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How to Obtain a Wily Cat in OSRS Full Guide of 2023

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How To Get A Wily Cat OsrsAre you an Old School RuneScape (OSRS) player looking to get a wily cat? You’ve come to the right place! Wily cats are fun and loyal companions that can help in combat situations, making them a great addition for any OSRS adventurer.

To obtain this special feline friend, there is some specific training required. In this article we’ll cover everything from how to train your overgrown cat into a wily one all the way up through obtaining and customizing their name.

Key Takeaways

  • Complete the Ratcatchers quest to obtain a Wily Cat in OSRS.
  • Train the overgrown cat through rat catching or behemoth fights to evolve it into a Wily Cat.
  • Regular interaction and feeding with the cat are crucial for its training and evolution.
  • The Wily Cat has superior combat abilities, particularly against hell-rat behemoths.

How to Obtain a Wily Cat in OSRS

How to Obtain a Wily Cat in OSRS
You can obtain a wily cat in OSRS by completing the Ratcatchers quest, then training an overgrown cat by having it catch rats or fight hell-rat behemoths until it transforms into a wily cat. Start by going through the quest until you unlock the ability to adopt an overgrown cat.

Name it and have it fight behemoths or catch rats. With enough Combat or Hunter training, it’ll transform into a lean, green catching machine. Keep interacting and care for your new wily cat to customize its name and see fun dialogue changes.

Visit Port Sarim Rat Pits to further train a lazy cat into a wily cat through the Felkrash NPC.

Training Your Overgrown Cat Into a Wily Cat

Training Your Overgrown Cat Into a Wily Cat
Here is how to train your overgrown cat into a wily cat in OSRS. To transform your cat, you’ll need to interact with it extensively – every time you come home, be sure to show your kitty affection and keep its happiness up.

Wily cats have great combat abilities against rats in the Rat Pits mini-game, and thankfully they don’t require any food except when fighting the dangerous hell-rat behemoths.

Training Process

Regularly interacting with your overgrown cat while hunting rats and behemoths eventually transforms it into a wily cat, like bread dough that gradually rises with time and care.

The training process involves:

  • Feeding it hellrat meat and interacting daily
  • Taking it ratcatching and battling behemoths
  • Naming it something you’ll remember

Your diligent care molds your pet into a superlative hunter, with its predatory faculties honing with each outing until it evolves into a wily cat.

Combat Abilities

Wily cats excel at combat against hell-rat behemoths with their 70% successful hunting rate. Their combat tactics against hellcats utilize stealth and agility to outmaneuver their fiery foes. Though small, wily cats are mighty hunters when properly trained after the Ratcatchers quest.

With time and care, your overgrown cat can become a fierce feline fighter in OSRS pet battles.

Attack Defense Strength Hits
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5 5 5 5

Food Requirements

Aside from behemoth battles, your cat won’t need kibbles.

  • Wet or dry food when younger
  • Treats for good behavior
  • No food is needed when roaming
  • Water dishes around the house
  • Healthy snacks during training

Playtime and affection satisfy their hunger for fun. Proper nutrition fortifies them for the hunt.

Interacting With Your Wily Cat

Interacting With Your Wily Cat
When customizing your wily cat’s name in Old School RuneScape, choose wisely, as the name affects your cat’s personality and dialogue. Interacting with your wily cat daily improves your bond, gradually altering its quirks, behaviors, and conversations to reflect your care and attention.

Customizing Your Cat’s Name

You’re customizing your cat’s name with careful thought, knowing it becomes an extension of their identity. The moniker will represent their character, so choose something fitting yet distinctive. Look to history or literature for inspiration on innovative titles that capture your cat’s essence.

Nicknames are powerful, so bestow this designation ceremoniously. Though limited to six letters, a name can convey as much meaning as a lifetime. With your wily cat’s title, you’ve forged a bond and legacy as unique as your friendship.

Dialogue and Interaction Effects

Chatting with your fun-loving kitty regularly keeps her engaged and helps her stay lively.

  1. Say her name often to reinforce your bond.
  2. Speak in an upbeat, playful tone to maintain her interest.
  3. Ask questions and listen intently to her meows.

Frequent conversation strengthens your connection, stimulating her mind and delaying laziness.

Differences Between Wily Cats and Regular Cats

Differences Between Wily Cats and Regular Cats
While hunting, your wily cat spots mice with keen eyes that a regular cat would miss. He stealthily stalks his prey, then pounces with lightning reflexes honed from training. Wily cats excel at dispatching hell rats, whereas regular cats would flee in terror.

Though similar in appearance, a world of difference exists between a wily cat and his humble feline brethren.

Wily Cat Regular Cat
Keen Senses Average Senses
Lightning Reflexes Normal Reflexes
Dispatches Hell Rats Flees from Hell Rats
Deep Bond with Owner Generic Bond with Owner
Trainable Not Trainable

When a wily cat returns from a successful hunt, triumph gleaming in his eyes, you know that no ordinary cat could have accomplished such a feat.

Historical Changes to Wily Cat NPC

Historical Changes to Wily Cat NPC
Fidgeting with the mouse toy of recollections, you reminisce how the wily cat NPC evolved over time in RuneScape. Back in the early days of Gielinor, the wily cat was but a simple cat, albeit one with a knack for hunting.

As the lands progressed, so too did the wily cat NPC. Through your diligent training and care, the wily cat transformed into a superior mouser, capable of feats like battling hell rat behemoths.

Throughout the ages, Jagex updated the wily cat’s dialogue and abilities, adding flavor that reflected the quirky kitty’s growth. Though the core wily cat remained the same, it adapted to better serve you – its loyal human companion.

Like any good pet, it mirrored your development. From humble beginnings, you and the wily cat became heroes of the realm together.

Combat Stats of Wily Cats

Combat Stats of Wily Cats
Arm yourself with knowledge of a wily cat’s combat stats before unleashing one in battle. These cunning felines boast a 70% success rate when hunting hell-rat behemoths, kalphite larvae, and other varmints.

Target hell-rat behemoths to catalyze their predatory instincts – after defeating seven, they’ll morph into battle-ready hellcats. Utilize their lightning reflexes against the forgotten four of the God Wars Dungeon.

With time, an overgrown wily cat becomes a furry engine of destruction, shredding foes with razor-sharp claws. So arm yourself with patience, and you’ll be rewarded with a mighty mouser, ready to vanquish vermin and become the scourge of dungeons across Gielinor.

How to Obtain a Hellcat

How to Obtain a Hellcat
Now that you know the combat stats for these ferocious felines, let’s explore how to obtain your very own hellcat in OSRS.

You’ll need to complete the Freeing Evil Dave subquest in Recipe for Disaster first. This gives you access to hell-rats, which are essential for the transformation. Catch seven of these fiery vermin, either bare-handed or using your cat, and then speak to your cat while carrying them.

Your furry friend’ll eagerly eat the rats, morphing into a hellcat before your eyes! You can also defeat the hell-rat behemoth seven times instead.

  • Speak to your cat while carrying 7 hell-rats or after defeating the behemoth 7 times
  • Complete the Freeing Evil Dave subquest in Recipe for Disaster first
  • Catch hell-rats in Evil Dave’s basement
  • Let your cat join you in fighting the hell-rat behemoth

The transformation is an entertaining process. Enjoy this interactive journey with your feline as you obtain your very own hellcat pet!

Reversing the Transformation of a Hellcat

Reversing the Transformation of a Hellcat
You can easily reverse your hellcat to a normal cat by feeding it a bucket of milk. After defeating hell rats or the hell rat behemoth, your feline friend takes on a more demonic appearance. Its eyes glow red, horns sprout from its head, and its fur becomes mottled and mangy.

While menacing, this transformation is purely cosmetic. To restore your cat’s normal form, simply fetch a bucket of milk from the dairy cow pen at any farm. Place the bucket on the ground near your hellcat and watch as it laps up the milk greedily.

Within seconds, its horns and red eyes will vanish, replaced by the cute ears and green eyes of an ordinary pet.

With just a splash of milk, you can restore your companion’s appearance and continue adventuring together. Your hellcat appreciates you looking after its wellbeing, even if it won’t admit it.


All in all, obtaining a wily cat in OSRS is a rewarding experience, but it requires commitment and dedication. Like any pet, training your overgrown cat into a wily cat will take some patience, but it’s worth the effort.

With the proper training, your wily cat will be able to fight off hell-rat behemoths and catch kalphite larvae and butterflies. Interacting with your wily cat will also give it a unique personality and name. Although wily cats and regular cats look similar, the wily cat has enhanced combat stats due to its training.

Additionally, players can also obtain a hellcat to help them complete the Freeing Evil Dave sub-quest. Finally, if players want to reverse the transformation of a hellcat, they can do so by using a bucket of milk.

Ultimately, with the right training, a wily cat can be a loyal companion in OSRS.

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