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How to Get a Wily Cat in OSRS Full Guide of 2024

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How To Get A Wily Cat OsrsYou must obtain an overgrown cat and bring it to Felkrash at the Port Sarim rat pits to turn it into a wily cat.

This purple feline will help you catch rats and other vermin, but beware – without enough attention, your wily cat may become lazy again.

Interacting with your cat through petting, walking, and playing can maintain its wild spirit.

With some care and training, a wily cat makes a cunning companion.

Key Takeaways

  • Acquire a hellkitten and raise it by frequently feeding it fish and interacting via petting, playing, and catching rats to transform it into an overgrown hellcat
  • Catch rats using the overgrown hellcat to earn a cat training medal from the Port Sarim Rat Pits mini-game
  • Speak with Felkrash to convert the overgrown hellcat into a combat-ready wily hellcat pet
  • Equip a catspeak amulet to converse with the wily hellcat and pay attention to its mood through dialogue

Obtaining Wily Hellcat

Obtaining Wily Hellcat
You can obtain a wily hellcat by raising a kitten to an overgrown cat in RuneScape.

First, acquire a kitten and raise it by feeding it raw or cooked fish.

As you raise the kitten, interact with it often by stroking, playing, and catching rats in Port Sarim.

Once your kitten becomes an overgrown cat, continue catching rats until you earn the cat training medal after catching 100 rats.

Then, talk to Felkrash at the Port Sarim Rat Pits to start the transformation from overgrown cat to wily hellcat.

With Felkrash’s training, your overgrown cat will gain combat stats and become an exceptional hunter, capable of catching hell-rat behemoths.

Equip a catspeak amulet to converse with your new wily hellcat pet.

Growth Stages

Growth Stages
The growth stages for training a wily hellcat in OSRS begin with a hell kitten:

  • Small, weak, and fuzzy.
  • Can only hunt butterflies.


  • Larger with more attack power.
  • Can hunt spiders and roaches.

Overgrown hellcat:

  • Big adolescent cat.
  • Can take down rats sometimes.

Wily hellcat:

  • Fully grown and an elite rat slayer.
  • High combat stats.

Lazy hellcat:

  • Older cat that has lost its edge.
  • Must retrain into wily.


Having grown your hellcat through the different stages, you’re ready to take advantage of its abilities as a useful companion.

As a follower pet, the wily cat’s combat prowess and hunting capabilities make it an asset. With its high success rate at catching rats, even hell-rats, it excels at gathering resources.

Engage in conversation by equipping a catspeak amulet to better understand its thoughts.

Most importantly, utilize the transformation process. Turn an overgrown cat into a wily one or revert a wily cat back into an overgrown through training.

Take full advantage of shaping your pet cat’s progression.

The wily cat’s versatile abilities, from combat to conversation, demonstrate why it’s such a unique Old School RuneScape pet.


Since abilities were covered, you’re now looking at how wily hellcats appear.

They’re purple with glowing red eyes, sharp claws and teeth, covered in fur, and have a long tail.

As hellish variants of normal cats, wily hellcats have a dark purple coat and menacing glowing red eyes.

Matching their fierce appearance, they sport razor-sharp claws for hunting prey and needle-like teeth in their mouths.

Their fur texture is akin to normal cats – soft and dense.

Wily hellcats also have the trademark long, winding tail of felines that helps them balance when pouncing after rats or other small creatures.

So in summary, glowing eyes, claws, fur, tail, and purple color make wily hellcats look like mini monsters ready to terrorize vermin.

Other Information

Other Information
You’ll find your new wily hellcat with 0 kg weight listed in your Inventory as Your hellish pet cat!! and in your Follower tab as Wily and hellish.

According to authoritative sources, hellcats have glowing red eyes, sharp claws and teeth, purple fur, and a long tail.

Before obtaining a wily hellcat, you must raise a kitten to an overgrown cat by feeding it fish or milk and stroking, playing with, or having it catch rats.

Then speak to Felkrash at the Port Sarim Rat Pits to transform your overgrown cat after it has caught around 15 rats.

A wily hellcat has a 70% success rate hunting rats and can even battle hell-rat behemoths without food.

Training Your Overgrown Cat

Training Your Overgrown Cat
Now that you have obtained your overgrown cat, it’s time to delve into the intricate art of training. Mastering this process is essential if you want to transform your feline companion into a wily cat capable of impressive hunting feats.

To achieve this transformation, you’ll need to employ various techniques and strategies.

First and foremost, rat-catching plays a vital role in the training process. By honing your rat-catching skills, you can incrementally increase your cat’s hidden activity level. This progression is crucial for achieving growth milestones and unlocking the full potential of your overgrown cat.

In addition to rat-catching strategies, understanding dialogue dynamics with your feline friend is key. Pay attention to their cues: an angry hiss may indicate a lack of petting while purring signifies contentment or even warning against neglect.

By combining effective training techniques with transformation tips gleaned from authoritative sources within OSRS communities, soon enough, you’ll witness remarkable progress in taming and nurturing these marvelous creatures within the comfort of Your Menagerie!

Interacting With Your Wily Cat

Interacting With Your Wily Cat
Interacting with your wily cat involves paying attention to its mood through dialogue to keep it content, though there’s no mechanical benefit.

An angry cat will hiss and complain about lack of petting.

A content cat purrs and says it wants to hunt more rats.

A happy cat warns against neglect and asks for more petting.

There’s no benefit to having a fully content wily cat.

You can name your wily cat by speaking to Felkrash and using any 6 letters/spaces.

While interacting with your wily cat by paying attention to its dialogue, you’ll notice changes in behavior depending on its mood.

An angry, neglected cat hisses while a happy, content cat purrs.

Though keeping it content has no mechanical benefit, it can be fun to pay attention to its changing dialogue.

Transforming Overgrown Cat

Transforming Overgrown Cat
After interacting with your wily cat, you’ll transform an overgrown cat into a wily cat by talking to Felkrash at the Port Sarim Rat Pits. This NPC can guide you through training your overgrown feline into an exceptional hunting companion.

Rat Catching Tips:

  • Catch rats until transformation
  • ~15 for lazy to wily
  • 100 for medal

Training Timer Reset:

  • Pick up and re-drop cat
  • Resets training timer

Naming Options:

  • Six letters or spaces
  • Customizable name

Through dialogue interactions with your cat and Felkrash, monitor progress during this cosmetic change. A hissing, angry cat needs more attention, while a content, purring cat is ready to hunt rats. With patience and care, an overgrown cat will shift into a wily cat, eager to prowl for prey.

If transformation fails, speak with Felkrash.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need to complete any quests before obtaining a wily cat?

Yes, you must complete the Ratcatchers quest before you can obtain a wily cat.

This unlocks the ability to train cats by catching rats.

Speak with Felkrash in the Port Sarim Rat Pits to transform an overgrown cat into a wily cat after catching approximately 100 rats post-quest.

What are the different ways I can obtain a hellcat kitten?

To obtain a hellcat kitten:

  • Complete the Freeing Evil Dave subquest to unlock the hellcat transformation.
  • Raise any regular kitten to adult size.
  • Feed it fish or dairy until it becomes overgrown.
  • Use a bucket of milk on the overgrown cat to turn it into an overgrown hellcat.
  • From there, continue training as usual.

How long does it take for a kitten to grow into an overgrown cat that is ready for training?

It takes approximately 16 hours for a kitten to grow into an overgrown cat that’s ready for training into a wily cat.

Regularly interact with it by stroking, playing, feeding fish or milk to ensure proper growth.

Once grown, speak to Felkrash to begin training through rat catching.

Can I have more than one wily cat out at a time?

Unfortunately, you can only have one wily cat companion out at a time.

Is there any benefit to keeping my cat happy after it has been transformed into a wily cat?

There is no mechanical benefit to keeping a wily cat happy after transformation.

It will hunt rats effectively regardless of attention received.

However, a content cat makes positive remarks while an angry cat complains.

So, keeping it happy may provide personal satisfaction even though it doesn’t improve performance.


With some effort, you can obtain your own cunning feline companion in Gielinor.

An overgrown cat, when properly trained and cared for, becomes a wily cat that aids in catching rats and vermin.

By feeding, walking, and playing with your purple friend often, you’ll prevent laziness and maintain its wild spirit.

Transforming an overgrown cat into a wily cat takes time and interaction, but the reward is a clever partner for your adventures.

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