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Applying Little League Patches: Garment Prep, Iron Settings and Technique for Proper Adhesion (2024)

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how to iron on little league baseball patchHave you felt the pride of seeing your player’s jersey emblazoned with the iconic Little League patch?

That emblem represents years of memories and speaks to the heart of why we serve these young athletes.

As coaches and parents, we want to ensure proper application so the patch withstands the rigors of play.

Follow these tips on preparing the garment, ideal heat settings, positioning, and pressing technique to securely adhere the cherished patch for seasons to come.

Key Takeaways

  • Purchase official Little League patches online or from your local league shop
  • Prep the garment by laundering, ironing the area smooth, and checking fabric compatibility
  • Position the patch and apply heat for 30 seconds right-side up and 30 seconds inside out
  • Perform a final quality check to ensure edges are fully sealed before wear

Acquiring Patches

Acquiring Patches
Before properly applying your Little League patches, you’ll first need to acquire them.

Previous patch versions may still be available in limited quantities if your league has leftover inventory.

Otherwise, the new unified patches can be purchased online through the official Little League store.

Purchase Options

Purchasing Little League patches can be done through the official Little League shop or your local league.

Online Orders

In-Store Availability

Little Leaguers, acquiring patches for your uniforms has never been easier. Shop online for convenience or check with your league’s shop for in-person purchasing.

Patch Bundles

Limited Editions

Consider bundle deals for the whole team or limited edition patches to commemorate the season.

Previous Patch Availability

You can still get limited quantities of previous patches while supplies last.

Division Patch




As a tailor and coach, I know many players enjoy collecting memorabilia like these patches. Take advantage of grabbing these vintage finds and rare designs before they sell out. Trade them with other players or keep them as a collectible to remember your little league days.

With proper sleeve placement and technique, their one-of-a-kind embroidered logos will last for years to come.

Preparing to Apply Patch

Preparing to Apply Patch
Before applying your Little League patch, you’ll want to start by laundering and thoroughly ironing the garment where the patch will go.

Be sure to use the cotton or high heat setting on your iron without steam to prep the fabric.

With the area smoothly ironed, you’ll then be ready to position and adhere the patch.

Garment Preparation

Once you’ve acquired the patches, freshly launder the garments before application.

This removes sizing, odors, and wrinkles, allowing for ideal patch placement and adhesion.

Check fabric compatibility as some synthetics may melt.

Set iron temperature to cotton or 400°F.

Avoid steam functions.

Thoroughly iron the garment area where the patch will be placed.

Optimal preparation ensures proper patch alignment, adhesion, and lasting display of your Little League pride.

Iron Settings

Before ironing on the patch:

  • Ensure the iron is set to the proper temperature for the garment fabric.
  • Avoid any steam settings.

For cotton:

  • Use the highest heat setting without steam.

For polyester blends:

  • Use medium heat to prevent damage.

Check the fabric content and test an inconspicuous area first.

The proper temperature allows the adhesive backing to melt just right for solid contact.

Ironing on Patch

Ironing on Patch
After positioning the patch, it’s time to adhere it.

Use a slow, circular pressing motion and firm pressure for about 30 seconds.

Flip the garment inside out and iron the backside too.

Positioning Patch

After thoroughly ironing the area, carefully position the patch where desired for that uniform enhancement and symbolic adornment.

Cover with a press cloth, then apply firm, circular pressure for 30 seconds to ensure proper patch alignment and adhesion for your personalized apparel.

Turn the garment inside out next and iron the back of the little league baseball patch another 30 seconds.

Pressing Technique

By positioning the patch on the desired location, place a cloth or light towel over it.

Then, using a slow circular motion, press firmly for 30 seconds to adhere the patch to the garment.

This pressing technique allows the heat and pressure to properly activate the adhesive backing of the patch.

Check patch alignment and fabric compatibility before applying heat.

Perform a final quality check to ensure edges are sealed.

Proper technique leads to successful left sleeve or umpire patch application.

Ensuring Proper Application

Ensuring Proper Application
After pressing the patch with an iron, it’s crucial to ensure proper application.

Let the patch area cool for one minute before handling.

Then, check if you can lift the edges – if so, repeat pressing the backside for 30 more seconds.

Testing adhesion prevents patches from peeling off during games.

If issues persist, consider hand-stitching for extra security.

The patch carries deep meaning.

Its proper placement over each player’s heart symbolizes their commitment to Little League values like loyalty and teamwork.

Though a small detail, the patch embodies the spirit of community and service we strive to build.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What material is the patch made of?

The patch is made of a durable embroidered cloth material that can withstand multiple washes.

Be sure to follow the ironing instructions carefully to get a good seal without damaging the fabric.

With proper care, the patch will stay vibrant through seasons of play.

What size is the official Little League patch?

Let’s iron out those patch details, coach!

The official Little League patch measures 2 inches in diameter, perfectly suiting sleeve or chest placement.

Just follow the handy application tips, then sport that emblem with pride as you manage the journey to championship spirit.

Can I sew the patch on instead of ironing it?

Yes, you can hand sew the patch instead.

Use a tight backstitch and nylon thread for durability.

Be sure to reinforce the edges well so the patch stays securely attached.

This method works just as effectively as ironing on.

How can I remove an ironed-on patch if needed?

First, over 50% find removing patches very tricky.

Gently heat the patch using an iron without steam.

Slowly peel up an edge, then gently pull to remove.

Some adhesive may remain, so spot-treat the area with laundry spray before washing.

Where can I buy official Little League patches?

You can purchase official Little League patches online at or ShopLittleLeague.

Check your local sporting goods stores too.

Ensure you get the officially licensed patches to represent your affiliation and values.


As you press the patch into place, feel the memories well up within.

Each pass of the iron deepens the connection between player and league.

With care and pride, you’ve added an emblem to be worn with purpose.

Let it serve as a reminder of tradition, community, and the joy of America’s pastime.

This season, may the patch ignite passion and fuel your player’s inner spark each time they take the field.

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