these guns offer premium performance and features tailored for professional players and competitors.

If budget isn’t a concern, these two guns represent the pinnacle of quality and innovation in the sport.

Planet Eclipse CS3

Frequently regarded as the most advanced paintball marker available, the Planet Eclipse CS3 impresses players with its cutting-edge Gamma Core Drivetrain, ergonomic design, and customizable OLED screen.

The CS3’s Ergonomic Excellence reduces fatigue during long games while providing unmatched Performance Consistency in any condition.

Its customizable OLED Screen Benefits offer real-time feedback on marker status.

As the top pick among Professional Paintball players and teams, the CS3 delivers exceptional Customization Options to match your style of play.

DLX Luxe TM40

With its Flex Bolt System and X-Core Optimized Performance Engine, the DLX Luxe TM40 delivers premium performance and convenience with tool-less disassembly.

Upgrading components is possible, while user reviews praise the marker’s maintenance-friendly design.

You’ll find this high-end paintball gun performs admirably against rival markers regarding shot consistency, efficiency, ergonomics, and reliability.

Best Mid-Range Paintball Guns

Best Mid-Range Paintball Guns
Looking for a quality marker without breaking the bank?

The Planet Eclipse Etha 3 and Dye Rize CZR represent the best values for intermediate players seeking reliable performance.

These mid-tier offerings balance cost, efficiency, and durability for a smooth shot at an accessible price point.

Planet Eclipse Etha 3

In 2024, you’re considering the Planet Eclipse Etha 3 as an exceptional mid-range paintball gun offering advanced Gamma Core performance at an affordable price point.

  • Quick-release bolt assembly
  • PAL enabled
  • Composite framework
  • Hose-less air transfer
  • Gamma Core spool valve

Dye Rize CZR

Finding yourself wanting a quality mid-range marker without breaking the bank? Consider the Dye Rize CZR with its precision True Bore barrel and reliable bolt system.

This lightweight aluminum build shoots smoothly and consistently with advanced regulator pressure technology.

Upgradable and easy to maintain, the Rize CZR satisfies recreational and competitive players alike seeking a high-performing starter paintball gun with proven quality construction.

Top Budget-Friendly Paintball Guns

Top Budget-Friendly Paintball Guns
The Tippmann Cronus Tactical features:

  • A rugged composite build
  • A milsim design
  • An in-line bolt system

The Spyder Victor offers:

  • An air-efficient EKO valve system
  • An aluminum clamping feed neck
  • An ergonomic design

Tippmann Cronus Tactical

To continue our discussion on the top budget-friendly paintball guns, let’s dive into the Tippmann Cronus Tactical.

This marker offers:

  • In-line bolt system
  • Compatibility with a wide range of woodsball accessories
  • Endless customization options

The Cronus Tactical is a top choice for beginners seeking a durable, customizable, and tactical style entry-level paintball marker.

With available upgrades and tactical modifications, it can grow with you as you progress in the sport.

Spyder Victor

You get the Spyder Victor as one of the top budget-friendly paintball guns for its efficient valving, easy maintenance, and reliable performance.

Known for its air-efficient EKO valve system, aluminum clamping feed neck for safety, and ergonomic design for entry-level tactical feel, the Spyder Victor provides reliable efficiency and tactical appeal at a budget paintball price.

This tactical design performs reliably on the paintball field with efficient air usage through its EKO valve system.

Key Buying Considerations

Key Buying Considerations
Price, performance, and quality should be your top priorities.

Carefully weigh the price you’ll pay against the overall performance and long-term quality you’ll receive from each marker.

Finding the ideal balance between these three factors will lead you to the perfect paintball gun for your style and budget.


When choosing a paintball gun, price should be your first consideration as it often dictates available features and performance.

Entry-level: under $200

Mid-range: $200-$600

High-end: $600-$1000+

Price is key for balancing affordability with quality and performance.

Look for economic entry-level choices with quality that exceeds price.

Evaluate budget versus performance when selecting your ideal paintball marker.


Considering a marker’s reliability and consistency should be your top priority when determining overall performance.

Focus on factors like the drivetrain, regulator, and bolt system that influence reliability.

Also consider customization options, ergonomic designs, and upgradeability features that allow you to tailor performance.

User-friendly operation is key for maximizing your skills.


The quality of a paintball gun is another key factor you’ll want to take into account when making your purchasing decision.

  1. Durability: Can withstand rough handling and extensive use.
  2. Reliability: Consistently performs without issues.
  3. Affordability: Good value for the price.
  4. Innovation: Utilizes the latest technology and materials.

Beginner Paintball Gun Options

Beginner Paintball Gun Options
If you’re just getting into paintball, you’ll want to start with a high-quality yet affordable marker.

The Planet Eclipse Emek 100, Empire Mini GS, and Tippmann Cronus are all great options that won’t break the bank.

These guns offer reliability, ease of use, and upgradeability to help you develop your skills without frustration.

Planet Eclipse Emek 100

One great beginner paintball gun option you’ll want to check out is the Planet Eclipse Emek 100.

With its Gamma Core spool valve drivetrain and GRN composite body, the Emek 100 offers entry-level excellence and mechanical reliability.

It features durable construction, PAL loader compatibility for rapid firepower, and unmatched performance for a gun at this price point.

With precision engineering that belies its cost, it’s built to dominate the beginner paintball scene.

Empire Mini GS

When choosing your first paintball gun, opt for the Empire Mini GS.

With its mini engine, hose-less design, and easy maintenance, this compact marker features a wrap-around foregrip, anti-chop eyes, and a two-piece barrel for accuracy.

Tool-less access makes it simple to clean and maintain.

Upgrades like Redline boards and larger air tanks give the Mini GS an edge over competitors.

Players praise its reliability, efficiency, and smooth shot.

Tippmann Cronus

You’ll appreciate the Tippmann Cronus as a durable, customizable beginner marker with a military simulation style.

Its tactical design and rugged build suit new players seeking an affordable, easy-to-use option.

With multiple Picatinny rails for accessories and an inline bolt system, the reliable Cronus performs well right out of the box.

This beginner-friendly paintball gun allows you to customize looks while mastering basics.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What maintenance does my paintball gun need?

You should clean and lube the barrel, bolt, and o-rings after each day of play.

Also, check the tank pressure, battery level, and inspect for wear.

This routine maintenance helps ensure solid performance and reliability from your marker.

Where can I get my paintball gun repaired or upgraded?

You can get your paintball gun repaired or upgraded at most pro shops and retailers that sell paintball equipment.

Specialized techs can service markers and install upgrades to improve performance.

What kind of paintballs should I use with my new paintball gun?

When you’re the baddest paintball warrior on the field, your ammo better live up to your legendary status.

Choose paintballs that explode with vibrant colors, leaving your opponents marked with your triumph.

Is it better to buy new or used paintball equipment as a beginner?

When starting out, it’s often best to buy used equipment.

Quality gear holds up over time, so you can find functional markers and hoppers at big discounts.

This allows you to invest more in paint, safety gear, and field time rather than equipment.

As your skills improve, you can upgrade to newer high-end gear.

How can I safely store my paintball gun when not in use?

Always empty the gun and detach the gas tank.

Store securely unloaded in a protective case.

Applying a drop of oil in the barrel preserves function.

Storing properly ensures performance and safety the next time the urge for adventure calls.


Whether a seasoned tournament player or recreational weekend warrior, choosing the best paintball gun to match your style and budget reaps sweet rewards.

From high-end electros rocketing paint at 15+ bps to durable mechanical workhorses, arm yourself with insider knowledge before laying down $100 to $1500-plus.

Getting the right fit the first go stirs that glorious rush when you charge onto the field ready for combat.

Investigate all gun options, but follow your instincts – a perfect match awaits.

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