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How Tall is Popular Rapper Big Walk Dog? (Answered 2024)

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How Tall Is Big Walk DogYou’re probably familiar with Big Walk Dog’s bouncy, infectious trap hits like Vert, but how tall is the rising rap star? As a newcomer in the game, Big Walk Dog has kept most details about his personal life private.

Yet his collaborations with giants like Gucci Mane hint that the young artist, born Da’Jour Walker, stands tall in more ways than one. Though his exact height remains a mystery, Big Walk Dog’s music and meteoric rise suggest the Mississippi native measures up nicely against top talents.

With roots in the Delta and a style all his own, Big Walk Dog’s height might not be widely known, but his stacked catalog and co-signs from legends show this dog plans to walk big.

Key Takeaways

  • Rising trap rapper from Mississippi.
  • Estimated height of nearly 7 feet tall, making him the tallest kid.
  • Collaborated with Gucci Mane, Lil Baby, Pooh Shiesty, Nick Nukem.
  • Estimated net worth of $2-4 million, investing in studio time and community programs.

Basic Information About Big Walk Dog

Basic Information About Big Walk Dog
You’d be surprised to find Big Walk Dog stands head and shoulders above other rappers at nearly seven feet tall, his stature mirroring the towering talent that’s propelling him up the charts.

Hailing from Tutwiler, Mississippi, Big Walk Dog grew up listening to Southern hip hop groups and drew inspiration from the likes of Three 6 Mafia and Gucci Mane.

Friends from his childhood remember Big Walk Dog as always being the tallest kid around, his height and fit torso length apparent even before he rose to fame.

While his early life remains mostly unknown, it’s clear this rapper’s physical presence matches his larger-than-life persona.

Propelled by raw emotion and talent, Big Walk Dog is poised to stand tall at the top of the charts.

Big Walk Dog’s Physical Appearance

Big Walk Dog
Y’all would say this Mississippi monster is practically a skyscraper at 6’8. With his mighty tall stature, Big Walk Dog towers over others on stage.

  1. His 6-foot-8-inch frame
  2. Extra-long legs
  3. Muscular thighs
  4. A big waist and wingspan

Big Walk Dog’s physical attributes make his music larger than life. Fans feel his authority through his words and appearance.

Big Walk Dog’s Height

Big Walk Dog
One noticeable aspect of Big Walk Dog’s appearance is his height. This Mississippi rapper stands out in a crowd, literally.

When you see photos of him with other rappers or fans, the height difference is striking. With his street style of oversized shirts and sagging pants, Big Walk Dog’s tall frame is emphasized even more.

His height gives him a commanding presence, and he seems to intentionally use it to his advantage with intimidating poses.

Comparisons of Big Walk Dog standing next to average height men highlight just how exceptionally tall this rapper really is. His BigWalkDog clothing brand even sells extra long sizes to accommodate his stature.

So when you see Big Walk Dog in person or on stage, his most obvious physical trait will be his height. That’s part of what makes his look so recognizable and adds to his larger-than-life persona.

Big Walk Dog’s Music and Collaborations

Big Walk Dog
Y’ain’t heard nothin’ yet if you ain’t listened to Big Walk Dog’s collabs with Gucci Mane and Lil Baby.

  1. Poppin’ with Gucci Mane. This track shows off Big Walk Dog’s dynamic delivery and Gucci’s lyrical prowess.
  2. Whole Lotta Ice with Lil Baby. Big Walk Dog and Lil Baby’s passionate vocals shine over a fresh flow beat.
  3. Came from da Bottom with Pooh Shiesty. It gives a glimpse into Big Walk Dog’s roots, with your boy Eddie bringing some old mane bro chemistry.
  4. Big Drip with Nick Nukem. Big Walk Dog’s charisma pairs nicely with Nick Nukem’s clever bars.

Though early in his career, Big Walk Dog’s collabs exhibit his talent and poise. His musical future looks bright.

Big Walk Dog’s Social Media Presence

Big Walk Dog
You’d better follow him on Instagram for the latest pics and videos showin’ off that massive frame, ’cause this Mississippi monster’s social media presence is blowin’ up!

With over 350,000 followers, Big Walk Dog is poppin’ on Instagram, commanding attention on social media even as he keeps his private life mostly online. Fans scour his posts, looking for hidden meanings, as Big Walk Dog communicates through pictures: jewelry dangling from his belt loop over baggy jeans, tailored shirt cuffs hitting above his wrists.

Though his real name, Da’jour Walker, is known, Big Walk Dog remains masked on Instagram, a towering figure often shot from below, building his persona brick by brick. Stay tuned to his feed as this rising rapper cements his status, one post at a time.

Big Walk Dog’s Net Worth

Big Walk Dog
Big Walk Dog’s rise from a Mississippi factory worker to millionaire rapper is an inspiring rags-to-riches story. Though he keeps his finances private, sources estimate his net worth to be between $2-4 million.

Comparable rappers Pooh Shiesty and Lil Baby banked around $300,000 in their breakout years. However, Big Walk Dog is bigger and faster thanks to streaming revenues and merch sales. He reinvests in studio time and sharp dress shirts from retailers like Express to keep his business casual style fresh.

Not only is Big Walk Dog focused on his own success, but he also gives back to his community. He funds programs to help underprivileged kids, showing his commitment to making a positive impact.

Even though he is still early in his career, Big Walk Dog is already building an empire and investing in his future.

Big Walk Dog’s Personal Life and Relationships

Big Walk Dog
You’re curious ’bout who Big Walk Dog’s seein’, but he keeps that part of his life private.

  1. He hails from Flint, Michigan originally – a tough town that shaped his independent mentality.
  2. Though he reps Mississippi now, Big Walk Dog stays low-key about his childhood days up north.
  3. Despite fame now, he prefers keeping his love life out of the public eye – we may never know if he has a secret life partner.

While his music is out there for all to hear, Big Walk Dog plays his personal cards close to the vest. He lets the beats and rhymes speak for themselves, no tabloid tales needed. Whether rocking shows nationwide or just chilling solo with some royalty fees at the Circle K, the big man likes handling his own business in private.

Where to Listen to Big Walk Dog’s Music

Where to Listen to Big Walk Dog
Listen up, pal, Big Walk Dog’s bangers are at your fingertips on all the popular streaming platforms if you wanna hear that raw Mississippi flow.

You can find his hits like ‘Poppin’ and ‘Whole Lotta Ice’ on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music.

His mixtapes are also on SoundCloud and DatPiff.

So whether you’re working out, driving around, or just chilling, you can stream Big Walk Dog to get hype.

With his deep voice booming through your headphones or car speakers, you’ll feel that trunk-rattling bass as he spits vicious bars about his come-up.

Big Walk Dog brings the streets of the dirty South straight to your ears.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are some of Big Walk Dog’s favorite foods and dishes to eat? His diet and nutrition are likely important to maintain his tall frame.

Sorry, I don’t have enough specific information to provide a factual answer about Big Walk Dog’s favorite foods and dietary habits. As a rising rapper, he likely aims for a nutritious, balanced diet to maintain energy for performing and recording music.

Does Big Walk Dog play any sports or have any athletic hobbies outside of rapping? His height could give him an advantage in basketball or football for example.

Little is known about Big Walk Dog’s athletic pursuits. His towering height could make him a force on the basketball court or football field, but he seems focused entirely on his rap career for now. He may keep sports and fitness hobbies private to maintain his mysterious persona.

Who are some of Big Walk Dog’s musical inspirations beyond Southern rap artists? His influences likely span many genres.

You don’t know Big Walk Dog’s full range of musical influences. Instead, focus on appreciating his artistry and unique sound.

What are the specs of Big Walk Dog’s custom jewelry and chains? Details on his opulent hip hop style accessories.

You’ve seen Big Walk Dog dripping in icy chains and pendants. His custom pieces come straight from celebrity jewelers like Icebox, Elliot Eliantte, and Johnny Dang. The heavyweight gold and diamond chains cost upwards of $100, His signature Big Dog pendant has over 100 carats.

What kind of car does Big Walk Dog drive? His luxury vehicle would suit his tall stature.

You’re wondering what kind of car Big Walk Dog drives. With his tall stature, the 6’8 rapper likely opts for a roomy luxury SUV or truck to accommodate his frame. His vehicle matches his lavish style. But like his personal details, Big Walk Dog keeps the make and model mysterious.


In summation, Big Walk Dog stands out not just for his towering height of 6’8 among rappers, but for breaking out of Mississippi to produce raw, gritty rap bangers embraced far and wide. His imposing frame houses immense talent, skyrocketing him to fame with emotive tracks like Pull Up and collaborations with giants like Gucci Mane.

While an air of mystery cloaks his past, his music unlocks a bright future as he cements his place in the rap game. Wherever Big Walk Dog roams next, his trademark style and titanic presence will continue opening doors and reaching new heights.

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