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Shaq’s Father Joseph Toney: 6’1 – 1 Foot Shorter Than NBA Star Son (2023)

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How tall is ShaqYou’ve seen giants walk among us. Whether elated by a slam dunk or moved by a gentle smile, you’ve felt firsthand the power of their grace. But few bring such presence as Shaq and his father Joseph Toney, who stands only 6’1 to Shaq’s staggering 7’1 frame.

Though Toney was lost to prison and regret in Shaq’s youth, the Diesel found guidance in stepfather Phillip Harrison, an army sergeant who tied his shoes and his heartstrings.

Yet he stayed big enough to welcome back the flawed father he barely knew, bonding over their shared smile and hoops dreams.

Key Takeaways

  • Joseph Toney is 6 feet 1 inch tall, much shorter than Shaq’s 7 feet 1 inch height.
  • Toney struggled to reconnect with Shaq for years after being absent in his early life.
  • Shaq initially shunned Toney, but later accepted him after his stepfather died.
  • Despite lost time, Toney and Shaq now have a relationship and speak regularly.

Basketball Player

Basketball Player
You’d been offered that scholarship ’cause you were one heck of a point guard even though you stood just 6 feet 1 inch compared to the giant 7 footer you helped create. No doubt you passed on some of those physical gifts to your boy, makin’ him the tallest player in league history at his 7 feet 1 inch frame.

He probably got some height from your side, though not like his mama’s daddy who was 6 feet 10 inches tall.

Still, at your height you could ball with the best of ’em back in high school. You may not have had those extra seven inches Shaq got, but you made your 6 feet 1 inch count on the court. That’s why them coaches wanted you for the team. You played like a giant in your own right, though you wound up takin’ some different paths after that.

Just glad you and Shaq found your way back in the end.

Legal Troubles
You’re right, I had some legal troubles back when I was younger that led me down the wrong path for a bit. But I’ve learned from those mistakes and turned my life around since then. After I got out of prison, I dedicated myself to honest work and staying on the straight and narrow.

I know I’ve got you and your mama to thank for seeing something good in me despite my past. Y’all gave me another chance when others might not have. And for that, I’ll always be grateful. I may have stumbled early on, but I’m determined to walk the right path from here on out.

The past is behind me – it’s the future I’m focused on now. One where I can continue rebuilding trust and doing right.

Blue Collar Jobs

Blue Collar Jobs
I’d say we’ve both worked some blue collar jobs over the years. From my time driving that delivery truck to your early days stocking warehouses, we’ve put in the manual labor hours.

At 7’1 with your agile footwork and beastly presence in the paint, you towered over the entire league. I always knew watching you back in high school you had the talent to dominate basketball. And sure enough, you became the tallest NBA player and one of the greatest centers of all time.

Though Tacko Fall gives you a run at 7’6, your incredible blend of height, power, and speed was unmatched. You paved the way for big men with your fluid play, ringing up accolades and titles across your storied career.

We may have started out working with our hands, but your hands were meant for hanging championship banners.

Losing Contact With Shaq

Losing Contact With Shaq
You gave up your parental rights to Lucille, thinking the family had moved to Germany. But then you saw your son dominating a high school game right there on the television.

Gave Up Parental Rights

You handed over your parental rights when Shaq was just a toddler. Though your genes gifted Shaq that huge frame, another nurtured his physical traits. Your similar physical build hinted at possibilities, yet his grandfather’s towering height shaped the giant we know.

Thought Shaq Moved Away

When that towering teenager appeared on the tube, your heart sank as the distance between you grew to a chasm wider than the Atlantic.

  1. Shaq’s physical traits hinted at possibilities.
  2. Shaq’s grandfather was taller than you.
  3. Shaq’s great grandfather was even taller.

Seeing Shaq’s growth in terms of height sent a pang of regret through you. Yet a flicker of hope remained that the genetic tie could one day reunite you with the son destiny had swept away.

Saw Shaq on TV in High School

Spotting your son dominating the hardwood on the tube sparked a surge of pride in your chest as you realized the apple hadn’t fallen far from the tree after all. Though fate had swept Shaq away like Charles Barkley, seeing him thrive in his element evoked hope.

Perhaps your shared love for the game could unite you once more, just as the rivalry between Shaq and Kobe Bryant pushed them both to greatness.

The TV screen reflected back the mirror image of your own glory days. But while you topped out at 6’1, Shaq’s seven-foot shadow foretold his future standing among giants like Michael Jordan.

Destiny had separated father and son, yet in that moment, basketball brought you together.

Reconnecting With Adult Shaq

Reconnecting With Adult Shaq
After years of hoping for reconciliation, you finally reconnected with Shaq following the passing of his stepfather Phillip Harrison in 2013. Though decades had passed, you agreed to leave the past behind and focus only on building your present father-son relationship.

At 47 years old and 6’1 tall, you now speak regularly and aim to make up for lost time by loving Shaq as much as you can in the time you have together.

After Stepfather’s Death

Though life kept you apart, watching your son soar to stardom on the hardwood fueled an unyielding desire to one day stand eye-to-eye with the boy you helped create. After Phillip’s passing, you hoped to fill the void left in Shaq’s heart. Despite initial resistance, patience and perseverance paved the road to reconciliation.

At 6’1, you now gaze up at the legendary 7’1 frame of your NBA superstar son. Though standing in differing shadows, your bond towers over past hurts.

Focused on Present Relationship

You’re cherishing your son now, making up for lost time. As Shaq’s biological father, you missed his rise from prep phenom to NBA champion. But as the Los Angeles Lakers legend knows, it’s never too late to reconnect. Like when Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan bonded post-career over their wildest gambling stories.

What matters most is the time you spend standing by Shaq today. So enjoy getting to know your son—the pride of his mother’s family and a taller shadow of his devoted dad.

Joseph Toney’s Life Today

Joseph Toney
You live above Shaq’s favorite restaurant in Newark, having turned your life around after struggles earlier in life. Although you made mistakes in the past, you now aim to focus on the present moment and appreciate the relationship you’ve been able to form with your son.

Staying dedicated through the years, you’re proud of the man Shaq has become and continue supporting him however you can.

Lives Above Restaurant

Living above Shaq’s favorite Newark restaurant, could anything be sweeter as you look out and wonder if he’ll stop by for a bite?

  1. You enjoy the chicken parmesan.
  2. It reminds you of home cooking.
  3. The staff treats you like family.

Though you have turned your life around after past troubles, having your superstar son back in your life is the real blessing. Staying close to his roots keeps you feeling hopeful he’ll visit for a meal and more quality time together.

Turned Life Around

After years of trouble, you’ve turned it all around. With perseverance and dedication to your family, you’ve made amends and are now an attentive father looking forward. Staying focused on the present, especially reconnecting with Shaq, keeps you moving in a positive direction.

Joseph Toney’s Height

Joseph Toney
You stand 6 feet 1 inch tall, which makes you a full foot shorter than your son Shaquille. Although you were a talented high school basketball player who earned an athletic scholarship, your height prevented you from attaining the same professional success as the 7-foot-1 Shaq.

However, you have always taken pride in your son’s extraordinary stature and skill, closely following his NBA career and expressing elation at the heights he was able to scale.

6 Feet 1 Inch Tall

Standing 6’1, you reflect on the genetics that allowed you to earn a basketball scholarship like your 7’1 son once did.

  1. Struggled to find direction after high school.
  2. Arrested and imprisoned at a young age.
  3. Rebuilt life with warehouse and delivery jobs.
  4. Stayed dedicated to reconnecting with son.

You cherish the present moments with Shaq, not dwelling on the past or what could have been. Focusing on your relationship now, you support his accomplishments while applying life lessons from your own journey.

1 Foot Shorter Than Shaq

You’d have stood eye-to-eye with most, yet your son towered a foot above you, a gentle giant.

You Shaq
6’1 7’1
High school basketball star NBA legend
Jailed young Early struggles
Rebuilt life Global icon
Stayed dedicated Cherishes family

Your son’s staggering height came from genetics beyond your control. While you couldn’t give him physical stature, your shared smile and passion for hoops connected you. Your reunion shows family transcends appearances and time apart. Supporting Shaq’s journey now is what matters, not obsolete measures.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How did Joseph Toney feel when Shaq avoided meeting him after a high school basketball game?

You were crushed when Shaq slipped out a side exit. The hurt pierced your heart, knowing your son avoided you. Slinking back to Newark, your mind swirled, grasping for connection. But your spirit stayed strong; you focused on the future, not past pains.

What were some of the negative perceptions about Joseph Toney when he first tried to reconnect with Shaq?

When Joseph Toney first tried to reconnect with Shaq, many thought Toney was just a deadbeat dad looking for money and fame. Shaq himself believed Toney had abandoned him as a baby. The media portrayed Toney negatively, so some were surprised when Shaq eventually accepted him.

How did Phillip Harrison react when Joseph Toney claimed to be Shaq’s father on TV?

Phillip Harrison was hurt and upset when Joseph Toney claimed to be Shaq’s father on TV, as he had raised Shaq from age two and considered himself Shaq’s real father. Shaq also publicly shamed Toney and declared Harrison as his true dad. However, Shaq eventually accepted Toney after Harrison passed away in

What does Joseph Toney think about Shaq’s success in business and TV broadcasting nowadays?

You’re thrilled to see Shaq s쳮ding in business and TV beyond basketball. Although you missed his playing days, you’re proud of his accomplishments across endeavors. Focusing on the present, not the past lost time, you cheer Shaq on in this next chapter.

Does Joseph Toney have any regrets about not being more involved in Shaq’s childhood?

You understand why Joseph wasn’t more involved in Shaq’s childhood, but know he wishes he could change things. Though the past can’t be rewritten, he’s thankful for the relationship they have now.


You feel even more for Shaq knowing the odds he overcame. Though fate separated him from his biological father early on, their shared smile tells the story. Despite the lost years, Shaq now towers over the NBA while his father, just 6’1, looks up with pride.

Their bond proves time and trials can’t break the genetic chain between father and son.

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