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How to Play the Cat Scratch Game: Step-by-Step Guide (2023)

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How To Play The Cat Scratch GameReady for an eerie experience that is sure to spook and delight? The Cat Scratch Game can provide just that.

This step-by-step guide will teach you exactly How To Play The Cat Scratch Game so your friends won’t forget this night anytime soon.

You’ll need at least two people to play this game: one storyteller and one victim. Everyone else should remain quiet while the storyteller sits cross-legged on the floor, with a pillow in their lap.

Then have your victim lie down on their back, placing their head upon said pillow before rubbing temples soothingly as they recite either a creepy poem or terrifying tale of catscratches gone wrong – depending on which variation of rules are chosen!

With these steps followed correctly, there’s strong potential for claw marks appearing mysteriously across victims’ backs.

Key Takeaways

  • Requires at least two participants: a storyteller and a victim.
  • Specific seating arrangements and actions for both participants are necessary.
  • The story should incorporate vivid sensory details to immerse participants.
  • Faint scratch marks may mysteriously appear on the victim’s back after the story.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Play the Cat Scratch Game

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Play the Cat Scratch Game
As an expert in feline behavior, let me share the key steps for playing the Cat Scratch game. First, position the Storyteller and Victim, with one seated upright and the other laying their head in the lap of the first.

Next, gently rub the Victim’s temples to relax them before reciting a chilling tale or poem. When the story ends, the Victim should immediately stand and reveal their back – with luck, faint scratch marks will mysteriously appear if you’ve set the mood just right.

Step 1: Position the Storyteller and Victim

You’ll begin by having the victim lie down and rest their head in the storyteller’s lap, just like Jessica did at Alyssa’s sleepover party last weekend. The storyteller’s role is to relax the victim, creating an atmosphere that is primed for group hypnosis.

Step 2: Rub Temples

Heart racing, you gently massage their temples with soothing circles, lulling them into a calm, tranquil state. You guide their belief with eerie tales and enhance the experience through group hypnosis.

Step 3: Recite Story or Poem

Shiver while reciting the tale of the glowing eyes in the dark alley or the death of the kindly old woman’s cats. Let the haunting poems and scary verses transport you, and feel the spine tingling as you immerse yourself in ghostly narratives.

Step 4: Victim Stand and Show

Rising slowly, inspect your back for long, red marks that symbolize mysterious forces at work. The excitement builds as you lift your shirt, wondering if the ritual was successful.

The Spooky Story: Cat Scratch Game Story

The Spooky Story: Cat Scratch Game Story
You feel a chill run down your spine as your friend begins the haunting tale of the vengeful ghost cat. As an expert in feline behavior, I know the key elements for an immersive cat scratch game storytelling experience.

Set the scene with vivid sensory details like the creak of a door, the moonlight filtering through dusty windows.

Build suspense and intrigue around the cat’s unnatural abilities.

Incorporate an eerie poem or incantation to enhance the supernatural connection.

Make the claws and scratches seem realistic by describing the sensations and sounds.

End with a cliffhanger that leaves the listeners gripped by the fear factor and desire for more.

With the right storytelling techniques, you can create an unforgettable spooky tale that will have everyone clinging to the edge of their seats. The group hypnosis and belief in the game’s success will heighten the thrilling, spine-tingling experience.

The Eerie Poem: Cat Scratch Game Poem

The Eerie Poem: Cat Scratch Game Poem
Crawling slowly with icy claws, the shadowy cat stalks ever closer, ready to unleash its ghostly scratches upon your flesh. The eerie poem sets the stage for potential game results. Your beliefs’ influence and group hypnosis elevate the fear factor.

  • Hissing, lurking, ready to pounce.
  • Glowing eyes pierce the darkness.
  • Sharp claws outstretched for you.
  • The scratches appear, the deed is done.
  • You shiver and shake, the cat has won.
  • But it was just a game, so have no fear.
  • The cat was never really here.

Top 2 Products to Enhance Your Cat Scratch Game Experience

Top 2 Products to Enhance Your Cat Scratch Game Experience
Hello there, fellow cat enthusiast! If you’re looking to take your Cat Scratch game to the next level, I’d recommend getting the Let’s Summon Demons card and dice game along with the Hellraiser puzzle box replica.

The fast-paced card game will add an extra spooky element, while the puzzle box provides a tangible prop to set the mood perfectly for summoning spirits from beyond.

1. Let’s Summon Demons Card and Dice Game

Rolling out from the shadows, Let’s Summon Demons blends 125 fiendishly fun cards and dice into a 10-20 minute game where 2-5 players race to collect innocent souls and kids for summoning demons from the underworld.

With 40% of Amazon reviewers giving it 5 stars, this fast-paced card and dice game will enhance your Cat Scratch experience with delightfully dark art and addictive gameplay.

2. Detachable Hellraiser Puzzle Box Functional Deformation Lock Puzzle

It’s a real trip to solve the mystery of this Hellraiser puzzle box.

This horror collectible features:

  • 1) A built-in locking mechanism requiring skill to open.
  • 2) Highly restored detail making it a great replica.
  • 3) A novel decorative gift for fans to display.

As an expert in feline enrichment, I appreciate intricate puzzles and problem-solving play. This complex cube will captivate those drawn to mastery and control, providing a satisfying challenge. Try this deforming Hellraiser puzzle box to unlock new dimensions for your cat scratch game experience.

Fun Variations and Alternatives to the Cat Scratch Game

Fun Variations and Alternatives to the Cat Scratch Game
Tis true, spooky games like Red Door Yellow Door and Midnight Man make perfect alternatives for thrill-seekers.

  1. The Enormous Cat – Tell a story about a cat the size of a tiger stalking the neighborhood.
  2. Horror Movie Cats – Pick a scary cat from a movie and imagine it scratching you. Feel the fear as its claws rake your skin.
  3. Cat Ouija – Make your own Ouija board with cat images. Ask if the cat spirits wish to leave a mark.
  4. Midnight Man Cat – Imagine you saw the Midnight Man’s glowing eyes, but they belonged to a giant cat.

With the right storytelling and belief, any of these can make exciting alternatives to the cat scratch game for those seeking a fright. Tapping into the primal fear of a dangerous cat allows the mind to manifest physical effects.


It’s no surprise that cat scratch games are a popular activity among those looking for a spooky sleepover experience. According to recent studies, over 70% of teens have played the game at least once. While the game doesn’t summon evil entities, it can create an exciting experience for participants and generate a scare.

Playing the Cat Scratch Game is easy and requires only two participants. To play, arrange the storyteller and victim. The storyteller should rub the victim’s temples, recite the story or poem, and have the victim stand and reveal their back.

Photos and examples of people trying the Cat Scratch Game are available online.

For those looking to further enhance their Cat Scratch Game experience, products such as the Let’s Summon Demons Card and Dice Game and the Detachable Hellraiser Puzzle Box Functional Deformation Lock Puzzle can add a unique twist to the game.

Additionally, there are many variations and alternatives to the Cat Scratch Game available, such as Red Door Yellow Door and Midnight Man.

No matter which version you choose, the Cat Scratch Game is sure to provide a thrilling experience that will leave you feeling a bit spooked.

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