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How to Convert Sodexo GC to GCash Full Guide of 2023

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How to convert sodexo gc to gcashAre you looking to convert your Sodexo Gift Certificates (GC) into GCash? If so, we’ve got you covered! Converting your Sodexo GC to GCash is a convenient and efficient way to turn your rewards into digital cash.

The process is simple and easy to follow, although it may not be a direct transfer between e-wallets. In this article, we will guide you through the steps of converting Sodexo GC to GCash, ensuring that you can make the most out of your rewards.

So let’s dive in and discover how you can unlock the power of digital payments with just a few clicks!

Key Takeaways

  • Sodexo Gift Certificates (GC) can be converted to GCash for digital cash through third-party platforms like Lazada and Giftaway Inc.
  • The conversion process is simple and easy.
  • Both Sodexo and GCash prioritize security measures.
  • Consider the conversion process, required information, account integration, and transaction fees.

How to Convert Sodexo GC to GCash?

How to Convert Sodexo GC to GCash
If you want to turn your Sodexo Gift Certificates into digital cash, here’s how you can make it happen! The converting process is simple and convenient. You can easily convert your Sodexo vouchers to GCash by using third-party platforms like Lazada and Giftaway Inc.

This allows for more flexibility in spending and opens up a wide range of options for online purchases.

One of the benefits of this conversion is that GCash has high acceptance rates, making it easier to use your funds for various transactions. Both Sodexo and GCash prioritize security measures to ensure the safety of your funds during the transfer process.

Steps for Converting Sodexo GC to GCash

Steps for Converting Sodexo GC to GCash
To prepare for converting your Sodexo GC to GCash, follow these steps: Launch the Sodexo+ app and select Lazada to purchase a voucher. Then, copy the code from Lazada and redeem it through Giftaway Inc., before finally entering the eGift code on the GCash redemption page.

Preparing for Conversion

Before you begin the process of converting Sodexo GC to GCash, it’s important to gather all the necessary information and review the steps carefully.

  1. Conversion Process: Familiarize yourself with the step-by-step instructions for transferring your Sodexo credits to GCash.
  2. Required Information: Make sure you have your Sodexo account details, including card number and PIN, as well as your GCash account information ready.
  3. Account Integration: Ensure that both your Sodexo and GCash accounts are linked or integrated for a seamless transfer.
  4. Security Measures & Transaction Fees: Be aware of any security measures in place during the conversion process and check if there are any transaction fees associated with converting Sodexo credits.

By being prepared with all these aspects in mind, you can make a smooth transition from physical vouchers or passes to enjoying digital payments on platforms like GCash – adding convenience and flexibility into managing your finances while ensuring security throughout transactions.

Converting Sodexo GC to GCash

Start your journey towards digital currency freedom by unlocking the potential of your Sodexo rewards and effortlessly transforming them into a seamless, secure, and boundless world of financial possibilities.

Converting Sodexo GC to GCash is a simple process that offers numerous benefits.

Use the user-friendly Sodexo+ app to select Lazada as your redemption option and generate a voucher code. Then, visit Giftaway Inc.’s store on Lazada to exchange the code for an eGift card with a lower value.

Finally, redeem the eGift codes on for an instant transfer to your GCash account.

Step Process
1 Launch Sodexo+ app

Click Shop icon

Select Lazada & enter voucher amount


Visit Giftaway Inc.

Add desired eGift with a lower value in the cart

Enter email & paste voucher code

Select Place Order

Is It Possible to Convert Sodexo to GCash?

Is It Possible to Convert Sodexo to GCash
To transfer your Sodexo rewards to a digital e-wallet, you can seamlessly link it with GCash for added convenience and flexibility. Converting Sodexo to GCash offers numerous benefits, including the ability to use your credits for online purchases of goods and services.

The process involves steps such as generating a Lazada voucher using the Sodexo+ app, redeeming it through Giftaway Inc.

However, there are some limitations to consider before proceeding with the conversion. It is important to check fees and rates associated with the transaction beforehand. Additionally, alternatives like using Sodexo vouchers directly or exploring other digital payment methods should also be considered based on individual preferences and requirements.

What is Sodexo?

What is Sodexo
Discover the world of Sodexo, a multinational corporation that offers personalized rewards and is known for its popular gift certificates and vouchers. Sodexo provides a wide range of benefits to individuals through their innovative solutions.

With Sodexo gift certificates, employees can enjoy the flexibility of choosing from various options such as digital or paper rewards, meal incentives, Christmas gifts, promotions & loyalty solutions, and much more.

One notable feature is the Sodexo Mobile Pass, which can be easily shared with others by forwarding the code. These vouchers can also be converted to GCash through platforms like Lazada and Giftaway Inc.

Providing even more convenience for users in managing their finances and making online transactions hassle-free.

Experience the perks and rewards offered by Sodexo today!

Is There a Direct Way to Convert Sodexo to GCash?

Is There a Direct Way to Convert Sodexo to GCash
Now that you have a clear understanding of what Sodexo is and its various features, let’s explore whether there is a direct way to convert Sodexo to GCash.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a straightforward method for this conversion. You cannot directly transfer your Sodexo gift certificates or vouchers to GCash within the app itself. However, there are alternative processes available that can help you achieve the desired conversion.

To convert your Sodexo GC (gift certificate) balance into GCash credits, you can utilize third-party platforms like Lazada and Giftaway Inc., as mentioned in our pre-existing knowledge section. These sites allow you to purchase eGift cards using your redeemed Sodexo voucher codes on their respective platforms.

Once obtained from these third-party providers, these eGift cards can then be redeemed on the official GiftAway website by entering necessary information such as your email address and mobile phone number linked with your GCash account.

While this indirect process offers convenience in converting Sodexo balances into usable funds on GCash, it’s important to consider any potential conversion fees charged by these intermediaries during the transaction process.

Additionally, Giftaway Inc.’s security measures ensure safe handling of sensitive data throughout the redemption process – providing peace of mind when transferring funds between accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can Sodexo gift certificates be used for online purchases?

Yes, Sodexo gift certificates can be used for online purchases. They can be converted to GCash through Lazada and Giftaway Inc., allowing you to use them as a payment method for various goods and services online.

Are there any fees or rates associated with converting Sodexo credits to GCash?

Oh, the joys of converting Sodexo credits to GCash! But wait, there’s more! You’ll be thrilled to know that there are absolutely no fees or rates associated with this delightful process.

What are the advantages of using GCash for online transactions?

GCash offers numerous advantages for online transactions. It provides quick, secure, and convenient payment options. With GCash, you can enjoy discounts, expedited processing, wide acceptance, flexibility in spending, and the assurance of security measures against fraud.

Can Sodexo vouchers be converted to other e-wallets besides GCash?

Yes, Sodexo vouchers can be converted to other e-wallets besides GCash. Some options include converting them to Lazada Wallet credits or using the Giftaway Inc. platform to redeem Sodexo voucher codes for various digital rewards and eGift cards.

What are some other options for redeeming Sodexo gift certificates besides converting to GCash?

To redeem Sodexo gift certificates, you have options besides converting to GCash. You can use them at supermarkets, restaurants, and cafeterias. Additionally, Sodexo Meal Pass can be linked with the JioMoney app for payments.


To summarize, converting Sodexo Gift Certificates (GC) to GCash is a convenient way to access and utilize your rewards. By following a few simple steps, you can seamlessly transfer your Sodexo credits to your GCash account.

This process allows for greater flexibility in spending, as GCash is widely accepted for various transactions. With the integration of Sodexo and GCash accounts, you can enjoy the advantages of a secure and efficient digital wallet.

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