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Tricks to Get Your Dog to Happily Eat Bravecto Chews and Tablets Full Guide of 2024

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How To Get A Dog To Eat BravectoLike a reluctant child refusing their medicine, getting your dog to take Bravecto can be a battle of wits.

But with patience and creativity, you can outsmart even the most stubborn pup.

Think of it as a game – with enough coaxing, delight, and trickery, you’ll gently guide them to health.

When all else fails, call on your vet; with teamwork, you’ll both uncover the key to get Fido to happily eat.

Key Takeaways

  • Disguise Bravecto in tasty foods like peanut butter or in commercial pill pockets to make it more appetizing.
  • Use distraction and play to trick the dog into eating Bravecto, like hiding it in a favorite toy.
  • Consult a veterinarian before altering the form of Bravecto, such as by crushing it, to ensure effectiveness and safety.
  • Change the texture or get a compounded form of Bravecto from a pharmacist to make it easier for the dog to swallow.

Mix It With Food

Mix It With Food
If your dog is a picky eater, you may need to coax or force them to take their Bravecto. You can try hiding the chew or tablet in a small amount of something your dog loves to eat, like peanut butter or yogurt.

You can also break the chew into smaller pieces and mix it thoroughly into their meal.

Peanut Butter

You can mix the pill into some peanut butter to help your dog happily eat their Bravecto chew or tablet.

Nutty Delight peanut butter is a yummy combination that dogs love.

The flavorful pairing of pill and peanut butter makes for excellent texture play.

Consult your vet first, but hiding the Bravecto treat or trick in peanut butter can help your dog happily eat it.


Mix the crushed pill into your dog’s favorite yogurt flavor for easy ingestion.

Flavorful combinations like peanut butter or pumpkin yogurt provide probiotic power dogs love.

Consider yogurt alternatives like cottage cheese if needed.

Understand canine taste preferences when creating Bravecto pairings for trick and treat success.

Hide It in a Treat

Hide It in a Treat
You can conceal Bravecto chews inside pill pockets, pieces of hot dog, cheese, peanut butter, or other soft treats your dog loves.

Make sure the pill is thoroughly surrounded so your dog eats it without sensing an unfamiliar texture.

Then immediately follow with affection and another small treat to ensure the medicine goes down easy.

Pill Pockets

Stash the pill in some Pill Pockets to mask it with an irresistible treat your dog’ll love.

Homemade alternatives like balling up cheese or deli meat can mimic store-bought pill pockets.

Consider your dog’s taste preferences when choosing disguises.

Some creative ideas:

Flavor Primary Ingredient
Peanut Butter Peanut butter
Cheese Cheese
Meaty Cooked chicken, beef, lamb
Fishy Tuna, salmon
Veggie Carrots, sweet potatoes

Experiment with DIY pill pockets and flavorful disguises to find what your dog loves.

The right treat’ll ensure your dog eagerly eats their pill.

Hot Dogs

While Pill Pockets can be effective at disguising medications, tucking the pill inside a piece of hot dog and feeding it quickly can make it easier for your dog to gulp down without noticing the pill.

Consider grilled chicken or turkey alternatives, various sausage choices, and different cooking methods to suit your dog’s flavor preferences and temperature considerations for easier Bravecto administration.

When you’ve found the right bait, employ the bait and switch or jaws method so your dog can easily swallow their medication.

Use the Bait and Switch

Use the Bait and Switch
You can trick your dog by:

  • First, give them a treat without the pill to gain their trust.
  • Then, sneak the pill into the next treat when they’re not expecting it.

Once your dog eagerly takes the first treat, wash your hands thoroughly to remove any trace of the medication’s scent.

Have three identical treats ready:

  • One without the pill
  • One with the hidden pill
  • An extra blank as backup

Let your pup happily eat the blank treat first to build their confidence.

Then, swiftly give them the doctored treat before they realize it’s different.

The key is making the switch quickly so your dog swallows the medicated treat under the assumption it’s the same as the first.

With this bait and switch technique, your dog will be none the wiser about the sneaky medication mind games.

Make It a Game

Make It a Game
After the bait and switch, making it a game can add some fun to the process.

Turn giving your dog their Bravecto into a training exercise full of canine challenges and interactive play.

Use their favorite toys for joyful distractions while slipping the pill into tasty morsels.

Approach pill time with playful positivity, not dread.

Make it a special game you play together instead of a battle of wills.

Set up fun obstacles and training sequences, rewarding your pup with the occasional prize that contains their medication.

Keep sessions positive, short, and sweet.

A few minutes of training fun is all it takes to get your dog to happily gobble up their Bravecto dose.

With a playful approach, you can outsmart even the wariest pooch into enjoying their medication time.

Crush the Pill

Crush the Pill
Although crushing the pill can make it easier to mix into food, be sure to consult your vet first, since some medications shouldn’t be crushed.

  • Check if the medication is safe to crush. Crushing certain pills destroys time-release coatings.
  • Consider a pill splitter as an alternative. This cuts larger pills into smaller pieces.
  • Discuss with your vet first. They can evaluate if crushing is right for your pup.
  • Be aware of crushing risks. Powdered pills may taste bitter or be hard to fully ingest.
  • Understand your vet’s perspective. Your vet knows your dog’s health history and can advise accordingly.

Crushing pills requires care and vet input. But it can help certain dogs happily take their meds.

Have Someone Else Give It

Have Someone Else Give It
Having someone else give your dog the pill can make a big difference.

A pet sitter, family member, or trusted friend your dog knows well may have better luck getting them to take it.

Their different energy and approach can help coax your pup into eating the pill without a fuss.

For extremely reluctant dogs, seek professional help from your veterinarian.

Most vets and vet techs are pros at pilling animals.

They’ve lots of tricks up their sleeves and the experience to get it done quickly and stress-free for your dog.

With their veterinary assistance, your dog will gulp that pill down in no time.

So don’t be afraid to enlist help from others you trust to make medicating your dog easier on both of you.

Put Pill in Mouth

Put Pill in Mouth
After discussing how to get someone else to give your dog the pill, you can try putting the pill directly in your dog’s mouth.

Open its mouth gently from behind the canines, place the pill far back on its tongue, close its mouth while holding it shut, and gently rub its throat until you’re sure it swallowed.

Hold your dog’s snout closed for a few seconds after placing the pill in its mouth to encourage swallowing. Keep one hand under their jaw so they can’t spit it out. Give your dog a treat immediately after so they associate pills with something positive.

Using effective administration techniques like properly putting a pill in your dog’s mouth, overcoming any resistance they may have, and understanding canine taste preferences can make giving medication easier on both of you.

Consulting your vet for insights and tips tailored to your pet can also help streamline the process. Being confident and gentle yet firm when putting a pill directly in their mouth is often the quickest, most straightforward approach.

Talk to Your Vet First

Talk to Your Vet First
You’ll next want to talk to your vet first before trying any tricks to get your dog to take medication.

Consult with your veterinarian to ensure the tricks you try are appropriate for your dog’s health condition and won’t interact poorly with their prescribed medication.

Have your vet verify the feasibility of crushing or compounding the pills, and make any needed dosage adjustments.

Your vet can provide professional guidance on safe, effective ways to administer medication that aligns with your dog’s needs.

Their insight will ensure you choose tricks compatible with ingredients in the medication, reducing risk of complications.

With a vet consultation first, you can tailor tricks to get your dog happily taking pills in a manner optimized for their wellbeing.

Wash Hands Before Giving Pill

Wash Hands Before Giving Pill
Prior to administering the pill, wash your hands thoroughly to remove any residual scents that could tip off your dog.

Use warm water and soap to lather your hands for at least 20 seconds before rinsing.

Pay special attention to scrubbing under fingernails and between fingers where odors can hide.

Thoroughly dry hands to avoid transferring moisture that can quickly reactivate scents.

Dogs have a keen sense of smell, so eliminating subtle smells from your hands improves the chances your dog eats the pill without suspicion.

Ask your vet for proper hand hygiene guidance to make pill time pleasant and effective for you both.

Change Pill Texture With Pharmacist

Change Pill Texture With Pharmacist
You can ask your pharmacist to compound the medication into a more palatable form for your dog.

Specialty pharmacies have the capability to alter medications into custom formulations that are more appetizing for picky pups.

Request flavor modification, such as beef or chicken, to entice your furry friend.

See if your veterinarian will prescribe a liquid or chewable version that your dog may find tastier.

Texture alteration can make pills easier to swallow and more palatable.

With tasty transformation through compounding, you can stack the odds in your favor that your dog will happily gobble down their medication.

Turn to your trusted pharmacist for guidance on the palatable options available to you.

Most importantly, open a caring dialogue to understand your dog’s flavor preferences so their pills can be custom tailored to their tastes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What if my dog spits out the pill or treat I hide it in?

Try not to get frustrated.

Gently open your dog’s mouth and place the pill far back on their tongue.

Then, hold their mouth closed and massage their throat until they swallow.

Stay calm and positive, and reward with praise and their favorite treats after they successfully take the medication.

Are there any safety concerns with crushing the Bravecto chewable pill before giving it?

Crushing Bravecto chewables may reduce effectiveness.

Check with your veterinarian before altering the form, as incorrectly administering Bravecto could negatively impact safety or efficacy.

Focus instead on making the full chewable palatable using tasty mix-ins or treats to encourage your dog to eagerly take their medicine.

Can I give my dog a different flea/tick medication if they continue refusing Bravecto?

Yes, you can try a different flea/tick medication if your dog continues refusing Bravecto.

Talk to your vet about safe, effective alternatives that fit your dog’s needs and preferences.

Trying a different form, flavor, or brand may encourage your dog to accept their prevention treatment.

How long after application does it take for Bravecto to start working?

Bravecto starts working quickly.

The chewable starts killing fleas within 2 hours and ticks within 12 hours after administration.

The topical solution begins working even faster, reducing fleas by 99% within just 24 hours.

You can have peace of mind knowing Bravecto gets to work rapidly protecting your dog once given.

If your dog accidentally gets more than the recommended Bravecto dose, contact your veterinarian immediately.

Overdosing on Bravecto can cause neurological signs like tremors, seizures, and ataxia.

Your vet will likely induce vomiting and give medications to help prevent absorption of the excess medication.

Closely monitor your dog over the next few days for any concerning signs.


When all’s said and done, getting your pooch to take their medicine boils down to:

  • Patience
  • Creativity
  • Understanding their personality

Whether you:

  • Crush it into their kibble
  • Morph it into a tasty chew
  • Play a silly game to distract them

With an open heart, you’ll find the key.

And if Fido still refuses their Bravecto after trying every trick in the book, don’t fret – chat with your trusted vet and together you’ll soon have them lapping their pills up in no time.

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